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Adobe Ships New CC 2019 Release - Upgrade Free / Download Trials

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The New Adobe CC 2019 Release Is Here – What You Need to Know


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55 thoughts on “Adobe Ships New CC 2019 Release - Upgrade Free / Download Trials”

  1. Thank you, you are always so good at keeping us up to date, and I am looking forward to your oh-so-helpful catalog of download links for CC 2019. One point re: the Photoshop update, is that I do still have all my third-party plug-ins. Hmmm… just realised that I only have five plug-in folders, and that Filter Forge 7 didn’t make it.

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated on the latest changes, as always! I always check this site out for the latest. Another change: it appears offline activation has been removed in CC 2019, which could mean no direct download and installs.

  3. It looks like my 2012 Mac Pro is now obsolete. Premiere Pro minimum specs are now 6th-gen Intel processor (I believe the Mac Pro is a 5000 series Xeon) and it needs at least 4GB of VRAM. I only have a 1GB card. I guess this is one way to get people to upgrade! Also 16GB of RAM minimum… 32GB recommended.

    • Greetings Matthew. Well, the software keeps pushing the capabilities of the hardware, so the engineers increase the minimum hardware requirements… To us it doesn’t seem too outlandish, as 2012 was the CS6 era, and the application has evolved so much since then.

      But if the newer version won’t run or work well on your existing system, then as a Creative Cloud subscriber you still have the right to continue to use the prior version (or any previous CC release actually).

  4. @ProDesignTools
    Thanks. I get it…technology keeps moving on. I’m not upset; it’s just always interesting when your gear gets to the point where it’s no longer good enough to keep up. I will say the RAM jump to 32GB recommended is pretty steep. I’ll probably upgrade the system since the new features look really good. I just won’t be an early adopter because of the likely bugs.

  5. Hi,

    Are there any improvements for using multiple GPUs in Premiere?

    Example: the ability to choose the gpu from a MacBook and a eGPU like blackmagic and use them both.


  6. Adobe’s descent from being a professional software provider into a mass-market over-featured behemoth continues.

    Their decision to stop any further development of Muse in March 2018 was a disaster for creatives looking for an object-based interface that blended with other design essentials such as InDesign and Photoshop. Now, with CC 2019 I’m confronted with infantile ‘have a nice day’ type messages such as this when I open InDesign: “Ready to go, Howard?” Did nobody see the irony of that? I think I might be!

  7. Anyone else discovering problems with the new Illustrator tools palette? Tools becoming buried under other tools again and again, tool locations constantly moving. I’ll not remembering custom tool palettes? Nearly making Illustrator unusable? Pulling my hair out.

    • To our minds, it’s not the number of MacBook iterations that Apple has (or hasn’t) offered since then – but rather the level and performance of the hardware available at that time as compared to the present day…

      Six years is at least 3 doublings via Moore’s Law. And even within a single MacBook generation, Apple continually evolves the processors (CPU/GPU) and chips used, and the specs generally. Nothing stays static for long.

  8. Hello
    Don’t know if this is the right place to ask my question, but I tried several others and did not get answer ;-(

    I use the late Photoshop CC 2018.
    When I created a “new” document, I was prompted with a “graphic” dialog box. But without doing anything (to the best of my knowledge !) I reverted to the “old” dialog (text only).

    Where and how could I get back to the “graphic” interface ?

  9. Could you please clarify one thing on pricing: with installation of the 2019 versions of Photoshop and Lightroom Classic, do I continue with the same Photography Plan at the same price as before this update, which is now USD $9.95 per month?

    Also, is there a published list of new features and performance improvements for this release? I don’t have time to watch videos.

  10. @ProDesignTools

    My 2010 Mac Pro outperforms or matches all the but the very top of the line Mac Pro, iMac Pro, and iMac. It beats all their laptops in GPU performance, and is only bested in some CPU tests by the top-end 2018 MacBook Pro

    Moore’s law has mostly been broken in the last few years for consumer products, as computers have reached a level that’s been good enough for listen uses. Apple currently sells machines that perform around 1/8 of my Mac Pro’s CPU, 1/8 the RAM I currently have installed (1/16th the Mac I could install), and abysmal GPU performance compared to my RX 580.

