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Free! Download 10 Professional, Royalty-Free Adobe Stock Images of Your Choice
  1. Donna

    I love the color palettes! Recently unemployed, I am starting my own painting business. It’s great to take a digital picture of a room and have the ability to change the colors on the walls and trim with ease.

  2. I was trying to learn this stuff by osmosis and whatever I could pick up by trial and error… I took a Dreamweaver class and it starts to make so much more sense. I so want to learn more, and learn it from the whole package. CS5 is liberating!

  3. I learned about CS5 at NAB 2010 and took many of the classes that were offered. I am planning on using Premiere Pro for all my video productions and the After Effects for all motion graphics and enhancements. I will use Soundbooth for the basic sound editing for my projects, and Encore to produce the final DVD. Oh, yes, and Photoshop will be more awesome than ever!

  4. Kieren

    Can’t get over the speed. Click RAM preview and literally, after the blink of an eye, it’s off.
    Editing animations for an upcoming website release. Good times.

  5. Michelle Blanco

    Love how easy it is to manipulate photos – crazy!! We will be using it for Portfolios, Photoshop and everything else it has to offer – it’s the complete package!

  6. Christopher Barberis

    I like the fact that I’ll be using it to save time (which is money) with the great new features in all the CS5 programs like Photoshop’s new content-aware fill and puppet warp tools… Wow! Not to mention the new creative brushes and 3-D perspective drawing tool in Illustrator that are really going to make my content stand out and shine. I’m also really looking forward to Premiere Pro’s new Mercury playback engine; it’s just what Adobe needed to add to make a great non-linear editor. AWESOME!!

  7. Scott Maxey

    I’m a new IT student and I liked cs4, but I can tell already that I’ll LOVE cs5… It would be a great addition to my studies and it would be a tremendous help with my work!!!! Money’s tight and could use all the help I can get!

  8. CS5 is a dream! I intend to learn the new features in Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator and InDesign inside and out. The puppet warp tool in PS is phenomenal as is the content-aware fill. AMAZING!

  9. Druyan Byrne

    What is not to like about the CS5 upgrade? Adobe has really listened to what users have wanted to add from previous versions—and have added great new features that were a surprise, like the content aware fill! In Premiere Pro, I love the Mercury Processing Engine, and the high-quality time remapping! I love the new paint brushes, the tighter integration between programs, the improved speed, the new RAW processing engine… I don’t know where to stop, there is SO much to love about CS5—it changes the game entirely.

  10. Lee Lloyd-Green

    I am a media student and have just purchased CS5 Master Collection; I am using CS4 on my course and I can’t get over the improvements in Dreamweaver, Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere, all of which I use.
    Congrats to Adobe, they have finally understood what was missing from CS3 and CS4.

  11. Wm McClinton

    Here’s to hoping to be the winner! Great Program!

  12. manikanda prabhu
  13. David Boardman

    As a pre-press user this it the version that will finally take us into PRE-MEDIA. Print communication is going to have to ADAPT and CS5 has the tools to do it. I love it. The opportunities to extend pre-press into the ePub environment alone could be a game changer as eprint explodes in the coming years. Congratulations Adobe on having the vision and guts to see where a huge part of their market share is shifting to.

  14. Diane Yager

    I’m totally amazed at all the great effects I can achieve with Adobe software. I’m working on an older version and can’t wait to get involved with the new CS5 when I can afford it. The opportunities in my business are limitless with the demand for designing advertising we have. Please let me win this new version and explode with the ideas accumulating in my brain.

  15. Susan Weeks

    I purchased CS5 and would love to learn how to use!:) I am a grandma with a camera right now, but hope to get better with my processing skills! Thanks!

  16. I’ve been playing around with all things Adobe for a few years now. I started getting more and more into After Effects, and realized that in order to get better at After Effects, you need to get better at Photoshop. I can’t wait to start using them on my video projects and other work and fun stuff I love doing.

  17. Robert

    Love Catalyst, new Flash Builder, and Dreamweaver. Heck, I love everything about CS5 and you will too. I’m building many new websites and using Adobe AIR to create standalone applications on many devices.

  18. Obviously its content aware fill in photoshop! Also the integration of adobe’s online applications into CS5 (like browserlab with dreamweaver).

  19. Kevin Neech

    Design has always been my passion and am hoping to change this from a mere passion into a career. CS5 is the only tool you need to create stunning pieces of art, and hopefully the only tool I need to get me my dream career!

  20. We have enjoyed and had a talent for photography for years, so we started our own photography studio a few years ago when my wife was laid off from her job. The stress of my day job is more than what I think I can do for the rest of me left. I recently started editing and have such a passion for it, I’m hoping I can become good enough to make a living at it. Absolutely LOVE the new CS5, content aware and warp capabilities. Would love to have the book to help me learn it better. All the best.

  21. ken deitcher

    This is the quintessence of digital imaging. It is the greatest software I have ever had the privilege of using.
    It blows away all other software programs. I have been using Adobe Photoshop since version 2 and this is the best.
    The creators have made the selection process seamless and fun to use.

  22. David

    I like that I can go from shooting raw footage to video editing to sound work, to print to graphic design and web applications all in the one box. It’s so smooth and intuitive. Definitely the best CS yet!

  23. I’m in the transition stage from using Microsoft Products such as Visual Studio 2008. I’m hoping it will not be time consuming for my transition.

  24. Bill

    I have an excellent HD Panasonic HS-250k Video camera. I am totally new to videography and have tried many trial programs to capture and edit my videos to have only negative results. The software that came with my camcorder is not Windows 7 64-bit compatible so tried Adobe Premiere Pro CS3-CS4 still major problems. Now Adobe Premiere Pro CS5….wow, it is wonderful – now I need to learn how to fully use the software and hoping earning a winning spot for this book would help me in many ways. thanks Bill

  25. Thank you to everyone for your wonderful comments and sharing your CS5 experiences – there were so many good ones that it was very difficult to choose and we wish all of you could win a free book!

    We’ve just posted our ten book winners and if you didn’t get one, please do enter our new Lightroom 3 giveaway for June!

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