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Direct Download Links for All Creative Cloud 2014 Updates: Mac OS

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One of the main benefits of the Adobe CC 2014 release is receiving an ongoing stream of product updates at no extra cost… No longer do we have to wait 1-2 years for our tools to innovate and keep pace with evolving technologies; instead we get the latest and greatest features and enhance­ments as soon as they are ready.

On this page you’ll find all the updates to CC 2014 (on Mac OS), since its initial launch in June.  (If you need to install the full products themselves, then see our CC 2014 download links.)

Normally these upgrades happen smoothly and automatically for customers via the Creative Cloud Desktop app or Adobe Application Manager. But as with any software, there occa­sionally can be exceptions. Sometimes the new updates don’t show up or install with the CC desktop or manager apps, hindering the upgrade. Other times, there may be the rare need to rebuild, restore, or rollback to a specific earlier CC version for various reasons.  To solve this, you want version control.

Full Product Direct Links
CC 2014
Acrobat XI
Captivate 8
Lightroom 5
Elements 13

With older releases like CS6, Adobe used to post the individual update patches online for direct download and use when needed, but they stopped doing that for most CC apps. But we keep getting reader requests for these, so now – for all the CC 2014 tools – we’re providing them here.

Starting today, you can use the table below for a complete list of all CC 2014 updates for all major products for Mac… [See here for Windows] These download links go to the authentic and original CC 2014 update installers residing on Adobe’s servers, are guaranteed genuine, safe, and will not change. In most cases there are no special instructions needed to access these files: just click and go.

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These are delivered either as complete installs or as cumulative patches that are applied manually on top of the base CC 2014.0 release by mounting the update file given below, and then running the included “Adobe Patch Installer” app. Make sure the base application was run at least one time (started up, signed in and activated) before applying the patch update.

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They are multi­lingual packages and each one includes all supported languages available for the product. We have them all here in one place, so you may want to bookmark this page – because if you ever have any issues updating any of your CC 2014 programs, here’s your work­around solution!

If you don’t already have the necessary base release installed for any CC 2014 app, then you can just direct download the free trials here… Those offline product installers plus these update patches make a complete set for backup – and if you like, you can burn them to disc/DVD or copy them to flash drive, and keep just in case.

Also included in the table below are release notes with everything that’s new and changed in each update.  For what’s new in CC 2014 generally, see this feature comparison.

We will be keeping this download list current with all new CC 2014 updates going forward… Please let us know in the comments below if there’s anything you need that you don’t see here!

