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The Adobe Acrobat X Early Release Program is Open

Welcome to the Acrobat and Reader Prerelease Program

We’ve been following the story closely on the upcoming next version of Adobe Acrobat (which could be called Acrobat 10, or possibly Acrobat X), including timing on possible release dates. A few weeks ago we wrote about the new Adobe Reader and Acrobat Prerelease Program that is open for public participation. This morning we received our invitation to join:

Subject: Invitation to join the Adobe Acrobat Prerelease Program
From: Adobe Acrobat Product Team
Date: Wed, Sep 08, 2010 6:04 am

Hello ProDesignTools,

As a valued Adobe Acrobat customer, you’re invited to participate in the exclusive Enterprise Engagement Program to be one of the first to experience the next version of Acrobat. By participating in the program, you’ll also gain valuable insights as we will reveal our vision and initiative toward the next generation of document exchange and collaboration.

Because the information being shared in the program is confidential, we would like you to accept the Acrobat Enterprise Prerelease Agreement. Once you have signed the agreement, you will be able to:

 * Obtain future Acrobat initiatives
 * Download and install the beta application
 * Gain access to next release version product information
 * Share your experiences by sending us valuable feedback

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to be part of the future of document exchange and collaboration. It’s easy to get started.

Join the Acrobat Enterprise Engagement Program today

If you have any issues or questions about the process, please contact our Adobe Prerelease coordinator.

Thank you for your support.
Adobe Acrobat Product Marketing Team

You need to digitally sign a licensing agreement that will grant you access “to install and use the Prerelease Software during the Term in a test environment on computers located on Licensee’s premises solely for the purpose of internal evaluation of the Prerelease Software and supplying Evaluation Feedback to Adobe.” There is no cost, but you do need to agree to non-disclosure regarding the Prerelease Software, as well as to cease its use within thirty days of Adobe’s first generally available commercial release.

If you don’t want to register your interest for the Acrobat 10 prerelease but would still like to give your feedback for the new version, feel free to share your thoughts at the Acrobat Feature Request forum. Or, you can enter a comment below…

[UPDATE (October 18th)Adobe Acrobat X is unveiled! Download a free trial.]
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  1. thomas m. foti md

    Gentlemen: I would like to purchase Adobe’s product for the below enclosed address.
    I would like to purchase the top of line product; for example Adobe Pro 10 version.
    Thank you,
    Thomas M. Foti MD
    Boca Raton, Florida 33431

  2. Anonymous

    Why doesn’t Acrobat 9 work with MS Office 10?

  3. Hector Lindley

    I think it is absolutely scandalous that Acrobat 9 is useless with Microsoft Office 2010!!

    It seems to many of us that this could have been prevented if Adobe technicians had fixed this problem at the outset. Surely they must have known there was a serious problem very early in the piece, after all, Office 2010 has been in the development stage for a considerable time. It seems it would be more beneficial money-wise to wait for the release of Acrobat 10 (X). What happens to the users of Acrobat 9, who have purchased Office 10?
    Do they have to purchase the new edition of Acrobat?? What a scam!!!

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