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  1. Helen Metcalfe

    I’ve spent two days trying to install the DPS Desktop tools to InDesign, but keep getting an Adobe installer failed message stating that ‘the Administrator has suppressed updates on this machine’, even though I am using an administrator account. Then I read on the Adobe forum (after uninstalling and reinstalling InDesign several times) that the update might not be the most recent – sure enough, I had 9.0.

    So, I just downloaded an InDesign update for 9.2.1 from your website and I get the same adobe install error. So, please can you suggest what I need to do to make these updates install. I’ve tried changing the privileges in the Get Info panel but it won’t let me drill down into the architecture of the folders very far before they grey out. I am running a late 2011 MacBook Pro using Mavericks.

    Many thanks, Helen Metcalfe

    • Hi Helen, sorry you’re having difficulties updating the apps… Are you trying with the latest version available for the DPS Desktop tools, also found on our CC updates pages? (Mac OS or Windows)

      And is this the error you’re getting?

      “Update Failed
      Updates could not be applied
      Please contact your Administrator if you wish to apply updates on your machine. Updates have been suppressed by the Administrator.”

      If so, have you tried the solutions suggested on this Adobe help forum?

  2. Cameron Kincaid

    My problem is I have bought the program and I will click install, but it stays at 0%. What’s the deal?

  3. basspig

    I’m having no luck with the 9.0.1 updater for Premiere CC. It fails with “This patch not appicable for you. Please check for updates form the help menu.” etc. When I check for updates, it tells me my applications are up to date. But I’m still running 9.0.0, with all the audio out of sync failure issues.
    I miss the days when a software patch just worked without all the circuses and the moon and the stars all having to be in the right phase.

  4. Kathy


    My company will be switching my workstation computer from a Windows to Mac. The PC I currently have contains Adobe Photoshop CS6. Can this programme be deactivated and transferred over to the new Mac?

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.


  5. Andriy

    Hi try to subscribe for CC but can’t . All the time it say loading . What to do?

    • Hi Andriy, what is the exact text of the full message you receive? What action(s) were you trying to perform at the time?

      Also knowing what type of system you have, and the application(s) you’re talking about would be helpful.

  6. Andriy

    Mac book pro 2012. I go to and click on choosing plan, and after I have on my computer a white monitor and it says loading, but it takes forever.

  7. apparently installed on mac adobe is slower than windows, my company uses both mac and windows and I see a very slow run on mac adobe, how can I improve it?

    • Not sure – it depends entirely on the class and age of the machines, versions of the operating system, etc. The same Adobe CC software should run (approximately) equivalently fast on a Mac vs. a PC, if the hardware is similarly spec’ed and the versions of the operating system are recent.

      Which Adobe program(s) and release(s) are you talking about in particular? Does each computer have a modern GPU (graphics processing unit), similar memory size, etc?

  8. Daniela

    I have two peculiar problems. I’ve downloaded the trials for Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom and In Design from here. I managed to install all but iD. It goes to the preparing to install and jumps straight to Installation complete. the second issue is with lightroom as it refuses to update… any tips?

    • Yes. Check to see what version(s) you’re running (via the Help menu > About or System Info), and then compare that version number against those available for the latest updates listed here for Windows or here for Mac OS

      If you don’t have the latest-and-greatest releases installed, then you can use the direct download links given on those pages to download and apply the patches yourself manually, and force the application(s) to update. (Note that all patches are cumulative.)

      Hope that helps!

  9. Carl M

    I am trying to download/install Acrobat XI Pro 30 day trial.
    Click on DDL and file downloads.
    However when I click on it to run – it isn’t an .exe file
    Wants to open with Acrobat Reader, IE, Word, Paint or a bunch of other programs.

    What gives?
    Running WIndows 8/64 bit.

    • Hey there Carl, it sounds like your browser (especially IE) may have dropped or changed the file extension when downloading the program… In that case, your computer might not know how to open it, or might think it’s a text file instead.

      If that happens, you would need to rename the file to add back the proper file extension… You have to hover your mouse over the link above and check what it is at the end; usually for Windows it’s a .exe or .7z or .zip file.

      Keep in mind however that Acrobat XI is 3 years old now, and not the current version – the latest release is Acrobat DC Pro/Standard.

    • Carl M


      For personal use, do not want to use cloud-based program. XI (or even X) is sufficient for my purposes.

    • Well, you should know that Acrobat DC is not a cloud-based program… It is a complete desktop application that runs locally on your own computer but can optionally access and use cloud services if you wish.

      So that is a misconception – see: What Is New Adobe Acrobat “DC”

      Trying to find an old version that Adobe doesn’t make or support anymore (like XI or X) is fraught with trouble and not advised.

  10. Ben

    I’ve paid for the Premiere Pro CC 2015 monthly package, and they’ve taken the money out of my account. But when I download it, it says I’m on the 30 day trial. Any tips?

  11. Ben

    I’ve tried that a few times and nothing happens! 🙁

    Thanks for the help though.