Adobe CC 2014 Product Updates/Downloads for Mac OS

** = To access these updates, please first follow the download instructions here.
Photoshop CC 2014
File DownloadSizeDateNotes
Adobe Photoshop 2014.2.2 Update for CC 2014300 MB12/10/2014Release 15.2.2
Adobe Photoshop 2014.2.1 Update for CC 2014305 MB10/20/2014Release 15.2.1
Adobe Photoshop 2014.2.0 Update for CC 2014296 MB10/6/2014Release 15.2
Adobe Photoshop 2014.1.0 Update for CC 2014256 MB8/5/2014Release 15.1
Illustrator CC 2014
Adobe Illustrator 2014.1.1 Update for CC 2014201 MB12/10/2014Release 18.1.1
Adobe Illustrator 2014.1.0 Update for CC 2014201 MB10/6/2014Release 18.1
InDesign CC 2014
Adobe InDesign 10.2.0 Update for CC 2014166 MB2/12/2015Release 10.2
Adobe InDesign 10.1.1 Update for CC 2014141 MB10/15/2014Release 10.1.1
Adobe InDesign 10.1.0 Update for CC 2014141 MB10/6/2014Release 10.1
Dreamweaver CC 2014
Adobe Dreamweaver 2014.1.1 Update for CC 2014123 MB2/12/2015Release 15.1
Adobe Dreamweaver 2014.1.0 Update for CC 2014 **283 MB10/6/2014Release 15.0
Flash Professional CC 2014
Adobe Flash Professional 2014.2.0 Update for CC 2014642 MB2/18/2015Release 14.2
Adobe Flash Professional 2014.1.0 Update for CC 2014463 MB10/6/2014Release 14.1
Adobe Flash Professional 2014.0.1 Update for CC 20141 MB7/24/2014Rel.
Premiere Pro CC 2014
Adobe Premiere Pro 2014.2.0 Update for CC 2014286 MB12/16/2014Release 8.2.0
Adobe Premiere Pro 2014.1.0 Update for CC 2014287 MB10/6/2014Release 8.1.0
Adobe Premiere Pro 2014.0.1 Update for CC 2014249 MB7/24/2014Release 8.0.1
After Effects CC 2014
Adobe After Effects 2014.2.0 Update for CC 2014504 MB12/16/2014Release 13.2.0
Adobe After Effects 2014.1.1 Update for CC 2014421 MB10/15/2014Release 13.1.1
Adobe After Effects 2014.1.0 Update for CC 2014421 MB10/6/2014Release 13.1.0
Adobe After Effects 2014.0.2 Update for CC 2014159 MB8/7/2014Release 13.0.2
Adobe After Effects 2014.0.1 Update was recalled—- MB7/30/2014Release 13.0.1
Audition CC 2014
Adobe Audition 2014.2.0 Update for CC 2014159 MB12/16/2014Release 7.2.0
Adobe Audition 2014.1.0 Update for CC 2014158 MB10/6/2014Release 7.1.0
Adobe Audition 2014.0.1 Update for CC 201447 MB8/4/2014Release 7.0.1
SpeedGrade CC 2014
Adobe SpeedGrade 2014.2.0 Update for CC 2014169 MB12/16/2014Release 8.2.0
Adobe SpeedGrade 2014.1.0 Update for CC 2014165 MB10/6/2014Release 8.1.0
Adobe SpeedGrade 2014.0.1 Update for CC 2014135 MB7/30/2014Release 8.0.1
Prelude CC 2014
Adobe Prelude 2014.2.0 Update for CC 2014185 MB12/16/2014Release 3.2.0
Adobe Prelude 2014.1.0 Update for CC 2014185 MB10/6/2014Release 3.1.0
Adobe Prelude 2014.0.1 Update for CC 2014146 MB7/30/2014Release 3.0.1
Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014
Adobe Media Encoder 2014.2.0 Update for CC 2014162 MB12/16/2014Release 8.2.0
Adobe Media Encoder 2014.1.0 Update for CC 2014163 MB10/6/2014Release 8.1.0
Adobe Media Encoder 2014.0.1 Update for CC 2014136 MB7/24/2014Release 8.0.1
Adobe Edge Animate CC 2014
Adobe Edge Animate 2014.1.1 Update for CC 201442 MB11/20/2014Release 5.0.1
Adobe Edge Animate 2014.1 Update for CC 2014 **130 MB10/6/2014Release 5.0
Adobe Edge Animate 2014.0.1 Update for CC 2014 **118 MB8/4/2014Release 4.0.1
Adobe Edge Reflow CC Preview
Adobe Edge Reflow Preview 8.1 Update for CC 2014 **34 MB10/15/2014Release 8.1
Adobe Muse CC 2014
Adobe Muse 2014.3 Update for CC 2014 **422 MB2/11/2015Releases
Adobe Muse 2014.2.1 Update for CC 2014 **168 MB10/27/2014 
Adobe Muse 2014.2 Update for CC 2014 **168 MB10/6/2014 
Adobe Muse 2014.1.1 Update for CC 2014 **166 MB8/27/2014 
Adobe Muse 2014.1 Update for CC 2014 **166 MB8/13/2014 
Adobe Muse 2014.0.1 Update for CC 2014 **169 MB7/16/2014 
Adobe Camera Raw – ACR
Adobe Camera Raw 8.7.1 Update for CC123 MB12/8/2014Release 8.7.1
Adobe Camera Raw 8.7 Update for CC122 MB11/18/2014Release 8.7
Adobe Camera Raw 8.6 Update for CC107 MB7/28/2014Release 8.6
Adobe Camera Raw 8.5 Update for CC101 MB6/18/2014Release 8.5
Adobe Bridge CC
Adobe Bridge 6.1 Update for CC188 MB6/18/2014 
Acrobat XI Pro
All Adobe Acrobat Product Updates   
Lightroom 5
All Adobe Lightroom Product Updates   
Adobe Extension Manager
Extension Manager 7.3.2 Update for CC10 MB9/29/2014Releases
Extension Manager 7.2.1 Update for CC8 MB6/27/2014 
DPS Desktop Tools CC 2014
DPS Desktop Tools for InDesign CC (2014) 32.0.0 Update76 MB9/8/2014Release 32.0.0
DPS Desktop Tools for InDesign CC (2014) 31.0.1 Update76 MB7/21/2014Release 31.0.1

