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  1. Delfim

    On this site, you do not have the link to download InDesign 2018.

    Do you know where I can get the direct download link to InDesign?

  2. BP

    No Download Link for Adobe CC 2018 offline installers?

  3. BP
  4. E71

    “We are working on making the additional download links available in the near future.”

    Yeah, that means nothing coming from Adobe.

  5. Amiya Adhikary

    How much time (estimated)will we have to wait to get the Adobe CC 2018 offline installers download links?

    • Hi Amiya, from talking to people at the annual Adobe MAX conference last week, we look for the new CC 2018 direct download links to be made available soon, within the coming weeks… There are no guarantees on the exact timing, but key managers have told us in the past that the company remains committed to proving industry-standard offline installers for their major creative products – and for very good reason.

  6. hb


    Are there direct download links on Adobe cc 2018 social networking sites?
    So how were they released ??

  7. Ran

    There won’t be offline installers for cc2018.

    Hint: Standalone installer for Dreamweaver 2017 (2016) still unavailable.

  8. Bubbi

    Looks like a real need for the off-line installers, with all the problems going on from the cc2018 release. In particular the loss of the Dolby Codec and users still running Windows 7. They are then pointed to installing cc2017, but there is a problem with the latest CC Desktop app and it is missing some cc2017 Premiere Pro items, so they are thus forced to recommend the cc2017 links which as per this site have been around for awhile (but never updated). Here are some threads:

    Adobe Premiere – Previous versions disappeared (CC2017 11.0.2) – Creative Cloud update

    Dolby Audio Decoder missing after Premiere CC 2018 (V12) update

    Premiere Pro CC 2017.1.2 not listed in Creative Cloud App

    • Thanks Bubbi – those are absolutely powerful examples and big reasons why direct links to standalone installers are still needed and important to have available!

      For some reason, Adobe does not offer the ability to roll back to the previous versions of the CC 2017 video apps, after upgrading to CC 2018 using the Desktop app… But as you point out, if we had all of the direct download links for all CC installers and their updates available, this would never be a problem!

      So customers are strongly advised to retain their current versions of all Adobe tools when upgrading to a new release. Both versions of any app can coexist on the same system.

      In other words, it’s a good idea to keep the previous versions installed on your system when upgrading – especially if you are trying to upgrade in the middle of a project. However, you have to explicitly tell the CC Desktop app to do this by unchecking the ‘Remove old versions’ box under the advanced settings of the update dialogue.

  9. Update — Adobe writes today: “There are still plans to release additional titles, and versions, to this page. I do apologize for the continued inconvenience.”

  10. Dude

    Just checked the page – so after year of promising, we don’t get neither 2017 or 2018 versions… I doubt that’s gonna be soon, if ever.

    • You’re right in that there have been a lot of promises over the past year. But we were in touch with Adobe again this morning, and they tell us that yes, they are working on the new CC 2018 downloads, but they are not yet ready for public release.

      In the meantime, we do have a set of (most of the) older Creative Cloud 2017 versions here:

      Adobe CC 2017 Direct Download Links, for Windows and macOS

      While it is disappointing that the CC 2018 offline installers are not yet available, we are staying on the case!

  11. Michael

    It looks like Adobe has restored the CC 2017 direct download links about two days ago. I wonder when they will add the 2018 versions onto the site.

  12. John Adobe

    If and when Adobe release the direct downloads for InDesign, InCopy, Dreamweaver CC 2017 and 2018, then give me a shout.

    To be honest, I am of the belief (read as: with absolutely no proof whatsoever) that Adobe have long ago prepared single file installers for InDesign, InCopy, and Dreamweaver CC 2017, but Adobe have thus far avoided offering the links for these already-created direct downloads.

    Why should Adobe offer direct downloads, when growth in their subscriber numbers to CC continues ? Irrespective of whether many subscribers have had all sort of installation issues, subscribers still persist to embrace CC. So Adobe can therefore continue to resist offering direct downloads for many of its less popular applications (though I wouldn’t categorize InDesign as being “less popular”).

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We can tell you that this is not true:

      I am of the belief (read as: with absolutely no proof whatsoever) that Adobe have long ago prepared single-file installers for InDesign, InCopy, and Dreamweaver CC 2017, but Adobe have thus far avoided offering the links for these already-created direct downloads.

