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How to Save 70% with the Creative Cloud Student & Teacher Editions

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How to Get the Creative Cloud Student & Teacher Discount and Save 70%


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166 thoughts on “How to Save 70% with the Creative Cloud Student & Teacher Editions”

  1. thanks for this, very helpful
    one question i had was do the adobe student editions receive full service and support, or something reduced ?

    • Hi Ronnie, thank you for your question – and yes, all of the education versions definitely do receive full customer service and technical support, just like the regular versions.

  2. Hi!
    I purchased Production Premium CS5 educational version recently, and Adobe then said I can get a free upgrade to cs5.5.

    I now have the cs5.5 box, unopened. Can a non-educational version install straight over an educational version?

    The box says “Upgrade Version” and to visit to confirm my eligibility.

    The site says I must have Production Premium CS5 installed. I do, but I have an educational version.

    Can it work?

  3. What is the difference between CS5.5 Master Collection Student & Teacher Edition and the regular CS5.5 Master Collection Academic Edition?

    I see they have different prices, and noticed that the Academic Edition is cheaper. Does this mean it is more restrictive? Will there be output restrictions or watermarks? Can it be upgraded to a commercial license for future releases? Can it be used for commercial purposes?


    • Greetings Miguel, it’s usually the other way around – the Student & Teacher Editions are typically less expensive than the others… for example here, where the Photoshop CS5 Extended Student & Teacher Edition is $199 (80% off the regular price), whereas the Education version is $299.

      As far as we are aware, the former are for students and teachers to buy for use on their own private computers, whereas the latter are for use on college-owned computers, or for where the buyer doesn’t otherwise qualify for the STE.

      For all of your other questions generally, please see this article and that should answer them:

      What are the Restrictions of the Adobe CS5.5 Student Editions?

  4. @ProDesignTools
    Yeah, I assumed that the Student and Teacher Editions were cheaper as well but this one is over $200 cheaper for some reason. And on the product page, it states:

    “This Academic edition has the same features and capabilities of the retail version, and is shipped to you in a factory sealed retail box. However, this version is able to be sold below the retail price because of an educational discount.”

    As I check the “Are you Eligible?” part of the product page, it clearly shows that only students and faculty are eligible and NOT schools so I don’t think it’s the one for college-owned computers. Also, when I go to the “Do I qualify?” link, there is a mention of:

    “See if your school offers the lowest prices available for Adobe or Microsoft

    Some schools with volume licensing agreements offer an extra discount for their students, teachers, faculty and staff.

    Complete the form to see if your school qualifies”

    Could this lower price be only for students who attend certain schools who have an agreement with Adobe? It won’t even let you put the suite into the shopping cart until you choose your school (if it even qualifies) so there appears to be something special about it while Student/Teacher Edition doesn’t have the qualification link to prohibit addition to the shopping cart.

    I would love to get Master Collection for 77% ($599.99) off versus the usual 67% ($859.99) off but I don’t want to buy it and then find out it has restrictions that Student/Teacher does not. I’d hate to have to be stuck with that edition when I could have had a better one with less restrictions in the long run.

    Unfortunately, everywhere I look, I only see FAQs that address the Student/Teacher Editions and not the other Academic Edition that I’m looking at.

    • Well Miguel, it looks like you have it figured out. There may be cases where someone could get the education software a bit cheaper through their institution if they happen to have a reseller relationship and offer the application you want. However, as you discovered there are limitations on buying it and it’s not as straightforward to get. There may be other restrictions involved but we can’t speak to those, as there is precious little documentation on the subject so it’s uncertain.

      Adobe’s Student & Teacher editions are easy in that you purchase the software online and then complete a brief eligibility validation to have your serial number emailed directly to you. In the meanwhile you can either download the software or get the box shipped to you, or both. The process is simple, the differences are well-understood, and it’s what most folks do.

      Hope this helps!

  5. Thanks. The additional discount is appealing but I think I’ll just get the Student/Teacher Edition to be on the safe side. Would hate to be locked out of buying the right one because I was trying to save a bit extra.

    Again, thanks for the help!

  6. hi, i downloaded cs5.5 master collection from here, installed it, and when i click on the run up program, after getting to 50% extracted, it said i have not enough space and i should add privilege stuff to the folder i’m saving, now i have 63gig space in the place i’m saving it and the folder is a normal folder (i think), but every time it keeps coming up with that, please help, and oh im running windows 7 home premium :)

    • Hey there Josh, sometimes that happens with Adobe software when the disk you are installing to is different from the disk where you stored the downloaded files…

      Try moving your files to the same disk drive you’d like to install the product to, and see if that helps – thanks.

  7. hi, I have a macbook and an imac and was wondering can I install the adobe student version on both machines, as I would do most of my work on the imac but I need the macbook for college so I will also need cs5.5 on that.


    • Hi, you’re going to have a very challenging time finding a safe and legitimate copy of that… CS3 is nearly five years old now, and Adobe hasn’t sold it since 2008.

      Your best bet is really to go with Creative Suite 5 if you can, for 80% off… Double-check your computer against the CS5.5 system requirements to be sure. If you try any older version, you’re liable to run into the risks outlined at the bottom of the article above.

  8. Hey great info, really appreciate but ? for u.. My husband is a welding instructor at a technical college, u think we could still get discount??

    Really wanting to get cs5.5 but can’t afford it.. It will be my first photoshop ever lol

  9. Hello, I have a CS 4 Master Collection for Windows XP, Academic Edition.

    Is it possible to purchase an upgrade to CS 5.5 Master Collection?

  10. Can a person get an Student & Teacher version of CS5.5 Design Premium if they are enrolled in one class that finishes a Master’s degree that was begun several years earlier?

