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Any Problems Downloading or Installing Adobe CS5 or CS5.5?

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Any Problems Downloading or Installing Adobe CS5 or CS5.5?


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237 thoughts on “Any Problems Downloading or Installing Adobe CS5 or CS5.5?”

  1. @ Brian

    Hi Brian,

    That is what I ran into. I have windows 7 64-bit laptop. It was very frustrating for me and then someone saw my post and he actually helped me out. We went through everything possible and I am a very picky person and I question everything I possibly can think of. I asked Matt from Adobe a lot of questions and here is what we came up with. Read it carefully especially about the Flash Player sub-installer.

    I hope this helps, I was also given an icon to go into it weekly and make sure that my system is updating all the Adobe upgrades that need to be downloaded to my computer. I have been working in Photoshop and haven’t seen any issue yet. However, I do get an error about Adobe Bridge when I boot my system up but I truly forget what it says. The next time I get the error if I remember I will post it here. I don’t use Bridge right now but may start to soon.


    Thanks for the connection. Looks like Sunshine has her apps working correctly and we installed all the updates without errors.

    I believe the complaint at the end of the install was in response to IE being running while the Flash Player sub-installer was trying to complete. However, I’ve confirmed the most recent version is installed and working correctly.

    She’s got my numbers and will look out for any unexpected behaviors and contact me if she finds anything.


  2. @ Matthew


    Here is an error that I am now getting on my computer since you looked at it:

    ” Adobe Bridge

    Loading startup scripts took over 10 seconds. You can disable scripts in Preferences > Startup Scripts. “

    Wondering why I am getting this error when my computer is booted up fresh in the beginning of the day?


    • Hi Sunshine, thank you for following up and posting these comments.

      For the message with Adobe Bridge, that appears to be more informational rather than an actual error. At least, it’s talking about how long something took and not a clear indication of something breaking or not working.

      At the bottom of the page, it says:

      Known issues:
      After installing a script, while Bridge is loading, a message may appear saying, “Loading startup scripts took over 10 seconds. You can disable scripts in Preferences > Startup Scripts”.  Meanwhile, the script works as expected.

      Maybe Adobe has something more to say about it. Hope this helps.

  3. Hi, i just downloaded the flash cs5.5 trial and i saved the link to my desktop but when i try to double click the application, it gives me an error message

    16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem C:\users\my name\desktop\FLASHP~1.EXE The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction.
    Cs:0de3 IP:0115 OP:63 65 73 73
    Choose ‘close’ to terminate the application.

    • Hello Hamza, sorry you’re having difficulty with that… We’ve never seen that error message before and it doesn’t appear to be Adobe-related, rather more something with Microsoft or Windows.

      If you google the message you’ll find several thoughts on causes and solutions. Hope this helps!

  4. @Sunshine

    Ok guys so I figured out how to stop this… it was just my stab at the issue. Open up task manager, locate the iexplorer.exe right click on it and click on the ‘set affinity’ option. then after than right click on the process again, and select ‘End Process Tree’ this well dump the process from the memory and require it to attempt to restore. But none of the cores will run it as they have been set to not allow. Thus, eliminating the issue.

    The affinity will be reset once you just manually reopen the application…

  5. I am trying to install adobe photoshop cs5. First it asked me to install adobe AIR, and i have installed it… Then it asked me to install adobe Support Advisor, but whenever i run adobe support advisor it gives the message:

    “Inspection could not identify any issues. Please contact Adobe Support for further assistance.”

  6. Hi!

    I have a problem installing Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.5, the trial version from Adobe’s website.
    The message it displays says that I don’t meet the minimum requirements. My laptop is LG R380 and the specs are:

    -Intel Core 2 Duo
    -3 GB DDR3 Ram
    -320 GB Hard Disk Drive
    -Nvidia GeForce 8200M G
    -Windows 7 Home Premium Original
    -13.3 Inch HD Monitor (Resolution 1366×768)

    Please, help me in fixing this problem.

    Many thanks for your ccoperation

    • Greetings Mohammed, you may be running a 32-bit version of Windows 7… (yes, there are both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and they are different)

      Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 and After Effects CS5.5 will run only on 64-bit systems.

      See this page from Microsoft for how to determine which operating system version you are running.

