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Direct Download Links for Adobe Photoshop/Premiere Elements 10

[UPDATE (October 2016) – These still work to download the old Elements 10 trials. We also now have the new Elements 15 Direct Download Links!]

Continuing our history of providing the direct download links for major Adobe products such as Creative Cloud, CS6, Lightroom 6/CC, and Acrobat DC, below you’ll find the direct links from Adobe’s servers for free trials of the brand new releases of Photoshop Elements 10 and Premiere Elements 10, for both Windows and the Mac OS.

Direct download links for Adobe Elements 10

The links given below go to the authentic and secure files residing on Adobe’s servers, are guaranteed genuine and will not change. They are especially useful when you are unable to download Adobe’s free trials via other means – often due to difficulties with the Akamai Download Manager (the Adobe DLM). With the links provided below, you can use your own browser’s download capability, or another download manager of your choice.

For setting up Elements on Windows (both PSE 10 and PRE 10), each program consists of two downloaded files: an .exe and a 7-Zip file (.7z). The .exe file will only work (and install) once the .7z file is fully downloaded and resides in the same location. For the Mac, it’s just a single .dmg file for each program.

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Note: Very Important Instructions

More Direct Download Links
CC 2015.5
Acrobat DC
Captivate 9
Lightroom 6/CC
Elements 15

You must have a free Adobe account and be logged into it to use the links below, as Adobe sets a session cookie on your browser that allows you to access the direct download links. Otherwise, you will receive an “access denied” or “no permission” message block­ing the connection. So please follow these instructions carefully or the links will not work!

  1. Adobe recommends temporarily turning off any surfing restrictions you might have running, like site or cookie blocking, filtering, firewalls or antivirus software.
  2. Click «HERE» to visit this page first, before clicking any of the links below – this is critical!
  3. If asked, sign in with your Adobe ID or take a minute to create one for yourself (free).
  4. Click the big blue “Download” button at the bottom of that Adobe page – but then immediately cancel the download that starts, and close the windows that popped up.
  5. OK! Now you’re logged in at Adobe with the trials cookie set, so you can instantly download any of the software below. Just make sure you have enough disk space.
  6. Download the files either by clicking directly on the DDL links, or by right-clicking and choosing “Save Link As…” on the popup menu – and save all files to the same place.
  7. Then follow the product installation instructions here.

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Install now: Get all new Adobe CC 2015.5 direct download links and free trials.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 (PSE 10) Direct Download Links

Photoshop Elements 10 – Windows (1.5 GB):   File 1   File 2

Photoshop Elements 10 – Mac (2.0 GB):   File 1

Adobe Premiere Elements 10 (PRE 10) Direct Download Links

Premiere Elements now comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions…  64-bit offers higher perfor­mance but choose the 32-bit flavor if you’re unsure what your Windows system is.

Premiere Elements 10 – Windows 32-bit (1.4 GB):   File 1   File 2

Premiere Elements 10 – Windows 64-bit (1.5 GB):   File 1   File 2

Premiere Elements 10 – Additional Content – Windows (3.0 GB):   File 1   File 2

Premiere Elements 10 – Mac (1.8 GB):   File 1

Premiere Elements 10 – Additional Content – Mac (3.2 GB):   File 1

The additional content contains InstantMovie themes, title templates, DVD/Blu-ray menu templates, and music to enhance your movies created with Adobe Premiere Elements 10 software. Themed HD and SD content includes Birthday Party, Road Trip, Outdoor Wedding, Broadway, Kid’s Channel, Family Memories, Extreme Sports, News Reel, Comic Book, and more.

Product languages supported: The Elements 10 tryouts are currently available in English, French/Français, German/Deutsch, Dutch/Nederlands, Italian/Italiano, Spanish/Español, Portuguese/Português, Swedish/Svenska, and Japanese/日本語 – for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. Adobe says additional language versions will be available soon.