    • It sounds like there’s some issue with your licensing. Perhaps you have two Adobe ID’s registered, or signed up with a different email address, or there’s some kind of glitch with your account or on your system.

      You should probably contact Adobe Customer Service to check what’s going on with your account.

      Good luck and please let us know how it turned out!

  12. I had this issue and we just resolved it with a mix of forum recommendations and adobe support.

    Navigate here: C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesAdobeAAMUpdaterInventory1.0 and delete adobeupdateradminprefs.dat

    Also navigate here: C:UsersAppDataLocalAdobeAAMUpdater
    and rename 1.0 to old 1.0 to hide it from the software.

    This worked for me, you may actually only need one of these? But because I did them at the same time I’m not certain which one or if the combination is correct.

  13. Kenneth Gilbert

    @Jesse Stormer

    jesse, you are a life saver.

    huge props to you my friend.

  14. Hello sir, i have the illustrator cc product. I downloaded its update 19.2 from here. But the ‘update could not be applied’ error appears. Is any way to update it ? My illustrator is cracked and i also reinstall it without crack, but the same error appears.

  15. Lauren

    I have just bought a plan on Creative Cloud but it still says that my trial for Dreamweaver CC has expired. How do I use it now since I have bought Creative Cloud?

  16. Gary Davis

    When updating through Creative Cloud my CS on Mac, my old Acrobat Pro has been replaced with Acrobat that says I have a 30-day trial before I can choose to buy. But I already had it, so why must I trial. A little reticent to update my other important software.

  17. Gary Davis

    Hi Pro,
    sorry it has taken so long to reply. Yes I do have the full suite of Creative Cloud, hence having Acrobat Pro. But unlike InDesign, Illustrator etc that ask me to Update, Acrobat DC which replaced it has asked for
    Start Trial. Tried to reinstall old Acrobat Pro, but hasn’t worked. Tempted to press Start Trial, and see what happens after 1 month trial is up.

    • Yes, we’d suggest just going ahead and doing that. Since you’re already a CC subscriber, it’s included so there’s nothing to lose. Also make sure all your programs are up-to-date (Help menu > Updates), including Acrobat.

  18. Elad

    The CC 2015 update could not be applied when trying to run the offline install… why is that?

  19. Elad

    I saw them, none of them worked:/

    • Well then, it’s probably a product activation or license issue – and unfortunately we don’t have the ability to fix licensing issues with the software, it’s beyond our power and control… You have to contact Adobe Customer Support about those kinds of questions; only they can help:

      (via live online chat is usually fastest/easiest)

  20. CheriseG

    Photoshop CC 2015 updating problems.
    Hi I am trying to update my photoshop CC 2015 and I keep getting error message 119. I have gone through the troubleshooting page and nothing seems to be helping. I have OS X El Capitan version on my iMac. Lightroom CC 2015 update worked just fine as I did that first. Tried several times now on Photoshop update but keeps errorring out…….Help
    Cherise G.

  21. ganesh

    Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 has stopped working
    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: Photoshop.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 55681d39
    Fault Module Name: MSVCR120.dll
    Fault Module Version: 12.0.21005.1
    Fault Module Timestamp: 524f83ff
    Exception Code: c000001d
    Exception Offset: 0000000000096cd5
    OS Version: 6.1.7600.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: 096a
    Additional Information 2: 096a2e6fc4d77a7a966ff48506139a6c
    Additional Information 3: 016d
    Additional Information 4: 016dfb7218e8ce18ad1c15d79aa0a2ae

  22. melissa

    I’ve been trying for days to download my purchase of Adobe Photoshop on my Mac (OS X El Capitan Version 1.011.2). It goes through the motions of uploading, asks me for my name and password and reasons for using Photoshop, then a message comes up saying

    “Sorry Installation Failed – An known error has occurred P1…Quit”.

    I have turned off my firewall, turned computer on and off, cleared all previous Adobe apps as far as I can see (I am not very technical…) Same thing keeps on happening… GGGGrrrrr… Can anyone help me pleeassse…in layman’s terms if possible…

  23. Saphira

    I tried four days to install After Effects CC 2014, but without success. Until yesterday, it got stuck at 26%. Now it got stuck at 28% and I got an error that the installation failed. The error summary doesn’t say anything about an error and Creative Cloud doesn’t have the option for previous versions. I need the trial and I use Windows 7. Can you help me, please?

  24. Alisa

    I’m having an issue downloading the experience design (XD app). I’m currently using the CC, but the app won’t download.

  25. Alisa

    It will say that it has been downloaded but it won’t ACTUALLY download. I can’t find it on my computer (mac) other than the experience design uninstaller.

    • Well, normally we would offer you a direct download link to the application, if you were having issues with installing it the normal way… But unfortunately, at present, Adobe XD is not offered via direct download. You can read more about this here.

      Otherwise, for the most relevant assistance, we would suggesting taking your question directly to Adobe via the Forums link given in the previous comment.

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