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Any Problems Downloading or Installing Adobe CS5 or CS5.5?

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Any Problems Downloading or Installing Adobe CS5 or CS5.5?


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237 thoughts on “Any Problems Downloading or Installing Adobe CS5 or CS5.5?”

  1. I am trying to load Adobe CS5 Design Premium and it gets to 99% complete and then it tells me to close Internet Explorer. IE is not open and it does not show in my task manager. I have tried to get “Chat Live” they had no clue except to mess around with all of my settings and deleted a lot of my settings on my computer. Called into Tech Support 3x and was on hold for over 1 hr each time and 2 times got through and ironically when I told them that I was working with “Chat Live” and they didn’t know what to do, they hung up on me. I am not happy that I cannot load this software and as I can tell my laptop is only 5 months old with windows 7 and IE8. All updates are done and nothing works. Can someone please help?

    • Hello Sunshine, sorry to hear of your difficulties… If you’re having troubles with the download, here are a few options for you:

      1. Try downloading Adobe CS5 direct, without using the Akamai Download Manager (which causes problems for some folks).

      2. Try a different browser than IE, like Firefox or Chrome – both of which are arguably better than IE.

      3. Order the Adobe discs (installation DVDs) via mail, instead of downloading.

      4. Try all the other things suggested in the article above, if you haven’t already.

      Good luck and hope these help!

  2. @ProDesignTools
    I am not downloading from the internet I am loading…installing from disc. I bought them from adobe for college. It gets to 99% complete then asks me to close any applications in internet explorer like iexplore.exe. I go to task manager and nothing is open. I closed down everything on my antivirus software and went into msconfig and made changes so nothing would run via internet. Closed search bars etc. Shut down, booted up and ran it. Same thing. It seems this is an issue with this cs5 version from what I am reading on the net. I have windows 7 64 bit. Help is greatly appreciated as this is very frustrating!

    • Very strange… We have never heard of anything like that, nor is there much of anything about that installation message online – so it may be some sort of peculiarity with your computer or configuration.

      There are several Adobe employees who monitor these comments; perhaps they might have something to offer or suggest come Monday…

      One possibility to try in the interim, if you so desire, would be to get the free downloadable trial of that product and try installing that. Because the trials come direct from Adobe’s servers, you would be getting the latest update of the software, with all current fixes and patches already built in beforehand – and that could possibly make a difference versus the DVDs you have.

      The trial software works the same as the full boxed versions – so if it successfully installs, you can just enter your purchased serial number to permanently activate your CS5 Design Premium.

      Anyway, just a thought and an idea to consider while you’re watching the big game. ;)

  3. Thanks for the information. Unfortunately ADOBE seems to NOT want to help me at all. Since I have tried to load this software I tried live chat and that person I “very reluctantly” gave access to my computer and that person had no clue at all and was just going into my files and doing a lot of nothing. Then I asked for his supervisor and he never told me that the “floor supervisor” was on under the same login name and then this person finally told me he has been on my computer. Needless to say that was a little sneaky I do believe. The floor supervisor really didn’t know either and he then decided to go in and change all of my internet settings back to default (I was soo mad) I told him not too and he did anyway. He then was going to go into other setting and change them and then I told him via chat to get out of my stuff that he didn’t know what he was doing and he was just changing all of my settings to default settings. He told me I accepted to give him access to troubleshoot my computer and that he could do to it what he wanted. Nope I stopped the chat right there.

    Now, I call in to Technical Support after being on hold for about 48 minutes I get a technical support rep. start to tell him the issue and he hangs up on me within 5 minutes of talking to him. Now at this point I am wondering what is going on.

    The next night I call into technical support and am on hold for over 1 hr. I tell the TS Rep what is going on and he asks me what I need him to do. I then again explained where I was after trying to go online and find any information that I could. After being on the phone with him for about 10 minutes he hangs up on me. Okay now what is Adobe employees doing? Obviously not customer service/technical support satisfaction.

    So I call back and am on hold for about 45 mintues and during this time I go to live chat and that person tells me he cannot help me because he is a CSR and I have to call technical support Monday. I told him I was on hold (music playing) and he tells me to hang up because they are closed. Oh, now I am furious.

