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  1. Srinivas


    i have found out that i cant buy a student teacher version of CS6 here in India. but can my brother who is a professor in USA buy a teacher/student version there, activate and send it to me here for my use????

  2. Joe

    Hi Srinivas,

    I recently picked up a CS 5.5 Design Premium Student Edition in April and given what I had gone through to get it, I just HAD to reply to your post to help a fellow Indian out. :-)

    I picked up my copy from Adobe’s Authorised Reseller in India for their Student and Teacher Editions (Ample Technologies). Their contact info is from Adobe’s list of Resellers at:

    Please check this page for the two suite-only products officially available in India for Students and Teachers. It also covers the different Student and Teacher Edition products available in other Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea:

    As far as I know, unlike in the USA, Adobe does not make individual products available under their Student and Teacher program in India. So if you want just Photoshop CS6 alone officially in India under the Student and Teacher program, you are out of luck.

    The cheapest alternative would be the Student and Teacher Edition of CS6 Design Standard (which includes Photoshop CS6) and if you want the Extended version of Photoshop CS6, you will have to pick up the CS6 Design & Web Premium Suite. These are the only two options available in India.

    I can understand the running around you must have done for information, since I experienced no differently. Hope this helps.


  3. srinivas

    hi joe

    so there are still rainbows happening!!! can’t thank you enough. you have been more than kind. you see my interest in acquiring PS CS6 is purely for photography to which i am hooked. i have used the trial version of CS5 and it is more than enough for me. does the CS5.5 design premium student edition contain the cs5? and similarly does the CS6 contain the cs6?

    thanks for all your help

    best regards

  4. srini

    hi joe

    i was a bit preoccupied so this late response. i have just ordered the Student/Faculty edition of CS6 instead of hunting for CS5.

    thank you ever so much for all your time and help. i really appreciate it

    best regards

  5. Ayo

    Hi, I’m a student, can I still buy Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended Student version? How much does it cost?

    What happens if I install it on a system and the PC crashes or is stolen. can I install it again on a new system that belongs to me?

  6. Chris

    Hi ProDesignTools,

    I was hoping you might be able to save my brain from melting :). You seem to have a better idea about Adobe software than Adobe so I hope you can help me. I am thinking of purchasing the Adobe Master Collection Student and Teacher edition. I am in the UK and I am desperately trying to get a definitive answer as to whether I can use if for commercial purposes or not and after I finish being a student.

    I know this has been asked many times and I am pretty sure the answer is yes as long as it is on my privately-owned computer. But even though it is heavily discounted it is still a lot of money for me and being able to use it commercially is a deal breaker. I would be greatly indebted if you could provide an answer with a valid live Adobe reference/source saying that this is okay in UK. There seems to be lots of old/incorrect information about different versions and only in North America and I am so confused.

    Kind regards,

  7. Chris

    Thank you :).

    Best Regards,


  8. Richard


    I am interested in getting Photoshop CS6 Extended to run on several computers at my school. I went to the download/education site, and price was listed as $299 for the education discount. Does this include the ability to install and run on more than one machine?

    Thank you for your help

  9. netgamer

    Hello, I have 2 questions:

    1- How do I get the student edition (in Egypt) of Adobe Flash Professional CS6?
    2- What is Adobe Flash Builder 4.7 is using at?

  10. ketch65

    None of this is really true. The software people use on their old aged pc’s sometimes is all free. It’s not about saving money, it’s about not even having money to buy a pc to begin with. It’s given to them, or dumpster dug. Most freeware can be had at cnet, etc, and the serials and activators are working mods that don’t contain anything but a hack//work around.

    Back in the days of Kazaa and bearshare you’d get a virus or infectious code 3 times out of every 10 or so downloads. Now it’s a rarity although the virus companies are calling all kinds of things “virus’s” and “malware” these days.

    That’s why in many instructions even in legit freeware you have to add an exception to your protection suite. This article is likely not doing much if any good for those happening upon here because they are poor, broke, and new to the world of pirating.

    IF this article and the thousands upon thousands like it were true, they wouldn’t be screaming for legislation to end piracy sites, etc, etc, etc.

    Everyone would download something, get burnt by it and then learn their lesson that way.

    But we know that’s very very VERY rare these days, now don’t WE?!?!

    • Ketch, this article has been very carefully researched and you are welcome to confirm any of the references and facts linked within… Statistics consistently demonstrate an indisputable correlation between high piracy rates and high malware infection rates, it’s indisputable. The most recent analysis (just one month ago) shows a 63 percent infection rate from pirated software, even if it was not often evident to the users.

