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Adobe Photoshop Elements Tutorials: A Free 3-Hour Video Course

Watch Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 Free Tutorials

We’ve previously covered 30 hours of free video tutorials for Adobe’s Creative Suite 6, as well as four hours for Lightroom 4 – so here are some helpful (and free) new learning resources for the just-released Elements 11 product line

Because Elements 11 has an all-new intuitive editing environment with a revamped Organizer plus other new features, the content here doesn’t carry well to older versions of Photoshop Elements.  However, we do also have a page still available with several hours of free tutorials for PSE 10 & 9 and earlier.

In the brand new course given below, the experts share how to get started with Photoshop Elements 11, the basics of the software, new features, how to use key tools and functions, plus their favorite tips and techniques. In sum, there is nearly 3 hours of free training video, with 33 separate chapters.

Most modern cameras now also take great videos in addition to photos, so Photoshop Elements is well-integrated with Premiere Elements for video editing – and since many people use the tools together, we’ve also included links for over two hours of free tutorials for learning how to use Premiere Elements 11.

If you need a copy of Photoshop or Premiere Elements 11 to get going right away, just download the free trials and they will work fully for 30 calendar days, which should be plenty of time to get through the classes. Note at the bottom of this page, you’ll also find quick demos of the two programs.

[ And after watching these, hop over and download almost 200 pages of free Elements 11 e-books for more on how to best use these new tools. ]

Learn Adobe Photoshop Elements 11
Play Now »
01New and cool in Adobe Photoshop Elements 119:44
02Importing photos and videos from a previous version3:17
03What is Photoshop Elements 11?7:31
04The new Photoshop Elements 11 user interface7:10
05Simple fixes with Photoshop Elements 113:21
06The improved SmartBrush in Elements 114:10
07Introducing new Guided Edits in Photoshop Elements 115:07
08Sorting and organizing basics in Elements 117:40
09New ways to view: Media, People, Places, and Events5:22
10New Blur effects in Photoshop Elements 115:49
11Simply share with Photoshop Elements 116:54
12Perfect group shots with Photoshop Elements 114:51
13Working with High Key images8:50
14Creating dynamic effects with Low Key images3:29
15Adding actions to speed up editing Tasks5:19
16Marking Places in Media3:46
17Working in Quick Edit mode6:15
18Cropping in Photo Fix5:00
19Working with layers9:02
20Applying a vignette in Guided Edit3:14
21Working with catalogs4:30
22Organizing by events3:36
23Importing photos from your camera4:58
24Grouping photos into albums6:16
25Keyword tagging4:19
26Creating projects2:39
27Creating greeting cards in Photoshop Elements 113:10
28Creating reflections6:13
29Adding an Out of Bounds effect5:36
30Creating a perfect portrait4:54
31Marking faces in photos4:34
32Converting a catalog from previous versions2:18
33Working with Adobe Revel3:36

This extensive series was produced by Adobe in partnership with top training sites and video2brain.

Bonus: Quick Demos of the Elements 11 Product Family

Do you have any questions about Photoshop Elements 11?  Just ask them below and we’ll get you answers fast!

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  1. Taff Greeves

    Is there a tool/tutorial that will tilt a photo front to rear? IE, if a photo has a person who appears to be leaning back, is it possible to straighten it up?

    Taff G

  2. Taff Greeves

    Thank you for your prompt answer.

    I have a photo in which the person appears to be leaning backwards and wonder if it is possible to straighten him up a touch. If so how?

    I am a complete novice with Elements 11. I am 74 yrs old and trying to keep my mind active.


    • Good for you Taff! You (like all of us) have to walk before you can run – so first, start off with the free PSE tutorials above to get your feet wet, and learn how to use the basics of Photoshop Elements. Then check out the two links in the last sentence of our previous comment, and see if those help achieve your specific goal.

  3. Norman Parke

    I am using PE 11 and really thrilled with it.

