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How to Create a Time-Lapse Video from Photographs in Photoshop

Time-lapse photography videos are all the rage these days…  Here is one of our favorites from Norwegian landscape photographer Terje Sorgjerd – incredibly beautiful and perfect for the solstice season (watch full-screen):

Prior to the extensive video editing tools first introduced in CS6, Photoshop wasn’t normally known for its video capabilities – but in fact it’s always been quite easy to take a series of still photo­graphs (manipulated as desired) and then quickly create your own timelapse video using Photoshop Extended… The technique below will work in the Photoshop CC, CS6, CS5, CS4 or CS3 releases – and Extended is not required if you have CS6 or CC, as the standard version can edit video as well.  (In fact, the new CC release is always Extended, meaning you can do 3D as well.)

Here now, Photoshop guru Russell Brown gives the details below on how to make and export your own creation:

Learn about all the other differences between Photoshop vs. Photoshop Extended, or how to edit video in Photoshop CC or in Photoshop CS6 or in Photoshop CS3-CS5.

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  1. Mapa

    can’t see the 2nd video (Russell Brown) :/

  2. Thomas

    How is the time-lapse of the first video done? I kinda read somewhere that some time-lapse panning are done with sliders or on Photoshop Extended from a series of still pictures.

    Can you show me or point me to the right direction where I can learn both? I am keen to learn.

  3. Thomas

    sorry… I meant I am keen to learn how to create panning time-lapse. I have no idea where to start. :(


  4. Thomas


    Thanks for the reply and the links. I have done some research about panning time-lapse photography. Learned about those sliders devices (they don’t come cheap) might need to save up for these gadgets.

    As for the video, thanks. I have watched the video but unfortunately it has nothing to do with creating a panning time-lapse video from the still images, the video talks about correction of white-balance and sharpening of the still images. Appreciate your help and thoughts. Will keep looking for the Photoshop CS5 tutorials (if there are any out there).


  5. Really cool videos, thanks for posting them

  6. starling
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