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The 2015 Release of Adobe CC (Creative Cloud) is Here on June 16th

Learn More About the Free Online Adobe CC 2015 Launch Event in Germany

[UPDATE (June 16th)Adobe CC 2015 is now shipping! You can instantly download it here.]

Thanks to some confirmed information from Europe, now know when Adobe will be launching the new CC 2015 release of creative tools:


16 June 2015 at 09:00 – 17:00 CEST (UTC +02:00)

The Creative Cloud 2015 Event – Enjoy live all that’s new to #CreativeCloud and let yourself be inspired. It’s a must for every creative: A whole day with inspiration, exciting news, first-class speakers and valuable tips! On to the big Adobe event in Berlin!

Those who can not be present here: We will stream and record live sessions. You can find more information about the webcast below.

Whether on-site or via live stream: Register now, mark the date and do not miss anything! #CCnext #Makeit #CreativeCloud #Berlin

The line-up of speakers and sessions is impressive and runs all day. The keynote address starts at 10:00 CEST / 8:00 GMT (see the hour in your timezone) , when Adobe vice president of engineering Winston Hendrickson together with Adobe Evangelists Rufus Deuchler and Michael Chaize will be unveiling the new Creative Cloud 2015 release.

Update: Here is the complete Adobe Keynote video for the release of CC 2015!

Importantly, you can choose whether the new CC 2015 applications will replace or overwrite any previous versions you have installed on your computer, or you can install and run them side-by-side with earlier software such as the current CC 2014, as well as any older CS release(s). Subscribers can decide when to upgrade, as well as when or if to uninstall any prior tools. Meanwhile, Adobe will keep the previous CC releases (as well as the older CS6 version) available in an online archive for all Creative Cloud members to access and use as/if needed.

So tune in to the free webcast of the keynote address and see what the next gener­ation of creative tools is all about! [Note the page is in German]

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CC 2015 Sneak Peeks

From time to time, Adobe will also give sneak peeks of features in future tools prior to the public announce of the product. Now they are sneaking a new feature coming in Photoshop CC 2015 & Lightroom CC 2015 called Dehaze/Defog. It’s a neat and easy-to-use technology that allows you to quickly add or remove haze from a photograph – check it out:

Also very cool and coming in Photoshop CC 2015 is a powerful new organizational feature: Artboards! This concept of course is also found in Illustrator. Here’s a quick demo:

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  1. Doug

    Awesome, looking forward!
    Will there be a US release event as well?

  2. Duke Sweden

    Will you have the CC 2015 updates available as you did for the 2014 updates, and if so, will that be starting June 16th as well – or will there be a short wait before you have them available?

    • Yes indeed Duke, our intention is to have all the direct download links to the new CC 2015 release posted here on our blog as fast as is humanly possible after the final product release on June 16th!

    • Duke Sweden

      Can the updates be accessed through the software itself? In other words can I open Premiere Pro and click Help>Updates?

    • Yes. Doing that would start up the CC Desktop App (which runs separately). This application manager/downloader would then indicate if any updates are available for all Creative Cloud tools.

      Note however that there is sometimes a lag from when a new update is released to when the CC Desktop App shows it as available to you… When you know something new has come out, then you can force it to recheck sooner by signing out and then signing back in. For more details on how to do this, see:

      Sign in and sign out to activate Creative Cloud apps

      Of course, the direct links (as soon as available here) will also work too.

    • Duke Sweden


      You guys are really on the ball. Premiere Pro’s facebook page still doesn’t know when the update will be released. Thanks for responding to questions so quickly.

    • Sure Duke, glad to help!

      We try to keep our readers as informed as possible, without violating our longstanding NDA agreement with Adobe…

      Feel free to stop back anytime with any further questions you may have!

  3. Kumar

    Do you know when the CC 2015 apps will be available for subscribers to download? Tuesday morning, before the events begin in Berlin?


  4. Julius Caesar

    Why is the launch party of CC 2015 to be held in Bundesrepublik Deutschland (In English, Germany) ? Why not launch it in France, or the UK, or Japan, or China, or India, or on Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia, or on Copacabana beach in Rio, Brazil, or a have a mega blast in the World’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates ?

    Or why not simply have founder John Adobe :D :P ;) have a massive party in downtown San Jose, California ?

  5. David

    OMG! June 16th, I am so excited! Acrobat DC‘s now out and it’s awesome! The design of these apps, the features, just everything’s awesome!

  6. Dayo

    I am super excited that the Adobe updates release date is finally announced. I check this site everyday so I don’t miss it. I can’t wait to use the Morph-dissolve feature in Premiere and the Seamless playback on After Effects.

    Does the valid subscription for CC 2014 remain useful for CC 2015?

  7. Duke Sweden

    The event starts at 4 a.m. my time which means by the time I get up at 7 the updates should already be available, right? Either here or through the software, right?

    • Yes, we believe so, but cannot guarantee it! Large software releases like these are a complex process and the roll out can take some time or delay.

      You can also check back here last thing before you go to bed, and first thing after you wake up. As soon as we have the direct download links, we’ll post them.

  8. so

    Yay! I looked for the release date on Google practically every day with no luck and was shocked to find it here, with only a couple days to wait. I know what EST means, but what does CEST mean? On the west coast it’s still PDT.

  9. I’ll be more creative! (Y)
    Valentin Dilta

  10. Duke Sweden


    Friggin’ Adobe Premiere Pro’s facebook page STILL doesn’t have the release date. They keep playing the “coming soon!” game. Stick to this site.

  11. Duke Sweden

    Welcome to Christmas Eve everybody! ;-)

  12. Hey @Duke , these are for you – just out!

    Now Available: The All-New Adobe CC 2015 Direct Download Links

    Thanks for your patience, and enjoy the new software.


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