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Creative Cloud 2013 Downloads: Adobe CC 2013 Direct Links / Trials

Download New Adobe CC Now! (Try or Buy)

UPDATE – Some of these still work to download the original CC 2013 installers, but Adobe has recently taken down many links… However, you can also now get the all-new Creative Cloud 2021 Direct Download Links!

The new Adobe “CC” release is now available for instant download worldwide and there are many important differences in this release compared to Creative Suite 6, including hundreds of new features added to the individual desktop applications…

Here we’ve put together a complete set of Adobe CC (2013) direct download links for all the new products (Windows and Mac OS), for instant access and the ability to use your own download manager or download assistant if you have any difficulty with what Adobe normally employs (AAM, ADA, Akamai DLM, CCD, ACC) and need to get the trials without it… These can also come in quite handy if you want offline CC installers to use, store, or back up with (i.e., copy to USB flash drive, burn to DVD or disc media, etc).

Get the New Creative Cloud 2021 Direct Download Links

Alternatively, you can also easily download these free trials by signing up for the free level of CC membership and using the Creative Cloud Desktop app to smoothly select and download any or all of these products, although here on this page no membership is required to access the trials. In other words, with these direct links you can try out any of the just-launched CC apps without the Creative Cloud.

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Whether you’re considering just a single app subscription like Photoshop CC or getting the complete Creative Cloud, you can always use these free trials to install, run, and activate the new software on your system, without needing to reinstall. All of the CC tools will install and run together on the same computer(s) alongside any older Adobe versions like CS6, CS5, CS4, and CS3.  These CC trials run fully-functional for 30 7 free days (or possibly longer).

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One big improvement when downloading the CC release is Adobe no longer has separate files with different language sets – all languages are now included in a single multi­lingual download, including English, Western European (French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, …), Eastern European (Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, …), Middle Eastern (Hebrew, Arabic), and Asian (Japanese, Korean, Chinese). So if you need to install additional languages, just run the same installer again and choose another language.

Below is a table with direct links for all of the CC trials. These links go to the authentic and original CC files residing on Adobe’s servers, are guaranteed genuine, safe, legal, and will not change. For Windows, some programs consist of two files, an .exe and a 7-Zip file (.7z). The .exe file will only work when the .7z file is also fully downloaded and resides in the same location. For the Mac, it’s always just a single .dmg file for each program.

**** On Mac OS v. 10.12 “Sierra” (only), you need to follow these additional steps to install.

Note: Very Important Instructions

More Direct
Download Links
CC 2021
CC 2019
Acrobat DC 2020
Captivate 2019
Lightroom 6/CC
Elements 2021

You need to have a free Adobe account and be logged into it to use the links below, as Adobe sets a session cookie on your browser that allows you to access the direct download links. Otherwise, you will receive an “access denied” or “no permission” message block­ing the connection. So please follow these instructions carefully or the links will not work!

  1. Adobe recommends temporarily turning off any surfing restrictions you might have running, like site or cookie blocking, filtering, firewalls or antivirus software.
  2. Click «HERE» to visit this page first, before clicking any of the links in the table below – this is critical!
  3. If asked, sign in with your Adobe ID or take a minute to create one for yourself (free).
  4. OK! Now you’re logged in at Adobe with the trials cookie set, so you can instantly download any of the software below. Just make sure you have enough disk space.
  5. Download the files either by clicking directly on the DDL links, or by right-clicking and choosing “Save Link As…” on the popup menu – and save all files to the same place.
  6. Then follow the product installation instructions here.

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Creative Cloud 2013 – Adobe CC 2013 Download Links – ALL Languages

[UPDATE (Oct. 2020) – Some of these links still work to download the old CC 2013 installers. If you’re looking for direct links to the newest 2021 versions, then see this post.]

Adobe CC
Direct Downloads
Windows Mac OS
Size Files Size File

CC subscribers can also download & use CC 2021, CC 2020, CC 2019,
CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.5, CC 2015, CC 2014 and/or CS6.

See the CC System Requirements for complete platform information.

‘****’ = There is no File 1 – just use a utility like 7-Zip to extract File 2.

