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Is Adobe CS5 64-Bit-Only? And Other Top Questions Answered

[UPDATE (April 2012) – The same two applications mentioned below remain 64-bit only for CS6.]

[UPDATE (April 2011) – See also the top questions answered for CS5.5!]

Last week there was an online Q&A session called “Ask a CS Pro,” where we got news on when CS5 would be released. The session with Adobe Evangelists Terry White, Greg Rewis, and Jason Levine lasted over an hour and there were a lot of other great questions address­ed. Here are some:

 Q:  Is Creative Suite 5 64-bit-only? Or will it run on 32-bit systems?
 A:  Only two CS5 applications are exclusively 64-bit, Premiere Pro and After Effects. The rest, including Photoshop, will run in either 32-bit or 64-bit environments, including Windows XP. But CS5 users running on 64-bit native should realize noticeably greater gains in performance, in some cases as much as ten times the previous speed.
 Q:  How can I tell if my system can run the 64-bit applications?
 A:  See is your PC is running a 32-bit or a 64-bit version of Windows, or if your Intel- based Mac has a 32-bit or 64-bit processor. Complete system require­ments for all CS5 products can be found on this page. See also Adobe’s helpful CS5 FAQ.
 Q:  What if I buy CS5 but don’t have a 64-bit computer yet?
 A:  If you decide to buy CS5 Production Premium or CS5 Master Collection, then compli­mentary 32-bit compatible versions of Premiere Pro CS4 and After Effects CS4 will be provided with your purchase (details and usage here).
[UPDATE (May 19th) – If you need the standalone CS4 versions of After Effects or Premiere Pro (for 32-bit systems or Windows XP), or any other CS4 product for that matter, you can find them still available for download here.]

 Q:  Will Adobe be releasing 32-bit versions of After Effects CS5 and Premiere Pro CS5?
 A:  It doesn’t appear so. Adobe felt they needed to push the performance and advancement of these products to the next level – see more about their reasoning here and here. Fortunately, the rest of CS5 will work fine on any type of system – including Photoshop, which includes both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, and the others, which are built as 32-bit.
 Q:  Will the 32-bit versions of Adobe’s programs work on my 64-bit PC?
 A:  Yes. While 64-bit native applications (when available) will run faster and make better use of system resources, Adobe’s 32-bit applications will run quite nicely on 64-bit computers.
Ask a CS Pro (replay)
 Q:  Will there be a new version of Acrobat Pro in the suites?
 A:  CS5 ships with Acrobat Pro 9. There is no new version of Acrobat in yet.
 Q:  Will Content-Aware Fill allow me to select animals like pets better than CS4?
 A:  Actually it’s the new Edge Detection features that will do that in Photoshop CS5.
 Q:  Is there new support for HTML5 and CSS3 in Dreamweaver CS5?
 A:  These standards were too emerging to incorporate into the CS5 product development cycle last year. However in the coming weeks and months you’ll see new plug-ins and extensions for Dreamweaver that add support for these.
 Q:  I haven’t heard much yet about Fireworks CS5 – what’s new there?
 A:  For Fireworks, there are some new features but a lot of enhancements with many stability and performance improvements. It’s all covered perfectly here.
 Q:  Will Illustrator CS5 finally convert from layers to pages in PDF?
 A:  You can do this with multiple artboards in CS5 which will convert to multiple pages in PDF.
 Q:  Terry, I saw your InDesign ePUB for iPad video. Will the ePUBs produced with Adobe apps still be accepted by iTunes or has that changed?
 A:  ePUBs produced by InDesign CS5 should be accepted by the iBookstore AND in iTunes directly, as I did in my video.
 Q:  What about plug-ins for After Effects – do they have to be 64-bit as well?
 A:  Yes, After Effects CS5 plug-ins also have to be native 64-bit, but Adobe has been working closely with major plug-in developers to have them ready.
 Q:  I’ve heard about the new Mercury Playback Engine in Premiere Pro CS5. What if I don’t have one of the supported graphics cards?
 A:  Mercury is a software engine written from the ground-up to leverage all RAM and all cores in your system, to maximize playback and rendering. At the moment, five NVIDIA cards are supported, with more coming. But you can still run quite brilliantly in software-only mode without GPU acceleration (for example, on a MacBook).
 Q:  What Content Management Systems (CMS) does Dreamweaver support?
 A:  Dreamweaver CS5 can work with any PHP-based CMS (e.g., WordPress, Joomla, Drupal), even homegrown, as long as Dreamweaver can connect to the server. You can style with CSS, rework JavaScript, and change HTML, all without having to leave Dreamweaver itself.

