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Adobe Releases Creative Suite 5.5, Now Shipping with Trials Available

[UPDATE (May 2012) – The all-new Creative Suite 6 is now shipping!]

Three weeks after its official introduction, Adobe this morning has released Creative Suite 5.5, with major upgrades for mobile, publishing, HTML5, video, audio, and Flash. The CS5.5 configurations are similar to CS5 and the product prices are the same. The new software is available immediately for Windows and Mac via full purchase or discounted upgrade (from as far back as CS2), with delivery via boxed shipment or instant download.

Get Adobe CS5.5 Now (Try or Buy)

Adobe has simultaneously made CS5.5 free trials available for download (with the new Adobe Download Assistant app). These trials are fully-functional for 30 days and work side-by-side with any previous version(s) of the Creative Suite, including CS5. If you decide not to buy CS5.5 when the trial period is up, you can just uninstall it and your older software will continue to run – while buyers can easily convert their trial to permanent use without reinstalling the software. For upgrades, you can install a trial and then buy an upgrade to convert your trial into a purchased version. (For more informa­tion, refer to the complete Trial FAQ.)

If you have any difficulty with that process, you can instead use the direct download links to get the Adobe CS5.5 trials without the Download Assistant.

The CS5.5 Student & Teacher Editions are also now shipping. These offer up to 80% off the regular prices for education customers including students, teachers, and academic staff. Just be sure you know the key differences between Adobe’s academic versions vs. regular.

If you need more than one copy of any product, check out Adobe volume licensing for price discounts and ease of management, plus other benefits.

CS 5.5 ships in English today, with up to 24 other languages to follow shortly – including Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish. The system specifications for all CS5.5 products are virtually identical to those for CS5.

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  1. nocturnal YL

    There are some less noticeable updates on as well. One of them is the mobile apps for Photoshop – Color Lava, Adobe Eazel and Adobe Nav. You can now visit the pages for these iPad apps.

    They are not yet available for download and I cannot find their prices. However, as with all other programs they announced but yet to be available, you can request to be notified with the links provided there.

    The other news is less noticeable (that I can’t even tell if it is news anymore) but also less relevant to our theme of design tools: ColdFusion Builder 2. Product page.

    Now please excuse me while I go have fun with the trial :)

    • Terrific comments as always YL, thank you for sharing your discoveries!

      The mobile apps for Photoshop aren’t yet available in the App Store, but are expected soon – at prices from $1.99-$4.99.

      On ColdFusion Builder 2 – you’re right that we don’t focus on it too much here, but it also shipped today:

      ColdFusion Builder 2 is the only professional IDE (integrated development environment) for quickly and easily building ColdFusion applications. Customize your development environment to improve workflow, and easily expand functionality with extensions built with ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML).

      Interestingly, the trial license there gives full feature set use for 60 days. Also, the product is completely free for education users.

      Appreciate your input and good luck with the CS5.5 trial – let us know your thoughts!

    • Follow-up: Adobe announced the three new Photoshop mobile apps this morning!

      Read more in the email they sent to customers.

  2. i am really looking forward getting the new features to develop for smartphones and tablets! i missed the features in cs5

  3. Tom Tcimpidis

    I have Creative Suite 5 Design Premium bought in February 2011. I understand that I may be eligible for a free upgrade to 5.5 but can’t find any information on it anywhere. Can someone shed some light on this please?

  4. nocturnal YL

    My CS5.5 trial period is almost over. The new features in some of the tools are pretty neat indeed. I have only used what I do regularly use though. Here is what I think of the tools I did use, some quick reviews:

    Flash Professional CS5.5:

    The changes in Flash are very obvious (more so than CS4 to CS5 in some areas), with a lot of its dialog boxes revamped. You can now set the document dimensions and frame rate right within the New dialog box, and the Publish Settings dialog box gives more options for the image (GIF/JPEG/PNG) outputs, and is much easier to understand now.

    You can now resize the contents along with the movie itself when changing the document size, which is pretty much wanted as a feature since FutureSplash. It would be even better if this could update the ActionScript codes that sets the objects’ positions and sizes, but at least you no longer need to resize everything manually on the stage.

    Autosave is now supported, although you may want to continue making manual backups since it doesn’t save to new backup copies. Performance-wise, the much-complained font dropdown loading speed improved quite a lot to me, and the program in overall seems a bit faster. It does take more memory than CS5.0, which is something you may want to know, but it’s not something increasing virtual memory can’t solve.

    Fireworks CS5.1: (not a full release, but worth commenting on)

    I use Fireworks mostly as an easy-to-use image editor that supports a bit of everything, which explains why I seemed to be paying attention to this tool before. As the Fireworks team’s blog suggested, two of its improvements are notifying the user when it is running out of memory and suggest to close saved documents (which is incredibly useful if you tend to open multiple documents at once like I do), and producing smoother gradients when exporting to 8-bit images (which it does indeed do a good job on).

    Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an option to disable the “running low on memory” dialog. With enough virtual memory, Fireworks won’t crash anyway; but it still shows the dialog box as long as I run out of physical memory, which I don’t have much of. And I actually kind of miss the hilarious old dialog that occasionally shows up and displays “An internal error occurred” twice. It was there ever since Fireworks 4 (or before, but I never crashed Fireworks 2 or 3).

    Audition CS5.5:

    My favorite change in the suite, since unlike the other tools, this one is completely new. Keep in mind that this is a new entry – it is not Soundbooth, and it is not Audition 1 – 3. A staff member posted the story behind this new Audition. Basically, this version was planned ever since the other teams were making CS3, but did not have the chance to surface because the old Audition was indeed a strong tool with so many functions and it would take a long time to port it to the Mac.

    I have never used the old Audition, and as an occasional Soundbooth user I like this new Audition a lot. It still has the familiar interface Soundbooth has, and as you would expect, functions strangely left out of Soundbooth (like “reversing” sounds”) are now here. I am not a sound professional, nor do I use sound tools often, but playing around showed that Audition has a lot to offer for Soundbooth users. My only complaint would be its heightened point product retail price since Adobe no longer sells Soundbooth.

    Other observations:

    Media Encoder CS5.5 gets a completely new interface, and there are more presets to choose from. As expected, Device Central is updated too and, interestingly, attempting to use it to launch Captivate will result in a “Captivate 5.5 not installed” error.

    I tried a bit of Premiere Pro’s audio synchronization capabilities, and it is pretty good. I did not have the chance to try Dreamweaver and InDesign in terms of new functionality since I don’t deal with the new formats they output to (HTML5 and renewed EPUB output capabilities), and unfortunately, I don’t know how to use After Effects, Flash Builder or Flash Catalyst.

    It’s been fun trying all this stuff out. I’m looking forward to CS6 – and CS6.5 if there is one.

  5. I cannot find after effects in the suite.
    However, i love photoshop and the new features.