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  1. i honestly don’t think there’s gonna be a cs6.5 release

  2. Wesley

    @ Konrad

    I also don’t think there will be a CS6.5, I think there will be CS7 but they will wait as the Cloud members get updates as soon as they are ready – so Adobe can wait a while, as I think Adobe wants everyone to become Cloud members. Just what I think!

  3. Anne Peterson

    The problem with cloud applications is you need a stable and fast Internet connection — ours is somewhat fast but not stable — would really hack me off to be in the middle of a project and have the Internet quit on me — it’s bad enough when I’m in the middle of posting something on Facebook to a friend.

  4. In answer to the question, what would you like to see in CS6.5 or CS7? I have a mere 88 feature requests for Premiere Pro: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.5 Wish List.

    The length of my list may indicate that I don’t like Premiere, but I like it a lot. I’m just picky and like any professional editor, I spend many, many hours editing.

    To name a specific feature request for Premiere: background rendering. Adobe seems to assume that everyone has a system that runs fast enough to play back all native footage and effects smoothly at full resolution. That is certainly not the case, especially with all the Macs out there with unsupported GPUs. But even if everyone did have the latest and greatest system, there would still be great benefits to background rendering, especially combined with smart rendering. I got into detail in my post: Why Adobe Premiere Pro Needs Background Rendering

  5. Wesley

    When will Adobe announce CS7, as I really don’t think there will be a CS6.5?

    There is hardly anything online about the Announcement Date!

  6. colley

    @ Anne Peterson – from what I’ve read, apps will run locally.

  7. Update:

    Find out more details when exactly this next release will be available:

    Adobe CS7? Next Release of Creative Suite to Come Out May 6th

  8. Anonymous

    @ Anne Peterson

    Adobe Creative Cloud doesn’t really work like that. You can work just as well without an Internet connection, however it needs internet access once a month or so to check the validity of your subscription.

  9. Wesley

    Will Adobe CS7 Creative Suite be available to purchase the suite like always? I always buy the Design Premium suite, I have CS6 Design & Web Premium and I was just wondering if we will still be able to purchase the next generation as a licensed copy or will we have to buy the Cloud membership? Thanks and hope to get some feedback.

  10. mikael bellina

    @ Dax

    Even with a good computer it’s really slow… And you need to render every 10S so yes a smart background rendering would be nice !

  11. lano

    What about Fireworks ?

  12. lano

    I’m a little annoyed, because some people say that Fireworks is dead or is intended to die. It is true that there are many bugs in the CS6 version, but as I had trained as a web designer / ux designer with this fabulous program, it would hurt.

    In addition, it is less expensive than buying Photoshop.

  13. Wesley

    Will we get upgrade prices on the 6th of May to tell us what to expect to pay, and when we will be able to purchase the new Adobe software? Thanks.

  14. max

    да CS7, мы ожидаем (ADOBE CS Seven)

  15. Christoph Merkel

    So… if I own a version of CS6 Production Premium and CS6.5 might come out, am I eligible for a free update? Or will it cost me?


  16. Anonymous

    Hi, do you guys at protools think adobe will release a perpetual-licensed version for the next generation of creative tools CS7?

    Thanx and am looking forward to hearing from you!

  17. Mike

    Adobe Creative Suite – is now part of Creative Cloud

    While Adobe Creative Suite® 6 products will continue to be available for purchase, Adobe has no plans for future releases of Creative Suite or other CS products.

    Creative Cloud – Any CC application for $9.99/month if you join by 7/31/2013. Regularly $19.99.

  18. Anonymous

    I was wondering why the special to upgrade from CS6 to Creative Cloud for $19.99 is not available in my country, which is South Africa… I will upgrade if I can get that price for the first year.

    • Well, we checked out Adobe’s Special Offers Page for Africa, and you’re right – the $19.99 offer is not available in your region; the pricing is $29.99 for upgrades to CC from CS3, CS4, CS5, and CS6.

      Not sure why it’s different, but Adobe’s offers do tend to vary from country to country… and not all specials are available in all geographies. Sorry about that!

  19. I think there must be beta versions swimming around somewhere.

    I recieve a lot of logos in my job. Twice in the last month I’ve gotten a “The file was generated by a newer version of Illustrator and cannot be opened” message on my Windows CS6 machine.

    Looking at the file with notepad I see an “Adobe Illustrator(R) 17.0″…

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