    If we’re really going by 6th gen CPUs, this mean the following Macs cannot run the 2019 versions of Premiere and Prelude:
    No Mac Pro ever made so far (not even the 2013)
    No Mac mini ever made so far.
    No iMac mid 2015 (1st two versions of the 4k and 5k) and older.
    No MacBook Pro 2015 and older.

    Overall, it’s a moot point, as I was able to install and use Premiere Pro 2019 on my 2010 Mac Pro and 2015 MacBook Pro without issue. It seems like Adobe’s documentation for absolute MINIMUM requirements is incorrect.

  11. I have been using the CC apps for years with regular upgrades installing without issue on my iMac.

    Now, after upgrading to Mojave and allowing CC to install several 2019 versions (e.g., Dreamweaver, Photoshop) the apps are presented as “Trials”. This is a little puzzling.

    My login is properly recognized but although I have had a subscription to CC for years it would appear I would have to purchase all over again. Shouldn’t the subscription continue with the new apps?

  12. I am still using CS6 but with the new CC 2019, I have it on my “Christmas List.” But one very major problem I have is that the OCR in Adobe Acrobat/Reader is very poor.
    I do much document re-creation for the US Govt from images or scanned images, not original documents due to damage and very poor archiving.
    Is CC 2019 any good at recognizing the font used in a image better than Adobe Acrobat Pro or Reader?

  13. Will it be possible to have Gemini for iPad alone? I do not want Photoshop and Lightroom, but only a painting app.
    And no desktop, only iPad.

    • Hey Erick, thanks for your question. Project Gemini looks pretty amazing, but at this point we don’t have any details about how it will be offered…

      It could potentially be free on iPad, like Adobe’s other mobile apps. For instance, how Lightroom CC works on mobile and desktop is a possible analogy.

      Or, Adobe may have other plans in store. We can’t say yet. One thing for sure is we’ll know more next year, as the company says that Gemini will be released in 2019.

    • Just scroll down a bit on the main Adobe page until you see “Watch MAX 2018 keynotes and conference sessions on demand” – and then click on the session(s) you would like to watch.

  14. I have photoshop cc version 20.0.1 (as part of my adobe cc subscription), but understand that there is now a PS cc 2019 available – how come this doesn’t appear to be available when I check if i have the latest version please?

    • Hey Gareth, which operating system – and version – are you running?

      Some system requirements changed for the new version (see the details given in the article above), so your computer may no longer meet the required technical specifications for the CC 2019 release… If so, then it wouldn’t show up as being available to you for upgrade.

      For more information, see Adobe’s CC requirements change notification here.

      However, the good news is that as a Creative Cloud subscriber, you are entitled to use any prior CC version that you wish. So you can continue running the same version that you already have, until and unless your situation changes.

    • Actually that version should be supported… So when you write, “how come this doesn’t appear to be available,” where are you checking? From the PS tool itself? (Help > Updates…)

      If nothing still comes up, then hit the “three dots” Settings menu at the upper right of the Creative Cloud Desktop app, and choose “Check for App Updates.”

  15. @Naomi
    Problems with EVERYTHING, from unnecessary changes for no reason after 25 years (photoshop scaling now works BACKWARDS from how it used to) to apps that are almost unusable (indesign), to a total change in how the comment system in Acrobat works. The upgrade is garbage, and I have had to roll the entire department back to CC2018. Total junk

    • The change to the Acrobat commenting checkbox (it still works the same, but need to use a menu instead) was admittedly a UI blunder, and Adobe has already stated they are planning to change that behavior shortly, via an upcoming update.

      The adjustment in how Photoshop scaling works was intentional, given that other design tools default to proportional scaling for images and text (with no keyboard modifier needed)… The PS team decided that it’s better to optimize for the 90+% use case, rather than the other way around. It requires a bit of muscle-memory relearning, but most users (including us) prefer the new (faster) behavior after that initial adjustment period has passed. After all, how often do you really want to warp your text or distort your images?

      Note that shapes and paths, that is vectors, still transform non-proportionally by default. And, if you really don’t like the new behavior, you can turn it off if you want. For more details, see:

      What’s New in Photoshop CC: Transform Proportionally by Default

  16. @ProDesignTools
    It sucks that you guys made it mandatory to use Win 10 for the 2019 CC updates… that is absolute BS! All my hardware is compatible and my OS is Win 7, which is absolutely better than Win 10… The only thing that I don’t have is Win 10… what a ripoff… Microsoft paid you guys off and you sold out your customers!