      And we can also share that the company’s intention to create and provide a complete set of up-to-date direct download links continues… We do not have a clear explanation as to why it hasn’t happened yet.

  13. Jake

    If they have time to develop new desktop applications and no time for direct download links – seriously, that’s a stupid excuse for just not wanting to bother with them. If they would want to release them they would, so sadly, there really isn’t a high chance of this happening.
    There is no proof of Adobe actually making them. I can’t disagree with John – time to make new apps, but no time for installers?

    • The problem is that preparing and packaging these sort of installers is now an extra step at the end, because Adobe’s mainline CC products and processes no longer use them.

      So it’s an add-on task that requires additional and supplementary engineering resources to create and test, after everything else has been completed. Then these standalone installers have to be delivered from engineering to the frontline customer-facing people and independently validated so that they can be posted publicly.

      Then, ideally, hopefully, that whole procedure has to be repeated every time there is any product update.

      So in a nutshell, publishing these may seem simple and obvious from the outside, but in practice it’s not – because of the major change in how Creative Cloud apps are downloaded and installed that happened in June 2016.

  14. How many days of trial are the downloads tools please?

  15. John Adobe


    The problem is that preparing and packaging these sort of installers is now an extra step at the end, because Adobe’s mainline CC products and processes no longer use them.
    So it’s an add-on task that requires additional and supplementary engineering resources to create and test, after everything else has been completed.

    May I politely suggest you advocate to Adobe’s Engineering team responsible for installation creation that InstallShield (a well-known installation packager for Windows) is available at that will vastly speed up Adobe’s painfully slow process of packaging CC 2018 to single offline file installers to its user base.

    Adobe will be very familiar with InstallShield as they have previously used it for their previous CS trials.

    If I were a betting person, I would bet US$1000 that Adobe will never offer offline single file direct download installers for InDesign, InCopy, or Dreamweaver CC 2018. That’s my confidence in Adobe dismissing offline installers as from the Jurassic era.

    • Yes, they surely know about that. Regardless, the sticking point remains that they now use their own proprietary technology and processes for packaging and delivery in Creative Cloud, and that producing industry-standard installers afterwards in an extra step requiring additional resources for 19 CC applications.

      Nevertheless, we’re happy to take the other side of your bet. Stay tuned.

  16. Amiya Adhikary

    CC library is not working after migrating to Photoshop CC 2018.

  17. It’s time to call out Adobe’s on their BS (sorry)!

    After waiting months on end for a download link for Animate and not receiving one, and waiting yet again for a download link to the Windows version of XD, and yet again, none being provided, I have to ask how incompetent the folks working there are to not be able to provide long established, industry-standard installers for their products?

    Either they don’t care about the “poor peoples” who don’t have stable, reliable, fast access to Internet or they truly do not know what they are doing. The maddening aspect of all of this is that the entire CC suite (yes, you read that correctly), the entire, latest CC suite is available for download on the net. Does one have to resign to illegitimate sources to try out software? Worse still, to update software that they pay for? Never mind introducing security holes in your computer, does Adobe not care about their global users? If there truly was a technical hurdle to overcome in releasing download links to their software, I think they should hire the pirates whom without fail, manage to provide creatives with Adobe software weeks, sometimes days, after official releases.

    I’m not advocating for illegal downloading of software but as we saw with the decline of audiovisual torrenting, provide your users with easy access to your products, and the need to pirate said products will dramatically decrease.

    But what do you expect from Adobe when they seem to be more concerned with integrating AI into their products but continuously fail to address longstanding issues predating the pivot to their current subscription model?

    Apologies for the rant. I’m pissed off that I’m an active CC subscriber who doesn’t have a stable connection at my residence. Here’s an illustration of the absurdity of their failures: I only managed to update my InDesign installation from the 2015 version, which I was able to install through the provided download link, to the 2017 last week(!!!) and the sad thing is the 2018 version was already released by then. So I’m basically paying to use outdated software. Disheartening really!

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Gene. We hear you and totally, completely understand. It’s exactly stories like yours that we take to Adobe every single time we reach out and contact them about this.

