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Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 FAQ - Your Top Questions Answered

Last week Adobe unveiled Creative Suite 5.5 and held an expert session to address common questions and answers about the new release. We covered part of this session in our earlier piece on the free-upgrade grace period for CS 5.5

Learn More about Adobe Creative Suite 5.5

And here, without further ado, is the rest of the shared knowledge from those Adobe Evangelists.

If you have any questions at all about the release that are not answered here or by our CS5.5 launch overview, or comparison to CS5, or new product feature articles, just leave them in the comments below and we’ll get answers!


Upgrading to CS5.5

 Q:  What will the upgrade options be for owners of CS5 Master Collection suite?
 A:  Best to check here for all the pricing and your individual upgrade case.
 Q:  I’ve recently bought the design pro version… what are the upgrade costs?
 A:  You can find the configurations and upgrade info here.
 Q:  Will there be a ‘Student and Teacher’ upgrade option – will the education discount be available for the upgrade price?
 A:  You can find out more info on the Student & Teacher Editions here.
 Q:  OK, the upgrade price is cheaper… I thought I recalled that upgrade versions are not available in Education store, and looks to be the case here (just full versions)… thanks.
 A:  I don’t believe student editions receive upgrade discounts. Rather, you can upgrade your current student edition to the full commercial version of CS5.5 at the discounted price.
 Q:  If I have the Student version of CS5 Master suite, how much will it cost to upgrade? Will there be student upgrade pricing to CS 5.5?
 A:  In the U.S., the education store only offers the full version for $899, and regular upgrade is $549 for everyone at the commercial store.

With Multiple Versions

 Q:  Does CS5.5 install over CS5 suite? Or, does one have to remove CS5 first? Or, can you have both installs running on the same computer?
 A:  CS5.5 installs alongside of CS5, so, yes, you can have both. It is best to remove CS5 of course, but in most programs you can run them side by side. For instance, I can have Flash CS5 and CS5.5 open at the same time!
 Q:  If you’ve got licenses for both the Design and Production bundles, for instance, can they be installed one atop the other?
 A:  Yes, because when you run the second installer it will see the apps already installed and not install them again.
 Q:  Is CS5.5 backwards compatible with CS5?
 A:  Yes, for the most part most of the apps will save back to 5.0 formats. Flash for instance, has a ton of new features that require a CS5.5 file format, but it can be downsaved. InDesign will export to .IDML which can be opened in previous versions 5-4, 5.5 to 5 to 4. There are some new features which may not work, but you can open and use the file. Or you can use external InDesign downsaving services which will do this for you for a nominal fee (from CS5.5 to CS5, CS4, CS3, CS2, or even CS[1]).
 Q:  I’d like to know more about compatibility between earlier releases… Which CS5.5 products have different file formats than their CS5 versions – and of those products, is it possible or easy to save back to the CS5 (or CS4) format?
 A:  Product-by-product will backwards-save depending on the application. For example, InDesign can go back to CS5 or CS4 via IDML, as outlined in the previous question. Adobe After Effects CS5.5 has the ability to save back to CS5; there’s actually a File > Save As option to do so. While Premiere Pro does not have an official save-back-to-old-version option (and it’s technically not supported) we’ve had some customers with fairly good success doing so. In Flash Professional, you can save in XFL format for CS5, or Flash CS4 format to go further back, although you may lose some newer features. For more infor­mation and details, see this guide to compatibility between versions.