We also have the Windows versions of these updates.

See Also

New Adobe CC 2014 Direct Download Links: All Free Trials

Did these links work for you? Hope they helped out; please let us know with a comment below…  Do you have any questions about CC 2014? Just ask below and we’ll get you answers fast!

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  1. George

    Photoshop 15.2.2/setup.dmg is out

  2. Ryan

    It appears there may be a new update for Illustrator. I see something that’s available through the Creative Cloud application thats says December 2014.

  3. Ryan

    Illustrator update took the version from 18.1.0 to 18.1.1.

  4. The “Adobe Bridge 6.1 Update for CC” setup.dmg seems to be corrupt

    • Hello Cristian, it seems OK to us – and has been working fine there for almost six months… Did you try redownloading or using another browser/computer? Use a wired Internet connection instead of Wi-Fi, if possible.

  5. gyuk

    New After Effects, Audition, Premiere Pro, SpeedGrade updates out!

  6. Need these updates:

    Adobe After Effects CC 2014 v13.2.0

    Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014 v8.2.0 Multilingual MacOSX

    Adobe Audition CC 2014 7.2.0 Multilingual MacOSX

    Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 8.2.0

  7. Ryan

    Looks like updates for SpeedGrade & Audition have been released.

    • Yes, thanks Ryan – and we have now added all of the Mac direct links above for today’s official release of the new 2014.2 versions of Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, SpeedGrade, Prelude, and Adobe Media Encoder… Enjoy!

  8. Ryan

    After installing the latest round of updates (2014.2 versions), I experienced problems with the dock freezing on OS 10.8.5. This happened with multiple machines, all of which were mid-2010 Mac Pros (MacPro5,1). Curious if anyone else experienced any issues.

  9. Seb

    Hi there, I have just installed my picks from the Adobe CC line, Is it required to download each individual update version release or can I just download the latest release?? Speaking for CC apps that have been installed at their base version.


  10. iMak

    When I try to update Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 with (Adobe Illustrator 2014.1.0 Update for CC 2014 – Release 18.1) I get the error message (Update Failed – Updates could not be applied – This patch is not applicable for you…) I also tried (Release 18.1.1) with the same error. However, when I tried to update Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 with (Adobe Photoshop 2014.2.2 Update for CC 2014 – Release 15.2.2) it was successfully done!

    Please advise.

  11. iMak

    Thank you @ProDesign for your reply.

    I tried to log in and log out with several reboots, and also tried uninstalling and reinstalling but still getting the error. I also tried the Adobe cleanup tool but with the same error. I had no issue with updating the Photoshop CC 2014 though.

  12. pat

    hi, when I try to update premiere I get an error that says it cant be updated, “updates are suppressed by administrator”? This is a personal machine, there is no administrator that I know of.

    I just subscribed a couple days ago but I cant open premiere projects created on a company machine with premiere cc 2014, it says they were saved with a newer version and cant be opened.

  13. Virgil


    All the above links are broken, I’ve tried downloading these as we are unable to use Adobe CC updater, we still have the initial release (2014 0.0). We’ve spent the last three days trying to update our software (tried everything, Customer service was unable to help) – can you please help us get the updated files somehow?


    • Sure Virgil, all the links work fine on our end – just tested them. What problem were you having in particular? Any error message(s)? Which product(s)? What symptoms? What have you tried to fix or make it work? Have you read through some of the previous comments above for help?

      We’d be happy to assist, but would have to know more details about what’s going on in order to give the right advice. Thanks!

