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Free! Download 10 Professional, Royalty-Free Adobe Stock Images of Your Choice
  1. Thanks for the info! great article!

  2. Jolie

    This is helpful, thanks.

  3. Harald

    ls it possible to post the latest CC 2017 updates
    for example: After Effects CC 2017 (14.0.1) or Premiere Pro CC 2017 (11.0.1) or Audition CC 2017 (10.0.1)

    • Hey Harald, yes – we are aware of the CC 2017.0.1 updates out for some of the video & audio products… We have been in close contact with Adobe this week and they are working on it.

      Things are a happening a bit slower that anticipated, and for that we apologize. In a big company, sometimes it can take a bit longer to iron everything out. But rest assured, we are on the case and will update this space as soon as we have more news and links…

      They will be posted here:

      Adobe CC 2017 Direct Download Links: Creative Cloud 2017 Release

  4. Jhon

    All updates are included in the Creative Cloud upgrade. Mind-blowing magic from Adobe. Just need how much you are going to pay for the CC. Thanks for gathering all updates in one place.


    I have messed up in Lr 6 and now find my catalogs all over the place! Can I and if so how do I copy them back into Lr 6 and merge into one catalogue so that I can upgrade to cc 2017. please help me with this one.

  6. Temitope Hassan

    I am really interested in Adobe CC as I have read countless articles and watched various videos on the amazing new features.
    However so far it has not been available in Nigeria.
    Is there any plans to change this in this new release?
    Thank you

    • Well, it appears that Adobe is not yet offering Creative Cloud for Individuals in the country where you live… The list of where CC can be purchased is now over 80 countries and always growing larger.

      However, if you happen to have a billing address and form of payment (including PayPal) that is based in any one of those other (covered) countries, then you should still be able to purchase CC direct – even if your home address is elsewhere…

      [Note that your Adobe ID needs to be associated with the same country as your credit card or billing address, so if it isn’t then you may have to create a new Adobe ID.]

      But even if that doesn’t work, then you should still be able to buy Creative Cloud for Teams from a reseller in your country. Yes, CC for Teams is offered there, and shown on the countries list linked above – so you should be able to purchase it, even if only for 1 single license.

      Finally, while not everyone has full access yet, Adobe tells us they continue to work to expand the availability on an ongoing basis – so look for still more countries to be added going forward (and don’t forget that Creative Suite was never sold everywhere either).

      But whatever you do, avoid any illegitimate version at all costs!

  7. Roger Lagessew

    I have Adobe cc 2015 for photographers on both my laptop and desktop.
    Both were working like a dream.
    Now it has been upgraded to 2017 everything has slowed down dramatically.
    I find when downloading my photos in RAW the software takes ages to keep up with what used to be almost instant. I can’t use this software anymore as it takes just too long to edit 500 plus photos. If it is not corrected soon I will have to cancel my contract and move to another software package.
    What is going on? Please advise.

    • We haven’t had any issues but heard there were some folks with certain configurations who experienced slowness in the initial release of CC 2017.0. However there have since been updates to the major tools like Photoshop that you should make sure you have installed. Select “Check for App Updates” from the Settings (gear icon) menu in your CC Desktop app.

  8. Roger Lagessew

    Tried installing latest update and got a failure message, only downloaded 46% (get help)

  9. BOOOOO. My lightroom would not download after seven attempts (I have had the CC photo deal for years) PS CC is fine, but Lightroom killed my old version and WILL NOT OPEN so I have no Lightroom at all.

  10. Nick Nel

    Good Day
    I am absolutely a rookie when it comes to post editing. I would like to rent Adobe Light room CC 7 version for $ 9.99 / month. It is advertised as PS + Light room. Can you get the LR 7 only ? My preference is Light room, or is it a package deal ?

  11. Cliff Pollack

    How long is the trial?

  12. Lill’

    There is an Adobe CC2017 sold on ebay with a 2-year licence for 50 euros.
    Is it legal?

    « link removed »

    Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 – ESD – Windows 32/64 bit – multi-language – 1 PC

  13. Lill’

    Thank you.
    I did make some inquiries and he claims to be a legal reseller.
    My guess is, that he has bought a group license and is then selling off the parts.
    He reckons that after 2 years, he can just renew the license for another 2 years, for a fee of course.

    • Exactly as we thought and wrote above. That is completely bogus, as well as 100% illegal… And you would get stuck holding the bag.

      PLEASE read the article linked in our previous reply above, before you get scammed and lose your hard-earned money.

  14. Johann B

    If I upgrade to CC 2017 PS/LR version, can I still use my Br (2014)?

  15. Kiara Bailey


    Is everyone still experiencing bugs and problems with Premiere Pro CC April?



  16. @Roger Lagessew
    Really good to know about how slow 2017 is. I have 2015, downloaded 2017, but it won’t install. I like 2015 so unless Adobe comes up with some awesome new capability like they did with content aware or blur reduction, I’ll just stick to 2015 for now.

  17. i am switching from pagemaker to cc 17. but my file are not converted. i have 50 licences of cc 17. but i can not work on it due to conversion issues from .pmd to .indd. suggest best possible

    • No, Adobe InDesign CC will not convert old Pagemaker files. However, Adobe CS6 can and will.

      As a Creative Cloud subscriber, you have full included access to previous Adobe versions, going back to CS6. So you can download, install and use CS6 to convert your PM files, and then open them in CC.

      Please see this comment for more details.

  18. sam jegede

    what is the price of photoshop CS5 master collection 2017

  19. I have acrobat pro 10 and read that it is no longer supported. Does that put me at a security or hacking risk? what does no longer supported mean exactly. I want to use acrobat pro on 2 different computers, but only 1 at a time. can I download same copy to both as long as I use only 1 at a time?

    do you sell acrobat? should I get pro 11 or pro 2017? Not clear on what the difference is

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