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  1. JAMES

    My daughter is going to college but lives at home. We have only one computer and I am the administrator. Will my daughter be allowed to install Photoshop CS5 Student/Teacher Edition on our computer?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  2. JAMES

    Thank you for your reply.
    My daughter doesn’t have a credit card. Can she purchase CS5 online using my credit card or would she need to purchase it directly/in person from a store and then register it in her name on the family computer?

    • Dear James, she should be able to do it online in her name using your credit card – that’s easiest and cheapest too with the holiday deals going on right now… If requested, she might have to adjust the billing and shipping names and addresses. But it should be possible because most students don’t have credit cards, just like her. Note the Adobe Store also accepts PayPal.

      If she wants she can download the free Creative Suite trial to get going right away, if she chooses the box being sent instead of an instant download. That would then convert to a permanent version when she enters in her serial number from the purchased box.

      Good luck!

  3. ggs

    I have a teenage daughter in high school. we purchased CS5 Design Premium suite with a new iMac for christmas. I don’t think we did enough homework on the CS5 suite. The new iMac will be for the whole family not just for her. Can we all use it? Do we register it under her name only, even though i paid for it on a corporate business credit card?
    Confused and feeling uncomfortable sending photo id’s and personal information on a 14 yr. old.
    please advise someone.

    • Hi ggs, you should be okay on paying for the product with your credit card, since most students don’t have one… See the comment and response just above yours regarding ownership, payment, and registration.

      As for who can use the student software, this came from an Adobe representative:

      “Adobe student and teacher licenses are for home use on private computers for educational or commercial purposes by that one person. There is no serial number in the box and verification is required.”

      We don’t think it’s a big worry regarding the safeguard of student details with Adobe, but if you have any concerns about privacy you can contact Adobe or read their Privacy Policy. At the bottom of that page is a direct email address if you want to inquire further.

      If you have any other questions in general, please feel free to contact Adobe Customer Assistance. Thank you for your comments and hope this helps!

  4. Katherine

    Hello, I wanted to buy the Adobe CS5 Student Edition for my boyfriend for his birthday. He and I are both students but we go to different schools. Will he have any problems registering and getting the serial number if I am technically the person who purchased it and we go to different schools? Or is it ok if he just sends over his School ID information? Thanks!

  5. Brissan

    I have received my acceptance to UMUC in Maryland and will be starting in the springtime. Can i still purchase the software at a student price even though i am not currently in classes? Thanks!

    • Hey there Brissan, you probably can. If you’ve received your student ID yet, or a tuition bill, or any sort of official proof of enrollment, then that should be all that’s needed…

      There are a couple other forms of verification that are valid – see Adobe’s student eligibility page for the complete rules.

      Thanks for the good question, and congratulations on your acceptance!

  6. Laura

    I have a copy of CS5 Design Standard Student Edition. It was about $300. I have installed it on my desktop. I also want it on my laptop and possibly a third computer. It says I can only buy one license for that product. If I bought another student edition, would I be able to get another serial number? It seems buying 2 student editions would still be cheaper than buying one regular edition.

    Also, how many computers can I install the regular edition on and still use at the same time?

    • Greetings Laura, you’re absolutely right on all fronts – yes, buying two Student Editions is cheaper than purchasing the regular software because the education versions are up to 80% off. And good students know that 2 x 20% of the normal price = 40%, which is still a whole lot less than 100%!

      You’re also right that each eligible person may purchase only one copy per Adobe Student and Teacher Edition title per year, for a given operating system… However, this doesn’t preclude you from buying another (different) product, even if it’s a similar suite. For example, if you already have CS5 Design Standard, you could buy either CS5 Design Premium or CS5 Master Collection, and everything would be perfect.

      For more information on this policy and other frequently asked questions, see Adobe’s Student and Teacher Edition FAQ.

      As to your last question – the rules for how many computers you can install the regular versions on is the same as for the student editions… See our popular article on this topic for more details.

      Hope this answers your questions and please post back if you have any further!

  7. Dozza

    As of Creative Suite 5, Adobe UK has slightly changed its educational licensing options, when compared to CS4.

