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Free! Download 10 Professional, Royalty-Free Adobe Stock Images of Your Choice
  1. Thank you so much to everyone for your participation and enthusiasm, it is warmly appreciated… We are now beginning the process of selecting and confirming a winner and will inform you as soon as possible.

    Thanks again and good luck to all!

  2. Fingers, eyes, and legs crossed. Hoping for this CS5 Suite to be mine! Thanks

  3. Kristal M.

    Wow, I can’t believe I signed up right before the contest was going to end! Keeping my fingers crossed too, hopefully I can win something. If I’d win I’d defiantly use Photoshop CS5 to color my artwork~ If’d I won the Suite I’d use it for my collage animation classes or my art classes. I hope I win! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Amanda

    Please let it be me !

  5. Tweeting and sharing/Liked on

    I really like adobe and need the CS5 to help design sites, forms and help me start my own business in web design

  6. Our Winner of the Free Adobe CS5 Suite

    We’re delighted to announce the winner of our Spring CS5 Suite Giveaway…

    Our lucky reader drawn is Jason Hill from Northamptonshire, England!

    A big congratulations to Jason, who will be receiving a brand new boxed copy of CS5 Production Premium, courtesy of Adobe.

    Thank you all once again for being part of our 6th sweepstakes, and if you didn’t win this time don’t worry: please stay tuned for new Adobe giveaways soon!

  7. Jason Hill

    I would just like to say a big thank you to ProDesignTools for this amazing prize – it was completely unexpected, but very gratefully received. A special thank you to Jim for all his help, cheers Jim.

  8. LaShawn D.

    Because I like to work with graphics I believe that CS5 is one of the best products/software that will allow me to create a more professional product. Dreamweaver is a great application if you are interested in advertising, products, or other information when creating a website or webpage. I use all the Adobe software but would like to get more familiar with Dreamweaver since I am interested in opening my own business.

  9. I would use it to help me make awesome YouTube videos for the world to watch! =]

  10. pat palma
  11. Niel

    Hi, i want to win the prize if nobody minds. Thanks everybody.

  12. I was laid off as an Electrician in Oct. of 2008. As a result, I became a stay-home dad. I have basically no income and I have to support my 4 kids. Winning the Adobe CS5.5 Premium would be a dream come true for me and my family. Desperately needed.

  13. wayne hatfield

    It is good to see thank someone out there is willing to help photographers out in these hard times.
    Thank you for your time. Adobe products are number one.

  14. Bill Hunt

    Fabulous work that you are doing!

    Please keep it up – the entire community benefits.


  15. Einstine Anonas

    I graduated from Graphic Communications and really fell in love with the Adobe products. I competed and won contests using this software so if I win, I will use it to help design new things to be used in reaching people.

    Thank you very much for doing these contests and giving us designers and photographers hope.


  16. iKhan

    Hope I win Adobe Design Premium CS5.

  17. Marc Smedley

    I hope I win this!! I am just starting out in web design and this would go a long way to help me get on track developing great sites for my portfolio. It’s hard enough in the UK at the moment to get started with the financial aspect, this would be a massive addition to my toolkit which would help me progress quicker……pleaaase, I hope I win ๐Ÿ™‚

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