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Adobe Stops Creative Cloud & Suite, Launches New ‘Creative Treat’

“Creative Treat” to Be Part of New Accuracy-in-Naming Initiative

SAN JOSE, Calif.April 1, 2014—Citing ongoing confusion over the Creative Cloud name introduced two years ago, Adobe Systems announced today that it is relaunching its flagship product line as “Creative Treat.”

Adobe Ends Creative Cloud & Suite, Announces New Creative Treat

Commenting on the move, Founder John Adobe explained that too many people were still thinking Creative Cloud meant that mainline tools like Photoshop and Illustrator were run­ning as online applica­tions in a web browser – something he says will never actually happen.

“Creative Suite was the old model, and Creative Cloud is the new model,” Mr. Adobe said. “And yes, it has some cloud-based services – but now with Creative Treat, we finally have a name that represents the sweet experience you should expect as a customer when using all these great tools,” he added.

Origins of the New Name

“With the hundreds of innovations added since the release of CS6, plus complete access to full versions of all our top software for an affordable price, using these delicious new creative prod­ucts is really a treat, most of all,” he explained.

“What’s more, we’re continually adding new features that are automatically included in your membership when you want them,” he said. “Getting free upgrades feels like getting free dessert – and who doesn’t like dessert? Me, I’m partial to ice cream. Everybody loves ice cream. Mmm.”

When asked if some users might find the new moniker coming too soon on the heels of Creative Cloud, Mr. Adobe replied, “Well, we’re confident the natural intuitiveness of this name will speak for itself – and believe that it will stick a lot better than my previous proposal to call the next release CS17.”

Creative Treat Sneak Peek (say that 5X fast)

So, what’s coming next in the Creative Treat collection of apps, what should we expect?

Meet John Adobe, Founder and Lover of Frozen Confectioneries!

“I shouldn’t tell you this, but we’re working on perfecting a groundbreaking new capability called Content-Aware Content. Basically you just open Photoshop, draw a big box and it puts all your content in for you. Whatever you want, whatever you’re thinking of – it shows up auto­matically. Boom, a little clean-up and you’re done. This is a killer step forward, and you’ve got to see it to believe it,” he declared.

Have you got a demo, anything this feature has produced by just imagining what you want on the canvas?

“Yes! Our new Creative Treat logo, for example. I was just using the new Photoshop beta and thinking of ice cream. Did I mention I like ice cream? Mmm. The next thing you know, there’s our new logo. I think people will like it, just like they like ice cream. What’s your favorite flavor? Do you want to go to Ben & Jerry’s?”

Regrettably, at that point our interview with John Adobe abruptly ended – so all we can say is bon appetit, hope you enjoy your Treat!

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Free! Download 10 Professional, Royalty-Free Adobe Stock Images of Your Choice
  1. April Fools! Cloudy with a chance of ice cream? That’s the scoop. :)

  2. Lorraine m

    Almost “got me,” as long as my sister telling me the Liberty Bell had been sold to Taco Bell. I even googled “Creative Cloud” tsk tsk tsk never believe what is in the Clouds …..oooh look I see a dog in the cloud…no it’s a heart…no it’s a bell oooooooh now it’s gone

  3. Pat

    John Adobe?? Is that supposed to be a joke?
    Adobe was cofounded by John Warnock and Charles Geschke.

  4. What can I say? When it comes to ice cream–I am a fool.

  5. Leah

    awesome april fools!

  6. Mathias


    Hi, that sounds great to me, can’t wait to see it working.

    Can you already send me the link to download “Strawberry and/or pistachio”, would appreciate, Thanks!

  7. Eva

    This is very cute and funny – perfect!

  8. Julius Caesar

    Oi, John Adobe. If you’re gonna rename CC to Creative Treat, then we demand Creative Treat (aka CT) to be priced competitively, i.e., free. After all, for Adobe Creative Treat to be a real treat, it has got to be free.

    So come on John Adobe, bring a smile to millions of people and make Creative Treat a real treat.

    P.S. I love your 80s hair-do John Adobe. :D :LOL:

    P.S.S. What I wanna know, is to whom is John Adobe engaged in the telephone conversation ? We always see John Adobe on the phone. John Adobe is a busy CEO – too busy to buy a smartphone. I’ll do you a deal John Adobe – you make Creative Treat free, and I’ll purchase a Samsung Galaxy S6 (due imminently [iPhones are rubbish]) as a gift for you. Deal ?

    P.S.S.S: Almost forgot. We also want a free year’s supply of Ben & Jerry’s with the free Creative Treat.

    :D :LOL: