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  1. Roger Mant

    I have PSE13 and am unable to open Fuji RAW files (RAF) from my new XT10
    Is there any way I can do this please ?
    Does PSE14 open them ? Don’t really want to upgarde as I haven’t had 13 for that long.
    If 14 is the only way will have to wait for any special offers
    Hope you can advise, as for my photography I do like PSE and have had it for quite a few years now.

    • Hi Roger, we have good news and bad news for you.

      Bad news first. Photoshop Elements 13 came out in September 2014, and the Fujifilm X-T10 is a newer, mid-2015 camera. Adobe added support for the X-T10 to Camera Raw 9.1 a few months back, but PSE 13 only supports up to ACR version 9.0.

      So, your older version of Elements cannot natively support that new camera.

      However, here’s the good news. Adobe has a solution for common situations like these. They provide free ongoing camera compatibility for previous versions of all Photoshop & Lightroom products via the DNG Converter utility.

      What does that mean? Well, you can use the free Adobe DNG Converter Tool for support of the Fujifilm X-T10 (or any of the latest cameras) in older programs like yours. You will need to convert your raw files to DNG, and then Elements can import those DNG files instead.

      Of course, if you upgrade your Elements to the latest version 14, then that camera support is integrated right inside the program itself and you don’t have to do anything additional.

      Final note… You asked about special offers – Adobe is currently running several major Black Friday Deals, for both the CC products and for Elements, if you’re interested.

      Hope that thoroughly answers what you wanted to know!

  2. Dan

    I have been away from the elements product line since level 7-8. With 13 or 14 can you process Nikon Raw images?

  3. I see where it says you can use this on 2 computers. What if I have it on one, and then get rid of that computer?

    Also, can I install it on an external hard drive, as I know I will not have enough space left on either of my computers?

    I am having a difficult time finding what all the differences are between PSE 11 and 14?

    When does this sale go into effect and for how long?

  4. Philip EMERSON

    Hello. A key issue for me, and I suspect many others. In PSE 13, is it possible to organise images in files just the way I want? My albums tell a story and the order of the images is therefore important. Some of the images are old photographs I’ve restored using PSE, where the edit date is irrelevant. Others are scans or screenshots. Most images are recent photographs edited using PSE, but not necessarily organised by date or other arbitrary criteria. So what’s the answer, and is there any difference in this regard with PSE 14? If the answer is YES YOU CAN, then what happens when the images are exported, indeed I wonder whether you have any control over the order of the images in the recipient? Regards Philip EMERSON

  5. bill powrie


    I’m using PSE 10 but want to upgrade to 14. If I buy “14 Premiere” do i get all the benefits of version 14 for still images Plus the new video tools too?

    I read in a review that version 14 the menus have changed from 10 and do not allow you to process a single image?? or something. Do you know what the reviewer meant?


  6. Stu Sanderson

    I have the Premiere elements version 8 bundle, can this be upgraded to version 14?
    I cannot find anything on Adobe website to tell me, but they are offering me an upgrade to 14 – but don’t say that my version can be upgraded.
    Regards Stu

  7. Sandy Fackney

    HI. I work off both a PC and a Mac. I understand you can use PE14 on two different machines, but what if one is PC and 1 is Mac. Does this mean I have to buy 2 different versions? thanks

  8. jcrown


    I have PSE12 on an iMac running Mountain Lion and it worked great for what I needed. I now just bought a MacBook Pro 2015 with the Retina display. When I loaded the PSE12 on my new MacBook pro it was all pixelated and blurry. My questions are…

    Will the new PSE14 work with my new MacBook Pro with Retina display?
    Also, will I be able to open PSE12 files in PSE14? And vice versa?

    I have my PSE12 on my desktop and want to get the PSE14 on my laptop to work away from home. Can you please help me with this?

  9. Bray Thomas

    Is it ‘better’ to buy the Full PSE 14 (and keep my old PSE 11?) or buy the ‘Upgrade PSE11 (i.e. ‘over-write’ it) ?

    • Good question Bray. We think the price differential between the full version and the upgrade version is so small that you might as well get the full new version. The reason being is it gives you more flexibility.

      For example, you can give/transfer the older release to a friend or colleague if you buy the new release outright, but not if you upgrade. (See how here.)

      Also you could install the older version on two separate machines and the newer version on two other systems, if you wanted. But if you upgraded, then your licenses would be interlinked and you would only get two activations total.

      So all in all, it’s clear that by skipping the small savings, you give yourself more options.

