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Adobe Releases Creative Suite 6, Now Shipping with Trials Available

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Adobe Releases CS6 – Now Shipping plus Download Free Trials


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107 thoughts on “Adobe Releases Creative Suite 6, Now Shipping with Trials Available”

    • Hi Daniel, nice to see you again. Per the terms of the CS6 Grace Period, you should receive your free upgrade email “ten days after the ship of Adobe Creative Suite 6”

      The email will contain a unique voucher code that you can then redeem at the Adobe Store for a complimentary upgrade to CS6 – the price will show as $0.00, and you’ll receive the license key and be able to download your upgrade instantly.

      Or, you can get started now and install/run the free trial for the CS6 product you’ll be receiving, and then convert that to permanent when you receive that serial number.

      Enjoy Creative Suite 6!

  1. Yeah! Thanks to your Twitter I found out about availability.
    Now downloading the trial for Suite Design & Web Premium.
    My pre-ordered upgrade box will be shipped on May 11th, but I couldn’t wait to put my hands on it.

    Representative on Adobe Chat wasn’t able to tell me whether I will need to uninstall trial first in order to upgrade later. I hope it will work with the serial I receive or I will have to do double work.
    Anyway, I’m excited !

    • Hey, welcome back Adam. Generally, you should not have to reinstall the software when your upgrade version is the same product on the same platform with the same language as the trial you downloaded. So where possible you should try to download the trials through your country’s Adobe site to make sure they’re consistent with what you’d want to purchase.

      But if these three aspects match, then when you receive your upgrade box you should just be able to just enter your purchased serial number to activate the trial you previously downloaded and installed.

      (It used to be that minor variances in language between trial and purchase would not validate – like Universal English vs. International English or French vs. French Canadian – but that’s no longer an issue since CS5.)

      Note that for upgrade versions you also have to either (a) have a prior release installed on the same machine, or (b) enter the older serial number by hand at the time of new CS6 installation.

      Typically you can run CS6 on up to two of your computers as well.

      Hope this helps and you enjoy the new software!

    • Hello Bill, that’s the exact browser everyone uses here and it’s working fine on our end… Please carefully follow the instructions on that page, and to ensure Adobe’s session cookie gets set properly make sure you’ve temporarily turned off surfing restrictions like site/cookie blocking, firewalls or antivirus software. If still no luck, then try another browser, computer, or Internet connection (no Wi-Fi).

  2. @ ProDesignTools

    As always, THANK YOU for clearing up this for me.
    That’s good news because with the trial I have to again install plug-ins for PS which are not there.
    If I had to uninstall and install again it would be double work, but it looks like it won’t be necessary.

    Now I have both versions on my PCs, CS5.5 & CS6. Can I uninstall CS5.5 or it’s important to have it?
    As you know it takes unnecessary space on my computers.

    By the way, I love it. It may sounds strange but the dark UI makes editing different.
    Good job Adobe.

    • Sure Adam, glad to help. Yes, most people like the new UI in Photoshop CS6 (in Illustrator and Premiere Pro too) – and there are many more interface improvements than just the color.

      As for having both CS5 and CS6 on the same machine – it’s no problem either way: you can run them both side-by-side if you want, or you can simply remove the prior one. You can keep them both if you think you’ll ever use the older tool(s) for any reason. If not, then you can easily just uninstall any or all of the previous release to save space… It’s entirely up to you.

  3. is there a way to resume the downloads if it stops? and can i use a download manager (eg: download accelerator plus)

    • Welcome Chris, normally the CS6 trial downloads use the Adobe Download Assistant, which is their homegrown DLM that will resume your download if it stops for any reason.

      If you want to download CS6 without using the Adobe Download Assistant (some folks run into issues with it), or if you want to use your own download manager (like the one you mention), then see our complete list of Creative Suite 6 direct download links.

      (If you don’t use any DLM and just pull the files with your vanilla browser, then normally you can’t resume an interrupted or paused download… The files can be large so typically you want a fast and strong connection, no Wi-Fi.)

  4. @ ProDesignTools

    Thank you again. I will wait first to receive my boxed CS6 upgrade with new serial number. I want to be sure that it will work with current trial, which after all recognized my previous version during installation.

    Once it’s done, I’m going to remove CS5.5 to save space. CS6 is too cool, and I don’t think even open 5.5 :-) I’m also excited about InDesign, which is now included in my new Suite. I started to use it yesterday.

  5. HI THERE! Why is Dreamweaver not included in CS6 Standard? That is very important for me, instead I do not need Illustrator. Is there a possibility to buy only the software I need: Dreamweaver, InDesign and Photoshop?

    • Hi Seppo, it’s a good question but there are no other suite options other than those listed in the CS6 Product Matrix

      Design Standard has always included those four main applications, Photoshop + Illustrator + InDesign + Acrobat, that’s the way it’s been since Creative Suite was first launched.

      The good news is the Design & Web Premium suite also adds Dreamweaver + Fireworks + Flash Pro, which are all useful in web design and development.