  11. We have the academic version of CS 5 for my daughter to use. She needs to upgrade just InDesign. Can she buy the regular non-academic InDesign CS 5.5 upgrade and install that? There is no way to upgrade just InDesign in the Academic version, and we cannot really spend the $299 to upgrade the entire suite (plus she does not use the other items all that much).

  12. I am a home schooling parent and am looking to start my children on learning web design. This article is a great help.

    On the Adobe page, they are asking for proof of purchase of curriculum. Do you know if they accept using the free curriculums on Adobe Educator Exchange (, or do I need to purchase one separately?

    If I do need to purchase one, do you have any recommendations? Thanks for any help!

    • Great question Will, but we’re unsure whether you’d need that. The purchase of curriculum seems to be one of the possible types of proof which would be sufficient, but you may be able to provide other types

      If it’s still uncertain, your best bet would be to just contact Adobe directly and inquire what exactly they would need from you as a homeschooler to get the 80%-off student & teacher discounts.

    • We definitely don’t recommend that Robert, as Adobe’s pretty good about checking – and anyway there’s no need… It’s honest and far simpler to just enroll for a good class at your local community or technical college and then become a student again that way if you aren’t already one.

      If your school meets the necessary criteria (most do), then you would likely be eligible to purchase the discounted student edition software from Adobe.

  13. Hello,

    I am just a little worried about the Adobe Photoshop CS5 Student/Teacher edition I just bought. My understanding is that a parent of a K-12 student can be eligible for the product; but my son is 12 and is in elementary school. I can’t seem to get Adobe to email me back and I don’t want to open the box until I make sure. I can’t seem to find the answer to my question anywhere on the net.

    Thanks so much!

    • Hey there Mandy, it sounds like your son should be eligible and normally you shouldn’t have any problem. Students & teachers of all levels of school can qualify, it doesn’t have to be higher education.

      The final step is for your son to get his status validated in order to receive his permanent serial number – just follow the instructions here.

      And don’t worry about opening the box either – Adobe always has a 30-Day Refund Policy, so if you run into any snags (don’t expect any), you could return it and get your money back.

      Hope this answers your question, but feel free to just post back if you have any others!

  14. Does the CS6 Student and Teacher Edition also (hopefully) include a retired High School Teacher/Administrator along with USAF Retiree/Senior Citizen. This is a one-shot question for a 78-year-old Senior. Many thanks for the years of service you have provided through your Adobe Photoshop Software System…

    My Best to All…
    Bob LaCross, DBA

    • Greetings Bob, thank you for your question and for your service. We’d love to be able to say yes, but regrettably the education discount is extended only to current teachers and students (within six months), and there is no senior citizen price reduction on Adobe software that we are aware of.

      However, if you wanted to get active again in teaching – or even being a student – at your local community college or similar institution, then you could well qualify to buy these products at the much lower prices.

      Sorry the news isn’t better off the start, but thanks for asking!

  15. Thanks for the response. It has been a pleasure through the years to have had the opportunities to utilize all the various Photoshop programs. Without question, the software has continually piqued my interest in a lifelong passion for learning! I THANK you for not only providing the means for me to continue learning into my older age ( (:=> ), but for keeping me abreast of the latest news within this endeavor I remain committed to. Your response, though not encouraging, is still a plus for me in maintaining my interests. Your response was expected and I certainly endorse all of your products with my friends and educational professionals.

    Again my thanks to fellow professionals.
    Bob LaCross, DBA

  16. Hi, I was just wondering before I spend my money on Lightroom 4 Student and Teacher Edition, what do I need to submit if i buy it from a retail store? I am not taking classes in the summer so I don’t want to get burned. Also is there any difference from the regular version?

  17. Hi,

    I picked up a copy of Adobe CS5.5 Design Premium (student edition) from an Authorised Reseller. I then opened a support case for the Post Announce Upgrade to CS6, since I had made the purchase during the complimentary upgrade offer period. Adobe put in a subject line for my case as ‘FOC order for PAU’, and also updated a New Order Number in the case text. I know the PAU stands for the Post Announce Upgrade, but any idea what the FOC and DSST mean?

    I had uploaded a scanned copy of my invoice and Adobe said they were verifying its authenticity. The Reseller confirmed my eligibility for the PAU after speaking to their contacts at Adobe, but I received this update from Adobe on May 29th, so I am starting to get kinda worried about the lack of response/updates since then. Would you have any idea how long this procedure usually takes? Mind you, though, I am in India, so maybe Adobe is doing the ‘When in Rome….’ routine with their current lack of speed.

    Any light you can throw on this situation would be much appreciated.

  18. The full subject line on the case was ‘FOC order for PAU DSST CS6’. And my guess is the FOC stands for Free of Charge.

    Would appreciate an authoritative answer from you guys anyway :-)

    • Yes Joe, FOC is “Free of Charge,” and DSST one of Adobe’s abbreviations for “Design Suite.” The process can take some time. Adobe only just finished emailing out all the free upgrades for those who bought CS5 direct in April – and those were considerably behind what they originally said.

      But there’s never any harm in recontacting them directly to get a status update – they should be able to tell you what the latest is. We find the chat option usually works the quickest. Thanks for your comment and good luck!

  19. hi
    i live and teach in the city of Mysore in India and i would like to buy Photoshop CS6. i need to know the following

    1. can i buy it online and pay by credit card, and avail of the student/teacher discount

    2. what is the procedure? i have all the documents to prove i am a professor in an engineering college

    3. if it has to be done from India, who do i contact and what is their email Id? i find it very difficult to contact the Adobe people here

    please could you help


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