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Compare Versions: Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CS6 Extended

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What’s the Difference: Photoshop CS6 vs. Photoshop CS6 Extended?


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176 thoughts on “Compare Versions: Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CS6 Extended”

  1. Ok, I don’t think I need the Extended version based on all this info. I’ll be upgrading from CS5 to CS6. When do have to do this by to be eligible for the upgrade to CS7? Anyone know? More and more I’m finding Adobe information a ball of confusion. Thanks.

  2. Hi, I didn’t think there was a free offer…

    I thought there was a time limit for me to upgrade CS5 to CS6 because afterward I’d have to pay full price for Photoshop again…as I understand it I can’t upgrade (pay upgrade) from CS5 to CS7…

    I was referring to being able to buy the upgrade from CS6 to CS7…i know it isn’t free…

    • Okay Moe, gotcha. Sometimes around major new releases Adobe has a grace period for free upgrades, so that’s what we thought you were referring to.

      But you’re right – current CS5 and CS5.5 owners will be able to upgrade to Creative Suite 6 until mid-2014 when CS7 is due to come out…

      At that point Creative Suite 7 will become Adobe’s main release, and only owners of CS6 or CS6.5 at that time will be able to upgrade to CS7.

      In the meantime, Photoshop CS6 is really a great release and widely praised as delivering big improvements over the CS5 version from two years ago.

      Hope that clears it up!

  3. I downloaded the trial version of Photoshop CS6 Extended, and would like to purchase the non-Extended version. I have two questions about this: one, can I buy this version even though I downloaded the Extended version? Is this done during the registration process? And two (I guess that’s actually a third question), what is the price? I don’t want to press the Buy button until I know how much it will cost, but I can’t find the price shown anywhere.

    The only discount shown is for students and teachers, and I am neither. Is there no other price option? (Apparently I had four questions.)


    • LOL. Hey Julie, thanks for your four questions… Here are the answers:

      1. The Photoshop trial is always the Extended version. You decide which one you want to keep (Standard or Extended) at the time of purchase from Adobe – it’s entirely up to you.

      2. When buying, you’ll receive a permanent serial number. Entering this into your installed trial product will either keep or turn off the Extended features, depending.

      3. Check the CS6 Price Sheet. Adobe Photoshop CS6 is $699 and Extended is $999 in the US. The Education version is $249. Prices in other countries and currencies vary. Upgrade pricing from older versions of Photoshop also varies.

      4. Yes, per above. The only discount available is for student editions, as you saw.

      Does that hopefully answer all your questions? If not, just post back!

  4. Thanks very much for your answers. The price almost makes me want to go back to school. Almost.

    But I’d rather spend the time learning Photoshop, so I’ll spend the money and stay home in front of my computer. This is my first experience with it, and it is truly amazing.

    Now…one more question. I would really like to have the physical disk(s). I’ve had the unfortunate experience of contracting a virus and then having to reinstall all the programs on my hard drive. I know I could probably get another download, but I’d much rather have the disk(s) in my closet.

    Is there a way to get it/them, even though I’ve downloaded the program?


    • Yes Julie – when ordering the product from Adobe, you can specify “Download” or “Ship the box to me” – just choose the latter.

      It will cost a little more for shipping and take some time to get to you (usually via FedEx Ground), but they’ll send you the physical box and discs.

      You can use this option even if you’ve already installed the software on your system with the trial version. They are the same. You can then activate the trial permanently using the serial number that’s included inside your box when it arrives at your home or office.

      If you’d like to learn more on Photoshop CS6, check out these free CS6 video tutorials and/or these free CS6 e-books – both are excellent and no cost!

      Good luck and just post back if there’s anything else we can help with!

  5. Hi, my friend with the answers.

    Okay. After playing with both Photoshop and Elements for days and days and days, I’ve decided to buy Elements, and keep Photoshop in mind for later. I’ll see if I’m satisfied with what I can do with Elements, and if not, I’ll buy Photoshop as well.

    Here’s my question: I’m still on a trial basis with Elements. If I go ahead and buy it, requesting the disk, will I still be able to use the trial? I’m about halfway through the 30 days, although curiously, it does not say so on the trial screen. The PS trial screen always told me exactly how many days I had left. The Elements trial screen does not.

    Now that I’m addicted, I don’t want to be without the ability to use one or the other. Will I have to go cold turkey while I wait for the disk to get to me?

    I’m using it every day, and I don’t know if I can stand not having access!

    Thank you,

    • LOL – well, now you know how we all feel. :)

      Good news and bad news. The good news is you can continue using the trial until your purchase arrives, whether you bought the download or boxed version. The trial will convert to a permanent version with your entered serial number, as mentioned earlier.

      The “bad” news is all Adobe trials will work for 30 calendar days from the time of you first run the program (whether they tell you or not), and then they stop. This is “per computer,” so if you have another system you might be able to install and use that if your box hasn’t arrived by the time the 30 days is up.

      Adobe ships via FedEx, so when you order direct, normally you should receive the product within a week to 10 days… Hopefully that will work for you!

  6. That doesn’t sound like bad news…but I guess I’d better allow for the shipping time. I’ll be punching that “Buy” button today.

    Thanks for your help. It makes a huge difference that someone is available to answer my questions. And that you answer so quickly, too.

    Tell your boss I said you’re doing a good job!