      If you think you’ll only need and use the three tools you mentioned, then you could try purchasing them separately – but if you look at the CS6 Price Sheet you’ll see that doing that wouldn’t come out lower than just getting the suite instead.

  6. I’m enjoying CS6 thus far, but perhaps you guys can confirm this – there are no manuals. Anywhere. At all. The only way to learn things is to read a short list of features, or watch a few very short videos.

    According to one guy online Adobe were still working on them. I’d either love to know if they are, or if they decided to hide them in the deepest darkest corner of the universe.

  7. I am a graphic designer with Adobe CS4 Mac Standard and would like to upgrade to CS6 but £627 is a lot of money. I’m going to purchase CS6 for my 12-year-old son, as I have taught him how to use CS4 and he loves it and is currently taking an extra after-school course in Photoshop. I’m going to purchase the Student Edition for him once his school emails me the relevant paperwork.

    My question is this: I’m spending over £230 on his version and potentially £627 on my upgrade. Is there any incentive/discount for me from Adobe, as this is unaffordable and I have been a loyal Adobe user for years.

  8. That would be thank you – not thanks you – I’m proof reading my own comments and can’t let that one go…. Kate

  9. Hi,

    Was wondering if you have heard if people have started receiving their upgrade vouchers to claim the free upgrade to CS6 you got if you ordered CS5.5 during the grace period?

    Considering the offer is not listed on the website and my invoice doesn’t mention anything about it either, Im feeling a little worried… Thanks!

    • Good question Michael, as far as we have heard the complimentary upgrade vouchers have not gone out yet… Per the terms of the offer, the unique coupon codes for the CS6 upgrades will go out, “ten days after the ship of Adobe Creative Suite 6 and no later than May 31, 2012, at 11:59pm (PDT).”

      Since Creative Suite 6 was released on May 7th, Adobe still has a couple days on that. So, not to worry – the offer uptake was quite large so they are very busy on that right now!

    • Update: We’ve heard definitively that the emails are going out now from Adobe with the unique coupon codes for the free upgrades to CS6… so you should receive yours soon, if you haven’t already!

  10. It is now Friday May 18 and I have no email yet from Adobe with my redemption codes.

    I ordered both Design Premium 5.5 and Production Premium 5.5 on April 4th.

    I am not very confident of ever seeing any email or free upgrade from Adobe.

    • Greetings James, it’s still the 17th at Adobe headquarters in California, plus they may be a bit behind from demand – so don’t get too worried yet…

      If you ordered CS5.5 in April direct from Adobe, there should be no problem. Feel free to contact Customer Service if you like, the fastest and most direct way is via live online chat. And please keep us posted on how it goes, and we’ll be happy to help however we can.

  11. James here again. 21st of May and still no email from Adobe. The reason I am not confident of ever hearing from Adobe is that customer service from Adobe does not exist in the country of Australia, never has and probably never will. I have contacted customer service and did not receive any answer other than the standard cookie cutter company line reply that emails are being sent out yadda yadda yadda.

    I paid good money for 5.5 and there is a new version out and I don’t have it. Not happy Adobe.

    I am in the fortunate position of having a somewhat high profile voice in the media and I will take this as far as I have to, it is time Australians stood up to Adobe and are treated fairly, including the difference in what we pay compared to almost anywhere else in the world.

    • Hello again James, sorry to hear you haven’t received that yet. The fastest and most responsive way to connect with Adobe customer service is really the live chat mentioned above – you will be connected with a real person quickly. Make sure you provide them with your order number(s) as well as the official offer terms that the upgrade redemption emails will be sent out ten days after the ship of Adobe CS6.

      In the meantime, you can definitely get started with Creative Suite 6 by just downloading the free trials for your products, which will work fully for 30 days until this gets sorted out. Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do.

      Lastly, as far as product price differences around the world, it’s been discussed quite a bit and Adobe has offered an explanation of this in the past.

  12. Just to let you guys know I got my upgrade coupon today. Contacted Adobe on monday and they said they are sending out the coupons in waves until the 27th. It is an automated process, so if you haven’t received yours yet, it could be just a few more days wait.

    • That’s great to hear – thanks for letting us know Michael… There were a lot of customers who took advantage of the offer, so clearly it’s going on longer than they anticipated!

      As we’ve mentioned before, in the meantime you can get started with the free CS6 trials, which are good for 30 days. By the time the trial runs out, Adobe should have the permanent serial numbers sent out to everyone for the free upgrades.

    • Hey there Des, sorry you haven’t received your your free upgrade yet but Adobe is clearly a bit behind on getting all the voucher codes sent out to recent CS5.5 customers. What they said was 10 days after the release of CS6, and not later than May 31st.

      But don’t worry, people are still receiving them now – and the free trial should get you by until your license key arrives. Then you can convert the trial to permanent by just entering that serial number.

  13. I haven’t received my free upgrade as of yet. I was under the impression that you would get the free upgrade if you purchased CS5 or CS5.5 is that correct? I bought CS5 is that the reason I haven’t received my upgrade.


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