What other questions do you have about CS5? Just ask in the comments below and we’ll see if we can get them answered quickly for you.

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  1. can you run adobe after effects on windows xp and 32bit ?

  2. Steve Bittle

    Can I open an After Effects project that was created in CS5 or 5.5 in CS4 (32bit)?

  3. Andrew

    So, if Premiere Pro and After Effects are the only things that need 64 bit (Q1), then how come I have errors that say otherwise? Specifically Illustrator and Flash?

    • Hi Andrew, thanks for your comment. What errors are you getting, in particular? Can you be more specific?

      Adobe Illustrator and Flash Pro CS5 and CS5.5 are built as 32-bit applications, which will run on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems (in compatibility mode for the latter).

      In Photoshop’s case, there are both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, but you wouldn’t want or need to install the 64-bit flavor on a 32-bit machine.

  4. Andrew

    Well there’s a few errors that show up like this: “This dependency is not satisfied, because this payload is x64 and is not supported on this machine.” Right at this moment I’m trying to re-install the suite. I haven’t found any solid answers yet searching online. The strangest part is that I have installed this program on a 32bit o/s and everything went smoothly. It is just this time, I keep running into the same errors.

  5. Andrew

    Umm… strangest thing. After fighting with it on and off over the last month, it finally has chosen to install. haha Well, thanks for your time!

  6. Sandeep

    Hi I am facing a memory problem with Flash CS5 Pro. “virtual memory low”

    My hardware configuration is i5 2500k with 16GB (4x4gb 1600mhz) ram and 1gb graphics card. Win 7 64bit OS.

  7. Nim

    I have the same issue: “Could not open one or more scenes probably because of low memory.
    To increase available memory, quit Flash and allocate more virtual memory in the System Properties dialog box.”

    When I am doing with the file, windows had crashed (blue screen), then this message appears when I restart my computer and try open this file. Please help

  8. Nim

    Thank you, ProDesign, but all those solutions did not work.
    When trying I have a way to fix this: Try to click Enter as many times as you can, Flash CS5 opened our file successfully, alala ^^
    But some embedded images in the Library have crashed, I need to reimport them.
    Thanks anyway ^^

  9. Stephen Shaw


    I’ve just bought the Adobe CS5 by mail order. I requested the 32-bit version as my OS is 32-bit Windows XP.

    Unfortunately the CS5 sent is 64-bit, which the vendor says would run OK. I am extremely doubtful about this.

    Wouldn’t the programme run unduly slowly (if at all)?

    Any comments appreciated, Regards,

    • Welcome Stephen, there isn’t actually a “32-bit version” and a “64-bit version” of CS5 or CS5.5 to order… There’s only one single version you can buy, and the requirements are as outlined in the article above.

      Which product(s) do you have? It really depends on which ones. It’s no problem on 32-bit systems for all tools except Premiere Pro and After Effects. All other applications, including Photoshop, will run fine on 32-bit platforms – including Windows XP.

      If you bought a suite, then Adobe includes the CS4 (32-bit) versions of Premiere Pro and After Effects as a free extra for customers who still need them.

      As to your last question, no – programs built for 64-bit cannot run on 32-bit systems under any circumstances (even slowly). They just won’t start.

      See the complete system requirements for all Creative Suite 5 applications.

      If you have an issue with what you bought, and can’t return it to its source for some reason, then you might want to know about Adobe’s Return & Refund Policy.

      Hope this helps!

