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4 Hours of Free Video Tutorials for New Photoshop Elements 10 & 9

Watch Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 Free Tutorials

[UPDATEElements 11 is out!  Get free tutorials for the new version.]

We’ve previously covered 17+ hours of free video tutorials for Creative Suite 5, plus three hours for Lightroom 3 – so here are some brand new training resources for the just-released Adobe Photoshop Elements 10… Most of these tutorials also apply to Photoshop Elements 9, which shares the same interface but just doesn’t have as many features.

In these three courses the experts share how to get started, the basics of the software, new features, how to use key tools and functions, plus their favorite tips and techniques. In sum, there is over four hours of free content, with 46 separate chapters.

[ Bonus! Here also are 70 minutes of free tutorials for Premiere Elements 10 for taking care of your video. ]

If you need a copy of Photoshop or Premiere Elements 10 to get going right away, just download the free trial and it will work fully for 30 calendar days, which should be plenty of time to get through the classes.

If you prefer learning in written form, we’ve got the Adobe Photoshop Elements Guide – a free 95-page e-book you can download as well.

Learn Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 & 10
Play Now »
01What Is Adobe Photoshop Elements?03:26
02Importing Photos into the Organizer03:41
03Importing Photos from a Digital Camera07:42
04Using People Recognition05:48
05Using the Organizer Interface04:21
06Using the Edit Workspace05:35
07Using the Toolbox in Photoshop Elements07:14
08Using Automatic Selection Tools07:59
09Using Manual Selection Tools08:16
10Using the Straighten and Crop Tools05:09
11Using the Recompose Tool07:03
12Using Photomerge Panorama05:07
13Using Photomerge Style Match06:26
14Creating a Blue Sky07:03
15Using Quick Fix06:26
16Fixing Red Eye and Retouching Skin08:02
17Content-Aware Healing11:25
18Using Guided Edit Mode14:10
19Creating Reflections with Guided Edit05:11
20Using the Out of Bounds Effect with Guided Edit06:59
21Creating a Perfect Portrait with Guided Edit06:10
22Working with Layers11:19
23Adding Text11:04
24Adding a Watermark06:12
25Creating a Photo Border08:43
26Creating a Photo Collage11:22
27Creating a Photo Collage for a Special Occasion15:48
28Creating a Calendar06:27
29Creating Greeting Cards06:35
30Creating Cards with Recorded Light-Painting Images09:22
31Creating a Slideshow (Windows)11:21
32Sharing Your Images via E-mail04:31
Photoshop Elements 10 How-to’s
Play Now »
01Show off Your Photos and Videos Virtually Anywhere01:14
02Photoshop Elements Plus Membership01:10
03Organize it All with Automated Options00:54
04Add Curving and Flowing Text00:52
05Easily Create Stunning Photo Effects00:44
06Paint Effects onto Specific Photo Areas00:46
Photoshop Elements 9 How-to’s
Play Now »
01Easily Create the Perfect Photo01:04
02Experience the Ultimate Media Management Hub01:18
03Enjoy the Convenience to Do More with your Photos & Videos01:14
04Match a Favorite Photo Style & Expand Panoramic Scenes01:05
05Share Photos in a Variety of Ways00:57
06Create Stunning Effects using Step-By-Step Guided Edits00:50
07Make Photo Creations that Look Just the Way You Want00:52
08Quickly Clean your Scene of Unwanted Elements00:50

This extensive series is presented by teaching gurus Tim Grey and Chad Chelius, and was produced by video2brain.

For affordable live, interactive training on Photoshop Elements, we recommend the excellent online workshops given at Everyday Elements.

See what’s new and improved in PSE 10 – or see what the industry reviews are saying.

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Free! Download 10 Professional, Royalty-Free Adobe Stock Images of Your Choice
  1. ron

    Im trying to download adobe photoshop elements 4.0. It asks for the serial number but wont accept the serial number that came with the disc.
    So where is the serial number? Thanks

  2. Al

    i have more than 20,000 images catalogued on photoshop elements 4. i want to move to elements 9. it seems impossible. i tried every possible way. Is this foolish and i should just stay with 4?


  3. barbara

    Is this tutorial specific to elements 10, or combined like it is for elements 7 & 8?

  4. Robert A. LaCross

    I should have my Adobe Photoshop and Elements version 10 delivered in about a week. How long will these video tutorials remain up and available for use? Should I be downloading them?

  5. Paul Krichevsky

    I can’t get any sound with your programs

  6. Van

    I recently purchased Elements 10, Photoshop and Premiere. There are 5 discs in the set and the first disc says to start with disc 2 for Windows 7, which I have. Disc 3 says to install for Mac OS, start with disc 3. Should I install all discs starting with disc 2??

    • Greetings Van, the boxed Elements 10 software ships “multi-platform,” meaning half the DVD’s are for Windows and the other half for Mac OS… You may only need one set depending on which machines you have and how many computers you’re installing on.

      Since you do have Premiere Elements, one of the discs also contains the “Additional Content” which is not required (is optional) but nice to install if you want to.

      Basically, just follow the instructions given for your operating system and you’ll make sure to get everything installed that needs to.

  7. Anonymous

    Will the tutorial videos for Photoshop Elements 9/10 be made available again? Right now, clicking on the links bring up the message that they can’t be found.

  8. Susan

    These tutorials look great, but my broadband is limited. How much broadband does it take to run them or what size are the files to download?

    • Hmm, that’s a good question Susan – we’ve never known or measured. And because they are streamed from Adobe’s servers rather than downloaded, there’s no real good way to check.

      If you’re concerned about bandwidth usage we’d suggest (1) viewing at the smallest window size to save data, and (2) trying them out first from a computer at a local library or cafe where there might not be such a restriction.

      If you’d like to download some tutorials, try our Photoshop Elements e-book and our Premiere Elements e-book.

  9. Anonymous

    Every time I click Play Now I get a 404 error message. What gives????

    • Just tested all the tutorial links and they continue to work with no problem on our end… Not sure why you’re having difficulty but you might try a different browser or computer, and make sure you’re not running anything on your system that could block your access to the site.

  10. Carmel

    I bought Photo elements 10 but I have not opened it because I was told I could download it on a Mac and a PC.

    But it does not say on the outside of the box that I can download it on more than one computer. I wish to be able to do this if I am going to keep the program. Is this allowed?

    (I am sorry to send this twice I missed ticking the notify me box.)

  11. Martha Andreoli

    can i download the videos

  12. Rich

    Al :

    i have more than 20,000 images catalogued on photoshop elements 4. i want to upgrade but it seems impossible. i tried every possible way.

    Yes. Open your file of images. Hold the Alt key and double click on a image. This brings up the Properties menu. It tells you what Elements version it is set to open in. Next to this is the Change button. Click on it and it brings up a menu where you can choose the new version of Elements (assuming it is installed). Click on it and click Apply in the Properties box then OK. It will now open when chosen in the new version.

    Or if you call up the new version, select the image in your file and then go up to FILE and choose Open With (choose the new version) and it will open. I have version 2 and now am using 10. The above works for me. Not sure there is a way to do all at once.


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