    I was getting very confused with mention of academic, educational, charity, teacher & student versions so I made a point of ringing Adobe UK sales today.

    If you are wanting CS5 Design Premium for example, (check you qualify for the educational licence (see and you are a student, a teacher or a school admin/rep you will only pay 20% of the full price, so about £330 incl. VAT in the UK. It’s the SAME for students, teachers and schools. Charities and NPO’s can get it for 60% (~£690).

    You CAN use the Student & Teacher version for commercial work. You cannot DIRECTLY upgrade it to the next CS6 though. If you want the next incarnation when it appears, you will have to either a) buy the Student & Teacher version of CS6 or, b) upgrade the Student & Teacher CS5 to a commercial CS5 product, which you can then upgrade to CS6 and beyond…

    Hope that clears up some supposition, assumption and general blah…

    • Thank you Dozza for your excellent and in-depth comment – and you are absolutely right on all fronts.

      It used to be (with CS4 and earlier) that Adobe education purchasers outside of North America could not employ their products for commercial use. However with Creative Suite 5 this has changed, and we understand that now all customers worldwide have the ability and right to use the Student Editions for commercial purposes.

      It also used to be that the student editions could only be installed on a single computer, whereas commercial buyers could run on two… That has also changed for CS5 and now everybody can run their private licenses on up to two machines.

      Upgrades continue to work the same as they always have – you cannot upgrade from one education version to the next; however you can get the discounted upgrade price to move up to a full commercial version, which is usually a fraction of the regular price.

      For example, if you owned the student edition of Photoshop CS4, you paid $199 for it – and you can choose to upgrade to Photoshop CS5 for the commercial upgrade price of (also coincidentally) $199. If you never were a student, you would have paid at least $699 in either case.

      So when CS6 comes out, students & teachers can buy another education edition if they still qualify at that time, or upgrade to a commercial edition for a similar price.

      And last point of yours – again spot on correct – there can indeed also be discounts available for charity and non-profit organizations! Thanks again for your terrific input.

  8. Pawel

    Hey guys,
    can someone explain this to me:
    I buy, let’s say, Production Premium CS5 Student & Teachers edition. I am currently a student (and still will be for ~ 1.5 years), so I can use it commercially.
    Next, I finish studies. I want to start a company and use this software. Can I still use it and stay legal?
    Or do i HAVE to upgrade it to commercial license?

    On adobe faq they say:
    “Can I upgrade my Adobe Student and Teacher Edition software?
    Adobe Student and Teacher Edition software can be upgraded to a commercial version when the user is no longer a student or teacher. ”

    So person (no-longer-student) can upgrade, but does he have to in order to use it commercially? After all, this student edition can be used commercially by default…

    I called support adobe (in my country), and a person I talked to tells me, that I can take this software to a new company i’ll start after i finish studies, with no problems and no need to upgrade or change license or whatever. On the other hand, she didn’t seem very confident on this subject…

    Please, if anyone has some info about this subject – post it here. Thanks in advance :)

    • Hello Pawel, and thanks for helping clarify this. The answer is that you can use your valid student edition for commercial or business purposes, both now and forever.

      And, you are not obligated to upgrade to a commercial version when you graduate. The opportunity to upgrade to a full version is an option, not a requirement.

      Lastly, the software will continue to work fine on your private computer after you leave school – there is no time limit or expiration. You just can’t sell or transfer it.

      So, go for it – and good luck with your venture!

  9. Nate

    My father is an administrator and wants to get me Lightroom 3 as a gift to play around with, since I enjoy photography so much. I am no longer a student, just following my passion. If he purchases it with his educator ID#, will I be able to install and use on my personal computer, or is he the only user that can install it? We don’t live in the same town. Thanks in advance for the reply.

    • Hi Nate, since he’s the educator and the valid purchaser/user, it would have to be for his own use on his personal computer, and not transferrable…

      You may no longer be a student, but potentially you could become one again by taking a class on photography or Lightroom/Photoshop at your local community college – in which case you would likely re-qualify for purchasing Adobe’s student edition of Lightroom 3…

      With a savings of over $200, such a class could help pay for itself. You could purchase the student edition as soon as you are formally registered, and run the free downloadable trial until then.

