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Free Adobe Muse CC Beginner Tutorial: Build Your New Website

Download Adobe Muse and Design Your Responsive Website with No Coding Required

Adobe Muse is a modern website builder that enables you to create gorgeous HTML5 sites that dynamically scale to any device – and Muse allows you to do this without writing any code. Muse is included for all Complete Creative Cloud (“All Apps”) members, as well as available via a Single-App Subscription. So with many millions of people already receiving Muse with their CC purchases, there’s a broad audience for training materials on how to get going with this helpful program…

Fortunately, there are some great tutorials out there. Below, you will find a free two-hour, step-by-step video series that will show you how to build a website using Adobe Muse CC, without writing any code. This training session covers all the basics, and demonstrates how you can achieve immediate and powerful results with the tool.

Learn the basics of building your first website with Adobe Muse, hosted by Principal Product Manager Dani Beaumont. In this session we’ll take you all the way from File › New, to publishing your first simple website.

Here are some of the topics covered in this course:

Download Muse Now and Design Your Responsive Website Today, No Coding Required

  • Project introduction
  • Download the sample files
  • Site planning
  • Create a new site
  • How to add pages
  • Changing page properties
  • Using the Master page
  • Adding a background color
  • Adding a footer area
  • Create a header
  • Widgets & dynamic menus
  • How to add a menu
  • Using Preview mode
  • Populating page content
  • Placing graphics
  • Styling text
  • How to add a map
  • Adding a contact form
  • How to publish your site live
  • Uploading to FTP
  • That’s it, you’re done!

…and for inspiration, here are some awesome examples of the types of responsive sites you can build with this product: Adobe Muse Site-of-the-Day

Special: Legally download dozens of free Adobe books for a limited time!

You’ll need Muse CC to complete everything as outlined. If you don’t have the software yet, then just download the free trial and you can start using it right away to walk through the class:

OK, all set?  Here is the free Muse introductory tutorial series:

For more free training from Ms. Beaumont, check out this bonus primer:

  » Learn How to Create a Responsive Website from Scratch in Adobe Muse

That is also where you will find a download of Sample Files to practice with, as well as a terrific Adobe Muse Cheat Sheet of common keyboard shortcuts.

Want more?  Try dozens of additional free online Muse tutorials, direct from Adobe…

Another helpful resource for understanding the product is the complete online documentation for Muse and all Adobe applications.

Muse is built expressly for designers and provides complete freeform control, so you can think visually and easily express creative ideas. It provides the features you need to break free from the mold of common responsive layouts. Download the free trial to see what you can do with it!

Go Farther with Muse

To bring your Muse skills to the next level, check out this excellent Muse Essential Training course from… It’s a premium-level class – so not free – but does offer a free 30-day trial during which you can watch or take any courses you want at no cost:

Watch preview above: Muse Essential Training by Dani Beaumont

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Do you have any questions about Adobe Muse?  Just ask them below and we’ll get you answers fast!

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  1. Godwin
  2. Jean


    Thanks for the tutorial videos. Do you know if there are any good books on Muse – and better still, if there are any good FREE books on Muse?

    Thanks in advance.


  3. Brittany

    Muse is being retired by Adobe. Muse no longer needs to be learned as there are other ways of making a website from scratch. It is a very good idea for people who want to be a graphic designer to learn how to code for websites. and are two free websites to learn to code a website from scratch.