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New Adobe Coupon Code: Save 40% on Creative Cloud, NAB Special

[UPDATE – See all of Adobe’s current deals & discounts!]

Looking at Creative Cloud, with its 5-star customer reviews? Adobe has announced new and unprecedented special offer that we have to share with you…

Take 40% off the Regular Price of Creative Cloud Membership with New NAB Promo Code

Using a limited-time promotion code, you can now join the Creative Cloud for $29.99 a month for the first year, which is 40% off the regular $49.99 price of an annual membership.

No previous ownership of any Adobe product is necessary, but the price reduction is only available during this very brief window.

This deal comes via the big annual NAB show and is aimed at video professionals — though it’s apparent that anyone interested can use it… It’s valid through April 19, 2013 in North America, and available one-to-a-customer direct from the Adobe Store only:

With a new version of Creative Suite expected soon, one of the key benefits of Creative Cloud is that all members automatically get access to the latest upgrades and new CS features as soon as they are released for no additional cost.

In fact, after revealing a series of sneak peek videos and first looks at some upcoming new features in major CS(7?) applications, Adobe says:

The new version‘s release date has not been announced, but there is a great way to get yourself to the front of the line. If you join Creative Cloud now, you will immediately receive the entire stable of currently shipping CS6 applications AND you will automatically receive the new versions of all your favorite Adobe applications as soon as they are available. Until April 19th, we’re offering a NAB Show Special giving you 40% off Creative Cloud for your first year – that’s only $29.99/month It’s an amazing way to keep your costs really low and your tools up-to-date all the time.”

This discount code won’t last, but if you don’t feel you’re ready for the Creative Cloud at $29/month or would just need/use a single Adobe tool instead at this time, then there’s also the option of individual product subscriptions such as Photoshop CS6 (including the latest updates) for $19 a month.

For students and teachers the deal is similar – Adobe is also offering 40% (or $20) off Cloud member­ships to education customers worldwide. Likewise it’s 40% off for owners of any previous CS product going back to Creative Suite 3.

Existing volume licensing customers also get a first-year discount of $20 per month with the new Creative Cloud for Teams.

Check this helpful FAQ for the 90 top questions (and answers) about the Cloud:

The Adobe Creative Cloud Q&A – Your Top Questions Answered

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  1. Ron

    Thanks man, I’m in !

  2. Darrell Gatlin

    How can creative cloud be useful in making music videos?

  3. Carter

    This is AWESOME… you just saved me $240 – THANK YOU!!

  4. Eric

    It would be nice if Adobe would actually make the cloud interesting and interesting to non-US residents. Many of us will have seen the video with CEO Shantanu Narayen dodging questions. But actually, his Creative Cloud answer is the same story once again.
    I’m by now used to the conversion rate of a dollar being equal to a euro (which it is not), as typically occurs with technology related products (hardware, software, ..) So I’d expect €30 and €50 prices. Instead the offer is €37 and €61 for the creative cloud.
    Next is the fact all calculations on Creative Cloud being a very good deal are actually a selection of cases, case in which CC is the better deal. But I use Production Premium CS6. I like it a lot and does everything I need. I do not need indesign, dreamweaver, .. And I already invested in the package, I got a full version. A comparison should look at that case too. Not start with buying a full package of master, but buying an update to a suite like Production Premium. The only way I think, without increasing the prices of an update of Production Premium, Adobe can make Creative Cloud more appealing to more people, is by also introducing Production Premium Creative Cloud.
    I do hope Adobe will provide the additional Creative Cloud option and will change its prices. And obviously I would like it to make the changes on the CC side. Not by making it artificially interesting by increasing the prices of an upgrade.

    • Thanks for your thoughts Eric. We would caution to be careful on the price comparisons for U.S. vs. International – you have to make sure you’re not comparing apples to oranges… See Adobe’s explanation on this topic.

      Also, you may know about the longstanding Creative Cloud Upgrade Offer, which also provides a 40% discount to existing CS3 to CS6 customers for the first year.

      Of course, this special NAB promotion code now does that too (but without requiring prior ownership), although for two weeks only.

  5. Brian

    I’ve been trying to figure out if this offer is good for current subscribers and Adobe chat was not helpful.

  6. Bob

    Adobe pulled that page down early on the 19th, without explanation. I know they lost at least 2 sales just from people I know.

    This page popped up sometime after 3 pm:

    “We’re sorry, the promotion code you are using is invalid. Please reenter the link or refresh the page. If you continue to experience problems, contact Adobe Customer Support. “

  7. lew

    Yup, I was going to sign up after work on Friday, but couldn’t. Sucks!

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