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Download Adobe Lightroom 6 (CC 2015) Free Trials: Direct Links

Download New Adobe Lightroom 6/CC Free Trial

[UPDATE (Oct. 2020) – These links still work to download the Lightroom 6/CC 2015 installers. You can also now get Adobe’s new CC 2021 Direct Download Links!]

Yes – the new release of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6 is just out and now shipping! There was no beta version/period this time, so we go straight to the final product. And as in the past, this release will work side-by-side with any previous revisions of Lightroom you may have. If you’ve got an earlier version installed on your system(s), Lightroom 6 will ask if you’d like to upgrade your catalog and copy everything over.

This new version continues as a downloadable desktop product and is available either with a standalone perpetual license (called Lightroom 6) or via subscription (called Lightroom CC). It begins as the same program and free trial download below, but the name is changed to reflect the differences in licensing and bundling, as well as the addition of integrated mobile apps & services plus future feature updates (such as the new Dehaze filter or Boundary Warp function).

For more details on the key differences between the two editions, see this comparison guide before you buy.

Lightroom CC 2015 is included as a free upgrade (together with Photoshop CC) in the popular CC Photography Plan – as well as one the many applications that all subscribers get with the complete Adobe Creative Cloud.  By contrast, Lightroom 6 stands alone and is sold separately (you can purchase it here directly, either full or upgrade) – and doesn’t receive ongoing feature upgrades, nor any access to Lightroom Mobile or Lightroom web.

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And continuing our longtime custom of furnishing the direct download links for major Adobe products such as Creative Cloud, CS6, Acrobat DC, Captivate 11, and Elements 2021, you’ll find the direct links for the all-new Lightroom 6/CC below.

The links given below go to the authentic and secure files residing on Adobe’s servers, are guaranteed genuine, safe, legal, and will not change. They are especially useful when you are unable to download these products via other means – perhaps due to issues with the Adobe’s Download Manager. Here the file access is open and you can just use your browser, or another DLM.

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Adobe Lightroom 6/CC 2015 Direct Download Links

More Direct
Download Links
CC 2021
CC 2019
Acrobat DC 2020
Captivate 2019
Elements 2021

Here are the direct links to instantly download the Lightroom 6 free trials for both PC and Mac, without any download manager or assistant… The trial version is fully-functional for 30 days, and can be converted for ongoing use (without needing to reinstall) by entering a valid purchased serial number. You can also download the LR6 trials via a free Creative Cloud membership.

Available product languages are English, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and Chinese.

So without further ado, here are the Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC 2015 direct links:

[UPDATE (Oct. 2020) – These links still work to download the original Lightroom 6 installers. If you’re using Chrome and they don’t work, then try with another browser. If you’re looking for direct links to the newest 2021 versions, then see this post.]

Make sure your computer meets Lightroom’s latest minimum requirements… A 64-bit system is now required both on Windows (here’s how to tell) and on Mac. For Macs, you need OS X version 10.8 “Mountain Lion” or above (here’s how to upgrade free). For PCs, it’s Windows 7 or above.

Adobe Lightroom 6/CC 2015 Updates

If you’d also like the direct download links for the individual Lightroom 6 / CC 2015 product updates (i.e., all of the included changes since the initial version above), Adobe has issued these as patches to the base release. We have complete sets available here, including Lightroom 6.14 / CC 2015.14:

What’s New in Lightroom 6/CC, Including Top Features

This version is all about improved performance, but there are some terrific new features as well… Here’s a helpful video overview from Terry White – but for more details and a broader version comparison, see: What Are the Differences Between Lightroom 6/CC vs. Lightroom 5?

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Next Steps

Get the New Creative Cloud 2021 Direct Download Links

Do you have any questions about Lightroom 6 or the Adobe CC release?  Just ask them below and we’ll get you answers fast!

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156 thoughts on “Download Adobe Lightroom 6 (CC 2015) Free Trials: Direct Links”

  1. THank you so much!

    CC’s installation ended with a LR CC that simply would not Start !
    Again a standalone installation worked!

    Thank you again

  2. The direct download link for the Win64 version does note work for me. Here is the message:

    Access Denied
    You don’t have permission to access “…/AdobeProducts/LTRM/6/win64/Lightroom_6_LS11.exe” on this server.
    Reference #18.256dcc17.1429673844.9ac363dc

    • Hi Vitaly, the Lightroom 6/CC direct links above work perfectly fine but you’ve got to carefully follow the important download instructions first, before clicking on any of the links above. If you don’t, then the Lightroom direct links won’t work and you’ll get a “denied” message instead.

      If you’ve followed all those directions but are still having difficulties, then try a different web browser (like Chrome or Firefox), another computer, or a better Internet connection (use wired instead of Wi-Fi if possible).

      Also, make sure you’re not blocking or filtering anything with your browser(s) – like cookies, downloads, or any sites or URLs – or running utilities like Ghostery, AdBlock, or Disconnect. Adobe recommends turning those things off temporarily.