CS5.5 Subscriptions

 Q:  On the subscription editions – is Adobe totally doing away with full software purchases and moving entirely to subscription-based only?
 A:  No, not by a longshot. Regular software purchases will continue to be the vast majority, per Adobe’s CEO… The subscription offering will help fit some cases.
 Q:  Will this be online software for access in the cloud only, or do you actually download the apps and run on the desktop?
 A:  It’s not hosted in the cloud – you have to download and install it.
 Q:  Will the subscriptions be sold in the retail channel?
 A:  Subscriptions will not be sold in the channel now, only direct from Adobe.
 Q:  Is there an education version for the subscriptions?
 A:  For CS5.5, we are selling subscriptions for the commercial market only.
 Q:  Will these subscription editions require a constant Internet connection? Can they be used if the user doesn’t have a persistent online connection? e.g., corporate or government intranet
 A:  You need an active connection to re-validate the subscription, at the minimum once per month starting with the installation.
 Q:  Are you able to continue using the software at all after stopping paying the monthly fee? For a lapsed subscriber, does the program not launch, do you get the upgrade screen, or something else?
 A:  The program won’t launch and we will show messaging why.
 Q:  So essentially the CS5.5 subscription is more of a rental for companies or people looking for temporary access of Adobe software?? It is not cost effective otherwise for a steady user, except for the capability to start designing monthly before buying outright. The perpetual license is much more affordable with updates than a subscription.
 A:  Yes, a subscription is a solution for companies looking for temporary access to Adobe Creative Suite (i.e. a part-time contractor), and it is also for customers who cannot afford the large up-front cost. Another benefit our customers tell us is the more flexible and predictable budget planning.
 Q:  Is the software platform-specific, or will one license work and run on both operating systems (Windows and Mac)?
 A:  It is platform-specific only.
 Q:  Will subscriptions be available under any Adobe Volume License deal?
 A:  We have no plans for making subscriptions available to volume licensing customers at this time.

General Questions

 Q:  Will CS5.5 still be a two-machine license?
 A:  We still allow customers to install on one primary and one secondary computer.
 Q:  How will the release of CS5.5 effect the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE), Associate (ACA), and Instructor (ACI) programs?
 A:  It shouldn’t affect it at all. You should be good! There won’t be an additional certification exam to become an ACE in Flash 5.5. It will just be CS5 until CS6 is released.
 Q:  Will the maintenance program be available for those on the full suites already, and will CS5.5 be covered by it?
 A:  Yes, maintenance contracts will still be available, and include Creative Suite 5.5.
 Q:  Could somebody explain why the large price difference between the US and Europe?
 A:  Pricing is higher in Europe on many goods, not just software, so it’s important to under­stand why. Adobe pricing is influenced by many factors including value of product in local market, customer research, the specific market requirements, and the cost of doing business in that market. Unlike the economies of scale achieved in the large standardized US market, the EU, for example, has 10 major languages, 4 major currencies and diverse regional markets. Therefore, the costs of doing business in the European market are considerably higher per unit of revenue than in the US.

Acrobat X

 Q:  Why isn’t Adobe Acrobat on the same release schedule as the rest of the products?
 A:  It’s a different cycle and may never be aligned with the suite as it addresses a large and somewhat different corporate market in addition to CS customers.

Audition CS5.5

 Q:  When is the Adobe Audition launching? Will it be available a la carte?
 A:  Audition will be part of Production Premium, Master Collection, and will also be a standalone product, to be purchased separately if you desire.
 Q:  Is there anything in particular you would like to tell us about Audition in this new version of CS 5.5?
 A:  Incredibly fast processing engine; the ability to open and simultaneously work on multiple sessions; lightning-fast batch processing and multitasking (ie, process files while continuing to work on others) and the biggest feature for users of “other” DAWs and NLEs…OMF & Final Cut XML Exchange.
 Q:  Will Audition CS 5.5 now support AC-3 export for 5.1 surround sound files natively without the use of a third-party plugin?
 A:  Audition CS5.5 does not currently have the ability to export AC-3 directly; you would have to go through Premiere Pro (using SurCode) to do this. However, with the new integration between Premiere Pro and Audition CS5.5, it’s a much smoother workflow than ever before.
 Q:  Will Audition be Adobe’s solution for ADR?
 A:  While you could in theory use Audition for ADR, in this new version we weren’t able to add in all of the (ADR-styled) capabilities of the previous Windows-Only version (where you could loop subsequent takes, and choose a ‘best’ from the take history). So, it can be done, and you have the ability to view video and overdub…but the take history from before is not present.