Illustrator CC 1.8 GB File 1 File 2 1.8 GB File 1
Dreamweaver CC 324 MB File 1   315 MB File 1
Photoshop CC 1.3 GB File 1 File 2 881 MB File 1
InDesign CC 1.1 GB File 1 File 2 854 MB File 1
InCopy CC 952 MB File 1 File 2 628 MB File 1
Flash Professional CC 922 MB File 1   1.1 GB File 1
Premiere Pro CC 1.0 GB File 1 File 2 1.2 GB File 1
After Effects CC 1.1 GB File 1 File 2 1.3 GB File 1
Audition CC 277 MB File 1   323 MB File 1
Prelude CC 599 MB File 1   620 MB File 1
SpeedGrade CC 126 MB File 1   155 MB File 1
Adobe Muse CC 63 MB File 1   191 MB File 1
Edge Animate CC 209 MB File 1   110 MB File 1
Edge Code CC 37 MB **** File 2 43 MB File 1
Edge Inspect CC 30 MB **** File 2 29 MB File 1
Edge Reflow CC 31 MB **** File 2 33 MB File 1
Adobe Scout CC 17 MB **** File 2 13 MB File 1
Bridge CC (32-bit) 314 MB File 1 File 2 370 MB File 1
Bridge CC (64-bit) 349 MB File 1 File 2 370 MB File 1
Extension Manager CC 108 MB File 1 File 2 103 MB File 1
CC Desktop App 3 MB File 1   5 MB File 1
Other Tools Included in Creative Cloud 2013
Fireworks CS6 438 MB File 1   627 MB File 1
Encore CS6 (readme) 1.1 GB File 1 File 2 1.6 GB File 1
Flash Builder 4.7 Premium 1.0 GB File 1   1.1 GB File 1
Acrobat XI Pro 498 MB File 1 File 2 585 MB File 1
Lightroom 5 957 MB File 1   531 MB File 1
Adobe Camera Raw 8.4 99 MB **** File 2 99 MB File 1
ExtendScript Toolkit 94 MB File 1   96 MB File 1
Exchange Panel Toolkit 79 MB File 1 File 2 90 MB File 1
Creative Cloud Packager 3 MB File 1   4 MB File 1
Adobe Gaming SDK 266 MB File 1   281 MB File 1
Touch App Plugins 4 MB File 1   8 MB File 1

Available Worldwide: Get New Adobe Photoshop plus Lightroom for Just .99/Month (Upgrades Included)

[ What do these different applications do? Check out the Creative Cloud product page. ]

All of these trials are supported on Mac OS X or Windows (32-bit x86 and 64-bit x64), with the exception of Flash Pro CC, After Effects CC, Premiere Pro CC, Audition CC, Prelude CC, SpeedGrade CC, and Scout CC, which are 64-bit only. Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, and InDesign CC include both 32-bit and native 64-bit versions within the same download above. For more details, see the complete set of system requirements for Creative Cloud, and make sure your machine meets the minimum specs for the product(s) you want.

Creative Cloud Is Growing Fast – How Many Millions of Paid Subscribers?

You do not need to uninstall any prior versions of Creative Suite or other creative applications; some users prefer to keep the older, familiar version(s) around as they come up to speed with the new product’s features, and some folks have CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, and CC all on one computer.

We suggest using a browser other than Internet Explorer to download the files above. They can be quite large and IE has been known to drop the extension (like “.exe”) from the Windows filename. If this happens and you can’t open a file, then just rename it to add back the extension. But generally, using Firefox or Chrome will work better – and if you have any issues getting the downloads to work with one browser, then try another.

If you have a slow or limited Internet connection and the sizes of these files are just too much to successfully download online, then you can request a Creative Cloud disc/DVD from Adobe instead.

*** Note: If you have any problems getting the files to download or install, be sure to read the earlier comments on this page – as most questions have already been asked and answered below!

Adobe CC Extra Content

Adobe did not update the (optional) Extra Content – also called “Functional Content” – for the CC release, and says you can continue to download and use the CS6 Extra Content if you like – read more about this here.

The free additional content consists of media assets, templates, tutorials, documentation, fonts, footage, and sample files – and is not required to run the main products, but will improve your experience if you have the time to download and add it to your installation. It is most used in the Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Encore applications – and is displayed in the Library panel, title template, and template projects.

Adobe CC 2013 Updates

If you also want the direct download links for the individual CC product updates/patches (i.e., all the included upgrades for each tool since the initial base CC release above), we have complete sets available:

See Also

Get the New Creative Cloud 2021 Direct Download Links

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Did these links work for you? Hope they helped out; please let us know with a comment below…  Do you have any questions about CC? Just ask below and we’ll get you answers fast!

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410 thoughts on “Creative Cloud 2013 Downloads: Adobe CC 2013 Direct Links / Trials”

  1. @ ProDesignTools

    Hello guys,

    I would like to let you guys know that I got my set of Creative Cloud DVDs in the mail yesterday :) Thank-you so much for getting this sorted out :)

    (Now I just need to work out what to do with the email from “Adobe Customer Service” saying that they could not physically ship out my CC product….. I got that several hours after the FedEx delivery showed up!)

