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  1. Choco

    Hi, My school installed the photoshop software for us into my computer, but my computer have been very very slow and I bought a new one recently.

    can i “transfer” the photoshop software to my new computer?

    i do not have any disk or product key with me as the school installed everything for us…

  2. Edwin New


    I have CS6 single-user Win 64 license.

    Can I install CS6 Premiere Pro, After Effects etc on one PC and Adobe Media Encoder on another? I’d like to take the encoding load off of the PC I use for editing. I am hoping I can use a watch folder on shared storage to submit jobs to AME.


  3. AO

    At my job, we want to free up a CS6 license from one of our desktop computers to put on a laptop. The problem is that we have multiple licenses for CS6 on our adobe account. When I click deactivate and then login, will it show me which license I’m deactivating? Or how else can I figure out which licenses we have that are freed up?

  4. amy

    I tried the Product Key Finder app and it didn’t show me the cs6 license (did not deactivate it yet)

  5. Mona

    I had adobe suite installed on my PC through a licensed copy from work. My computer had issues with lack of space and two drives – so I needed to format it which, I have done. Before doing this I copied the files onto a usb, however to reinstall there are lots of folders and no file showing as setup, 13 folders in total, had tried just copying them all across but this didn’t launch the applications.

  6. Mona

    Any advice would be appreciated, unfortunately on logging into my account I hadn’t registered the version.

    • Hi Mona, just copying the existing installed directories between two machines or disks won’t work for moving Adobe software… Generally, you would have to reinstall from scratch onto the new system or disk with your original program installer. If you don’t have your product installer handy, then you can redownload it using our Adobe software direct links. We have both the recent CC releases as well as the old CS versions available there.

      If you also need to recover your serial number for reinstallation, then you can try using the methods described in the article above.

  7. Tim

    In the past, I’ve used an automated tool to transfer CS and other programs from my old PC to a new PC.
    Now that Windows 10 came out, used it again and again successfully.

    You still need to deactivate the license on old machine, of course, but it saves a lot of trouble and transfers settings as well, very useful.

    They actually have a very nice tutorial, even has a video:

    • Thanks Tim, that’s an interesting tool. You wonder why Microsoft never came up with anything like that.

      Note however it is definitely not free ($119 + tax), so no doubt there are folks who will continue to opt for the old-fashioned failsafe way of transferring programs between computers.

      Furthermore, Adobe experts do not recommend trying to use a migration or transfer utility to move your Adobe tools between two machines, but rather advise performing a clean installation on the new system.

      You just have more assurance that everything gets done correctly that way. So all-in-all, we would suggest skipping that tool.

  8. rara

    I have a friend and he has a cs6, I asked him if I could get a copy from his file. When I downloaded the software, it needs a serial number and I don’t know the serial number. He doesn’t also know the serial number. Where can I get a serial number and how? How can I validate it in just 7 days?

  9. Radoslav Dimitrov

    Hi i have a problem. i needed to change my motherboard on my laptop, and after this change when i open adobe product it says that trial is expired. how can i fix this?

    i have registered cs6 photoshop and illustrator and want them to work again 🙂 thanks in advance and have a nice day

  10. NCS

    Hello, Thank you for the nice information. I would like to know, if I move a PC that already has CC license to another country (from Belgium to Bahrain) and add the PC to new domain in Bahrain will it disqualify my license?

    Thank you in advance.

  11. NCS


    Thank you very much for the update.

  12. Trukrebew


    Are InDesign PDF job option settings agnostic between operating system platforms? I’d like to migrate multiple joboptions files from InDesign CS6 on a Mac and load them into InDesign CC (v9) on a Windows cloud server. Will this work or do I have to manually create new files on the server version?

  13. @Trukrebew, yes, joboption files are completely cross-platform. Go right ahead and copy them from one machine to another.

  14. Mike

    I use Adobe CS5.5 and I want to transfer my settings (favorites, keyboard shortcuts etc.) on to the new computer I just bought. How do i do that?

    Thanks for the help!


    • Hey Mike, which programs(s) are you talking about? Before CS6, there usually wasn’t an automated way to transfer or migrate settings within the tools themselves – with a few exceptions, it typically involved copying specific program files from one installation to another. You could google the procedure for the application(s) you want, and see if you can find something.

  15. Mike


    It’s Adobe Audition CS5.5

    I didn’t find anything when googling.

  16. imaad bukhari

    thanks so much. this was really helpful

  17. Alan

    I want to deactivate and remove myself from my licenses entirely. I have CS4 Master Suite and will be doing the CC in the future. I wish to sell my existing program suite and move into creative cloud. grabbing only the ones that I truly use. By selecting “Permenantly Deactivate” will that free up the programs for someone else?

  18. Miles

    Thank you so much! Awesome tutorial!

    In my research on this question, I’ve also found a product called Zinstall.

    Have you had experience with it?
    Seems very slick, but they do charge $119 for that, so trying to find out if anyone has used it.

  19. Ruth

    Hi, I need some advice please.

    I have CC on two Macs, and CS5 on a Windows laptop. It is genuine, licensed, registered. I want to swap the laptop for another Mac, and I want to move CS5 onto the new Mac.

    I have contacted Adobe, and been told that I can’t cross-platform the CS5, have to crossgrade up to CS6 on the new Mac.

    First question – is that correct? And if so, is it still possible?

