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Free Online Quick Reference and Shortcut Guide for Photoshop CS6

There’s a terrific free tool we’ve become quite fond of in the office here lately – a searchable online ‘assistant’ to all the power that is Photoshop CS6… Photoshop is obviously a very sophisticated application and this Photoshop Quick Reference Guide helps you find answers fast for where any feature is located, what it does, and its keyboard shortcuts on both Windows and Mac:

Try the Free Adobe Photoshop CS6 Quick Reference and Shortcut Guide

For example, say you’ve taken a free tutorial on how to do masking in Photoshop and now you want to try it yourself. So you just type “mask” into the guide and it will quickly return all functions in Photoshop that handle masking, how they work, where they are, and often even a link to a related help or support page.

If the results are too broad, you can filter the results in several ways. You can search for the path of a menu item, help links, shortcuts, and descriptions. You can even drill down to see just the features that are new to CS6, if you like.  If you don’t have Photoshop installed on your machine yet then you can just download the free trial to get started instantly.

The PS Quick Reference Guide is free, fast, and easy, and does require Internet access to use, but we’ve just put it on our Chrome bookmarks bar for handy reference.

Check it out and see how it works – and since it’s in ‘beta’ you can pass along your feedback there (click “Please tell us here”) if you have any suggestions for how to make the tool even better.

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Do you have any questions about CS6?  Just ask them below and we’ll get you answers fast!

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  1. This is great but if we can have a search box in the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog within Photoshop it will be excellent…

    I already requested this option with the Community-powered support for the Photoshop Family, and anyone who agrees can support this feature request with their vote and comment from here:

  2. Gabriele

    I purchased Photo Art online lessons requiring CS6 30-day trial download. Followed instructions opening an Adobe Account, have trouble finding the free download. Not very user friendly.

    Since I would love to complete the lessons, it would be greatly appreciated if help was available in order to download the required program.

    Thank you