      If you indeed have a 32-bit system, you can still run Premiere Pro or After Effects without upgrading or reinstalling your Windows, but it’s the CS4 version.

  7. Curious why when cs5.5 is installed on a mac to the default user everything works fine, however if another user logs into the same mac most of cs5.5 works, but many things do not with error stating couldn’t write files, etc

    • Hi Rip, haven’t seen anything like that before, but it sounds like a permissions issue between the users perhaps?

      In addition to the steps given in the article above, try this page for CS5 / CS5.5 installation troubleshooting help.

  8. I cannot get my windows 7 Ultimate 64bit to recognize an .exe file, it keeps asking me to “open” or “open with” instead of “run” or “run as” when I try to install CS5 Design Premium. Any suggestions? TY

    • Welcome Sal, that sounds quite strange – you’re certain you have an executable file with a “.exe” extension, and Windows won’t run it?

      Are you running the installation file with administrative privileges? (Right-click the file/icon and choose “Run as Administrator…”)

      If it still doesn’t work, that sounds more like a general system problem rather than anything particular with Adobe products… In which case, you’re likely to find better help for that using Google or your favorite search engine.

      Beware though, a quick googling of those terms indicates that virus infections could also possibly cause those kinds of symptoms, so please be careful and good luck!

  9. hello all, first time on your site. I have problems installing my cs5 master suite just bought it (cs5.5 will be shipped). it will not install premiere and after effects. I do meet system requirements for Macbook Pro. I have uninstalled and re-installed a couple of times. ran disk permission check etc. 34G free. Hardly any data images or documents. Same problem on brand new Mac tower. please advise.

    I am not that savvy with computer stuff. if anyone can help it has to be step-by-step please. I spent a complete 8-hour day with adobe support in overseas somewhere, they could not help even after remotely taking over my computer. I am left without resolution until monday. please help

    • Hello MKM, sorry for the trouble you’re having. What exact error message(s) are you getting? It’s not possible to diagnose without knowing what the computer is telling you about the problem.

      Also, if you’re trying to install CS5 while waiting for your upgrade to CS5.5 to arrive, why don’t you just skip CS5 altogether and go straight to downloading and installing the CS5.5 trial?

      Really that will be the best course of action for you – the CS5.5 Master Collection trial will work fully for 30 days until the box & disc physically arrive – and hopefully the same issue won’t come up with the latest and new version.

  10. Hello again, I have also tried CS5.5. No go. There has been no error messages thus far.

    I spent another day with Tech Support yesterday. We basically did everything from reinstalls several times to installing CS5.5. Consistently, we had the same problem – Premiere Pro and After Effects would not install, even though we could visually see that they are in the designated folders.

    I am expecting a call this afternoon from the Tech Support. I have a Macbook Pro with Mac OS version 10.6.8. Help

    • Thanks for your reply MKM… That’s a very strange problem that we’ve never heard of before – so at this point, there is really no resource better suited to assist you than Adobe Technical Support. Hopefully, your third day with them working hands-on will have helped to figure it out by now. If you could, please post back with any solution you find – thanks!

  11. Please, on installation of Adobe CS5, there seems to be no English option – and this has made it very difficult for me to use the software. Would like to know what to do to change my copy to English.

    • Hey there Misan, if you’re talking about a trial, then just redownload a new CS5 trial in the language you want…

      If you’re talking instead about software that you’ve already purchased, then yes – there is a procedure to change or swap the language for your copy of Creative Suite… just follow that.

      Worst case, just contact Adobe Customer Support and give them the details from the product you’ve bought, and they could be able to help. Good luck.

  12. @ProDesignTools

    Thank you for the reply. I searched and could not find anything to resolve it. I also had a friend download the CS5 Design Premium on a new Windows 7 Professional 64bit and he is having the same problem. When he, or I click on the first .exe file it asks what do you want to open this file with? It does not show the normal Adobe box icon, it just shows like a white piece of paper with the corner turned over.

