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Adobe: Acrobat X Ships Later this Year; Sign Up for the Prerelease

Register for the free Adobe Acrobat X Prerelease

Two months ago we studied the likely release dates for Adobe Acrobat 10 and concluded, “it looks like Acrobat 10 (or Acrobat X) will be shipping sometime between mid-October and late-November this year.”

At a financial conference presentation last week, Adobe’s Chief Financial Officer Mark Garrett was quoted as saying, “Acrobat 10 ships later this year, the next cycle in the Acrobat product family – which will continue to drive Acrobat growth and penetration going forward.”

Adobe’s fiscal year ends in late November 2010, so this lends credence that the release is on track for availability within our estimated timeframe.

[UPDATE (October 18th) — Right on target, Adobe Acrobat X has been announced! Download a free trial.]

But if you can’t wait until release day to see (and try) a copy, register your interest in the forthcoming Acrobat 10 public pre-release program. There are no guarantees on being accepted when it opens, but it’s free and easy to sign up so it’s worth a try. The application is open for Acrobat, Adobe Reader, or both. Adobe’s goal with the program is to receive feedback on new features and learn about possible bugs to help produce a release that’s better for everyone.

[UPDATE (September 8th) – The program is open and the Adobe Reader 10 and Acrobat Pro 10 prereleases are out! See all the details here.]

Acrobat Webinar Series

In the meantime, there’s still plenty to learn about Adobe Acrobat 9 – here’s a list of 11 free presentations to help get more out of what you’re using today… These were recorded earlier and are now available on-demand:

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  1. Mitch

    This is great, thanks. It’s been an unusually long time since Acrobat 9, one of the longest product cycles I’ve seen from Adobe, so hopefully that means good things for Acrobat 10.

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