    Thank-you :)

    • Hey, that’s really great to hear Daniel – and we were so happy to help out a longtime reader like you!

      Glad it all worked out, and thanks for circling back to let us know you received the Creative Cloud discs as promised.

      As for that incorrect email from Customer Service, it sounds like Adobe is still working out some kinks on the CC software mailing option, so if you have a way to close that support ticket then just go ahead and do it.

  2. Thank you very much for the download links and also for correcting my English mistakes.
    Next time, I’ll try to use the “the” in my English sentences.

    Sorry for my current mistakes, if any.

    Thanks again

    • Hi Lalit, please make sure you are carefully following the step-by-step download instructions given in the article above, near the top of this page… Those are essential for the CC direct links to work, otherwise you will likely get an “access denied” message.

      Then if you’re still having any issues, try a different web browser, computer, or (wired) Internet connection… Avoid wireless because most of these are large files, and Wi-Fi can be slower and unreliable.

      Finally, check out our complete list of suggestions if you are really stuck.

      You do not need to use the Adobe Desktop Application Manager or even be a Creative Cloud member to use these CC free trial direct download links.

  3. I’ve downloaded file 1 for illustrator, but I get an error:

    “The file archive part of Adobe Illustrator CC is missing. You need all parts in the same folder in order to extract Adobe Illustrator CC. Please download all parts.”

    I cannot download file 2.
    Can you please help?

    • Sorry you’re having troubles Alesandra. If there are two files listed for an app, then you definitely need the second for the program to work – there is no other way…

      Why can’t you download File 2, what message or problem is it giving you? Have you tried with a different browser or computer? Have you looked at list of download tips?

      Don’t use Wi-Fi if you can avoid it – wireless connections are generally slower and less reliable than wired… One of the great advantages of these CC direct links is you can download them on one computer (with a fast Internet) but keep/copy and install them on another, anytime.

  4. This is so frustrating! After fighting to download a trial version of Photoshop I found out that it does not work on my old Windows XP laptop – so I installed on a friend’s computer, then I BOUGHT a NEW laptop, now I can’t download, all my school assignments are getting late =[

    I click on the link above and it says:

    Access Denied
    You don’t have permission to access “…/AdobeProducts/PHSP/14/win32/Photoshop_14_LS20.exe” on this server.
    Reference #18.be3d4317.1378526148.22608c2a

    • OK, so here’s the scoop. Adobe does not update the direct download links after the initial major release, they remain stable even after the products are updated… Instead, you download the base release (Photoshop CC 14.0 in this case), and then update the application using Help > Updates… These updates (like Photoshop 14.1) are always in the form of patches that download and install over the required main product on your system.

      However, the applications themselves do not handle the updates – all the apps hand off the work to a download manager such as the older Adobe Application Manager, or the new Creative Cloud Desktop App… The CC Desktop App is included in the DDL table above, and replaces the AAM – so it’s the best one to use.

      But bottom line, if you don’t have one of those helper utilities also installed on your machine, then there will be no automated mechanism available to down­load, manage, and install the software updates.

      Alternatively, we do have the direct links for the Photoshop CC 14.1.2 ‘Generator’ patches available [Windows, 171 MB | Mac OS, 84 MB] – and if you’re technically inclined you may be able to manually download and update your 14.0 version on your own. But please don’t do it unless you’re comfortable with that sort of thing without needing support!

      So generally Adobe recommends having the Creative Cloud Desktop App also on your system to manage all your CC tools, updates, uploads & downloads, file syncing, fonts, Behance, and more.

      [UPDATE (February 2014):  We just created two new pages with all of the direct download links for all of the CC app updates released to date – and you will find them here for Windows and here for Mac OS.]

  5. I have download bandwidth constraints (1 GB / 72 h) and have to schedule the downloads for after 1:00 AM. I only managed to download 1 file in this way. It seems I get logged out before the other files start to download. I use Firefox Download Scheduler for this.

    Is there a better way to download all the files I need at a scheduled time when I cannot personally sit at the computer to log in?

    • Hi Johannes, the reason you can’t use a download scheduler or other automated method is because such a program can’t follow the important key instructions that are required by Adobe for the CC direct download links to work…

      You need a human to do that, because you can’t train your scheduler to follow third-party instructions before downloading.

      So either you need to do it yourself manually at the time you want (just stay up late to start it, then go to bed while it downloads), or find some other connection or system to download it during regular hours.