    Do I need to have Adobe Download Assistant “open it”? Would that correct the problem? It seems that I have found several other people with the same problem when trying to install Adobe CS5 or CS5.5 on a Windows 7 Professional/Ultimate 64bit OS……We just cannot figure this out and we have tried everything, Thanx Sal

    • Sorry to hear that’s still hindering you Sal. Where did you download the file from? Is it the trial or the full purchased version? Are you sure the executable files that you downloaded all have the proper “.exe” extensions at the end of their file names? (this is very important)  Sometimes the extensions are dropped when files are downloaded, particularly by IE… (Microsoft Internet Explorer)

      Does the problem occur with anything else? Does clicking on other .exe files work on your system? Or is there a file association problem for opening any other programs? Have you fully scanned your system with a good antivirus & anti-malware package? Did you try any/all of the troubleshooting techniques given in the article above?

      You don’t need the Adobe Download Assistant to install any of the products, it’s only used to download them. It still sounds to us like some sort of system configuration issue you are having, especially since it’s the same exact symptom with both CS5 and CS5.5. We have not seen or heard anything or anywhere else about this sort of issue.

      Have you contacted Adobe at all about your trouble? They do monitor this thread, but it couldn’t hurt to check with Adobe Online Support.

  13. This is my second time downloading Photoshop on this PC and its not working out. When I download it from Adobe’s website, the Adobe Download Assistant comes up, I select the product, sign in, and it just hangs, like hangman saying “preparing to download”…

    Is that because I already had it on the PC, and it doesn’t want me to get it again?

  14. Hello all,

    Regarding the installation problem on MacBook Pro which is a 6-year-old machine, and in a tip-top shape (operating system 10.6.8):

    After all the help Adobe Tech Support provided, kindly, it turns out that even though I am running a 64-bit op system, it’s really is a 32-bit o/s. We tried to turn it into a 64-bit, but it would not convert.

    So, I am out of luck running Premiere Pro and After Effects on my old MacBook Pro. These two programs run only on a true 64-bit.

    • Welcome back MKM, and thank you so much for following up here to let us know what you found… That is really an unusual one, and it’s good that Adobe was able to help figure it out – but sorry to hear that your system won’t support the Creative Suite 5 video products.

      However, you could still be in luck to some extent, since Master Collection for both CS5 and CS5.5 (what you were installing) also includes the CS4 versions of After Effects and Premiere Pro, which should install and run fine on 32-bit computers.

      So, this should get you at least part way there with something to use for video tools. Thanks again and good luck!

  15. Just thought I’d chime in and say thanks. This page was my jumping off point to fixing the install of Creative Suite 5 on my PC. I’m running Window XP (with Service Pack 3) and after running the CS5 Installer I kept getting an error Code Exit 6. I found the link to the Adobe troubleshooting pages above which helped me find the logs and identify the errors I was getting. I did try following the solutions on the Adobe page concerning Code Exits 6 & 7, but they were not working for me.

    Eventually I came across the Adobe page concerning “Visual Studio runtimes install fail Creative Suite 5” – this page included instruction to manually install the Microsoft Visual Studio runtime installers. By repairing the x86 payloads this helped me with installing CS5 on a 32-bit operating system without getting install failures.

    • Hey, that’s really great to hear Marc, thanks!

      Glad to know we helped in some way to work through the difficulty you were having, and really appreciate your circling back to let us know how it turned out.

      That’s one big reason why we do this, so it’s gratifying to hear your story! Good luck with the product and please stop back anytime.

  16. Hi there, I’m an intern for a school. I was tasked to install CS5.5 Master Collection.

    My problem is that two students seem to have a trial version of the 5.5 Master Collection (which prevents the students from using other programs as well – the students also use an imaged Windows 7 x64). I know for a fact that I entered the serial key in during the install.

    I’ll try to answer any more questions to the best of my abilities as well.

    • Hey there Matt – you should just be able to convert a working installed trial version of the software into the full and permanent release simply by entering your valid purchased serial number(s)…

      If you have any difficulty with this, contact Adobe Customer Support to ascertain why your license key(s) are not working.

      If that doesn’t help or answer your question, feel free to post back – thanks.

