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Adobe Creative Suite 5 Is Now Shipping!

Get CS5 Now

Yes, CS5 is out! It looks like a phenomenal release, and we have full coverage – including new products, pricing, configurations, system reqs, videos, “what’s new” feature lists, and more:

ALL CS5 products are immediately available for purchase and instant download, with free shipping on all Adobe orders over €500/£350 in Europe and the U.K. (no coupon or promo code is required)…

On Adobe’s site: If you’re considering upgrading from your current software, here’s a helpful upgrade guide. Also new is an excellent FAQ covering purchasing policies and key product changes… The online documentation for all CS5 products also just went up.

Lastly and importantly, the CS5 free trial downloads and Student and Teacher Editions
(up to 80% off) are also now available!

[UPDATE (May 13th) – Adobe CS5 is now shipping and downloadable in 16 languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Czech, Polish, Russian, and Korean.]

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Free! Download 10 Professional, Royalty-Free Adobe Stock Images of Your Choice
  1. Honda driver

    Will it all work on a Mac?


  2. Michal

    I can’t download indesign cs5 from Adobe site. Is it available in other country than US?

    • Hi Michal, it should be available worldwide (in English), though it may take a while for all the servers to propagate across the globe… The free trials just clicked live a moment ago. So try again in a bit and you should succeed!

      The CS5 release for other major languages such as French, German, and Japanese will be following in a few weeks.

  3. Honda driver

    Hi, since I tried to set up a trial to see if I want to buy the package myself too.
    I tried on Adobe site to no avail first.
    Then I saw this post. I tried this new link myself this morning.
    It downloaded finally.


  4. Honda driver

    Do I need a serial number from Adobe, to run the trial?

    • No – trial versions will usually not need an activation key until/unless the 30-day period has expired… If your trial does ask for this, make sure you didn’t accidentally select the option “I have a serial number and want to activate…” instead of “I want to try…” on the splash screen before clicking the button to continue.

  5. Honda driver

    Ah, thank you.
    Different Trials, different systems!
    On now.
    Thanks again!

  6. Michal


    You were right, it was working fine a few moments later.
    Although I’m from Poland I’m interested in only the English version.

  7. Moose

    wow!! i really like this itz better than cs4……n da full pack is even better…

  8. Can I purchase the software and download it and receive the discs via mail also? Call me old-fashioned but I like to have the discs just in case something goes wrong.

    Thanks Wes

    • Yes, absolutely – in fact that is a recommended path… You can purchase the boxed software, have it shipped to your address, and then in the meanwhile download and run the product’s free trial until it arrives. Then to convert the trial to a permanent version, you just enter the product key from the box into the software when it starts.

      Alternatively if you want to go greener without the shrinkwrapped box, but still have good coverage should something go wrong or you need to reinstall, just select the download option when purchasing the product and burn the file(s) you download onto a CD or DVD. It’s another way to get started right away while having a local backup.

  9. nicole

    adobe said that your website may have a download version of cs5 – can you let me know if you do, they have given me my serial number and i am desperately just wanting to access photoshop without a subscription, etc

  10. Angela

    Hello—I may be missing the forest for the trees but I can’t find the actual link to download the CS5 Master Collection for Mac. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  11. Caitlyn

    Hi there,

    I bought a student edition of CS5 in 2011 and I am just now switching computers. How can I transfer the program over to the new computer (I am not keeping the old one)?

    I saw you can download a new trial version then enter your license key when prompted after the 30 days to enter a permanent version, but I looked at your free trial downloads, and am not sure which I am supposed to DL since none of them look like what I have and also I’m not a student anymore.

    Can you please help me?

    Thank you
    Caitlyn O.

  12. Caitlyn

    Thank you. I already had my old macbook wiped of everything, I guess without de-activating, but I should still be able to go to this url and install it on my new macbook air right?

    Caitlyn O.

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