      Just be sure to double-check the eligibility before you enroll. Hope this helps!

  10. Pawel

    Thanks for the quick answer.

    However, there are a few doubts left.

    You say: “the software will continue to work fine on your private computer”. Yes, but since I start a company and take this computer in it, it becomes a company’s computer, not personal. I’ve read a comment on another forum that says: “well, you can use this software, but on your personal computer only. If you have a company in which you want to work with adobe programs, you still need to buy a commercial license. Then, after you go back home, you can work midnights on your private computer with student edition installed.”
    So how exactly is it? :)

    And another question, on a slightly different subject – I was told that this version can be installed on one computer only (the faq, on the other hand, says it can be two, but nvm). Does it mean, that after I install it on some computer, and lets say it gets broken or something, I cannot install software on another? Or maybe it can be installed on one machine at a time only, so when I change hardware I can remove it from the old and install on the new?

    • Hey Pawel, the comment you found on that other forum is absolutely correct. A business is a separate legal entity from personal. A business cannot own an Adobe education edition, because only individuals can purchase them for use on their private computers, and they are not transferrable.

      So once you are no longer a student, and you want to run Adobe software on a computer that’s owned by your business, then you would need to purchase (or upgrade to) a commercial version. In the meantime, you should be okay to use your CS5 for commercial purposes provided it remains on your personally-owned computer.

      All this being said, we are not Adobe and this is just our interpretation of their rules and restrictions – so the definitive technical answer has to come from Adobe themselves and their licensing agreements.

      Lastly, on your second question, as we understand it, you should be able to install CS5 on up to two of your computers, and also be able to move CS5 between systems if need be.

  11. Josh

    SO, another teacher and I were planning on splitting the price of CS5 to make it even more affordable, but it sounds as if we will not be able to use it on two separate computers. Is that a correct assumption?

    • Right Josh, you can’t split the usage between two people… Each eligible purchaser of an Adobe academic product must use the software on his or her own private computer, and not share, sell, or give it to another party.

      Generally speaking, you can activate most Adobe applications on up to two of your own machines, but not in the arrangement you had considered.

      Fortunately, each of you are still lucky enough to be able to get up to 80% off the regular price that most of us pay!

  12. Pawel

    Hey guys, just to let you know – I’ve contacted official Adobe support in Poland to clear things up. They claim that every student/teacher who purchased Student & Teacher edition CAN use it even in a company he starts later and for this company (not after work, etc like it was mentioned before). Any other person in this company CAN’T use it, and the license can’t be sold, but the software can be used commercially in commercial subject (company), by the previous teacher or student with no restrictions whatsoever. As i replied to a lady from support – “this is really nice way to get this software, every student or teacher should be choosing this over the commercial license…” Lady from Support – “yes, and so they do…”.

    • Hello again Pawel, good to see you again and thank you so much for following up to post the details of your conversation. Based on our reading of the rules, everything there sounds true, provided the software remains running on your privately-owned computer… Adobe’s site stresses this again and again in many places – for example, here is one on the Eligibility for Adobe Student and Teacher Editions page:


      … This license may be used only on your privately owned computer …

      It’s admittedly a bit confusing, partly because Adobe has recently changed some policies on the student editions as we discussed. So perhaps the details of understanding may vary from rep to rep at the Adobe support line, but to be on the safe side we recommend going with what is put in writing dozens of times on Adobe’s website.

      But regardless, definitely there are very compelling reasons for all students and teachers to get Adobe CS5 via this route as you noted…

      Thanks again – we wish you all the best with your enterprise, and please stop back anytime!

  13. TinaT

    Hello, I am SO glad that I found your website. All of this advice has been very informative and cleared up a lot of confusion for me about my future purchase of the CS5 student edition.

    I am hoping that someone might be able to help me. I read through but so far have not read of anyone else with the issue that I am worried about. Currently, I am enrolled in an Intro to Graphic Design course at my college so eligibility is not an issue for me. However, one of my best friends is fixing my laptop and it is not accessible for me to use at the moment. In addition, I have been sharing another laptop that is not my own with my husband that his classmate lent him while my laptop is being repaired. I wanted to find out if I would be able to install my CS5 temporarily on this laptop that I am being lent and when I have my laptop back that I would be able follow the directions at without any problems?