      Hope that helps!

    • No problem Eric. If you want to purchase the standalone/perpetual license for Lightroom 6 instead of subscribing to Lightroom CC, then just follow these instructions after downloading the free trial above…

      To get a Lightroom 6 standalone serial number, first see this hard-to-find page at Adobe… Scroll down to “Photoshop Lightroom 6”, click [Buy] and then either [Full] or [Upgrade] with your “I own:” version.

      Then just follow these instructions to permanently activate the product/trial installed on your system:

      Lightroom Help – Serialize Lightroom CC Trial to Activate as Lightroom 6

      If you have any problems, then just post back here and we’ll be happy to help.

      Keep in mind, though, that Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC are the same desktop program – and you don’t need to be constantly connected to the Internet to use the CC version (that is a myth)… Also, Lightroom CC together with Photoshop CC is now available for only $9.99/month with Adobe’s new Photography Plan. That is a pretty good deal when you consider that Photoshop by itself used to cost $1,000 USD to purchase!

  3. Perfect! My organization now finally has a license for Mac OS & Windows! (Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6)

    This will help me before my bout with Mayweather!

  4. ProDesignTools:

    Also, Lightroom CC together with Photoshop CC is now available for only $9.99/month with Adobe’s new Photography Plan. That is a pretty good deal when you consider that Photoshop by itself used to cost $1,000 USD to purchase!

    If you don’t use CC for 6 months you still have to pay $60. And if you stop paying that $10/month what do you get? Nothing! Sure, you get to keep your own files, but if you need to tweak your files you’re SOL. You’re also required to store your data on their servers where they no doubt mine the metadata, if not the files themselves. You’re also required to sign in to use the software – you may not have to be online constantly, but you can be sure that EVERYTHING you do in LR/PS will be logged and sent back to Adobe’s servers.

    Incredibly invasive and more unnecessary overhead for an application that is perpetually sluggish, as much as I liked LR 1 thru 5. I’m having no part of Adobe’s Big Brother attempt to gather your data and commandeer your workflow.

  5. @Conrad

    I did the same after trying out the Lightroom CC install which simply quit (despite the “fix” of logging out/in to CC desktop).

    Unfortunately, even after uninstalling CC completely and restarting, the direct download LR 6 still quits straight after the trial screen, even though it says I have 28 days remaining… I have had no issues with LR 4 or 5. Can you help?

  6. I have LR 5 on a Windows desktop and a Mac laptop. Any suggestions on how to get a LR6 upgrade for both without paying twice? Will a boxed version of LR6 eventually come out maybe?

    • Greetings Alfred, not sure what you mean – Lightroom is multiplatform software, meaning a single license purchase can run on up to two computers, including both Windows and Mac operating systems…

      So when you buy Lightroom 6 direct from Adobe (either full or upgrade from older versions), the platform is fixed and non-selectable – your only choice is “Mac/Win” here:

  7. I’ve been happily using Lr 4 but recently bought an new (unsupported) camera. Being aware that Lr 6 was coming very soon, I downloaded a trial of Lr 5, and I like it very much. As far as I can see Lr 6 doesn’t provide too much extra functionality and I don’t wish to be tied to the Cloud, but I decided to get a trial of that too so I could make a direct comparison prior to upgrading.

    But I’m getting the same won’t open’ problem as has been widely documented. I’ve tried everything I can think of – the sign-out, sign back in ‘fix’, deleting everything and reinstalling, and the direct download process here (followed exactly). It still won’t open past the ‘You have x days left of your trial’ pop-up. Stumped! And very likely just to buy the Cd of Lr 5.

  8. Lightroom CC isn’t showing up in my CC desktop app – even after days, I’m not seeing the new version offered there… why not?

    It looks like I can download it here instead, so no problem – but why didn’t it appear in my Creative Cloud?

    • Hello Mona, an Adobe CC application (either a new release or otherwise) will only show up in the Creative Cloud Desktop App if your computer meets the minimum system requirements for that program…

      So in this case, it’s possible that your machine doesn’t meet the Lightroom 6/CC official system specifications.

      In other words, if your computer is not 64-bit, or is below Windows 7, or is below Mac OS v.10.8 “Mountain Lion”, then Lightroom 6/CC won’t appear on the list of Adobe apps available and will not run on your computer – even if you download it here instead, via the direct links.

      (Here’s how to tell if you have a 64-bit system in Windows – and if you’re running an older version of Mac OS, then how to upgrade your Mac for free.)

      Hope that answers your question – if not, then just post back.

  9. @Mona

    I have exactly the same problem – applied the ‘fix’, reinstalled, did a direct download. Nothing works. My pc is relatively new, 64 bit, runs windows 8.1 and has an i5 processor.

    • Hey there Fiona, what problem specifically are you having?

      Mona said that she didn’t see Lightroom CC showing up in Adobe’s Creative Cloud Desktop App, that’s all.