We suggest using a browser other than Internet Explorer to download the files above. They can be quite large and IE has been known to drop the extension (like “.exe”) from the Windows filename. If this happens and you can’t open a file, then just rename it to add back the extension. But generally, using Firefox or Chrome will work better – and if you have any issues getting the downloads to work with one browser, then try another.

Installation Tips

Download New Adobe CC 2015.5 Free Trials (Direct Links)

  • You do not need to uninstall previous versions of Elements; some users prefer to keep the older, familiar version(s) around as they come up to speed with the new version’s features.
  • Install with an account that has administrative privileges (not a Limited User Account if you are using Windows Vista).
  • For the easiest installation experience, quit any open programs, including virus protection software, prior to installing Elements 10.
  • Read the accompanying Photoshop Elements 10 Release Notes in English, French, or German.
  • If you run into any difficulties, see the Elements 10 Installation Troubleshooting page.

*** Note: If you have any problems getting the files to download or install, be sure to read the earlier comments on this page – as most questions have already been asked and answered below!

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  1. Slowken


    Yay! Thank you! The registry edits were the solution. Finally, iTunes showed no Elements albums, and I was able to reconstruct everything after a catalog backup and restore.


  2. Lindsay

    I finally got this downloaded and when I went to open the app, my Mac says I cannot since it wasn’t approved from the app store. How can I override this to be able to install onto my Mac?

  3. Lindsay


    “Install can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. Your security preferences allow installation of only apps from the Mac App Store and identified developers.”

  4. Lindsay

    You were absolutely right! It is installing now, so I hope it works! Thank you!

  5. csterling

    my mac crashed. the apple store had to clear all apps. I need to reinstall via download ~ I have the serial number of my purchased product here with me.

    Where / how can I re-install?

    • Just above, all you have to do is follow the instructions given near the top of this page to download the Elements 10 free trial – and then after you’ve got it going, enter your valid purchased license key.

  6. Allison

    when I click on the file 1 link (and the file 2 link) it opens a page and tells me I don’t have access to download them…help, please :-)

  7. Allison

    I tried, again, after I made the post and it worked perfectly. Not sure why it didn’t work the first time. Thanks for responding, I truly appreciate it! Just find it funny that the rep that I chatted with, from Adobe, told me that there wasn’t a link for me since I didn’t buy the product online…once again, thanks for the response!!

  8. martha

    I am struggling to download PSE10 from the Adobe site. it keeps starting over. I have a new HP. I also tried to install from my backup disk, and it only put the installer on my computer 6 times!! Any thoughts?

    An aside, can I make a video of sorts in PSE10? No music just a flow of photos.

    Thanks for your help!

  9. martha

    Just saw in my control panel that the Akamai-something downloader has not completed downloading. Maybe it was the one that kept repeating. It showed 32-bit and my Windows 7 home premium is 64 bit. I also saw PSE with 2 bars showing total download and then PSE10 download starting and finally at 30% and when I came back later, it was at 4%. Not much help if one does not give the whole picture!

    Thanks again…martha

    • Well if you use these direct links here on this page then you avoid the Akamai Download Manager, you can download the programs without it.

      But in any event, any 64-bit system can compatibly run all 32-bit programs, so that itself shouldn’t be any issue.

      It sounds like you’ve got too many downloads going on perhaps. Try rebooting and starting everything over from scratch.

  10. martha

    the service is still running when I explored further. it also shows the cache and 0 mg in it. When I click on the clear I receive a warning. The same for the service still running button “stop”

    no more information!! :)

  11. Michael

    Is the PE-10 download a 64-bit program, or 32-bit?

    I’m 4 hours from home and will be for several weeks. I only have my #1 & #3 discs with me. The #2 disc is in my computer at home…. dang it!

    I’ve got all my serial number info, etc…

    Thank you

    • Hello Michael, we have both versions of Premiere Elements 10 listed above – the 64-bit and the 32-bit releases. You choose which you want to download for the free trial.

      PRE 10 was the first version of Premiere Elements that comes in both flavors, by the way. The same goes for Premiere Elements 11, although Photoshop Elements 10 & 11 remain 32-bit applications.