      And yes, we have reached out to the company many times over the past year, and we still don’t have satisfaction yet, nor do we understand how this could not yet be addressed, but still we are not giving up.

      So we absolutely understand your frustration and it’s natural to feel that way. But one thing we will add is that trying to install an Adobe hack or crack of some kind is a really bad idea, because you have no clue what it could do and how bad it can mess up your system (and your data/privacy).

      We hope to have a news update for you here before too long… and with luck, it will be some good news.

    • PS – And great point about the vast differences in available Internet connections worldwide… Certainly, the overwhelming majority of people around the globe do not have gigabit Wi-Fi! In many places, even a spotty 1 Mbps connection is lucky to have.

      See our post here for more of the key reasons why direct download links continue to be critical for many Creative Cloud customers.

  18. ReVolter


    À Google démarches for Adobe CC 2018 offline gives some results. A version if available for Photoshop on filehippo but not sure if it’s an official version…

    • No, definitely not. Any unauthorized site that offers you a “free download” or “full version” or other offline installer that does not come from Adobe itself is for sure a hacked or cracked (and unsafe) version.

      We at ProDesignTools are fully-authorized Adobe partners since 2006, and if there is a legitimate direct download link actually available, then you will be sure to find it here on our site.

  19. Jake

    What about using Creative Cloud Packager? I haven’t tested it yet, so I’m not sure if and how it works…

  20. Charlie

    This has been almost a month since Adobe released the CC 2018, so is this when the direct downloads end? Did they say anything else? It’s getting hopeless, even though they’re “working on it.”

  21. Rob


    The problem is that preparing and packaging these sort of installers is now an extra step at the end, because Adobe’s mainline CC products and processes no longer use them.

    It’s not a complex process.

    • That’s true enough, although it requires dedicated staff to execute and fully test this additional step for all relevant product installers and updates.

      Still, as mentioned above, we don’t fully understand why it’s taking so long either.

  22. ProX

    I do not understand why Adobe offers standalone updaters for some applications like Acrobat Pro DC for Mac at sites like:

    yet not for others like Photoshop or Illustrator for Mac. All other companies (big and small) offer such standalone updaters. Adobe is losing big sales with that. Time to switch to competitors. Bye, bye.

    • Well, the reason is because it’s an entirely different area of the company (the Document Cloud division, previously known as Document Services), with a separate customer base having different delivery mechanisms.

      So Acrobat has its own distinct business segment and release schedule, and doesn’t sync with Creative Cloud, even if Acrobat is included within it.

  23. Jake

    It’s sad that we don’t even see a CC 2017 installer for InDesign after a year of hoping, and we’re already on CC 2018. It’s been a month. Last year we hoped 1 year for nothing. Are they at least able to provide an ESTIMATION release date on the links if they’re really working on them except “near future”? Otherwise we’d be hoping for another year, then it would be safe to assume they’re not working on it.

    • Without saying too much Jake, they have provided estimations in the past… We’re not pulling it out of thin air when we talk about when we expect them.

      Nevertheless, we still do believe they’re trying to get these done. Just not yet succeeding, at least so far, for reasons we don’t fully comprehend.

      And yes, it has been a struggle for customers for over a year now. Not having any CC 2017 versions at all of InDesign or Animate or (until recently) Muse or Prelude has been a major issue. We have spent countless hours working to try to get this fixed.

      The company is clearly aware of the need and the utility of direct download links and standard, offline installers. That hasn’t changed, as far as we can tell. So, we will not be giving up the effort!

  24. Anonymous

    Offline installers for the latest Creative Cloud apps are now avaliable!

    • Yes, you noticed! We just finished updating the page. 🙂

      Really great news this morning everyone – a complete set of new CC 2018 direct download links to virtually the entire Creative Cloud 2018 Release is now posted above!

      Please go ahead and download what you need from over 25 brand new apps, and please let us know if you have any issues or feedback.

      Thanks so much for all your patience. All of our hard work and hanging in there has finally paid off. Thank you, Adobe!

  25. Jake

    I’d like to take the time to thank you for collaborating with Adobe to bring their CC 2018 direct download links. I appreciate the effort, thank you ProDesignTools! Also thank you, Adobe, for actually providing them 🙂

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