Dreamweaver CS5.5

 Q:  What are some of the new improvements to Dreamweaver CS5.5 in the area of HTML5 and CSS3 support that the Dreamweaver HTML5 Pack 1.2.7 in the Dreamweaver CS5 11.0.3 updater did not include?
 A:  Greg’s got a great post in detail.
 Q:  Is there going to be an update for the HTML5 Pack 1.2.7 for DW CS5?
 A:  Everything is baked in – have a look at the post linked above.
 Q:  Does Dreamweaver CS5.5 support RGBA colors?
 A:  YES! And HSLa too! I just wrote up what’s new here and recorded an hour-long deep-dive with all the details…
 Q:  I want to build a mobile app in Dreamweaver. Can I do that now?
 A:  Well, glad you asked! YES! See the article and deep-dive linked above, including the new jQuery Mobile and Phonegap integration.
 Q:  What new functionality will Dreamweaver 5.5 have in terms of CMS management?
 A:  We’ve made no changes to the level of CMS support from CS5 – in other words, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and ExpressionEngine are all supported. Other PHP-based CMS’s should also work, however, we’ve not tested against them.
 Q:  How does Adobe plan to update free frameworks such as jQuery Mobile inside Dream­weaver since they often release new versions? Is it going to require a software update?
 A:  We will ship with the most current version of the framework. After that, we will be able to update the frameworks, but if you want to do it on your own, we’re going to be posting a “how to.”
 Q:  Is there any impact to integration with Business Catalyst?
 A:  Not in this release. The Dreamweaver team is working very closely with the Business Catalyst team.

Fireworks CS5

 Q:  What are some of the great tweaks in Fireworks CS5.5?
 A:  Nothing new in Fireworks this time around (remember, this is a dot release to keep up with trends in the industry). But the team is hard at work, never fear!
[Ed Note: There will actually be some new changes coming in Fireworks CS5.1 – thanks YL.]

Flash CS5.5

 Q:  How does Flash CS5.5 support video embedding and editing?
 A:  You’d do most of your editing in a Premiere Pro or After Effects. Or you can do some trimming etc in Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5. Concerning embedding, it works just like before. Import, then decide whether you want the video embedded in the SWF (for very small video files) or external (preferred).
 Q:  How is this latest update going to change (or have potential to change) the web design/development workflow?
 A:  If you’re using Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder, there is a bi-directional workflow. Create a custom component in FB and “skin” it in Flash Catalyst.
 Q:  How long before iOS and BlackBerry support update on the new Flash Builder 4.5?
 A:  It’s coming really soon. I’ll check to see if I can find a better approximation.
 Q:  Why didn’t anyone here say CS5.5 FINALLY includes Flash Builder Premium!!
 A:  You’re right, thanks – that’s a biggie and adds new value to the suites.

Illustrator CS5

 Q:  Just so I’m clear: Illustrator doesn’t change from CS5 to CS5.5, correct? 95% of my CS use is Illy.
 A:  Correct, Illustrator did not change for CS5.5.