    I am also seriously considering getting a new laptop if financial aid comes in and just wait to install CS5 on it but that’s not necessarily ideal for me. Ideally, I hope to order/install CS5 Student Edition and use it on this borrowed laptop for the meantime until I finally get my own laptop back or possibly have a new one. I don’t want to fall behind in this class so I hope this works out. Thanks ahead!!

    • Welcome Tina, and thank you very much for your kind words. To answer your questions – yes, that should all be just fine. We recommend registering the product when you receive and install it, and then using the techniques cited in the article you linked to move the software between systems as necessary… So long as they all remain private computers and the Adobe product is for your use, you should have no problem at all.

      Thanks again for your comment and good luck! Please stop back and let us know if you have any issues or further questions we can help with.

  14. clint_d

    i own a mac tower and a mac book pro for work. is it possible to install the CS5 student edition on both computers granted that it’ll be used for work and school projects?

    also, i have the full version of CS3 and the upgrade for CS4. do you think it is worth to just buy the commercial version of the CS5 upgrade or purchase the full-version of CS5 with my student discount?

    • Greetings Clint, thank you for your questions. To answer the first one – that should be okay with the Student Edition, so long as both computers are privately owned by you (and not owned by a company, business, institution, etc).

      On the second question – you didn’t mention which CS5 product you’re going to buy, but usually the pricing for upgrading from a commercial version is pretty close to the heavily-discounted student rate. You can (and probably should) check the price comparison for your scenario: Commercial Upgrade Version versus Full Student Edition.

      It also depends on what you want to use CS5 for, and whether the education edition restrictions are acceptable for your current and future use(s). Note that in either case (no matter how you move to CS5), you would be eligible for future discounted upgrade pricing to CS6, CS7, etc, when they come out – if you so desire at that time.

      Hope this helps!

  15. TinaT

    @ProDesignTools Thank you very much for your advice and feedback on this. I will definitely be back if I run into anything because you’re awesome! :-)

  16. milz

    i wondered if anyone could help me, i have recently been given CS5 student and teacher edition for mac by a student disability department to do with my university, but still have not installed it – it is in its original packaging and has not been opened. as i don’t think i need or will need it now, can i resell it, is there a way that this particular software is registered to me only?

    • @TinaT – Our pleasure – you’re too kind!

      @milz – Adobe’s student / teacher editions are definitely not resellable, and in fact the boxes themselves don’t actually contain serial numbers – so they are only able to be activated by the eligible individual through Adobe’s qualification process…

      See more information about these topics in the excellent FAQ.

  17. Adam

    I’m not currently enrolled in a college nor am I a faculty member (I’m just a working professional), but my brother works for a University and wants to help me purchase a new MacBook Pro, as well one of the Adobe Suites as a gift. Do you know if he can use his discount for this as long as he registers it in his name? FYI, he will be getting use out of the MacBook Pro and Adobe Suite as well.

    Also, since he is not completely paying for this, can I use my credit card to pay for either the software or computer but still get his educational discount?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    • Hi Adam, thank you for your question. Adobe is pretty clear about the criteria for their education editions – namely, they are for use by students and teachers who meet the eligibility requirements (a qualified education individual running on their personally-owned computer), and not transferable or giftable…

      But please see the helpful FAQ for more details and complete answers… thanks.

  18. Marian

    Hi, i am no longer a student (graduated 7 years ago) but I want to go back and do a web design course, it’s only for six weeks so its only a very short course, can I still get get the student edition of dreamweaver?

    • Hello Marian, it’s certainly possible and often that will be enough (i.e., you don’t need to be a full-time student), but the school where you’re taking the course would need to be accredited. Adobe doesn’t publish lists of specific institutions that qualify for the academic discounts, but rather an information page with the criteria on eligibility for education purchases

      Your best bet is to check there, and call Adobe at the number given on that page if there is any question – thanks!