      Meanwhile, manufacturers and legal authorities continue to step up their campaigns and fines against lawbreakers, as it’s no different from trying to shoplift. And for anyone looking to find “deals” in the secondary market instead of direct from Adobe, in recent years the fake versions have become very difficult to tell.

      You may have gotten lucky in your experience if you’ve ever opened your computer to untrusted programs, but as Schopenhauer said: “Every man mistakes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.”

      In the meantime Adobe now offers the entire CS6 Master Collection and more for less than $1/day to all students and teachers, so you really have to ask yourself if taking imprudent risks is worth it.

  11. juliana

    Hello, I just upgraded my Mac to OSX 10.8.6 Mountain Lion and my Adobe Creative Suite CS5 is running slow. Apple tells me the o/s will not perform at its best on Adobe CS5, is there a plug-in to use? Help I am a designer and need maximum performance.

  12. Hello,

    We run a small (40 student) private music school and would like to know if we will be able to attain the registration key needed to activate the teacher addition of CS6. We are a for-profit licensed and bonded business, however we do not have any government accreditation for our school. Can you tell me the exact proof of Eligibility needed to activate the software?

    We purchased the software in a box from our local Staples office supply store at the Teacher discount, however I have not tried to install it because I want to get a definitive answer before I break the seal on the box and lose the ability to return the product and re-purchase at full price.

    I spoke with a representative at Adobe but they did not give me details about the necessary documentation to prove eligibility. They only encouraged me to buy the product online and if I choose to buy the product in person, the retailer would vet our eligibility before selling us the product. The retailer did not have any further information and did not require any proof of eligibility to see us the product at the discount.

    Any details about the actual proof of eligibility for a teacher to activate the product would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    • Welcome Hester, thanks for stopping by with your (good) questions. Unfortunately, the rep you spoke to for Adobe gave you some slightly incorrect information. If you are not absolutely 100% certain of your ability to purchase with the significant education discount, then you should not buy a box from a retailer or reseller…

      Why? The reason is because there is no vetting that happens before purchase, there never is… All the verification happens after purchase, and in fact even after you open the box – see the Eligibility Verification Process Overview here. You need the “product code” to get your permanent serial number, and the product code is located inside the box!

      Once you break the seal and open any box of software, most resellers will not take it back. And if Adobe does not approve your academic eligibility or credentials, then you would not be able to use the product. And you’d then be completely stuck because Adobe Student & Teacher Editions cannot be resold either.

      So what do you do? The answer is buy the education version direct from Adobe, because then the software is fully returnable for a refund if you need or want to for any reason within 30 days, even if opened. These versions are already heavily discounted so a few bucks more or less in price should hopefully not make a difference. Or, you could buy the download version from Adobe and then all the logistics would be even simpler.

      As for whether your school would be eligible or not, we can’t give you a definitive answer on that because we are not Adobe and don’t interpret or decide who receives the discounts… We can only refer you to the official eligibility rules.

      But our safe and strong recommendation would be to simply purchase it straight from Adobe, then go ahead and submit your credentials as normal. You’ll hear back within 1-2 business days. Hopefully it will all work out, but if not for some reason, then you can easily get a full and complete refund – and will have lost nothing.

      Anyway, hope this helps, and answers all your questions – if not then just post back!

      (And in fact, we should probably write a new post about exactly this topic because it’s a long explanation that could help a lot of people that regrettably fall into this trap.)

  13. zetty

    Hello, what a nice site.

    You seem to be in the know — can I authorize Adobe CS6 Production Suite I bought in USA with my UK student credentials?

    /// zetty

  14. Mike

    I just want to check—is this info still accurate? I thought I read somewhere that Adobe no longer sells Student/Teacher static editions at all.

    If I’ve got my info straight, you can either: 1. Get Creative Cloud at full price ($50/month); 2. Get CC at educator’s/teacher’s price ($20/month up until you stop being a student or teacher, and through the end of that year); 3. Get a static version of CS6 for full price (about $1900 for Design & Web Premium) OR, if you’re fast on the draw, 4. Go right now to an authorized reseller and get a student/teacher edition quickly before they run out of stock!

    I did this last option. $450 for CS6 Design & Web Premium STE. Life is good. :)

    I thought you guys at pro design tools might want to add an “update” header to this page. (Also, do I have my facts right?)

    • Hi Mike,

      Your information is basically correct, however Adobe does still directly sell both the traditional CS6 Student & Teacher Editions as they always have, in addition to the new Creative Cloud for Students & Teachers. With what you describe, it sounds like you might have found some dated inventory at an older price… All retailers basically match Adobe’s direct education prices if you check them online. It’s possible that an item remained in your local area with an old price, but it’s not something generally repeatable.

      In any event, the number of resellers is now diminishing significantly because Adobe has eliminated boxes and moved to a download-only delivery model.