InDesign CS5.5

 Q:  To what extent will Adobe Digital Publishing Suite take part in all this – is DPS going to be included with CS5.5?
 A:  DPS itself is not part of Creative Suite… but you can use Creative Suite to author content for it.
 Q:  Will Overlay Creator and Content Bundler come with ID?
 A:  Yes – please see this story.
 Q:  On designing e-books with InDesign. Other solutions to offer clients to go to the iPad? What is your take on third party solutions? like RovingBird Epublisher?
 A:  Making ePub (eBooks) with InDesign CS5.5 has become very easy. The engineers rewrote the whole export to ePub module. The result is now very clean XHTML and CSS code.
 Q:  Can you explain the process of taking your finished digital magazine to the iPad or other digital devices? How does one create a dedicated iPad app for their magazine?
 A:  In order to create a magazine App with Digital Publishing Suite you would have to go through our hosted solution in which Adobe is building the branded App for you. Otherwise, you can side load a .folio file into the Free Adobe Content viewer App on the App Store.
 Q:  What is the simplest way to go from InDesign to iPad? Is there a direct export? Or is the only way to go through Content Bundler? Is Wallaby necessary? I’m looking for a simple solution with as little coding as possible. I would like some movement, the ability to add audio and video, buttons, and slideshows.
 A:  That depends on what kind of content you want to produce? currently you can go: .PDF, .folio into the content viewer App, or ePUB into the iBooks app. The .folio (formally called .issue) is produced with the DPS now built into InDesign CS5.5. Have a look at the Digital Publishing Suite on, and yes you can do all those things with it.
 Q:  Will we be able to turn off the hover in InDesign CS5.5?
 A:  Yep :)

Photoshop CS5

 Q:  Where can we learn more about creating mobile apps that link to Photoshop?
 A:  It’s our new Photoshop Touch software and it enables devices to work with Photoshop on the desktop.
 Q:  Do you guys ever see a future where content is made entirely on tablet devices such as the iPad, as opposed to on a desktop computer? In the future I’d love to see a much more fully fledged Photoshop for iPad, instead of just using it to control the desktop counterpart. However, great start with Photoshop Nav and the others, very interested to see how they work!
 A:  I think for the foreseeable future you will see apps continued to be optimized for the platforms. A full-blown Photoshop may not be feasible for a while as the tablets themselves don’t have the RAM. Also you probably don’t need all that the desktop version offers in a tablet form at least for now. The future could be very different if the processor speed and memory advance on tablets.
 Q:  Does anyone else wish for improvements to Photoshop actions? Working with a lot of web graphics, I often need to apply the same effect to a batch of images, but, I need to be able to develop an action quickly. Sometimes I feel like getting the kinks out of an actions takes longer than if I just went ahead and finished the images myself. I feel like the functionality could be a bit smarter and ignore hang-ups like “Layer X is not available”, etc.
 A:  Yes, I concur with your comment. I like the potential, but it does take some toying around to get the effect you want and I tend to figure out another way to do it that takes less time than figuring out the action way :)
 Q:  I was thinking of taking up Photoshop CS5 ACE Exam, but would you recommend to just wait for CS 5.5, so I could be certified for the latest version?
 A:  There won’t be a Photoshop CS5.5 ACE, as there is no Photoshop CS5.5. PS remains at CS5 and therefore the test won’t change.

Premiere & AE CS5.5

 Q:  When will full stereoscopic 3D editing and control, export come to the Creative Suite line? Supporting Cineform Neo3D is lovely but more than the entire Master Collection. We need a reliable Adobe solution in Premiere Pro and After Effects.
 A:  Cineform is the current solution we’re promoting as it truly allows for the fastest and most reliable way to quickly capture/Xcode and edit 3D media quickly and efficiently, while maintaining non-destructive color-grading and high-bit depth capabilities with their First Light application. In CS5.5, you have very functional capabilities working with the (Cineform 3D) files in both Premiere and After Effects. But yes, we’re always looking into and investigating alternative possibilities.
 Q:  How’s R3D support in Premiere Pro 5.5? Will it have all capabilities of Redcine-x built into it? What about Epic, HDRx, etc? And is all of this CUDA supported?
 A:  R3D support is enhanced in PPRO CS5.5, including a newly-revamped Source Settings panel (with better support for RMDs); we are also showcasing RED Epic here at NAB (and epic support will be available as a labs release in May); no comment on HDRx at present. And while R3D is *not* CUDA accelerated, Red Rocket support (which has been in PPRO since the 5.02 update) will certainly accelerate things.
 Q:  Where can I find the list of the Mercury supported video cards, including laptops please?
 A:  Typing these manually… here you go: GTX285, 470, 570, 580, Quadro FX 3700m, 3800, 3800m, 4800, 5800, Quadro 2000, 2000D, 2000M, 3000M, 4000, 4000M, 5000, 5000M, 5010M, 6000, Quadro CX.

