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Sneak Peeks! Next Generations of Dreamweaver (CS7?) + Flash Pro

[UPDATE (May 6th) – The next release is announced! Learn more about new Adobe CC.]

In recent days Adobe has been slipping out little sneak peeks of new product versions (perhaps CS7?) entitled, “Early Views Into the Next Generations Of Dreamweaver and Flash Professional.”  These brief first looks show improvements centered on re-architecting the tools for performance, usability, and stability – as well as adding some new features and keeping on top of technological trends.

Next Gen of Adobe (CS7?) Flash Professional - "Hellcat"

For the next release of Flash Pro (code-named “Hellcat”), there’s a blazing new 64-bit archi­tecture, written in native cocoa – making the program modularized, much faster, and more reliable so you can be more efficient. For example, start time has been cut to just 2 seconds, 10X faster than CS6… There’s also a new user interface with light and dark themes, plus support for HiDPI displays (e.g. MacBook Pro Retina) – read more details here.

For the upcoming version of Dreamweaver, you’ll be getting a modernized, retooled and streamlined user interface with some old features deprecated, and new ones like the CSS Designer added for responsive web design. The CSS Designer is a visual interface to quickly and intuitively work with CSS properties like gradients, box shadows, and media queries to support web content presented in different-sized media. Adobe says this feature will be available later this year and you can find more information in this blog post.

Find out more about the next generation of Adobe Flash Professional.

Get more details on the next release of Adobe Dreamweaver.

Dreamweaver and Flash Pro are available standalone or in the CS6 suites, and also two of the many tools in the Creative Cloud offering… Any new product features or versions that Adobe releases in the future will automatically be available free to Cloud members.

Note at the end of both videos there is a big teaser!

« Learn what’s coming next from Adobe to help you create your greatest work: May 6th. »

Check out more first looks at new versions of the Creative Suite video tools, as well as a sneak peek of Photoshop CS7(?) and the upcoming release of InDesign “Next”.

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