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Free Adobe CS5 Trial Downloads: Direct Links (no Akamai Manager)

CS5 No Longer Sold – Get Adobe CS6 Now

[UPDATE (June ’15) – These still work to download the CS5 trials.
We also now have the all-new Adobe CC 2015 Direct Links!]

Following our popular post last week with the direct download links to the official trials of CS4 and CS3 for those who need them, by reader request we are doing the same for all CS5 products here… In theory the Akamai Download Manager (DLM) that Adobe uses is a good thing, intending to reduce download times and provide a ‘resume’ capability in case of interruption. But despite their best efforts, some folks are still having problems downloading CS5 using Akamai, so we thought we’d provide a complete set of direct download links for all Adobe Creative Suite 5 software (Windows and Mac), for instant easy access and to assist in these cases…

Below is a table for CS5 trial downloads in major languages. These links go to the auth­entic and original CS5 files residing on Adobe’s servers, are guaranteed genuine and will not change. For Windows, each program consists of up to two files, an .exe and a 7-Zip file (.7z). The .exe file will only work when the .7z file is also fully downloaded and resides in the same location. For the Mac, it’s just a single .dmg file for each program.

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The supported languages vary by product. The Western Euro­pean languages can include French/Français, German/Deutsch, Italian/Italiano, Dutch/Nederlands, Norwegian/Norsk, Danish/Dansk, Finnish/Suomi, Swedish/Svenska, Portuguese/Português, and Spanish/Español. To see which product supports which languages, visit the main Adobe trials page and then click on the selection menu for whichever product(s) you’d like to try – it will tell you which languages are currently available.

Install now: Get all new Adobe CC 2015 direct download links and free trials.

Note: Very Important Instructions

More Direct Download Links
CC 2015
Acrobat DC
Captivate 9
Lightroom 6/CC
Elements 14

You need to have a free Adobe account and be logged into it to use the links below, as Adobe sets a session cookie on your browser that allows you to access the direct download links. Otherwise, you will receive an “access denied” or “no permission” message block­ing the connection. So please follow these instructions carefully or the links will not work!

  1. Adobe recommends temporarily turning off any surfing restrictions you might have running, like site or cookie blocking, filtering, firewalls or antivirus software.
  2. Click «HERE» to visit this page first, before clicking any of the links in the table below – this is critical!
  3. If asked, sign in with your Adobe ID or take a minute to create one for yourself (free).
  4. Click the big blue “Download” button at the bottom of that Adobe page – but then immediately cancel the download that starts, and close the windows that popped up.
  5. OK! Now you’re logged in at Adobe with the trials cookie set, so you can instantly download any of the software below. Just make sure you have enough disk space.
  6. Download the files either by clicking directly on the DDL links, or by right-clicking and choosing “Save Link As…” on the popup menu – and save all files to the same place.
  7. Then follow the product installation instructions here.

Creative Suite 5.0 – Adobe CS5.0 Downloads

Here now are the direct download links for the CS5 trials. Please note these are for the older Creative Suite 5.0, not 5.5 – but we also have the more recent CS5.5 direct links, so be sure you’ve got the release you want…

The All-New Adobe CC 2015 Release

Download the New Adobe CC 2015 Release Now! Direct Links Here What's the Difference Between CC 2015 vs. Older Releases – What's New?
Adobe CS5
Direct Downloads
Windows Mac
English Western Europe English Europe
Photoshop CS5 980 MB File 1 File 2 File 1 File 2 File 1 File 1
Dreamweaver CS5 326 MB File 1   File 1   File 1 File 1
Illustrator CS5 1.3 GB File 1 File 2 File 1 File 2 File 1 File 1
InDesign CS5 718 MB File 1 File 2 File 1 File 2 File 1 File 1
InCopy CS5 559 MB File 1 File 2 File 1 File 2 File 1 File 1
Flash Professional CS5 859 MB File 1 File 2 File 1 File 2 File 1 File 1
Flash Catalyst CS5 508 MB File 1   File 1   File 1 File 1
Flash Builder 4 381 MB File 1   File 1   File 1 File 1
Premiere Pro CS5 1.4 GB File 1 File 2 File 1 File 2 File 1 File 1
After Effects CS5 989 MB File 1 File 2 File 1 File 2 File 1 File 1
Contribute CS5 306 MB File 1   File 1   File 1 File 1
Fireworks CS5 498 MB File 1   File 1   File 1 File 1
Soundbooth CS5 473 MB File 1 File 2 File 1 File 2 File 1 File 1
Acrobat 9 Pro 656 MB File 1   File 1   File 1 File 1
Creative Suites
CS5 Master Collection 4.5 GB File 1 File 2 File 1 File 2 File 1 File 1
CS5 Design Premium 2.9 GB File 1 File 2 File 1 File 2 File 1 File 1
CS5 Design Standard 2.0 GB File 1 File 2 File 1 File 2 File 1 File 1
CS5 Web Premium 3.1 GB File 1 File 2 File 1 File 2 File 1 File 1
CS5 Production Premium 7.2 GB File 1 File 2 File 1 File 2 File 1 File 1

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Note there is no separate trial download for Photoshop CS5 “Standard” – you go with the bigger Extended version (having all Photoshop features including 3D), and then decide which version you’d like to keep at time of product purchase.

Download New Adobe CC 2015 Free Trials (Direct Links)

You do not need to uninstall previous versions of Creative Suite; some users prefer to keep the older, familiar version(s) around as they come up to speed with the new product’s features, and there are plenty of folks that have CS3, CS4, and CS5 all on one computer.

We suggest using a browser other than Internet Explorer to down­load the files above. They can be quite large and IE has been known to drop the extension (like “.exe”) from the Windows filename. If this happens and you can’t open a file, then just rename it to add back the extension. But generally, using Firefox or Chrome will work better – and if you have any issues getting the downloads to work with one browser, then try another.

Note also the complete set of minimum system requirements for Adobe CS5.

[UPDATE (December 5th) – In the comments we have the CS5 “Extra Content” downloads for After Effects CS5, Premiere Pro CS5, Illustrator CS5, and Fireworks CS5 (Windows or Mac).]

*** Note: If you have any problems getting the files to download or install, be sure to read the earlier comments on this page – as most questions have already been asked and answered below!

Did these links work for you? Hope they helped out; please let us know with a comment below… And please see our companion page if you want the direct links for the new CC 2015 products.

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  1. rancor

    Where can I get the serial number?

  2. Anonymous


    Found some extra Mac links.

    This is the direct download link for Adobe InDesign CS5 Extra Content for Mac:

    This is the direct download link for Adobe Application Manager Enterprise for Mac:

  3. joost

    So there is no way i can get my CS5 extended version (legal + my serial number that contains 20 numbers ) from my previous pc to my new macbook?

  4. freak

    links not working, can you help me ?

    • Hi, are you carefully following the important download instructions in the article above? They are required by Adobe, and the direct links won’t work without following them.

      Then if there are any problems, try a different browser, another computer, or Internet connection (wired if possible, instead of Wi-Fi) – each time following those step-by-step directions.

      Also, make sure you’re not blocking or filtering anything with your browser(s) – like cookies, downloads, or any sites or URLs – or running utilities like Ghostery, AdBlock, or Disconnect. Adobe recommends turning those things off temporarily.

      Finally, if you’re really stuck, we also put together a list of download tips.

  5. Dan

    Hey ProDesign!

    I’m trying to download these files however, I’m still getting the “access denied” page when clicking on the links. I’m positive that I’ve followed the directions accurately, I’ve triple checked. Has there recently been a change to Adobe’s site causing any issues?


  6. By the way, just a quick mention – Adobe revealed their Black Friday promotions early, and in fact the discounts are already live now… The savings are up to 68% off the regular prices:

    Adobe Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2015 – All Deals and Offers

  7. Adam

    These instructions are great, and the files downloaded without a hitch. The only issue I am running into is the installing portion. When I click install I get the following message: ““Install” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should eject the disk image.” with the only option to cancel or eject the disk image. Any thoughts here? I have my code from the previous installation on my other computer, just can’t to a point to enter it and proceed. Any help would be appreciated. I am working on an iMac that was just purchased.

  8. Still working, easy! Thanks so much, I now have my paid-for, legit, licenced but somewhat aged CS5 on both my PowerMac in the office and my new MacBook Pro. Boom. awesome help, many thanks

  9. Caitlin

    Everything worked well for me after a few glitches that the prior comments fixed but now when I enter the serial number it says the serial number is not valid for the product. I have the Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design Standard Student and Teacher Edition, originally registered on September 12, 2010 and the serial number is from the Registered Products section of my Adobe account. According to the packaging I had to submit verification that I was a student at that time, could that be why the serial number isn’t working now? I hope I’m not missing something silly but I’m out of ideas.

  10. Caitlin

    So yeah…. Certainly helps to click on the correct link. Everything’s working fine now, Thanks!

  11. Walter Moore

    How do I transfer CS5 from old computer to my new computer

  12. Walter Moore

    I did like you wrote, I clicked on CS5 extended. Now what?

  13. Walter Moore

    I seem to be getting nowhere. What am I to do now

  14. Walter Moore

    I have to get back in business… How much is CS6 if you cant download CS 5 for me. This is all NUTS

    • Hey Walter, please make sure you carefully follow the important download directions first – before clicking on any of the CS5 direct links above…

      This is required by Adobe’s servers, and if you don’t then the links won’t work – and you’ll get an “access denied” message instead.

      Regarding your other questions, here are the answers… First one:

      How to Move or Transfer Adobe Applications Between Two Computers

      As for CS6 – Adobe ceased selling CS6 on their website last year. The reason is because it’s nearly 4 years old now (from spring 2012) and increasingly unsupported; they stopped releasing updates for it last summer as the newer CC rapidly grew and took over. With the CS6 software EOL and end of support, there are no updates, no bug fixes, and no guarantees it will run on future operating systems. So at this point we’ve stopped recommending it as a good or viable option going forward.

      (CS5 of course is older still and the links above will only get you the free 30-day trial.)

  15. Anonymous

    thanks that was perfect !

  16. Robin

    In an effort to be helpful, my husband uninstalled Adobe Creative Suite 4 to save space on my hard drive. While I gave up on the DreamWeaver software there were a few other programs that I did enjoy using and one of them was Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro.

    While I did not use it often enough to warrant a monthly subscription fee, I would like to be able to use it without having to reinstall the entire CS4 Design Suite.

    Again, not adequate space on the Hard Drive for everything involved….any suggestions?

  17. LDS

    I have been trying to download this after following instructions to the letter the download stops at 2gigs of the 7.2 gigs.
    I have a like issue as an above poster, with a paid-for production premium cs5, and a new pc without an optical drive.
    I have tried numerous times now to get this download to complete through Chrome.
    Any suggestions or ideas are appreciated.

    • Everything works fine on our end… Did you try using a different web browser or another computer? Did you try using a different Internet connection? (wired instead of wireless/Wi-Fi for best speed and reliability)

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