    No results, no suggestions, no resolutions. Does Adobe really know what to do? Maybe this is why they keep hanging up on me.

    I cannot do the trial because I already had that loaded onto my computer. So now what? I don’t know what to do, Adobe TS or CSR’s don’t know what to do. I get no answers they hang up on me…and so on….

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated as I am a very very frustrated customer, student and cannot do my coursework for my online college course.

    I am amazed that this has never ever happened in adobe history!

    I am actually trying to troubleshoot my software (all day that is) and chose not to watch the game because I have to get this loaded one way or another.

    However, I appreciate you taking the time to respond to me and please wish me luck!

    • Very sorry to hear of your travails, Sunshine… We’ve had numerous contacts with Adobe customer support, usually via chat, and have never had any difficulty – although it wasn’t with an unusual problem like the one you’re running into.

      If you scroll back to the first page of comments on this article, you’ll see that Adobe’s VP of Engineering for the Creative Suite left his direct email address along with the comment, “if you don’t get a satisfactory answer [from Adobe Support with CS5 issues], please email me.”

      So that might be a fruitful avenue to pursue if you’re still having no luck.

      Lastly, on the question of trials – you definitely can download, install, and run the free trial if you like – provided you have a purchased serial number (which you do).

      The question of already having had the product installed on your computer only comes up if someone wanted to attempt to run a free trial period again… But since you have a valid serial number to convert the trial to permanent right away, it’s fine.

      Not saying that will necessarily solve your problem (uninstalling boxed and reinstalling trial), but it might be something to try. Please let us know how it’s going – thanks!

  4. Hi @Sunshine,
    I had problems like that too, so I decided the heck with the discs and downloaded the trial CS5 Master Suite. I did not want all my failed attempts to count as installation on multiple PCs. Since you did that already, perhaps you should uninstall and re-download it. When I went to run it, it asked if I wanted to try or register, I selected “register.” I did not have to enter my serial number. To my surprise, when I opened Dreamweaver, it went right into the program. When I went online into my Adobe account, the serial number for the suite was in there. So I don’t know what the problem was, but it is loaded and I am using it. I am going to buy the trial discs since the online links go away once a new version comes out. Good Luck and I hope this works for you.

    • Thank you so much Estelle for taking the time to follow up and offer your valuable input towards a solution… Our first instinct was also to try downloading and installing the current free trial instead of using the factory CS5 disks, but it was just a hunch and we didn’t have a confirmation that it would work…

      And here you’ve verified that this indeed could have a strong likelihood to solve the problem. Thanks again!

  5. Hi Estelle,

    I greatly appreciate your comments. First of all I did not know that failed attempts would count against me in any way. I do not think Adobe told me that at all. I fully understand what everyone is saying about loading the trial version. However, I was running the free trial version and others in my class had more options to utilize than I did even though Adobe “says” it is the same. Others in my class had the same problem too and when we are trying to learn it, that doesn’t help. We were totally lost on what people were commenting on finally we realized we were the only ones on the trial version.

    This is an Adobe issue that they need to get resolved and refuse to continue the help on this with me. I certainly would NOT purchase the disks for the issue not being resolved. We pay enough for this software and my feeling is “Adobe need to get it resolved and get us the solution.” I am computer literate and my husband is a certified in microsoft and dell. So with all of this people think I am being a hard head but I am just trying to show that I am a true american that would like the respect and either tell me what is wrong and get it resolved. I do not believe for one minute that I am the only person in the entire world that buys this software with this exact problem. However, I do appreciate your comments. Im just not a softie. I am unemployed and have been since 2008 when the company that I worked for went bankrupt, and I deal with people that have a job obviously I speak to them when they don’t hang up on me, and I feel I should get the respect and resolution from them.

    As for the reply to Estelle, “And here you’ve verified that this indeed could have a strong likelihood to solve the problem. Thanks again!” This is not a resolution, this is a cover up for Adobe to not resolving the issue! Sorry those are my feelings and I will stand by them. I want a resolution, not do it this way because we cannot figure it out. Thank you so much to all!