  17. hola que tal tengo un enorme problema con adobe cs5 yo la tenia instalada sin problemas y estaba funcionando bien, pero no tenia internet, ahora que puse el internet resulta que autoaticamente me bloqueo de nuevo me dice que el numero de serie esta mal , de que forma se puede bloquear del internet el programa para no tener este problema ? ayudaaa

  18. Hi, I recently downloaded the Adobe Captivate version 5.5 to try it. I have a Mac and my operating system is OS X 10.5.8. I have installed the software under my administrator account but the problem that I’m having is that every time I want to run Captivate, it freezes at the loading window. I have uninstalled it and re-installed it 3 times and keep having the same problem. I have informed Adobe but still got no answer. So I would really appreciate if anyone can give me an idea for solving this problem.


  19. @ Sal

    I got the problem resolved by right-clicking on the “unrecognized file” and then selecting properties, and after the file description in the first input field I just added the .exe extension and it ran just fine.

    Thank You,

  20. Thank you Sal and Pro Design for helping me with this problem, the only thing is that I have a Mac with Leopard OS, and it only runs dmg files and not exe like windows.

    I already checked the link posted by Pro Design but truly I don´t understand much of what they say. What I´m going to do is try to download the Captivate 5.5 software on another computer that runs with Windows.

    Thanks! :)

  21. Trying download the CS5 trial and am getting the following error message:

    “Please close all of the following applications to continue, Adobe Updater (adobeupdater.exe).”

    Nothing except the installer is running in the task manager, and there are no exe files in the Adobe folder in my C: drive files.

    Please help. thanks

  22. Hello. I am trying to install Creative Suite 5.5 Design Premium, but getting the below error every time, even after restart:

    Exit Code: 7

    ————————————– Summary ————————————–

    – 1 fatal error(s), 2 error(s), 3 warning(s)

    WARNING: DW031: Payload:{2EBE92C3-F9D8-48B5-A32B-04FA5D1709FA} Adobe XMP Panels CS5 has been updated and has been selected for repair. The patch {42774483-D33C-46F7-8B20-FD0B1A3DAC25} Adobe XMP Panels CS5_3.1_AdobeXMPPanelsAll will be uninstalled now.

    WARNING: DW031: Payload:{3F023875-4A52-4605-9DB6-A88D4A813E8D} Camera Profiles Installer has been updated and has been selected for repair. The patch {A189C479-C7CD-4E08-8CCF-D999B68C0C71} Camera Profiles Installer_6.3_AdobeCameraRawProfile6.0All will be uninstalled now.

    WARNING: DW031: Payload:{37AB3C65-E02C-4DCF-B0E0-4C2E253D8FA3} Photoshop Camera Raw has been updated and has been selected for repair. The patch {FD58D99B-9927-4226-8E00-959A4F76BD89} Photoshop Camera Raw_6.3_AdobeCameraRaw6.0All will be uninstalled now.

    ERROR: DW020: Found payload conflicts and errors:

    ERROR: DW020: – Adobe Flash CS5.5 depends on Adobe Flash Player 10 ActiveX to be installed.

    FATAL: DW020: Conflicts were found in the selected payloads. Halting installation.

  23. Hello. I tried uninstalling everything, and then reinstalling. Also, ran the Cleaner tool. I was able to install Design Premium, but I had to uninstall Production Premium first. Then when I try to reinstall Production Premium, I get the same error. I am trying to load both Production Premium and Design Premium.

    It seems that if I have one installed, I can’t install the other. Is there a way to install both?

    • Sorry you’re still having difficulties Gabe. In theory you should be able to install both CS5.5 suites, and they would be complementary – with the second installer not reinstalling what was already on your machine from the first one. But, not sure why you would have both of those suites, instead of just Master Collection – which includes everything and is essentially the same result.

      Have you been through all the suggestions in the article above? Also review this General Installation Troubleshooting section from the Adobe Knowledgebase.

      Also, if you’re attempting this from disc, you could try installing using the trial downloads instead – which would be more up to date. Then, if you’ve already purchased the serial number(s), that could be used to permanently activate the trial(s).

  24. so after putting off downloading PS for so long, i decided to do it this week. i had a little trouble getting it to download at first but i figured it out, but i stumbled upon another problem, again -.-

    this time, after i double clicked photoshop_12_1_LS1.exe then clicked run, it told i need to specify a folder for extraction of some files, or it will make one for me…ok… so i just clicked next. then i got an error message = =

    “A problem occurred while extracting the archive. Please try downloading the Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 again.”

    help me please :(


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