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What Are the Limitations of the Adobe Student & Teacher Versions?

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What’s the Difference Between Adobe Student Editions vs. Regular?


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802 thoughts on “What Are the Limitations of the Adobe Student & Teacher Versions?”

  1. Hello, I was just wondering. If I’m not currently a student, but am looking to purchase these programs ahead of time so that I dont have to pay for them when I apply for schooling. Is this possible?

  2. Hi!! The student edition is a huge opportunity!!! But I have a little question, I took a degree 2 years ago in university and now I’m studying online with digital tutors – could it be possible for me to use the student discount??
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hello again Veronica, it sounds like a great program but it may not be eligible for the Adobe Student Editions if it isn’t accredited or doesn’t award degrees…

      Really, what you have to do is compare Adobe’s criteria (linked in our previous response) to what Digital Tutors does, and see if there’s a match.

  3. Hi, When I got my master collection CS5 student edition, I was told I can’t use it for commercial purposes. What’s the deal with that?

    • Greetings Daniel, you were probably told that because it used to be the case in most geographies before CS5 came out. But now with CS5, Adobe changed the restrictions and it is no longer true anywhere worldwide.

      In other words, the policy changed with CS5 – but many people were still citing the previous terms. So as time goes on, more people will learn of the shift and tell you the right thing.

      Hope this helps explain it!

  4. I’m enrolled as a continuing education student at my local community college. I’m not sure if that qualifies me for the current student edition of cs5.5 design premium.

    • It probably would Brittany, because your community college is likely an accredited degree-granting institution.

      Adobe doesn’t publish lists of specific schools that are eligible for the student and teacher discounts, but rather an information page with the criteria on eligibility for education purchases

      Your best bet is to review that, and then if there any question you can contact Adobe from there. But usually that kind of enrollment set-up is fine. Good luck with your studies!

  5. Hi there,

    Just to check if i’m eligible to purchase the adobe educational product. I just finished my diploma, then i applied for a degree program in another University / College – and the study duration is 1.5 years, so am i still eligible as Adobe requires not less than the equivalent of two years of full-time study?

    For this Student version, we’re only allowed to purchase 1 license per Suite, is that right?

    Thank you & have a nice day!

    • Hi JayJay, thanks for your good question. If you look at the complete eligibility rules, Adobe requires only that your school grants degrees for 2+ years of study – but not that you yourself need to be enrolled in such a program.

      In fact, you can potentially qualify to purchase the education editions with your enrollment in as little as one course at a local college.

      So yes, you would still be eligible – provided you and your school meet all other requirements given in that eligibility link.

      To answer your second question – you may purchase only one license per platform of any Adobe Student and Teacher Edition product.

      If you want to see for yourself or have further questions, this excellent FAQ should answer them. Hope this helps!

  6. I have purchased a student license, but my computer needs to be reformatted.

    If I reformat the computer, will I lose my student license?

  7. Am I allowed to purchase 2 copies of CS5.5 Design Premium each for a different platform, 1 copy for my workstation, 1 copy for my laptop. Thanks again. :D

    • Yes, you could indeed purchase separate copies of the Student Edition for each platform – one for Windows, one for Mac – this is allowed once per year (see previous response).

      [Presently, you can run a single copy of CS5.5 on two different computers, but not across different platforms… unless you buy a CS5 volume license, which does not get the huge academic discounts.]

  8. With the license terms of the Student and Teacher editions, my question is: after I graduate when I work on a project at home on my laptop (late night ideas), am I able to put a project on the flash drive and get to work and use it on the commercial version on the company’s computer?

    • Yes Caveman, absolutely you can now use Adobe’s student editions for commercial purposes, provided the software remains installed on your own private computer…

      This wasn’t always the case worldwide, but Adobe made a change to the policy with CS5 – and now this is confirmed in their Education FAQ.

  9. I am looking to purchase the adobe student edition for my daughter. Could you please explain this restriction further?

    ” Purchases of suite editions (such as Design Premium or Master Collection) are limited to one title per platform per year. ”

    Does this mean she may only use one of the programs in the suite?

    • Hello Mary, no – fortunately it just means that you/she can just purchase one copy of any education product per platform (PC or Mac) in a given year…

      So if she was eligible for and bought CS5.5 Design Premium Student Edition this year, she couldn’t get another copy of that until next year. But certainly she could use all the programs in the suite.

      See the FAQ for more details.

  10. Hi, I have a problem. I bought Adobe Creative Suite CS5.5 Production Premium Student and Teacher Edition, I didnt know about the requirements. Now I have the discs, I am studying in a university from Costa Rica, Central America.

    What can I do to use the software? I am thinking I lose my money for a stupid buy. Is there a form to use this software I bought, if my university and geographic region are not eligible?

    • Hi Kenneth, sorry to hear of your problem… Unfortunately Adobe’s Student Editions do require valid eligibility verification after the sale – and (as mentioned above) are non-transferrable, meaning you couldn’t sell or give it to someone else (who would have the same issue anyway).

      If it is a recent purchase, your best bet is probably to try to bring it back to wherever you bought it from, or return it directly to Adobe under their 30-day money back refund and guarantee – even if you got it from a reseller or retailer.

      Worst case, contact Adobe and explain the situation – if it is new and never used, they might be able to help regardless. Good luck!

  11. Hi, I’m going to undertake a sixth form A-level, and this software is what I need for it and also this price would be perfect.