Soundbooth CS5

 Q:  So is Soundbooth officially end-of-life?
 A:  Soundbooth has officially been ‘replaced’ by Audition CS5.5. We will continue to support it for sometime…but it is no longer available as a standalone product or within Creative Suite. Yes Soundbooth is (was) good. But trust me, once you play around in Audition…OMG

Other Questions?

If you have any questions about Creative Suite 5.5 that are not answered above, please ask them in the comments below and we will get you speedy answers!

See also:

Adobe’s second Ask a CS Pro session for CS5.5 with different questions and answers.

Our release guide for CS5.5, and a version comparison between CS5 vs. CS5.5.

What they said about the grace period for free upgrades to CS5.5.

You might also like to know when Adobe CS6 would be due.


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80 thoughts on “Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 FAQ - Your Top Questions Answered”

    • Hello John, according to Audition CS5.5’s online documentation, it doesn’t appear the application will burn a CD itself – but will export the audio data for one that does…

      See the chapter on “Saving and exporting files”:

      Audio Mix Down options

      Deselect this option if you plan to use another application to burn the file to CD.

      (Some CD-burning applications misinterpret non-audio information such as markers and metadata, producing an unpleasant burst of noise at the beginning of each track.)

      See the rest of the new manuals for Adobe CS5.5.

      Thank you for your comment!

  1. Correction: Fireworks is, like Photoshop, getting a CS5.1 treatment.

    Fireworks CS5.1 in Creative Suite CS5.5

    Also like Photoshop (versioned CS5.1/12.1 in CS5.5, and CS5/12.0.4 in CS5 – but is the same thing), only Fireworks CS5.1 in CS5.5 will say 11.1, otherwise it is CS5/11.0.1 – the difference being the subscription engine. See more in the link.

    • Hey there YL – great comment as usual, thanks!

      The Adobe Gurus didn’t mention that in their session, but clearly there’s a nice long list of fixes and enhancements that will be coming to Fireworks… Will note that above as well.

      Thank you for sharing and adding to the discussion!

  2. So, from what I have gathered, the academic version of the CS5 suite is not upgradable to the academic version of CS5.5. Is this true?

  3. I have the CS5 Master Suite now. If I just upgrade Premiere Pro to CS5.5, does any of the other software like Media Encoder get upgraded, as well? Or, would Media Encoder have to be upgraded separately? I would like to know what comes with the Premiere Pro product.

    • Welcome Judy, great questions. The good news is that Premiere Pro CS5.5 does indeed contain the new versions of Adobe Media Encoder, as well as Adobe Encore and Adobe OnLocation. Those are all bundled with Premiere as well as the Master Collection and Production Premium suites… (see the CS5.5 Product Matrix)

      The less-good news is that it’s not possible to upgrade just a single component of your suite, and get Adobe’s discounted upgrade pricing for doing so… In other words, you can’t upgrade from products within a suite edition to individual products. To get the latest version of an individual product, you’d have to purchase the full product – that’s Adobe policy.

      However, it wouldn’t make much sense doing that in your case, because the cost of upgrading your entire Master Collection from CS5 to CS5.5 would be $549 – and that’s less than the cost of a full new copy of Premiere Pro CS5.5 ($799). And of course with the CS5.5 Master Suite, you’d get everything.

      Check the full CS5.5 Price List for more… Hope this helps sort it out!

  4. @ProDesignTools
    I’m disappointed with the lack of the CD Burning capability. I just purchased the upgrade and should have checked for the functionality first, but really? Removing CD burning capability from a full function audio processing / production suite? I’m very unhappy with this right now.

