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5 Hours of Free Tutorials for Photoshop/Premiere Elements 7 and 8

Watch Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 and 7 Free Tutorials

[UPDATEElements 11 is out!  Get free tutorials for the new version.]

We’ve previously covered 17 hours of free video tutorials for Creative Suite 5, plus three hours for Lightroom 3 – so here’s a chance for Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements… Below the experts share how to get started, the basics of the programs, new features, plus their favorite tips and techniques. Most of the lessons will work for either version 8 or 7. All together there is five hours of free content, spanning over 50 chapters.

The majority of the videos were produced by, which is another excellent source of online tutorials (some free, some paid), and just released a new app for software training on the iPhone.

If you need a copy of either Elements product for your work, just download a free trial.

Learn Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 and 8
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Ch Topic Runtime
01 Getting Started 01: What is Photoshop Elements? 07m 08s
02 Getting Started 02: Get Photos from Files and Folders 05m 51s
03 Getting Started 03: Get Photos from a Digital Camera 07m 36s
04 Getting Started 04: Tour the Organizer Interface 05m 40s
05 Getting Started 05: Viewing Photos 02m 28s
06 Getting Started 06: Selecting Photos 02m 01s
07 Getting Started 07: Rotating Photos 02m 16s
08 Getting Started 08: Hiding and Deleting Photos 05m 00s
09 Getting Started 09: Moving Files 04m 10s
10 Getting Started 10: Guided Edit Mode 04m 43s
11 Getting Started 11: Tour the Full Edit Interface 04m 56s
12 Getting Started 12: Using Tools 08m 14s
13 Getting Started 13: Saving Files 06m 47s
14 Getting Started 14: Manual Selection Tools 06m 30s
15 Getting Started 15: Automatic Selection Tools 06m 35s
16 Getting Started 16: Using the New Smart Brush Tool 05m 59s
17 Getting Started 17: Converting Color to Black and White 02m 49s
18 Getting Started 18: Creating Text 04m 16s
19 Getting Started 19: Editing Text 02m 08s
20 Getting Started 20: Making a Photo Book 10m 10s
21 Getting Started 21: Making a Photo Collage 08m 20s
22 Getting Started 22: Creating a Slide Show 10m 20s
23 Getting Started 23: Making a Panorama 04m 00s
24 Getting Started 24: Using E-Mail and Photo Mail 04m 51s
25 Getting Started 25: Printing Your Photos 03m 05s
26 Getting Started 26: Signing up for 03m 43s
27 Getting Started 27: Viewing and Sharing Photos Online 06m 09s
28 Getting Started 28: Backing up and Synchronizing Albums Online 06m 37s
29 Getting Started 29: Finding Ongoing Inspiration on 03m 26s
30 New Features: Recompose Tool 06m 46s
31 New Features: Sharing 06m 54s
32 New Features: Backup and Sychronization 05m 38s
33 New Features: Photomerge Family of Features 04m 33s
34 Use the Recompose Tool to Reframe a Photo 07m 15s
35 Analyze and Tag Photos Automatically 08m 13s
36 Use Photomerge Exposure in Manual Mode 06m 20s
37 Use Photomerge Exposure in Automatic Mode 06m 20s
38 Share Albums Online 03m 10s
39 Set up an Adobe ID 04m 39s
40 Membership Benefits 08m 16s
41 Curving Photos for a Print Look 04m 33s
42 Tips Every Newbie Should Know 05m 56s
43 Managing and Editing Files with iPhoto and Photoshop Elements 05m 58s
44 Using Photoshop Elements and iPhoto Together 05m 12s
45 Using Bridge to Manage Your Photos 09m 47s

For Premiere Elements, the set of videos isn’t as comprehensive, but there’s still some good material here:

Learn Adobe Premiere Elements 7 and 8
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Ch Topic Runtime
01 Share Albums Online 03m 10s
02 Membership Benefits 08m 16s
03 New Features: Use Smart Fix, Smart Trim, and Smart Mix 08m 23s
04 Mixing Audio 05m 29s
05 Preparing Video for Adobe Acrobat 9 PDF Portfolios 02m 20s
06 Customizing Transitions 05m 46s
07 Customizing Themes 05m 34s
08 Exporting Video Files 05m 02s
09 Using Multiple Effects 06m 04s

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  1. erik larson

    I have CS 2 and Elements 8 and I’m really fond of them and am a keen amateur photographer since years…

    Erik L

  2. Marion

    These tutorials are not, as the heading states, for Elements 7 and 8

    • Sorry Marion, this post was written 7 years ago when Elements 8 was released; now Elements 15 is the current version…

      Adobe changed the content on their website and removed the old/original tutorials mentioned in this article, and replaced them with training segments for the newer version – sorry about that.

  3. susan

    I have premiere elements 14… but can’t find tutorials… do they exist?

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