    Firstly, is there a time limit on the software, like a year or two?

    And secondly, I am planning to use other software in the CS5.5 Production Premium suite for personal use and not at school, would this be against and terms & conditions or terms of use or anything of the sort?

    Thank you

  12. Our web design teacher is wanting to upgrade to Dreamweaver CS5 as we’ve moved to Windows 7 and his old 2004 MX version doesn’t work as well as it did in XP.

    We have 2 web design labs at our high school with 80 seats total. Does he need to buy 80 copies of the teacher/student edition or will 1 work for his labs? Thanks

    • Wow Scott, two web design labs at your high school – nice facilities!

      To answer your question, you would need to buy as many licenses as there would be people using the software at one time… If you had 80 computers, and had up to 80 users running Dreamweaver on them, you would need 80 copies. (See: How Many Systems Can You Run Adobe CS5.5 On?)

      As you read in the article above, you can’t upgrade between Adobe education versions – however a new copy of Dreamweaver CS5.5 Student and Teacher Edition costs US$149, so it’s 63% less than the normal price.

      So basically your options would be to buy however many copies you need from Adobe’s Academic Store, or (better) you could consider a volume license expressly for education.

      In the meantime, regardless of which you choose – you can get going today by downloading the free trial of Dreamweaver CS5.5 and then just convert the installations to permanent by entering the serial number(s) from your purchase.

      Hope this helps!

  13. I was in visual arts at an accredited college in 2009/2010.

    This may be a long shot…but if I had known of the student deal for the cs5 premium pkg I most definitely would have purchased it. I still have my ID…what are the chances of getting the student rate?

  14. Hello!

    I just want to confirm this; I am working and want to learn the software and use it for hobby, so buying the commercial suite is an ULTRA BIG DEAL for the purpose. SO, I am planning on buying the suite under my sister’s name who is still under college study, and its me who will be using the software, not her, since she is not into this stuff. My question, can I then legally use the software for commercial means?

    Thanks in advance.

    • No Firdaus, sorry, actually you can’t buy or use the student software at all, since you’re not a student! And they cannot be transferred or given to others by the owner…

      Apologies if that wasn’t clearer, but please see this comprehensive Adobe Student Edition FAQ for more detail on that – plus any other questions you may have…

  15. I just bought a new computer and had lost my Lightroom original license as my old PC crashed and I couldn’t locate it.

    I went ahead and purchased the Lightroom Education version to save money as I am in school administration. Now I want to go ahead and get the Education version of Photoshop CS5 as well, since my old version was CS3.

    I’m just a little cautious and want to verify that I can buy one Student & Teacher copy per year per software title so I’m okay, right?

    • Yes Shawn, that is absolutely right – provided you qualify, you may purchase one copy of each academic edition per year – meaning one copy of Lightroom, one of Photoshop, one of Acrobat, etc… (although CS4 is a different edition than CS5, which is different again from CS5.5).

      Note that this isn’t too much of a restriction however – for example, if you already bought CS5.5 Master Collection for Education, you would still be eligible to buy a copy of CS5.5 Design Premium if you needed it, because technically it is a different title.

  16. Hi,

    Brilliant site and advice. I took the plunge yesterday and purchased CS5.5 Design Premium (S&T edtion) as I work for a University. I chose the download delivery option from the Adobe website and am just awaiting my eligibility to be verified.

    My question is: as I am going to be downloading the software, how do I make a back-up of it in case something ever happen to my iMac or the software itself? Also, what happens if I upgrade to a new computer in say 2 years time, will I be able to download it again or what happens then?

    I am quite new to all of this stuff and have never bought software before (just used whatever came in the box plus iWorks to be honest). Any advice greatly received……

    • That’s great Gerry, and thank you for your question and compliment. Adobe will keep your download available via your online account with them for three years… see this article for the details.

      However, you should still probably make an offline backup yourself, just in case – and also for after that time passes… All you would need to do is copy and store the installation files somewhere safe – either burn them onto a CD or DVD, or some other form of storage. Online storage “in the cloud” is also getting popular for backups, so you could also try that instead or in addition.

      Then, if you ever need to reinstall your software, either on the same computer or another one, or if you need to move your license between systems, you have sure access to your product. Hope this helps!

  17. Hi, thanks a million that is pretty much exactly the info I needed. I was getting a bit stressed last night thinking I should have maybe ordered the hard copy discs. I note in your link Adobe does state it reserves the right to change its policy (re the 3 year download access) at any time so I will definitely be backing them up big time.

    I have one more quick question if you don’t mind: I might be moving house soon, I presume that means i’ll have a new IP address? Do you think I need to do anything in regard to the licence – i would be keeping the software on the same, personal computer all the time, just moving 2 hours down the road. I see and understand all the advice/rules about moving between computers and platforms etc. but nothing about moving house. Any ideas???

    Thanks so much again, it makes such a difference having it in plain English!

    • You’re very welcome Gerry! To answer your follow-up question… Presuming you remain in the same country, you should have no problem changing IP addresses or ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) – for most geographies, the online connection you use generally does not factor into the licensing or activation process; it is connected more to the hardware and software of your system itself.

  18. Hi, just checking back to thanks again. I’m all downloaded and ready to go now with no issues thankfully. I have backed up copies on to my external hard drive and am going to back up again today on to disc. All I need to do now is learn how to use it all!

    Starting a web technologies course in a few weeks, and really looking forward to it. Thanks again for the reassurance and advice. :)


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