    • How and why is Windows 7 (a ten-year-old operating system nearing its final end of support) better than Windows 10?

      In any event, Windows 10 is not mandatory for CC 2019 – at least not for all applications, only some. For more details, see Adobe’s official Creative Cloud 2019 System Requirements.

      If you have feedback on that though, don’t leave it with us – you’d need to share it directly with Adobe themselves… That kind of decision is above our pay grade:

      Bottom line takeaway: Windows 10 is now the most widely-adopted operating system in the world. But only some CC 2019 tools require Windows 10; most of them don’t and will still run on Windows 7. And for the apps that require Win 10, you can still continue run the CC 2018 versions on Win 7 instead, which are included and you are entitled to do with your subscription plan.

      And per the company: The reason that some of those apps require Win 10 (or a recent macOS) is because it offers much better APIs and advanced support for new, cutting-edge features and hardware:

      “Focusing our development efforts on modern versions of Windows and Mac operating systems allows us to concentrate on developing the features and functionality most requested by you, while ensuring peak performance that takes advantage of modern hardware. In order to benefit from the continued developments in hardware and software, Creative Cloud 2019 apps do not support some older OS versions… If you’re running older operating systems, you can continue to run and install previous versions of Creative Cloud applications.”

      For just one example, the new Enhance Details feature in Lightroom relies on this kind of advanced operating system support.

      Or maybe you’d rather your Adobe creative toolset not evolve and improve, but just stay stuck in 2009?

  17. While I will be the first to agree that Windows 10 is an invasive, meddling, Big Brother version of Windows, under the hood, it’s performance seems to be drastically superior to Windows 7.

    I’ll qualify that with the fact that it took 109 hours to get it up and running and nearly all of my applications working properly or close to it. Windows 10 HATES Wacom tablets. It also hates networking and especially refuses to work with NAS devices. That said…

    Windows 10, running on midrange hardware, blasts the doors off Windows 7 running on high-end hardware. Take a simple thing like VLC Media player. Playing a 4K HEVC video on Windows 7 is not possible. But on Windows 10, it’s so effortless, the system could be playing SD video for that matter.

    The midrange system is an Asus Z390-A, GTX1060, i7-9700K, 32GB RAM, M.2 SSD boot drive and SATA SDDs for the rest.
    The high-end system is a Supermicro X10DRi, dual Xeon E5-2667, GTX1080Ti, 128GB RAM, all SSD SATA drives.

    I run CS6 Premiere Pro on both systems and the Windows 7 with dual Xeons always suffered terrible delayed playback, stuttering, dropping frames. The same Premiere on Windows 10, plays 4K as if it were SD video.

    I did some render tests using NVENC (uses the CUDA cores to render HEVC). The dual Xeon Win 7 system managed roughly realtime render with all those CUDA cores. Windows 10 does it 2.4X faster than realtime.

    Now I’m not completely certain that there isn’t some instruction set in i7-9700K that Xeon lacks that is responsible for all this, but the other factor is Win 7 vs. Win 10.

    Yes, I still hate how Windows 10 breaks my system after every update. But I cannot deny that performance isn’t a lot better.

    • To say nothing of the higher security, newer drivers, faster hardware, broader adoption, and better support that Windows 10 now enjoys…

      To our mind, any professionals trying to stay on Windows 7 past the end of extended support date next January is a bit like wanting to still run Windows XP. Good operating system in its day, but now past its time and prime.

      And if you’re concerned about telemetry or privacy/tracking in Win 10 (or any version of Windows), then there are easy solutions for that.

    • PS – Note that Windows 7 will be “end of life” on that final end-of-support date of January 14, 2020 – meaning that Microsoft “will discontinue all support, including paid support; and all updates, including security updates… New computer viruses and other malware are being developed all the time and, without the security updates to fight them off, your data and your system would be vulnerable.”

  18. Hello, did you know with the new CC 2019 version, we can work directly with a NAS unit?

    With previous versions, it’s not possible to save and work directly with a NAS unit and network at 10gb.


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