    • Thanks for your feedback Tony. Here’s what Adobe says about it:

      Q: I’ve used an older version of Adobe Audition or am making the transition from Soundbooth. Can I expect to see all the features in these products included in Audition CS5.5?

      A: Audition CS5.5 represents a true rewrite, making this release a rock-solid, cross-platform audio toolset that offers exceptional performance and a streamlined workflow. The Adobe Audition product team collected and analyzed user feedback to prioritize features and workflow enhancements that deliver the best possible user experience, as well as reflect what the majority of users said they value most. The result is a professional, intuitive audio tool that helps you make your productions sound their best.

      Some features, such as CD burning, aren’t included due to team focus on ensuring core editing capabilities were made available for this first cross-platform release. That said, some other legacy features, such as control surface support or the ability to group clips in a multi-track session, are under consideration for future versions of the product and will be prioritized based on user feedback. Submit feature requests for future versions of Adobe Audition.

      So please feel free to pass along your input directly to Adobe via the link included above.

      Also if you have a prior version that supports CD burning, you can continue using that for the function if you like… Or you can use a free CD burning program.

  5. Hello,
    First let me say that I’m a fan of Adobe Audition 3.0 and the many past versions even when it was Cool Edit Pro.

    I’ve also been a Windows XP fan, but I now have Windows 7, 4GB RAM, 500GB HD. I installed Adobe Audition 3.0 and it does not function properly. It stops – starts and stutters. It might be because the program is designed to operate on XP using a 32 bit format. I believe my new Laptop has 64 bits.

    Anyhow, I just ordered the all new CS5.5 upgrade. I’m hoping that when I load it into my computer it will mesh with the Adobe Audition 3.0 to enable it to operate like it was designed to do with Windows XP 32 bit formats. Am I correct in what I’m saying? Any advice would be appreciated.

    Adobe Audition is the best and hopefully better with the add-on upgrade CS5.5.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Ed, thanks for your question. You may want to take a look at this forum thread about Audition 3 where people in similar situations report, “your mileage may vary”…

      This product FAQ may also be helpful, which talks about moving between and the differences from Audition 3 to Audition CS5.5, among other things.

      But bottom line, Audition CS5.5 should run better and more consistently for your platform.

  6. Hi,

    I’m running Master Collection CS3 and would like to upgrade to Audition as Soundbooth has gone EOL. Do I need to upgrade the entire suite, or can I just buy an Audition CS5.5 Upgrade?

    • Greetings Jeremy, Adobe doesn’t provide an upgrade path from a suite to an individual product, per their purchasing options… this is because you get such a large price cut (65%) when buying the bundle to begin with… (if you had owned an earlier version of Soundbooth or Audition by itself, it would be different)

      So you have two options to get the new Audition from where you stand:

      1. Buy Audition CS5.5 as a standalone full product – in the U.S., this would cost $349, or

      2. Upgrade your CS3 to CS5.5 Master Collection – this would obviously give you a lot more functionality, with a reduced upgrade price of $1,399.

      If it were us and if possible, we’d choose #2 because of the enormous improvements, features and functions added since CS3 across the suite…

      And if it helps, you can continue using CS3 on the same machine if you want to, even after upgrading. Good luck!

  7. Hi Everybody,
    Now that I have Adobe Audition CS5.5 loaded into my Windows 7, 64-bit operating system, I’m Lovin’ it!
    It was a little bit strange-looking when I first looked at it, but that was to be expected with something brand new.

    I must say that I am a fan of Adobe Audition 3.0, but it doesn’t seem to operate smoothly in Windows 7, 64 bit.
    It stops and stutters often and on occasion – freezes up. Why???? It worked like a charm in my Windows XP.
    Any tips on how to get it to operate good in Windows 7?

