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Adobe CS7(?) Video Tools: 16 “First Look” Sneak Peeks from NAB

See the Next Generaton of Pro Video Tools from Adobe

[UPDATE (May 6th) – Major news out: Adobe Unveils New “CC” Release (CS7)…]

Just in time for the big NAB show, Adobe has given us an enormous window onto what they’re calling an “upcoming version” of their industry-leading Creative Suite professional video tools: Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, SpeedGrade, Prelude, Media Encoder, Story Plus, and new Adobe Anywhere.

Powerful new features are coming to Adobe’s industry-leading video and audio tools. You’ll soon be able to work even more creatively, seamlessly, and profitably — from script to screen. Here’s an early look at what to expect in the upcoming releases …

See the complete NAB Reveal here.

What’s immediately apparent from the huge list of new features and improvements is that Adobe’s product development teams have been very busy in the twelve months since CS6 came out

We’ve known since 2010 that Creative Suite was moving to an annual release cycle, and that Creative Cloud would eventually make formal CS cycles obsolete by releasing free product upgrades as soon as they are ready.

And we now believe this next release of Creative Suite will be launched on May 6th and there’s some chatter that it would be CS7.

Check Out 16 Sneak Peeks at Adobe's New Video Tools!

So what’s new in these upcoming versions? Here are some very quick highlights – for more details click on the product names below because there is much more:

  • Premiere Pro: Editing Finesse, Link & Locate, Audio Clip Mixer, closed captioning support
  • After Effects: Warp Stabilizer VFX, “Refine Edge” Rotoscoping, Live 3D w/CINEMA 4D Lite
  • Audition: Sound Remover, Preview Editor, Native 64-Bit Performance, Favorites Panel
  • Prelude: Easy Metadata Templates, Hover Scrub Thumbnails, Native 64-Bit Architecture
  • SpeedGrade: Shot Matcher, Rebuilt Interface, Luma Waveform Scope, Mercury Transmit
  • Media Encoder: Match Source Settings, Export Closed Captions, New MPEG-2 Exporters
  • Adobe Anywhere: Brand new workflow platform, final availability expected in May 2013

And Adobe states:

The new version‘s release date has not been announced, but there is a great way to get yourself to the front of the line. If you join Creative Cloud now, you will immedi­ately receive the entire stable of currently shipping CS6 applications AND you will automatically receive the new versions of all your favorite Adobe applications as soon as they are available.”

Check out more first looks at new versions of Dreamweaver and Flash Pro, as well as a sneak peek of Photoshop CS7(?) and the upcoming release of InDesign “Next”.

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