    • Thanks Julie, and hope you enjoy your new software! Stay in touch and feel free to stop back anytime with further questions… We cover all major Adobe products including the Elements line.

  7. Just wondering why, if the Extended version has more features, one would prefer to go with the standard edition Photoshop? I’m new to Photoshop – please excuse my ignorance! Just downloading a trial now, and planning to purchase the student edition of CS6 Extended Photoshop. Does this sound like a good choice for someone who wants to do photo editing and graphic design?

  8. Oh, also: is there a difference between the student version and the non-student version, or are they exactly the same? (but the student version just cheaper?)

  9. Hi just a quick question… I’m thinking of also purchasing the cs6 extended student version but I need to check that this is the full photoshop package and not just the upgrade from cs5.

    I don’t have any photoshop software downloaded at the moment, so if I buy the student version then is that all I need to get and can I start using it right away (after installation and checking student IDs of course)??

  10. Hi, answer person –

    I’ve given my serial number for Photoshop Elements, and I’m now a genuine, official, authorized user. I’ve adjusted my settings so that the editor opens when I click on PSE. But I still get the request from Adobe to log in or register when I open the program. I have an Adobe ID, but I do not want to sign in whenever I use my software. I thought this would go away after I made my purchase. Is there a way to turn this off? It is intrusive and annoying.



    • Hello again Julie, the login with the Adobe ID is optional and you can pass it if you like… It’s only necessary if you want to use the online file backup and sharing services. You get a free Basic membership to, with 2GB worth of storage for your photos and videos along with access to introductory tutorials.

      There should also be a way for the program to remember your login details so that you don’t have to enter them every time.

  11. Hi, if I ship the CS6 box will you send the CD key to my email so I can keep using Photoshop CS6, as it takes about 10 days to get to me.

  12. I own Photoshop CS5. I’ve ordered Photoshop CS6 Extended Upgrade & the disks are being shipped. They should be here in about a week.

    In the meantime, if I download a trial version of CS6 Extended, can I still install the Upgrade over it using my existing CS5 product key to verify my eligibility for the Upgrade once the disks arrive? Or is there a way to get disks shipped for the download version?

    I built this computer specifically to run CS6, running 64bit Windows7. CS5 is installed on my old computer and on my Laptop – both 32bit. I understand that I am allowed to have Photoshop installed on two different computers as long as I only run one copy at a time.

    I’m planning on leaving CS5 installed on both of my old computers. I have some legacy hardware (Nikon film scanner) that just won’t work with this computer. And my laptop isn’t powerful enough to run CS6.

    Is that going to create a problem with my licensing?

    Again, I do understand that I can only run one instance of the software at a time.

    • Hi John, good questions. On the first – yes, you can definitely convert any downloaded Adobe trial to a permanent version without reinstalling the software from discs, even for an upgrade version… And you don’t need different or special discs or downloads for the upgrade vs. full – they’re all the same. Just see the CS6 Trial FAQ under, “How do I turn my trial into a purchased version of the product?”

      Your second question is a little trickier. You’re right that you’re allowed to have the CS6 software installed and activated on up to two of your systems – but when upgrading from an older version, the newer release must be on the same two machines as the prior release… Per Adobe’s EULA (End-User Licensing Agreement), you can’t have the various products running on three or four different computers.

      Sorry for the mixed news, but hope this answers your questions and helps you sort everything out!

  13. Quick question: I recently purchased the Design Standard (Student Edition)–is there any way to get “upgraded” access to PS Extended without purchasing it?

  14. I have been using Photoshop Elements and am using version 8 now. I am interested in the Adobe Creative Suite CS6 Design and Web Premium. Would I have to buy the full Creative Suite Version or can I upgrade from PSE8?

  15. Hi, again. I’ve been using Photoshop Elements 10 for a few months now, and I love it. A consistent problem I’ve been having is with the community support – or ANY Adobe support, for that matter. I can search Help for something, but then one of two things happens: 1) the link to the Internet does not work. After I click on it, it just sits there and does nothing; or 2) I copy and paste the URL into my browser and it shows the title but not the content. Either way, I’m left with nothing. It is VERY frustrating!

    This has happened time and time again, ever since I started using Elements. I do sign in with my user name and password, so I think that is not the issue. Can you tell me what’s going on?

    • Greetings Julie, nice to see you again. That sounds like a browser issue – definitely entering a URL shouldn’t show a blank screen, any URL. Try clearing your browser cache and cookies, or try it on a different browser or computer.

  16. I should have been more specific. Option #2 DOES take me to the web page, and the TITLE of the page (in other words, the question or topic I’m interested in) shows up, so it’s not a browser issue. I’m on the right page. It’s just that there is no text under the title. It shows a big blank space under the title.

    BTW, when I click on an offer at the bottom of the Elements screen (such as, “want to learn more about such and such?), everything works correctly and I can get into that help screen.

    And another BTW: I do not have this problem at any other website. I’m on the internet constantly every day, and I am able to get to wherever I’m going.

    Got any other ideas?

  17. Don’t laugh now, but I’m using Photoshop 7. Will I have a difficult time learning CS6? Does CS6 do a better job selecting a complicated object and moving it? Will I be able to load it to both my home computer and my laptop? Thank you.

  18. I am interested in buying Photoshop CS6 and need to know if we can change the shape of eyes, lips, and teeth of a subject for modeling photos.


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