    • Sunshine, sorry again for your experience. No one here is employed by Adobe and we are just trying to help you out and get past the issue… Unfortunately no software from any manufacturer is ever perfect on all of the countless possible computer configurations in the world, and Creative Suite 5 is no exception.

      If there was some kind of bug or glitch with the interaction between your system and the disks you purchased, the software is “baked” on the DVDs at the time of manufacture and nothing can change that. Only an updated version could have the chance to work around it, and that is what we are trying to suggest to help get the product installed as quickly as possible and move on – which is hopefully the most important part.

      As for the difficulties you had with Adobe Customer Service, and helping Adobe to understand your product installation roadblocks, we’d go with the suggestions in our previous responses.

      Thanks again and good luck!

  6. Hello, I would like to report that finally I got a live person at Adobe that was very helpful. She took the time to listen to me and make sure I got all the answers I needed. She had never run across the issue that I was having which was once I went to install CS5 from DVD it would only go to 99% complete and tell me I had to shut all applications being run by internet explorer (iexplorer.exe). She worked through it with me and realized she had to go to level 2 support (her supervisor) and that her supervisor told her that this software is completely installed at 95% and that this is an issue running on Windows 7 64-bit… yepper back to Microsoft Windows 7.

    I was very specific with her as she was me. She went through the program log files with me and we looked it over closely and everything looked good. We were on the phone for 2 hrs and 32 minutes today. A special thank you to her, who helped me understand everything and agreed with me that I was in the right to want to know everything that has been discussed in this posting. Thank you to those who tried to help me in this posting. Also, for anyone running Windows 7 64-bit – it is known that some programs may kick out things like this that look like errors or issues, but there is always a way to get answers!

    Thank you!

    • Great Sunshine, really glad it worked out for you… So it sounds like everything actually installed OK then, even though it spat out that odd error message near the end – good to know!

      Thanks for following up and circling back here, so the next person who has the same problem can benefit for the time that you and Adobe spent to get to the bottom of it – really appreciate that, and it will definitely save other visitors some heartache from being concerned, even though the software actually installed fine.

      Enjoy your new product!

  7. Certainly, with my great intentions that is my goal always to help others. I am just a straightforward person but more than willing to help others in a positive manner.

    It actually is not considered an error, just a malfunction with Microsoft Windows 7 – 64 bit.

    Please feel free to put this in its own category, and it could be listed under a search like:

    loading CS5 from DVD on windows 7 64-bit pc
    installing CS5 from DVD, close all internet explorer applications running (iexplore.exe).

    Always welcome and glad to circle back here and help all out.

    Yes, it was all installed fine according to the program log files. I have not used the software yet but I am ready to do so and see how it all works out. I will be using illustrator and photoshop the most for my degree.

    She also suggested that if I am running a program and it an application isn’t running correctly to go to http://WWW.ADOBE.COM and in the search bar type UPDATE CS5 and it should kick out any updates for the software you put in for.

    I also suggested that adobe put this out there somewhere, because I couldn’t find it anywhere and I searched for a long long time.

    Again Thank You! and Good luck to anyone else that comes across this and hopefully this will help and work for you!

  8. @Sunshine,
    I’m not sure I fully buy the statement that the complaint about IE running is some kind of Windows 7 issue. I work for Adobe handling escalated cases and creating documentation for self-help. I’d like to get to the bottom of this case. Do you have a case # that you could share with me so I can review the notes?


  9. Matthew, may I ask you what your connection is with this site or any other site? I was wondering out of all of the Windows 7 issues why I was the only one complaining about this?

  10. @Sunshine, the SAME thing happened to me today. Tried to install and I got to about 1%…then received a message saying I had 86 errors. I went to the online chat room for Adobe and their “specialist” played around on my computer doing who knows what! Then we were disconnected. Then I called and ended up being on hold for an hour!

    I am so frustrated because I am taking a class and need this program.
    I am thinking about going to Best Buy and have the Geek Squad help (if they can).