    • PS – By the way, in either case there is no overwriting of previous versions when you put a newer release on the same machine. They install and can run side-by-side on your computer.

      The difference is in the license of an upgrade version (dependent on the prior release) versus the license for a full version (completely unencumbered), and what you can do with them.

  10. Bray Thomes

    Many thanks indeed for your prompt and most helpful reply. And, as you suggested, I have now ordered the full version PSE14 ! If you can bear two more questions !:-

    1) do I need to ‘uninstall’ my old copies of PES8, and PSE11 – Does this mean I need to ‘cancel’ the licences(?) I presumably have for them from Adobe, in order to to use two copies of PSE 14: and

    2) when I install PSE 14, do I need to disable these old copies in any way – or just tell PSE14 to convert the old catalogue to PSE14 ?

    Many thanks again in advance for your help.


    • Sure. You just need to tell PSE 14 to upgrade your existing catalog when you run it. See:

      How to Use (Convert) the Catalog of a Previous Elements Version

      Regarding the rest of your question, you don’t need to do any of that. Since you purchased the full version instead of the upgrade version, you can do whatever you like with the older revision(s). You can keep them on the same computer as the new release, you can uninstall them and reinstall them on other computer(s), keep them as backups, give them away, etc. It’s your choice.

  11. Bray Thomas

    Thank you again. Genuinely much appreciated all the help. I can now proceed in a much happier frame of mind !


  12. Can I run PSE 8 and 14 on the same computer? I’ve installed 14, but still like some of the color enhancements on PSE 8, but can only bring up the editor on 14. What can I do to also use the editor on 8? Thanks, dg

  13. Danita

    Hi, am I able to use photoshop elements 14 on my phone and IPad if I purchase the program for my PC?

    thanks, Danita

  14. Joe salembier

    Hi, I’ve been running Elements 10 and now, with the new MAC El Capitan OS, want to upgrade to Elements 14.

    Questions: Is the process still basically the same – in which I opened an individual raw image and use the various tools to crop and enhance? Are the “save as” tools similar?

    Thanks very much


  15. Lynell

    How do I get the Guided panel to arrange selections on the right side like it did in previous versions?

  16. Kathy

    Every time I upload an action set to PSE14, it disappears once I quit PSE14. How do I get the actions to STAY?

  17. Steve

    I use CS6 at work for photo-editing of RAW files from DSLRs, and want to buy something for home use. What will be missing if I buy Elements 14? Some reviews mention lack of full support for bit depths over 8 and layer masks.

  18. Steve


    Thanks for your reply. Reading through the question and answer trail, the most helpful link I found was

    This actually lists the main functions not in Elements 14 that I think are appropriate to photographers who are considering going beyond the basics of editing.

  19. Gerrit

    A couple of years ago I purchased Photoshop elements 11. To be honest with you I’m quite happy with this product. Recently I bought a new camera. A Nikon D7200. Unfortunately the pictures in NEF format can’t be opened in Elements 11. Is there any workaround, without the process of investing in another version?

    Thanks for your reply.

    • Yes Gerrit, there may be. The solution that Adobe offers in these cases – when trying to use a newer camera with older editing software – is to use the DNG Converter utility. This will provide ongoing camera compatibility for previous versions of all Photoshop & Lightroom products.

      What does that mean? Well, you can use the free Adobe DNG Converter Tool for support of any recent camera in older programs like yours. You will need to convert your raw files to DNG, and then Photoshop Elements (or Lightroom) can then import those DNG files instead.

      If you get the current/latest version of Photoshop Elements instead (or the CC Photography bundle), then that camera support will be integrated right inside the programs themselves and you don’t have to do anything additional.

      Hope that helps!

  20. Darlene Jansen

    Will Photoshop Elements 14 & Premiere Elements 14 open my RAW files from my new Nikon D500 ?

    Thanks kindly,

  21. Tammy Herron

    If I buy elements 13, do I have to sign up for the cloud ? Because I don’t have the funds to do that right now.

  22. Jim

    Can I do focus stacking with Elements 11 or do I have to up to Elements 14?

  23. Don

    Will elements 14 open my d500 raw files and save the orig as net with no sidecar file?

  24. Tom Lutz

    Does Elements 14 support Nikon D810 Raw?

  25. Emma


    I have Elements at 8.0 and would like to upgrade to the latest Elements 15. Will I lose any of the tagging and organisational elements of my photos to date with such an upgrade?


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