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How to Achieve 10X Productivity Gains with Adobe Stock & Libraries

Here's How Adobe Stock Boosts Productivity by 10X

Ask any creative about the favorite part of their job, and it’s unlikely someone will answer “the mundane tasks.” Things like adapting a single element across hundreds (if not thousands) of assets, or going through the pains of re-working a previewed stock photo after attaining the license. And yet, those same tasks are all-too-often a habitual part of what creatives still do today – and something Adobe has worked to streamline through the capabilities in and the tight integration of Adobe Stock and Creative Cloud Libraries.

The popular Adobe Stock service gives you high-quality, curated images, illustrations, vectors, graphics, videos, and more from a vast collection of over 120 million assets to choose from, integrated right into your CC tools. And powerful new collaboration features like CC Libraries allow you to access, share, and update assets everywhere across your desktop and devices as well as those of your colleagues, automatically.

Using Adobe Stock and CC Libraries Is up to 10X Faster

Content velocity continues to increase, and creatives now produce more content than ever before. But if you could save 90% of your time working with stock assets because they are now built into your everyday tools, would it be worth it? You can stop interrupting your creativity and instead search and license Adobe Stock assets directly inside your Creative Cloud apps… Use watermarked images to see how things look, and work with preview assets – and then later they’ll be replaced with high-res versions the moment you license them, so you can keep your ideas flowing.

And with CC Libraries, you can create and share images, colors, looks, text and character styles, brushes, patterns, videos, and more across your favorite Creative Cloud apps. This latest collabo­ration feature makes it easy to follow and share assets, as shared libraries automatically update across desktops and devices so that you and your team are always on the same page. Working with materials like style guides and branding elements has never been so fast and easy.

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What the Research Says

Check out these recent Pfeiffer benchmark reports on Adobe Stock and CC Libraries to see how 10X productivity gains can be achieved. Streamlining a team’s frequent repetitive operations can end up saving hours over the course of a week.

Traditionally, stock imagery has been typically accessed through a web browser, downloaded to a computer, and edited with watermarks prior to sharing for approval, licensing, and re-editing of the finished asset. But because Adobe Stock is integrated directly into Creative Cloud desktop apps such as Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC and more, you have access to the ever-growing catalog of assets without ever having to leave your design environment, and all edits made to a watermarked image are preserved once the image is licensed. In other words, a large number of steps are eliminated from the “traditional” process of working with and buying stock imagery.

Quoting the report, “Adobe Stock provides tight integration with Creative Cloud applications that resulted on average in 10x efficiency gains over working with common stock image services in the benchmarks conducted for this research. Productivity gains measured in these benchmarks are very significant.”

This can save you serious time: “… licensing, replacing, and making multiple image adjustments takes 42 seconds in Adobe Stock, versus 7 minutes and 16 seconds with other stock providers.” And with 60,000 new assets being added daily, it is easy to find visual content that is relevant to your projects.

Download Report: How to Work up to 10X Faster with Adobe Stock

More and more organizations are also using CC Libraries to manage their creative workflows and replace static style guides or production bibles. Everything is kept and shared in the Creative Cloud, while accessible from anywhere and updated in real-time everywhere – better collaboration, fewer mistakes and less time spent on mundane tasks, more time to do the work. When teams fully embrace it, CC Libraries “just work,” and before long people don’t even notice they’re there.

Again quoting the report, “Real-world productivity gains for sharing settings and assets through CC Libraries can be substantial. Applying shared color themes took seconds with CC Libraries, compared to over two minutes in a conventional workflow.”

What’s more, “Cumulative productivity gains in a workgroup situation can add up significantly: our workgroup benchmark took just over 3 minutes with CC Libraries, compared to almost twenty minutes otherwise. Beyond productivity gains, CC Libraries lays the groundwork for an increasingly efficient and sophisticated organization of creative workflows.”

This solution is much better than using Dropbox, because CC Libraries give you the advantages of intelligent in-tool support with instant collaboration with live updates across all projects globally using the shared (linked) assets. That’s something that generic online storage facilities can’t touch.

Download Report: How to Work up to 10X Faster with Creative Cloud Libraries

One user recently wrote, “I use the libraries as they are much faster than having to grab assets from a folder every time I need them. I do automotive ads at my day job and sometimes someone wants to change a car color much quicker with libraries than with individual assets.”

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Try It Yourself

If you want to try out Adobe Stock at no charge, then sign up for your 10 free assets here. All standard-licensed assets are yours to keep and use royalty-free forever, with no geographical restrictions or expiration dates.

To try out the Creative Cloud (with CC Libraries built in), just download the free trial and get started today. No credit card or payment of any kind is required:

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Free! Download 10 Professional, Royalty-Free Adobe Stock Images of Your Choice
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