  10. Nicholas

    Hi, I tried to install the 5.5 master suite, I have a 32bit system, it did not install Illustrator CS5? Do I need the 64bit?

    Any advice?

    • Greetings Nicholas – it must be something else, because Illustrator CS5 (which is the latest version) definitely does not require 64-bit… It will run perfectly fine on 32-bit computers.

      See the full system specs for all CS5 and CS5.5 products, if you want to confirm what you’ve got. Also make sure you have enough disk space. Then try giving it another shot.

  11. mahendra lamichhane

    does 64 bit system support 32 bit adobe premiere pro cs4?

  12. Syazrin

    Is it true that Adobe Premiere CS4 and Adobe After Effects CS4 can run on 32-bit OS?

    And is there any version of Adobe Photoshop that can run on 32-bit OS as well?

    Thank you very much. And sorry for double question.

    • Yes Syazrin – the CS4 versions of After Effects and Premiere Pro work fine on 32-bit computers… And that’s why Adobe includes them free with suite purchases of CS5.

      For Photoshop, all versions run fine on 32-bit computers… There is no issue there, although it’s true PS will run faster on a 64-bit machine.

      In other words, the only Adobe applications which require a 64-bit system are the CS5 and CS5.5 releases of AE and Premiere.

  13. Alula Getahun

    Please please ProDesign Help…. I decide to buy Adobe After Effects CS5 whether it is Pro or whatever, but my PC is running only 32-bit version of Windows XP so, can I buy CS5 and use it on my 32-bit system???

    And if you know, please tell me what type of Adobe After Effects CS5 is compatible with 32-bit ? Plzzzzzzzzzzz hurry :)

  14. Mike

    Have been running Photoshop CS5.1 in Win7 as 64bit. I needed to do some 3D work and read that I needed to use the 32bit version to gain access to the 3D tools; however, each time I attempt to launch PS CS5.1 x32, it instantly crashes. Any suggestions? Or is this just an instance of re-install & see what happens?

  15. Jackly

    I run OS 32 bits. I want to install Adobe After Effects. What should I do?

  16. Nicholas B

    I have the full version of CS5.5 Creative Suite, It won’t install Illustrator, I do not want a trial version of CS5.5, with this 30-day expiry, so what is the correct download please?

  17. Nicholas B

    I have a 64bit machine

  18. Nicholas B

    I downloaded the CS5.5 Creative Suite, its all zip files, tried to unzip them, but the set up icon for run as administrator has not come up. Downloaded Illustrator CS5.5, the serial number I entered from my full version of the suite is invalid. How do I obtain the serial numbers?

  19. Nicholas B

    Hopefully as I have been told by the Adobe forum, I have had a big, mysterious case, why all the other programs, except Illustrator could not install from my full suite, and Illustrator did install perfectly, until I connected to the Internet, where I had the 30 day expiry window coming up every time I opened a program. So please, please, I do not want a trial version of the CS5.5.

    • It’s best if you download and install the same product you already own, that way your serial number will work.

      For someone who doesn’t own CS5.5, you can purchase this older version here.

      For installation of the software, you shouldn’t need to deal with any zip files yourself – just download both files for Windows and run the .exe file.

      There are more instructions on the pages and comments there in case you need further help.

  20. Nicholas

    Hi, Where are the pages for the instructions please?

  21. Nicholas B

    Ok, I have the serial number which works, and I have the full version, Windows of the CS5.5 Master Collection, Creative Suite, so which is the direct link, so I can get Illustrator installed please?

  22. Rizwan

    my system is 32-bit and i am not able to install the latest versions of adobe premiere pro… so i installed older versions like CS3, CS4. even old versions are installed but not working more than 5 minutes, really confused. i only know ADOBE PREMIERE PRO for editing… now please suggest to me which version is best for 32-bit.

    waiting for your valuable REPLY…

  23. Rizwan

    i installed CS4 but getting error 130:3

  24. Rizwan

    i am getting error 130:3 in adobe premier pro cs4, what to do?

  25. abuh

    So is Adobe Illustrator CS5.1 32-bit and NOT 64-bit?

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