      Is that what you’re talking about? If so – and if your computer isn’t an old one – then the Lightroom 6/CC direct download links above should work just fine for you.

      If it’s something else that’s happening after installation or when running of the program, then feel free to post more details and we’ll try to help.

  10. I have purchased LR 6 from a reseller Canada software outlet, and have been directed to this site to download on Mac. From what I can see this site is only 30-day free trials?? Am I looking in the wrong place?

    • Ah, OK. There are some users reporting this kind of thing, where the Lightroom 6/CC stops running right after displaying the splash screen when starting it… For more details, see:

      Adobe Lightroom CC 2015: Quits after launch

      Here are some reported solutions to this problem:

      Most people have fixed the issue by very carefully logging out and back in to Creative Cloud.

      Some folks have solved it by making sure their computers meet LR6’s minimum system requirements, including installing Service Pack 1 on their Windows 7 machines.

      Others have found conflicts with third-party software running on their computers, such as Bartender – and been able to get around that by disabling the other program.

      Still more have fixed the problem by manually renaming the Lightroom preferences file.

      But for others, no clear solution seems to have been reported as of yet, and Adobe is working with them.

      The good news is Lightroom 6/CC does not automatically uninstall Lightroom 5 on your computer – or if you did uninstall it yourself, then you can go back and reinstall LR5 from the Creative Cloud archive.

      And for perpetual license customers: You can always wrangle yourself another free 30 days to try out Lightroom 6 down the road… If you’re one of the few having difficulties, then you might consider waiting for the first Lightroom 6 update to come out, which typically would contain fixes.

      Hope that helps!

  11. @ProDesignTools

    Many thanks for the information – I didn’t know about the plist fix, but that didn’t work for me either.

    From reading that thread, It seems to me that this product has too many bugs at the moment – even for those who can get it to launch, so I think I’ll go with the Cd version of Lr 5 for now. The only tool I’d use in Lr 6 is the gradient mask and it doesn’t seem worth all the hassle just for that.

    • OK Fiona, we found one more fix for you to try Fiona – it’s renaming the SLCache and SLStore folders per the instructions here…

      If you are having problems running Lightroom CC 2015 after installing it, and signing out and back in to CC does not help, then please see option 2 at this link:

      Lightroom doesn’t launch or quits automatically after splash screen

      Hopefully that helps! It seems to work for most users who’ve tried it.

      But if not, please know that only a small number of people are having any difficulties with LR6; it’s just that the Internet is a big place so those that are having an issue are directed to that one page we posted above.

      Now, you have a couple options to proceed:

      1. All CC plans include recent prior versions at no extra cost – these older releases are available for your use in Adobe’s online archive… So anyone who subscribes to Creative Cloud or the Photography Plan can download and use Lightroom 5 instead of Lightroom 6 for a short while until any bugs are fixed before upgrading. Basically, you have freedom and flexibility about which version you can use and when.

      2. If you want to go the perpetual/standlone route instead: Lightroom 5 is available as a free 30-day trial for you to use now. Then in a month’s time, you can check and see if progress has been made on the problem. If not, then you can extend your free trial to 60 days to see if a solution to your issue arises. Then after 60 days, if you still are unable to run Lightroom 6, you could move forward with buying the previous version instead. Just please be very very careful where you try to buy old Adobe software from, because the company itself no longer sells or makes it.

  12. @ProDesignTools

    Many thanks for all your efforts to help – I really do appreciate it, and I’ll certainly check out your products.

    After re-naming the folders as suggested, when I try and launch Lr I get a ‘please reinstall the programme’ pop-up with ‘error 16’.

    So, Cd version of 5 for me. I can order a copy from a highly reputable photographic retailer here in the UK

    • Good news – as we thought, Adobe issued the first update to Lightroom 6/CC quickly to hopefully address those issues some folks were having… Here’s what they just released today:

      Lightroom CC/6 Update – April 30, 2015: This bug fix release for Lightroom CC & Lightroom 6 addresses issues related to launching Lightroom and accessing online help (fixing links in the help menu).

      So with luck that should take care of any problems you had with the new version.

      The software should update itself automatically (via Help menu > Updates), or you can download and apply the updates yourself here for Windows and here for Mac OS.

  13. I now have Lightroom 6 (desktop version) and my question is whether I can use Lightroom Mobile with it – i.e. can I use Lightroom for iPad and iPhone with the desktop version or does it need the CC subscription model?

  14. It is not necessary to exactly following the procedure described above.
    I just logged in using my Adobe ID on the Adobe webpage, from that point on the download link worked fine…

    • Well, you probably did something else along the way that set Adobe’s session cookie on your browser, enabling you to download Lightroom CC/6 via the direct links…

      But since that’s unknowable, the only way to be certain that these DDL will work is to simply follow the standard directions, that’s all.

  15. OK finally got LR6 to download in the stand alone copy, but Not able to Buy the upgrade version online – do i have to call Adobe sales direct?

    Also is it possible to still download Photoshop CS6? I Like my stand alone versions!


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