      On the whole, trying to buy the education editions from a third party can be problematic – because if for some reason Adobe does not approve your academic validation, your box is already opened and you typically cannot return opened software to stores or retailers. You also could not resell it yourself because the student/teacher versions are not transferrable.

      Buying direct from Adobe does not encounter this problem because of their ironclad 30-day return policy which means you can always get your money back no matter what you’ve done with the software or what happens with verification. That goes for both the Cloud as well as traditional products.

  15. captain

    can i use the annual commitment license plan for complete creative cloud 6 on more than 1 computer…??

  16. boombaba

    hi, may i know where can i download the adobe flash which is not trial version or is there any serial number i can try with? thank you :)

  17. zee


    Anyone knows how to download CS5 Web Premium?

    My CD-ROM is not working, and my PC just crashed and I had to reformat.

  18. UK Depressive

    I am disabled and unable to work or study and would love to be able to buy Adobe’s (disc based) software but am excluded because of the lack of discounts offered. It seems that all they are interested in is offering software cheap to those who may go on to buy it at full price later or as a publicity ploy to charities etc.

    Before I became disabled I worked at a college as a Network Manager and used to recommend Adobe software, but their lack of genuine interest in people’s needs as left a bitter taste in my mouth. I no longer recommend them to anyone, and indeed recommend other companies instead.

    I have received free software from the likes of Autodesk, Maxon and others despite offering to pay for student versions, yet Adobe have never responded to online contact (in fact don’t even have an email address) and I am unable to use the telephone…

    Way to go Adobe!

    • Sorry for your disappointment, and for no one getting back to you. We’d be happy to try to respond and offer a few suggestions:

      1. You mentioned “disc-based” software, but Adobe earlier this year discontinued the boxes… Can you be more flexible instead and consider the new CC (Creative Cloud) versions via subscription? They are meant to be more affordable for people on a budget instead of paying a huge amount upfront… Is $20 or $10 a month still too much?

      2. Check out our guide to qualifying for the popular education discount. If you can find a local community college (or even online) offering a class you’d like to take, then you may be eligible for the price reductions.

      3. Adobe does offer lower-cost, scaled-down alternatives for consumers and hobbyists. Photoshop/Premiere Elements 12 can still do a lot, even if they aren’t the level of the full professional tools in Creative Suite/Cloud.

      Hope these ideas help, and good luck to you.

  19. UK Depressive

    I will also add “and they wonder why their software is pirated so much!”

  20. Brendan

    Hello i have a question:

    Is there any way to still rent Adobe CS6 monthly? Or has Adobe completely abandoned that payment option? Because all i see is CC monthly renting, and no CS6 monthly renting at all.

    I’m slightly confused


  21. Brendan

    Thank you for the response!

    This solved many problems!

  22. Amarelis

    HI GOD BLESS ..I GOT A QUESTION, WHAT IS THIS ‘photoshop cs6 portable’ – IS THAT ILLEGAL??

  23. Here’s the latest tale of woe… yikes.

    How do I get all my programs to start working? I have a Virus!
    From: Shawn

    I tried to download a “free” version of Photoshop CS6 and I got hit with a brutal virus. It disabled my anti-virus (webroot) and I still can’t open internet explorer! I can open games such as WoW but it takes about 5 mins to open, I haven’t tried to play it, in spite of maybe having a keylogger attached. Luckily I was able to get into safe mode with internet and (maybe?) remove the virus aka Trojan, but for some reason my programs are still jacked up and I’m afraid my computer is still infected!! Whenever I open internet explorer it always goes unresponsive and all my programs either go unresponsive or take forever to load…. I’m a big gamer and I don’t know what’s going on! All I wanted to do is make a thumbnail for my youtube videos, but I learned my lesson.. I’ll just use the Adobe trial since it can still get the job done!

  24. ray

    I wish to buy the CS 6 Extended Student teacher version through the Adobe website

    1. Is it possible to buy online?

    2. Charges for download are one-off or recurring?

    3. Will I get the product key if the software is downloaded through the Adobe web?


    • Hi Ray, here are the answers:

      1. Yes, definitely. CS6 is the older release, but Adobe is still selling and supporting it directly.

      2. For CS6, the charges are one-time upfront for the perpetual version, the same as before. (For the newer CC version, it’s billed monthly with a sub­scription.)

      3. Yes – just go to the Adobe CS6 Store, choose “Buy CS6” at the right, and then “Student & teacher pricing” to get the discounts and serial number.

  25. Ruth

    Hi, my cousin is a teacher and she wants to get me the teacher’s version of photoshop cs6 or cc extended. However, she’s not interested on getting it for herself. So if she gets it with her teacher’s discount, can I download it on my computer?

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