  19. Marian

    Thanks, I just looked it up but on there information page and it says:
    “University and college students — students enrolled at a higher education institution defined as an accredited public or private university or college (including community, junior, or vocational college) that grants degrees requiring not less than the equivalent of two years of full-time study.”

    The college I’ll be going to is accredited but its only a six week night time course so I think that rules me out! Thanks for your help anyway

    • Very glad you brought that up Marian. This is an important nuance of Adobe’s requirements, and a point of common confusion…

      As you found, the school you’re attending needs to be accredited and offer full-time degrees of at least two years.

      However, that doesn’t mean that you yourself need to be doing that, or the course you’re taking.

      If you read the phrase carefully you’ll see that you just have to be enrolled at such a school – not necessarily getting one of those degrees.

      So you still have the chance to be eligible… But if you’re at all uncertain, the best thing is really to contact or check with Adobe.

      Hope this helps and good luck!

  20. Marian

    Thanks for explaining that cause it is misleading. I’ll follow it up and hopefully I’ll still be eligible!

  21. Hotwater

    Hi there,

    My country’s Adobe Online in SEA does not have a Teacher & Student Online Section. Can I go online to Adobe Australia to purchase it ?

    Is the Adobe Australia Student Online restricted to only Australian students ? Can students from Hong Kong purchase Student Edition from Adobe Australia online ?


    • Hi there, Adobe has been expanding the Student and Teacher Editions and their stores are currently available for residents of Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States…

      But because they are always growing, we wouldn’t be surprised to see an important geography like Hong Kong added in the future. One thing to keep in mind is the company must be able to validate all the local schools that could be attended by customers in a covered location, so that does take some groundwork for each new country they add.

      For all nations, see the different stores Adobe offers in your country (Commercial, Volume, and/or Education) using the Store Selector.

  22. Hotwater

    Thanks for your reply.

    If you use the Store Selector and select a country say Malaysia or Singapore or Hong Kong, the store for these countries do not have an Education Section.

    Thus, back to my earlier question, can students from these countries (e.g. Malaysia, Singapore or Hong Kong) go to the Adobe Store in UK, US or Australia to purchase the Education Edition online from there ?


    • Unless you are a resident of those other countries (with shipping and billing addresses within), the Adobe stores in those geographies are not likely to be available to you.

      Thanks for your questions and let’s hope Adobe continues to expand the program.

  23. Hotwater

    Thanks ProDesign for your answers.

    Ok I noted that only students & resident in that country can purchase.

    My neighbor’s son is studying full-time in the UK. Can he purchase using his dad’s credit card which is not a UK credit card ?


    • If he’s a full-time resident and eligible student in the U.K., it may work for him… Sometimes parents can buy online for their kids because the students themselves don’t have a credit card. The only way to know for sure in that case is to try

      Hope this helps and good luck!

  24. Hotwater

    Thanks ProDesign.

    My neighbour said someone willing to let his son use their UK credit card.

    Now my neighbour ask this:
    When his son comes back to Singapore during the holiday period, can he use the disc to install in his computer in Spore (he will uninstall in Australia prior to leaving Australia) because he need to use it to do his project work during the holidays.

    Thank you

  25. Hotwater

    Thanks ProDesign.

    Just to make sure my interpretation is correct, if the neighbor son bought his Student Version in Australia and installed it in his own personal computer in Singapore, the installation will work ?

    My neighbor is worried that since his son bought the Student Version in Australia and when he puts the Australian Student Version disc into his Singapore computer to install, the Adobe system will detect that his computer IP address is a Singapore IP address while the disc is an Australian disc. Will this be a problem to cause the installation to fail ?


    • Good question, but that shouldn’t be a problem. To our knowledge, Adobe doesn’t impose any geographical restrictions as to where their legally-purchased products can be run or installed, except for a handful of restricted countries (see the software licensing agreement under Export Rules).

      Since what you describe sounds like an eligible student purchasing the education edition for his own personal use, it should be fine to run wherever in the world that student keeps his private computer, subject to those terms.

      That is our experience and interpretation but we are not Adobe, so technically we don’t have the final word. In all cases, it is best to confirm with them directly if any uncertainty… thanks.

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