    However, I am still at the basic stage and I have a problem which I am hoping you can assist me with ???

    I have photographed a very old Black and White Map in the RAW format, so I can enlarge it and make a large wall print feature.

    The problem is, the map has become stained with aging and while I have tried all the tricks I know of to remedy this, the results are very poor.

    Are you able to help me in any way ???

    I read your emails regularly and find your advice to be excellent.

    Norman Parke.

  4. Taff Greeves

    Will do and catch you later.


  5. Sue

    I have PSE 11 and for some reason, it will not save new color swatches made. Any suggestions or what can I do?
    Thank you!

  6. Barbara

    I purchased Elements 11 six months ago and am still pulling my hair. I have an old PC that is slowly dying and on it I have Elements 6. Can work Elements 6 with my eyes shut, in particular, open a blank page, resize it and crop photos, then move them to the blank page, save and print. I can not do this with 11, can find the blank page, but can’t move it so I can see my chosen cropped photos, then place them on the page. Really frustrating. Have Elements removed this feature? HELP.

  7. Barbara

    Sorry, forgot to mention, my Elements 11 is for Mac, Changed from PC to Mac because of their iPhoto programme, thought it did more than it does, its great for standard size photos, but it won’t let me resize and place on a blank page either. I’m an old scrapbooker hence the odd sizes of photos that I want to print.

    Also, while I have an expert to help, my Photoshop Elements 11 rolls while I am looking at photos, I go to click on a photo to enlarge it to check it out, then the screen rolls. Is there a problem with this particular element ?

    Again many thanks in anticipation of help.


    • Hey there Barbara, very sorry to hear you’re having difficulties, and wish we could offer some good suggestions – but we are not sure why you can’t do what you describe, it all sounds very reasonable.

      In any version of Photoshop or Elements you should be able to easily open multiple images, resize/crop, and copy and paste between them. We do it every day here, although we use Photoshop CC and not Elements – but you still should be able to do those basic things with what you have.

      Also, not sure what you mean by “the screen rolls,” never heard of it. Are you sure your computer is okay?

  8. Gina Manriquez

    I have a PC. Photoshop Elements 12 freezes when I click the photo bin or organizer. If you can’t help where can I get help, it’s very frustrating.

    Thanks Gina

  9. George Ayow

    I am a retired senior and not good at all with computer stuff.

    My 40th anniversary gift computer came with Adobe Photoshop Elements 11.

    I made a photo slideshow with music of my grandkids. It is okay but I saw another person’s photo slideshow and the photos were moving and in different motions while the music played.

    My question? how do I add motion to all 50 photos in my slideshow?

    Thanks for helping, as it seems very confusing to me.


    • Greetings George, we’d suggest checking out Adobe’s free online manual for the version of Elements that you have… There you can find everything you need to know about how to use the slide show function for your release.

      You can even download your manual as a full PDF guide that you can keep on your computer or tablet for handy future reference and easy searching.

  10. Barbara Collins

    I have listened to multiple instructions on videos from the internet showing how to get rid of a double chin. Some of the commands, etc., do not show as stated on Photoshop 11. Please help me — I need a step by step or blow by blow description on what to do to get rid of a double chin. I am making a scrapbook for a member of the family and it is imperative I can make one of the photographs more flattering to this individual.

  11. Kim

    I bought Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 three years ago and never installed it. Now, I am going to scan and save A LOT of pictures. I must be able to type something below each picture (i.e., name, place, date). Does Photoshop ElementS 11 do this? I watched the “organizing” clip, but it doesn’t specifically say I can type something under a photo.

  12. Hi
    Re: PhotoShop Elements

    I want to use an online printer company to print my promotional flyers etc. sites state that the up-loaded artwork must be: CMYK / pdf / 150dpi / scale and I would need to be able to create a 3mm bleed.

    Please could you tell me if this is achievable with the current or any versions of “Elements”?

    Thank you
    Howard Jones

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