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Photoshop Gets New “Adobe Generator” Feature Exclusively in CC

Moments ago, Adobe announced the new “Generator” feature available immediately and exclusively in an updated version of Photoshop CC – release 14.1.

Generator was first demoed as “PSD Lens” at the Sneak Peeks of the MAX Conference in May to great acclaim, and now because of Creative Cloud’s ability to release product upgrades quickly and as soon as they are ready, all Photoshop CC users (whether subscribing to the complete Cloud or just a single-app) will now receive the new version at no extra cost.

Generator is a flexible, easily customizable platform that brings rich APIs and powerful new capabilities to Photoshop. In lieu of Fireworks, customers are increasingly using Photoshop for front-end web design and generating comps or mockups, but the challenge for web developers is taking this result and easily generating working code and usable assets from it.

The first Generator feature, Generate > Image Assets, allows you to export the contents of layers, layer groups and smart objects as individual GIF, PNG, JPG or SVG files. Saving the files is handled automatically by Generator; any changes to layers will be automatically updated in their respective assets. So once Generator is enabled, the assets folder should always be in sync with the parent file edited in Photoshop… Slick!

In addition to automatically sizing, cropping, and creating image assets from a document’s layers, Generator also enables a real-time connection between Photoshop CC and Edge Reflow, the responsive web design tool included in Creative Cloud. This connection flows assets from your Photoshop document into Edge Reflow with just one click, so you can get started on your responsive design immediately.

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Eventually you’ll be able to link all kinds of specific items in a PSD file and get CSS code hints on that item inside a code editor like Edge Code. This would let you extract gradients, fonts, colors, positions, sizes, and other properties from your design file so that your code matches exactly what’s in the PSD. This opens new workflows and makes it significantly easier to go from static visual design to responsive layouts using HTML5 and CSS.

Per Adobe’s official announcement, “Generator is a platform that can enable so much more, which is why we are excited to release the Generator technology platform and the image assets generation feature as open source projects. If you know JavaScript, it’s easy to modify the existing plug-ins or write your own.”

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