  6. Hi guys,

    I’m experiencing some trouble with my Creative Cloud Desktop application and the update to Photoshop 14.1.1.

    I tried everything mentioned in the KB, I’ve been in chat with the help desk, but nothing changed: Still I cannot download the update.

    I’ve uninstalled Photoshop CC in order to try the full download. Guess what? I cannot install it anymore and I need it deeply.

    I’ve tried the above direct link to download it (MAC version) but the server resets the connection all the time exactly at 588MB.

    I don’t know what to do no more…Any suggestions?


    P.S.: Just FYI, all the other software updates and installations via CC Desktop are running smoothly… only Photoshop won’t work:

    • Greetings Alessandro, if you’re unable to complete a large download with these CC direct links then that is likely an issue with your Internet connection, rather than any problem here or on the Adobe side…

      All the links here work fine and download fully, we just tested them again.

      But these are large files so definitely make sure you have a strong and reliable (wired) online connection, and not Wi-Fi. Try another browser or computer or connection if you have to.

      There have been other customers who’ve had difficulty getting their Photoshop CC to update to version 14.1/Generator, but some have had success applying the patch manually if all else fails – see this forum thread for more details.

  7. First of all, thank you for your quick answer.
    I was able to get Photoshop CC 14.1.0 back alive from a timemachine backup (thank God about backups :).

    Now I only have the minor problem that CCD doesn’t “see” Photoshop in the Installed section. Tried to remove and install it again, use Adobe’s Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool, but still so.
    Anyway, for now it doesn’t matter…I can work again.

    I’ve tried to download the patch to PS 14.1.2 from the direct link, but I cannot, so I think it’s a problem from my side connection (the strange thing is…everything else is working and downloading correctly…maybe here in Qatar offshore, they didn’t like Adobe servers… :D)

    Thank you anyway…I’ll browse the knowledgebase to see if I can find something to get back CCD at full speed.


  8. I have a CC account – but have stopped using Windows. I need to download programs again so that Ubuntu at Linux can access the files through WINE which is a Windows emulator that allows Linux users to use Windows programs, as if they are in Windows – Linux is not used.

    My problem is that Adobe looks at my system – and says we don’t handle that. It’s driving me mad.

  9. Hi guys, an update from my side.

    Finally I’m back onshore and I was able to update my Photoshop CC to the latest 14.1.2 with no problems at all.

    Therefore, I think it was an offshore stability connection problem: I guess other software from the suite was easily downloadable due to the smaller size compared to Photoshop.

    So, thank you very much for your help and support :)


    • That’s great to hear Alessandro – and thanks for circling back to let us know it worked out all right for you… appreciate that.

      In the future this should hopefully be less of a problem as Adobe is now offering CC disc media for customers who have slow or unreliable Internet connections.

    • Yes Gil, and just like those that we posted for Photoshop CC 14.1 above, these are also in the form of patches that you can download and install over the required main product already on your system…

      So with that said, here are the direct download links for the Adobe InDesign CC 9.1 updates/patches:

      Windows, 64-bit (52 MB)
      Windows, 32-bit (54 MB)
      Mac OS (83 MB)

      Hope that helps!

      [UPDATE (February 2014):  We have collected complete sets of all of the direct links for all of the CC product updates released by Adobe to date – and you can find them here for Windows and here for Mac OS.]

  10. I’m gonna install Photoshop CS5, but an error exists; just says it can’t be installed. the computer is Mac, and has been installed CS4. How to solve it?

    Thank you in advance

    • Hi Cindy, what version of Mac OS are you running? What is the exact error message you’re getting?

      (If you downloaded using the links above, then it’s Photoshop CC rather than CS5.)

  11. This must be a joke. The only thing I get on the second link is “Error #2048” where the text implies a “Download” link should be, with the latest version of Flash player in both IE and Firefox.

  12. I’m having some trouble installing Edge Animate. After I successfully downloaded the executable and ran it which extracted the files to my desktop. There are files placed within two folders- “deploy” and “payloads”. How do I complete the installation from here?

  13. So, am I understanding correctly that Edge Animate cannot be installed directly without using the Adobe Desktop App? I have a very long history of problems with the Desktop App and the Adobe Tech Support team was not able to fix this issue for me, so the only way that I am able to download and install any of the Adobe CC applications has been by direct download from this site.

    • Well, it’s good to hear our site has been that helpful to you Brian, but regrettably yes – Edge Animate is the one single CC app that, at this time, does seem to require the Desktop App for performing its installation… To date, we haven’t seen or been able to find any other way around that.

      Update (January 2014) – A clever reader figured out how to do this.

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