  14. Ken Purcell


    Every time I click on the link above I get this message: “Server not found
    Firefox can’t find the server at”

    Are the links still active?


  15. Virgil

    Hi again,

    Virgil here. Whenever I click on the links above, I get this message in the browser window:

    “Server not found
    Firefox can’t find the server at

    Check the address for typing errors such as instead of
    If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer’s network connection.
    If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.”

    Tried with Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer. It’s just not working.

    Thanks again for all your help, I understand the links are working on your end, but I still don’t understand how can they be broken on my end…they’re just links.


    • Well it sounds like there’s something unusual on your computer that’s giving you problems… perhaps your antivirus or another third-party add-on. We’ve had some readers recently reporting issues when using Kaspersky.

      Make sure you’re not blocking or filtering anything with your browsers (like cookies, downloads, or any sites or URLs), or are running any utilities that might restrict your web surfing (like Ghostery or AdBlock). Or possibly check your firewall, antivirus program, or other third-party security software.

      Most people have no problem at all, but occasionally some folks have difficulty because of over-aggressive software or utilities like these. To be clear, Adobe recommends temporarily turning those things off for downloads.

      Finally, in addition to different browsers, we’d also recommend trying from another computer as well and seeing if that solves it for you.

      Good luck!

  16. Archie Archives

    Strange! The Adobe Indesign CC 2014 above says the update is 10.1.1 and dated Oct 15/2014. In fact when I download and install it I get v 10.1.071 dated Sept 30 2014. I downloaded it twice to be sure I clicked the correct link.

    • Hey Archie, your comment is missing a couple of characters. The most recent update above is actually version, which Adobe called “InDesign CC 10.1.1″ to distinguish it from the previous version on Mac, (which was called “InDesign CC 10.1.0″).

      Windows did not get that very minor update and remains at version (“10.1.0″) for the moment.

      Yes, confusing stuff. But bottom line, you’re good and all set.

  17. Archie Archives

    Ah! Thanks for clarifying the issue. It is indeed confusing!

  18. Mai T.


    I have checked my Illustrator CC version, which is 2014.0.0. But when I try upgrade, it said the software is up to date. What is the latest version since I cannot find Creative Cloud Libraries option from my Illustrator.


    • Greetings Mai, the latest release of Adobe Illustrator CC is 2014.1.1 (Illustrator version 18.1.1), which came out last month (December 2014). Not sure why you can’t update, sorry! Maybe try on a different computer?

  19. Erwin Smith

    hi, where do i get the adobe toolkit to crack the software for mac.

    the old replacing the framework file does no longer work.

  20. Bryan Warner


    First of all, congratulations for the site – i just have 1 word for you: AMAZING! Helps a lot!

    My question is this. I’m having troubles with the missing sequence presets in adobe premiere cc 2014. I’m installing the base o/s premiere 2014 with the copy/paste of the framework, coz now the serial numbers are not right and don’t let me install.

    Before that i installed the updates, and again overwrite the framework. My projects are completely lost coz i doesn`t have the sequence. How can i fix it?

    I just realized that the premiere doesn’t have the full sequence presets, what do i need to do to have it all?

    Thanx so much again, and keep up the good work!

  21. Alex

    Well hello there,

    Today Adobe has released a new update of InDesign, with new features like Cloud Libraries and Print current page.

  22. muse

    Access Denied
    You don’t have permission to access “…/AdobeProducts/MUSE/2014_3/osx10-64/Muse_2014_3_CC_LS24.dmg” on this server.
    Reference #18.1cb045d9.1423787356.40e997f7

    any help to download ?

    • Yes, all the direct links here work – but as mentioned in the footnote to the table above, some of the (starred) CC 2014 updates require following these download instructions first in order to work… Muse is one of those apps.

      It’s needed by Adobe’s servers in order to set up the download session, otherwise you will get an access or permissions denied message like that.

  23. Alex


    That’s pretty good! And let me thank to all of you for this extraordinary website.

  24. Mario

    Hi there

    Looking for direct download to Flash Professional CC and Mobile Device Packaging (2014) update. Not shown as an option in your article.


  25. Mario

    Hot Damn! Many thanks!!!

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