    Second question – I can find download links for CS6 for Mac, but I can’t find an upgrade from CS5 to CS6 link. I don’t want to pay the full amount for a whole package CS6, when I ought to be able to pay for an upgrade.

    Thirdly – if I download CS6 for Mac, how do I get a serial number for it?

    Please can you advise?

    Thanks for your help

    • Greetings Ruth, Adobe is correct: you cannot crossgrade from any version older than CS6 – and anything newer than CS6 (i.e., CC) doesn’t need to be crossgraded, because a single CC license can be easily installed on both operating system platforms at once.

      On your question regarding how to download CS6: it’s the same exact version – whether for trials, full, or even for upgrades.

      However, as of the start of October 2015, Adobe finally removed the online sale of CS6 from their website… The reason is because the software is 3½ years old and increasingly unsupported; they stopped releasing updates for it some time ago as the newer CC quickly grew and took over.

      So if Adobe claimed that you could still do a crossgrade to CS6 at this point, then you would need to recontact them directly about that.

      But with Creative Cloud, you don’t have to be concerned with any of that – you can install on either Windows or Mac OS, because the CC license is cross­platform and inter­changeable.

      Hope that helps!

  20. pauline karlsson

    I want to load Adobe elements 14 onto my laptop, Java asks if i will allow program to make changes. Will it affect any other photo programs, e.g. canon downloads or adobe reader?

  21. Ruth


    Thank you, sorry for the late reply. As I said I already have CC on as many machines as is allowed from one subscription. So I’m stuck. What I’m looking for is an UPGRADE from CS5 to CS6, for Mac. Looks like this is not possible, unless you have any suggestions.

    • Hey Ruth, Adobe has said it’s the end-of-the-line for CS6. If you’re just going to be using CC occasionally on the third system, then you should be able to deactivate and reactivate your single license manually, as described in the article above.

      But if you’re going to be using all 3 machines actively and regularly, then we’d suggest just buying a second license for CC under a second Adobe ID (just create another one). That would give you four (4) total machines activated with the latest releases of the software.

      You also wouldn’t have to worry about any inter-version file format conversion or interoperability hassles.

  22. Braidi

    Hi there,

    I have the CS3 Master Collection from the school I work at, which purchased the volume licensing agreement. I’ve been using it on my laptop for years, but just bought a new laptop and wanted to load it on there. It says that I have reached the amount of activations so I tried to deactivate it on my old laptop. However, there is no deactivate option. It says “return e-license”, but it’s grayed out and will not allow me to select it. Is there any way to fix this so I can continue installing it on my new laptop? Thank you!

    • Hi Braidi – it sounds like there’s nothing further you can do, so in that case you’d have to contact the person who manages the Adobe volume licenses there… It’s old software so we’re not 100% certain, but “return e-license” must be related to the group purchase that your organization made.

  23. Ruth

    Hi again, thank you.

    I didn’t actually realise I could install CC on the third machine (the Windows one) as well as the two Macs.

    I have read your article about de-activating – it says ‘When the tools finish installing, just log in and the CC software will automatically be (re)activated on the new hardware for you, even if you didn’t happen to deactivate first on the old machine. You’ll see a screen that says Maximum Activations Exceeded but just click “Continue” and let the reactivation happen. This makes it straight­Â­forward to switch your CC apps to a different system when needed, like when a computer crashes or is otherwise not available, when traveling or away from home, etc.’

    This article is I think, not very new. Is what it says still correct? Do I understand it to mean that if I want to use the Windows machine, occasionally, let’s call it No.3, it will de-activate CC on my two Macs automatically? Nos.1&2. And what happens when I finish using No.3 and go back to CC on No.1 or 2? Does it automatically re-activate?

    Please would it be possible for you to write down the steps in a bit more detail? And also, how exactly would I de-activate CC myself on No.1, before using No.3, and when I had finished using No.3

    Thanks very much.

    • Actually the article is accurate and reflects current information. It also details above how to deactivate and activate the CC software by signing in and out from the Help menu of a CC application.

      And yes, if you try to activate on a third machine (without having deactivated), then it will ask you if you wish to deactivate the other two systems… In which case, to reactivate either of those computers again afterwards, you would need to re-sign-in again.

      Hope that clears things up.

  24. Ruth


    Thank you. I will give it a go. Your service is very helpful, thanks.

  25. Denis

    I’m planning to buy CS6 Design Standard Student version. However the shop offers a MAC OSX version only. So I was wondering if I still can switch the platform (since the newer CC is out) to be able to use it on a Windows machine.

    Regarding your note: But perhaps the most important is you can’t cross-grade from an older version to the same prior version — you can only move to the latest perpetual version (the last one being CS6)

    Do I understand you correctly that “an older version” in this case is CS5/5.5 and I will be able to switch the platform without upgrading to CC?


    • Hey Denis, Adobe stopped selling CS6 on their website last year, as it’s almost four years old now – but as far as we know, a crossgrade between operating systems when using CS6 is still possible… although you probably want to double-check with Adobe (live chat is usually fastest) to be sure.

      Please post back if anything has changed – thanks!

    • PS – Here’s the link. It says:

      If you require a different language or operating system version of a non–Creative Cloud product you purchased from Adobe, you can exchange your product. For example, if you now run Mac OS instead of Windows, you can swap Creative Suite 6 for Windows for Creative Suite 6 for Mac. Or you can exchange your product for a different language version. Here’s how.

      Note: If you have an older version [than CS6], you must order an upgrade instead of an exchange.

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