  11. @PShopStudent
    My computer got to 99% completed but it did not give me “errors”, it told me I had to close all iexplore.exe files. I finally got in touch with adobe at around noon est. I got a gal and she took her time with me. The first thing I asked her “can I give you my name and number to call me back on if we get disconnected”… she said “I would be put into a queue to be called back” but thankfully I didn’t get disconnected.

    Did you go to adobe’s troubleshoot – there is something about checking your program logs and it will show you all of the errors. Oh another thing is she had me create another user with full administration privileges and loaded the second cd, otherwise that won’t load right if you are on windows 7 (64bit). Good luck!

  12. @Sunshine
    It took the customer support agent over 2 hours to fix that? You could have opened Task Manager, hit Processes tab, and closed iexplore.exe in less than 1 minute. Granted, you may not be familiar with Task Manager, but surely somebody paid to know about computers should know this?
    Glad you got it sorted in the end!

    • Hey there Casey, actually the issue is that message would show up, but you couldn’t delete IE in Task Manager.

      That was the challenge of the problem, and the apparent answer is that nonetheless the CS5 installation fully completed and is still OK regardless.

      Thanks for your input and chiming in.

      PS @Sunshine, if you want further follow-up from Adobe, just leave a comment with your case number for @Matthew above, who works in advanced support for Adobe (or email it to us and we’ll pass it along).

  13. @CaseyJones
    Hey Casey, Yes it took 2 hrs and 32 minutes for the tech to take care of my issue at which I must say now I do NOT think it is fixed. As I have been working in illustrator and photoshop and have an issue being able to select objects and functions.

    I am familiar and computer Literate and my husband is certified in Dell and Microsoft. The process tab showed iexplorer.exe at which is what we had tried to delete (as that is the one they asked for) but it would NOT let us delete it. The woman was very helpful and tried a lot of things but just couldn’t find anything. She assured me by a level II supervisor that it was installed 100% correctly and we looked in the program logs and found no errors with codes. I still have not been fully trustworthy of this but have been trying it out.

    So all in all I don’t think it is correctly installed.

  14. @ProDesignTools
    Yes I will try to get the case number to Matthew as I think they withdrew it from my account at where I can see it. However, it is not working correctly as to what I can tell now.

    So Matthew, I will be forwarding and email here to get you the case number. If I cannot get to the number, how do you want me to get you the info to figure this out.

    I appreciate your response. Sorry I missed that you worked for Adobe. It would be great to find out what the “real” issue is.


  15. We just received the following email from Adobe – so hopefully this issue has now been fully resolved… Thank you to everyone!

    Thanks for the connection. Looks like Sunshine has her apps working correctly and we installed all the updates without errors.

    I believe the complaint at the end of the install was in response to IE being running while the Flash Player sub-installer was trying to complete. However, I’ve confirmed the most recent version is installed and working correctly.

    She’s got my numbers and will look out for any unexpected behaviors and contact me if she finds anything.

    Matthew @ Adobe

  16. Guys kindly advice on how I go about ending the problem below, I need simple solution and direct one.
    If one has an executable file to run before I re install this program that will be fine with me..

    Exit Code: 7

    ————————————– Summary ————————————–
    – 0 fatal error(s), 26 error(s), 25 warning(s)
    WARNING: OS requirements not met for {C79312BD-3E76-4474-A10C-1435D1856A4B}
    WARNING: Payload cannot be installed due to dependent operation failure
    WARNING: Payload cannot be installed due to dependent operation failure

