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Download Free Photoshop/Premiere Elements 11 Books (185 Pages)

[UPDATE (Sept. 2015)Elements 14 is here! These books still work for the new version.]

Just out and completely free! Download the new Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 Guide and Premiere Elements 11 Guide ebooks, together containing 22 chapters and 185 pages of visual tutorials and feature how-to’s, and both 100% gratis for personal use…

Free eBook! Download the New Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 Guide

These e-books are great overviews and introductions to the Elements 11 tools, and cover a good deal of helpful material for getting started with the products or picking up more skills and techniques if you’re already familiar. Each volume is a collection of techni­cal lessons for learning how to best use the popular programs.

The downloads are 7.5 MB (PSE) and 5.5 MB (PRE) in size, in PDF format (get the free and better Adobe Reader XI, if you haven’t done so yet). All you need to do to activate the ebook downloads is sign in with your Adobe ID (which is easy to create if you haven’t already got one).

If you don’t yet own Elements 11, just download the fully-working trial from Adobe to run it for free for 30 days. Some of the training in the book will be relevant for older versions of Elements as well, although if you need them we’ve also got older ebooks for Elements 9/10.

See our Elements 11 Launch Review for more details on the new products and included features. If you currently have an older version of the software, check out this chart with the comparison of differences between Photoshop Elements 11 vs. 10 vs. 9 vs. 8 vs. 7.

Or, if you prefer to learn by video training instead, don’t miss these three hours of free video tutorials for Photoshop Elements 11, or alternatively these free tuts for Photoshop Elements 10 & 9.  There’s also two hours of free how-to videos for Premiere Elements 11.

Here below are the tables of contents and the access links for the free books… enjoy!

And to continue learning, don’t miss dozens more free books for many Adobe products, covering recent versions of all major applications.

Download the Free eBook: Adobe PSE 11 Guide and Tutorial

Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 Guide


  1. Overview of Photoshop Elements workspace
  2. How to add and modify text
  3. How to apply filters
  4. How to create and share a slideshow
  5. How to create collages and photo books
  6. How to create shapes
  7. How to draw
  8. How to enhance a photo
  9. How to export to print and web
  10. How to make selections
  11. How to retouch a photo
  12. How to rotate, level, crop, and size a photo
  13. How to use layers

Download the Free eBook: Adobe PRE 11 Guide and Tutorial

Adobe Premiere Elements 11 Guide


  1. Overview of Premiere Elements workspace
  2. How to add titles
  3. How to add transitions
  4. How to add video effects
  5. How to edit clips
  6. How to import video
  7. How to share video
  8. How to work with audio
  9. Podcasting

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Do you have any questions about Photoshop/Premiere Elements?  Just ask them below and we’ll get you answers fast!

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Free! Download 10 Professional, Royalty-Free Adobe Stock Images of Your Choice
  1. Callie

    hi i have a quick question,

    i was wondering with the adobe photoshop elements 11, would i be able to take a person in the picture and put a different background in? or add like special effects to the person, such as wings or something similar?

    thank you

  2. Harrison

    I heard about the Creative Cloud and I heard that Adobe Lightroom was included in it. Is Photoshop or Premiere Elements also contained in it?

  3. Stacey

    I am new to Premiere Elements 11 . . . made a trial video. When I try to pull my project up it states the media is offline. I am clueless as what to do. I did try to locate files (photos) and see them in my organizer. When I try to play back my project, the music is there but my images have been replaced with a red background with another language (not English) written over it.
    Not sure what to do.

  4. Bruce

    Hi, I tried to download the Elements 11 guides and it doesn’t work. It says I need to sign in with Adobe ID, but every time I click on the “Sign In” button it just comes back to the same page that requires you to sign in to get the download button/link. Yet, if I go to home adobe page I can sign in, but still the other page for Elements downloads says I need to sign in and then won’t let me sign in. ???????????????????????

  5. Bruce

    I tried it again later and finally this time it worked ok!

  6. Melody Myers

    I need the instruction manual for Premiere Elements 12, so I can download it.

  7. Garry

    Hi Team

    Thanks for the great resources, I love many of your free Adobe books.

    I am however having trouble downloading the one for Elements (A technical guide) here on this page. It doesn’t seem to want to play ball. I thought I’d already have Reader but it comes up with a big sign saying best to open this in Adobe Reader-Download now. I downloaded it, clicked the link again and I get the same page every time.

    Any help is appreciated


    • Hi Garry, glad you like them!

      It may be trying to open the Elements books in your web browser, after downloading… But these files are PDF Portfolios which cannot be viewed in your browser – and if you try, it may direct you to the Adobe Reader download web page.

      In order to access these tutorials, you need to save the file to your Desktop (or somewhere else on your computer) and then open the file with Adobe Reader to view the contents. If you have already downloaded it and it is still not working then please let us know.

      Thanks for your question and hope you get a lot out of all the free books!

  8. Bob Kelly

    I was told I would get free downloadable books after getting Photoshop and Premiere 14 but only see 11 here. Is there a newer version of these books?

  9. Bob Kelly


    I guess “told” was the wrong word to use. I read it while looking through the web info given me after buying those 2 products and made the assumption that they would be for the versions I had.

    Thanks for your answer, I will get the books you say are still good for my version.