  12. Ashley

    can’t get the elements photoshop 10 to download to my computer.

  13. G-ray

    This post from another site helped me out when downloading:

    “ok, i got it working – this is what i did:
    i downloaded the elements 11 installer (Use the Click «here» to visit this page and click on download now) and ran it up till the point where it asks to log in, then i went back to and clicked on the link and it started to work. Thank you for your time and patience.”

  14. Stephanie

    So I got a new iMac the other day and I’m trying to download the PSE10. I purchased it awhile back but I want to put it on my iMac. So I’m downloading the free trial & I login to my adobe but I didn’t have to put my serial number in.

    Do you think it recognized it and just downloaded it?? I just need some help.

    • Not to worry Stephanie, the Adobe’s free trial version will eventually ask you for your serial number (or to purchase one) after you install the software on a new computer.

      If you’re reinstalling the software on the same system then your license key may be already stored, but for a new machine it will prompt you at some point during the first 30 days of the trial.

  15. Allan Macdonald

    Hi. I downloaded Elements 10, both files, for Mac, and Lightroom 3. I have my valid serial numbers for all these, just don’t have the discs. I managed to download install and update Lightroom. I can’t install Elements though. Download completes ok, but when I click the download, no installer starts. How do I get these to install? I am using a MacBook Pro. I can’t see a solution in the instructions. I am logged in to Adobe.


    • Hey Allan, do you get any message or other indication when you try to click or install the downloaded file?

      If that were to happen on Windows, this could help.

      Worst case, you might try the download again with a different browser, computer, or online connection (use wired instead of wireless as Wi-Fi can be slow and/or unreliable).

  16. Allan Macdonald

    Hi. I get nothing at all when I click on the downloaded file, no windows, no pop up menus, it’s as if I hadn’t clicked on the file.

    I am just going to change my hard drive, I will download the files again with a different browser and let you know what happens.


  17. Jim

    Is it still possible to download Adobe Photoshop Essentials 10? I have a DVD, but it won’t pull up the install wizard. I am trying to install on a Mac Powerbook G4 at OSX 10.5.8.

    Building for my grandson and am not having much luck. Tried to follow instructions for download and could only find Essentials 12 which I am sure will not work on 10.5.8.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

  18. Adam Combs

    Thank you sooooooo much, helped a lot!!!!

  19. xtian

    Thanks a lot for the premiere install,
    couldn’t install from cd anymore, but worked fine with this.

    thank you again

  20. felicia

    So, I use a trial version of adobe photoshop elements 10. I can’t afford to purchase well, anything right now. lol

    This is probably not a good thing to ask but, would you happen to have a link where i can download a free full version of elements 10? It’s the only one i’m comfortable using. Thank you so much for you time either way. have a great night also. :-)

  21. Tessa

    I’ve downloaded the files but when i try to open it there is a box that pops up and it says there is a runtime error and it won’t let me use the program. Any solutions?

  22. Acorn444

    Hi, I downloaded the 32-bit version because I wanted a version that could be used for multiple computers so I didn’t have to download the 1.5 GB file over and over again. However, the 32-bit installer will not run on a 64-bit computer. Is there any way to get round this, as it takes like 6 hours to download otherwise.

    • Hi, are you sure about that? We haven’t tried it with Photoshop Elements 10, but usually on Windows almost any 32-bit program will work no problem on a 64-bit machine. What problem or message did you encounter?

      To answer your question, there is no way to get around what you say. The versions are separate. So if you want the native 64-bit edition, you have to download it.

      You could also try the current release, Elements 13, where both PSE and PRE are available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions for Windows.

  23. Matt

    Thank you for having this post. My DVD drive is broken on my iMac, and this allowed me to get Elements 10 up and running in no time. You rock!

  24. Sarah

    I tried to download the link to Photoshop 10 for Mac – the Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 (not Premiere) – the link isn’t working, any tips?

  25. lisa

    where do I find my valid purchased license key? When I sign in to Adobe under products it shows me my serial number but that’s all the info I have…

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