    ERROR: The following payload errors were found during install:
    ERROR: – Adobe CSXS Infrastructure CS5: Install failed
    ERROR: – Microsoft_VC90_ATL_x86: Install failed
    ERROR: – Adobe Media Player: Install failed
    ERROR: – SiteCatalyst NetAverages: Install failed
    ERROR: – Microsoft_VC90_CRT_x86: Install failed
    ERROR: – DeviceCentral_DeviceCentral3LP-en_GB: Install failed
    ERROR: – Adobe Player for Embedding: Install failed
    ERROR: – AdobeHelp: Install failed
    ERROR: – Adobe ReviewPanel CS5: Install failed
    ERROR: – Microsoft_VC90_MFC_x86: Install failed
    ERROR: – CSXS Story Extension: Install failed
    ERROR: – Suite Shared Configuration CS5: Install failed
    ERROR: – Adobe Linguistics CS5: Install failed
    ERROR: – DeviceCentral: Failed due to Language Pack installation failure
    ERROR: – Adobe CSXS Extensions CS5: Install failed
    ERROR: – HIL Help Search: Install failed
    ERROR: – Adobe Dreamweaver CS5: Failed due to Language Pack installation failure
    ERROR: – Microsoft_VC80_MFC_x86: Install failed
    ERROR: – Microsoft_VC80_CRT_x86: Install failed
    ERROR: – Microsoft_VC80_MFCLOC_x86: Install failed
    ERROR: – Adobe Dreamweaver CS5_AdobeDreamweaver11en_USLanguagePack: Install failed
    ERROR: – Adobe Extension Manager CS5: Install failed
    ERROR: – AdobeJRE: Install failed
    ERROR: – Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit CS5: Install failed
    ERROR: – Adobe AIR: Install failed

  17. Hi, I downloaded CS5 Master for my mac (5.6 gigs and 3 hours later), i opened the folder and the INSTALL folder is red with a line through it and it wont even allow me to install. suggestions please.

  18. Thanks for getting back to me, but that didnt work… very frustrating and unusual, i just want to try out a few of the programs…
    when i get info (on the actual installer) only ‘owner’ and ‘group’ are highlighted and they both reflect me…
    any other suggestions would be appreciated.

    • What could be the likeliest explanation (given strange symptoms like those): If your download took that long (3 hours), it’s possible it got corrupted in some fashion en route… Was it a generally reliable fast connection? (not Wi-Fi)

      These are large files as you discovered, and download managers can help if your connection is less fast or reliable. But if you don’t want to try downloading again, just order the trial DVDs instead from Adobe, which just cost shipping and handling – and overall may be easier and less time-consuming.

  19. one additional note that may help diagnose; once i double-click the installer, it reads, “you cannot open the application ‘install’ because it is not supported on this system.”
    i’m rather sure i downloaded the mac version. it is called “MasterCollection_CS5_LS1.dmg”

  20. @ CaseyJones
    @ Sunshine

    You know, I’ve been following this thread for so long watching the events related to your issue unfold. Now this is what I don’t get…you weren’t specific about how to fix your problem as I’m sure may others (as well as myself) have gotten the same “close explorer” message upon attempting to install dreamweaver from disc using Windows 7 and IE 8). I got 99% installed then it said “close explorer” but explorer wasn’t open and just to be sure I went to task manager and closed it. So please, if you get this can you be more specific with your solution. If anyone has else has dealt with this issue please feel free to interject.
    Anxiously awaiting>>> Brian

    • Hi Brian, the takeaway point of Sunshine’s exchanges above was that several Adobe reps confirmed her products all fully installed despite the message and phenomenon that she encountered…

      So, if you ran into something similar, you should be good.

  21. Hi,

    I’m trying to install CS5.5 Design Premium under Windows 7 on my laptop. When I finish installation, the messages show as below:

    Exit Code: 7
    ————————————– Summary ————————————–
    – 1 fatal error(s), 2 error(s), 2 warning(s)
    WARNING: DW066: OS requirements not met for {AC76BA86-1033-F400-7760-000000000005}
    WARNING: DW065: Display requirements not met for {60E59A6C-7399-495A-B85C-C829F4E59602}
    ERROR: DW020: Found payload conflicts and errors:
    ERROR: DW020: – Adobe Flash CS5.5 depends on Adobe Flash Player 10 ActiveX to be installed.
    FATAL: DW020: Conflicts were found in the selected payloads. Halting installation.

    So finally can’t finish installing Acrobat Professional 10.0.
    Please help!

    • Welcome Pat, sorry to hear you’re having problems with the CS5.5 install. Presuming you’ve already double-checked your computer against the CS5.5 system requirements, as well as tried the techniques given in the article above…

      Here’s someone who had a similar-sounding problem and later resolved it – read the thread, and then search through it for “Simon” to see the follow-up posts.

      Hope this helps!

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