    Since I still have my old XP 32-bit system, is there any way I can load my newly purchased CS5.5 into it? Sure would be nice to have CS5.5 on both laptops.
    Any and all help appreciated. I apologize if this question has been answered before. Thanks Adobe.

    • Hey there Ed, good to see you again. We’ve heard nothing further about Audition 3 and Windows 7 since our earlier response above. But you can try searching the Adobe Forums to see what turns up.

      Good news on your second question… Check out the official system requirements for Audition CS5.5. Windows XP is indeed supported, and a 64-bit computer is technically not required. So just make sure your older 32-bit system meets all the other technical specs given there.

      And CS5.5 allows you to install on up to two machines, so you should be good.

  8. Is InDesign CS5.5 backward compatible to InDesign CS5?

    I have installed CS5.5 Design Premium and the users have noticed that they are not able to open the InDesign CS5.5 files with InDesign CS5. Is there a workaround?


  9. I have an audio production question concerning how to do a stutter effect using CS5.5. On Adobe Audition 3.0 it was simple. You would just highlight a section in multitrack, hold down shift and drag in small sections. How can this same technique be done with CS5.5?

    There is another way of doing it with cut and paste, but the dragging is much simpler and works well. There is a British fellow that does some excellent videos on this, but he hasn’t taken the time yet to do the stutter effect with the new CS5.5…

    Some of you out there are really into big-time production, so whatever help you can give would be much appreciated. Thanks so much!


  10. I have been running Production Premium CS4 on two older Windows platforms for several years. Awhile back, I made the switch to a Mac running the Master Collection CS5. I really missed the ability to edit my audio in Audition on my previous platform (never been a fan of Soundbooth, glad to see it go).

    When I saw that Audition was now available for the Mac platform I was excited. I downloaded the trial version to check it out before buying only to find out that within Premiere, the “Edit in Audition” option is not there. What do I need to do to have Premiere recognize Audition and make that editing option available?

    • That’s a good question Len. The answer is the sound/audio integration of Audition with Creative Suite first arrived with CS5.5, not before in CS5. So, since the version of Premiere Pro that you have is CS5, you wouldn’t see that option and functionality until you upgrade to 5.5 or later.

      See this Adobe blog post for more information.

  11. My boss is getting me Creative Suite 5.5 Web Premium Retail Box (in Japanese). I can’t work comfortably with Japanese so I want the software in English.

    Is there a way to turn a Japanese installation into English?

    Can I use that retail serial number with the trial (in English) downloaded from Adobe’s website?

    This is driving me crazy. I am the only one who is going to use that software… Why can’t he just get it in English instead of Japanese?

    I hope someone can help me.

    • Hi Manuel, that’s great you’re getting CS5.5 although maybe not in the language you prefer. And unfortunately, the serial numbers for those language sets are different and not interchangeable.

      However there is hope – you should still be able to officially change the language for your Adobe software product.

      Hope this helps!

  12. Hi, I have done my project in Adobe After Effects CS5.5. However, I cannot open it at my friend’s computer which is using Adobe Effects CS4. Because I want to use his computer to render my files. Any solutions to convert the CS5.5 to CS4 ? Thanks and appreciate. :)

  13. But the problem really is that 5 & 5.5 will not work on a 32 bit system. So even if I purchase 5, I cannot run it on my laptop, for example.

  14. Sorry I didn’t see the response to Ed, earlier. Everything I have read so far was saying that you could not run 5.5 on 32 bit. But the response to Ed says you can. If that’s really the case then that is good news, indeed.

  15. I recently purchased Captivate v4 to use with Articulate. Now that Soundbooth has been discontinued, will Audition CS5.5 work with Captivate version 4?

    • Hey there Toni, you may well be able to do that… See what it says about the features here:

      “Adobe Audition CS5.5 integration – Send Adobe Captivate audio files to Adobe Audition CS5.5 software for additional editing and enhancement, and then bring them back into Adobe Captivate.”

  16. Hello Adobe Evangelist:

    I’ve noticed many features that are in Adobe Audition 3.0 are not in the new CS5.5. As an example in Tube Modeled Compression there is no voice over A&B. What would be nice to know is what took their place.

    In other words what is voice over A&B equivalent to in CS5.5? And so on.

    I seem to get a lot of mouth clicks when recording. Is there a better solution that the diagnostics declicker to remove these annoying noises? I’m getting tired of manually deleting every click which sometimes messes up my audio track especially if the click is within a word.

    Is Adobe ever going to publish a users manual (hard copy) for Adobe Audition CS5.5? I never got one and going back and forth in the HELP section of CS5.5 is more time consuming than having the book in front of you.

    Thanks in advance for your research in answering these questions. I’m a true believer in Adobe recording software.

  17. Could somebody explain why the large price difference between the US and Australia?

    The answer related to Europe hardly seems to fit here. We have 1 language (English) and 1 currency (AUD).

    I suspect the price hike for Australia (and Europe) actually has nothing to do with the number of languages or currencies. I suspect rather Adobe charges us more simply because they can.

    Adobe could process my Australian VISA card just as easily as an American card. If I’m downloading the software there are no additional costs for Adobe whatsoever. I really cannot see that the price difference is justified. The cost for non-American buyers should be based on the current exchange rate, as it is with almost all other software.

    Doing anything else is really just a form of discrimination.

    • Hi Eugene, for Australia it’s no doubt due to the language difference translating “hello” to “g’day,” and the rest…

      Seriously though, there is a language difference in the Adobe products for other countries (outside the U.S.) – it’s called “International English,” which does reflect the contrasts in the flavors of English we speak. But that’s not the whole story as to why Adobe products cost more in other countries.

      There have been long discussions about this in the past in other venues, and the explanation we’ve heard from the company is because they have local offices worldwide, they pay local expenses (labor/salaries, taxes/VAT, gas/petrol, energy, rents/leases, etc) in those currencies worldwide – plus they have to create, issue, and manage the product in many more languages – and so they price their products regionally to reflect those investment costs.

      They also have to maintain a separate online store and partner network for each different geography with its own currency and/or language – no matter the size, and without the same economies of scale as domestically – but with additional costs and rules of doing business in foreign locales (distribution, legal, regulatory/compliance, customs duties/tariffs, patents, product levies, freight/transport, etc).

      Even for downloaded software they have to go by where the servers are located, which is usually local for each geography. And for physical product, they don’t want to be undercutting their local channel partners.

      Other countries also have much higher minimum wage laws – for example, A$15.96/hour in Australia and €9.40 in France vs. $7.25 in the United States.  Local currency strengthening can be another factor that causes fixed costs in US dollars to increase, even as it makes the price differential seem larger.

      Bottom line, there’s often more there than first meets the eye.  Here’s what Adobe says about it generally – quoting David Gingell, Senior-level Director in Europe:

      “The cost of doing business [abroad] is significantly higher per unit of revenue earned than it is in North America, For example, in a large homogenous market like North America, we can achieve certain economies of scale that affect pricing. In the European Union, by contrast, we must support two major currencies, diverse regional market situations and 15 languages, all of which results in higher costs.

      Adobe has approximately 1.5 times as many field employees in Europe as in North America but revenues per employee are smaller, resulting in costs per unit of revenue that are about twice as high in Europe as in North America”

      Lastly, prices in international stores include taxes (VAT, GST, etc) built in to the figure you see – whereas in the USA, the sales taxes (of up to 10%) are never included in the quoted product price… they are calculated and added at the very end by Adobe when you place your order. So that quoting conven­tion can make the actual cost difference seem larger than it really is.

      Hope this helps.

    • Good question Mary – yes, newer versions of Creative Suite can read project files from older applications, if that’s what you want to know… That’s never a problem.

      It’s going the other way (like “downsaving” from CS5 to CS3 or CS2) that’s more of a challenge.

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