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  1. Des

    Don’t worry I got mine from adobe and still haven’t received an email yet…cutting it close… I guess I will need to contact them on the 31st.

  2. Des

    When I say got mine I mean creative suite design premium 5.5….no upgrade email yet

  3. Des

    Nothing yet, guess I will call tomorrow

    • Hi Des, based on the terms stated in the offer the upgrade email should be sent out automatically. But because you still haven’t received it, we dug through the different pages on Adobe’s site about the program…

      If you click through to this page for “I purchased directly from Adobe” – then you’ll see about halfway down buried in the requirements, it says:

      “You must have registered your current serial number. For details, see Product Registration Options.”

      So this is news to us, but have you registered your software yet? If not, then that may be one possibility as to why you haven’t received your complimen­tary upgrade yet… There are other good reasons to register too, but we thought this could be important to mention.

  4. joan rands

    Waited all day and no email with my free update. I checked to see if my CS5 was registered and it is. Got any ideas on how to contact a real person at Adobe to get some assistance?

  5. Des

    thanks for the info, yes I registered and purchased from adobe. I will just have to contact them by chat I guess, I was to busy working today to chat with them. Hopefully they’re just slightly delayed.

  6. Des

    Just checked my email spam folder… There it was, gmail I hate you.
    I guess that’s what happens when all the big tech companies hate each other lol.

    Glad there was a simple solution for me.

  7. joan rands

    @ ProDesignTools
    After not receiving my free CS6 upgrade code I contacted Adobe via live chat and was given a code. No hassle but no explanation why it was never emailed. Needless to say I am happy and can get on with my latest job. Thanks for all your help.


  8. Liz

    I’m currently a student and will graduate next year. I’m looking into purchasing the Student Edition of CS6 Design Premium for my PC. I have dealt with problems on my laptop in the past to where I’ve had to completely reset my laptop to its original state due to a virus and had to re-install all my programs like MS Office.

    My question is, if I purchase a Student edition now and later on after I graduate and have to uninstall the program, will there be a licensing issue with the program if I had to re-install it back onto my laptop? And also will I still be able to use the Student edition after I graduate or do I have to purchase another license since I will no longer be a student?

  9. Ed Tooma

    Thank you for your answer to my other question. I checked to see if I am eligible for the upgrade from my CS5.5 to the new CS6. The cost is $75.00 – not bad at all. I only do audio productions – no video. Does CS6 really benefit what I am now doing? Are there any new audio processing features in CS6 that are in addition to what is already in CS5.5? From a voiceover standpoint this is needed information before upgrading, Thanks much for any input to these questions.

    I must be candid – Adobe Audition 3.0 and CS5.5 are absolutes favorites of mine and user friendly. I tried other DAW software like Pro Tools and was lost in trying to even get it into record mode and having to have an M-Box for it to work was a headache. I see where they dropped the M-box requirement with the Pro-Tools 10 version. Kudos, Kudos to Adobe for keeping it simple and having all the tools necessary to do the job. The only complaint I have about Adobe is when a new DAW comes out some of the features in one DAW that are good are not in the upgrades. Leave what you already have and “add” to it.

    Thank you!

    • Hello again Ed, great to see you back and thanks for your comment. Adobe Audition CS6 actually added a lot of new features and enhancements over CS5.5, it’s a big improvement from previous versions.

      You can also just download the free CS6 trial here and see for yourself; it will run side-by-side with earlier versions without difficulty or interference… Then if you decide you don’t want to keep it at the end of 30 days, you can just uninstall it and keep your older release(s).

      Hope this helps!

  10. Des

    Just a heads up to those who have waited to the last minute (Aug 5th) to claim the free upgrade. Adobe may have deactivated your code in the email they sent you, so the upgrade is no longer automatic.

    I checked in June, and my code showed discounted pricing when I added Creative Suite to my cart, but when I tried again in August the code was inactivated even though I had not used it.

    I called Adobe and they were able to partially resolve my issue, they said they would send the free upgrade by mail…then they sent it me via email, when I needed the DVD upgrade. So yeah now I have to phone them yet again and waste another 1 hour of my time. It would help if they didn’t deactivate the codes that they sent out before they expire.

    The 5th of August is a Sunday, so knowing that Adobe Customer Service has really bad coverage on the weekend…you all have effectively till the 3rd to claim the free upgrade, because Adobe may have deactivated your free upgrade code and you may not simply be able to log into the Adobe site to make a claim.

    Good Luck.

    • Thanks so much for the heads-up, Des – really appreciate that and it will definitely help some readers here…

      And hopefully spending time on the phone won’t be necessary, as most Adobe customer service tasks can now be accomplished more quickly/easily via live online chat.

      One additional important note: Per the terms of the grace period offer, all free CS6 upgrades that are sent out will be the download version – so you did receive what should be expected.

  11. Des

    Oh I know the official terms of the offer state download, but when my code worked I had the option to ship the product and my transcript with Adobe chat clearly states they will ship the product to me.

    This is really a matter of delivering on what you promised. I will have to phone, they gave me some poor excuse on chat.

  12. Des

    Called Adobe, they admitted their mistake and will send the DVD media in the post. Not sure if that will be a boxed copy, but at least I will have official discs which is what I was promised.

    For those of you whose free upgrade codes still work you should be able to chose a boxed upgrade, but you will be charged $5.95 shipping.

  13. Ed Tooma


    Thanks a bunch for this input. I have never heard anyone as good as Jason Levine in explaining the Adobe operations. One quick question: In stretching an audio clip to fit a particular time in the new CS6 does it alter the sound in any way? I guess I’m confused with the term stretching in real time. I’m getting closer to maybe buying the upgrade for my CS5.5.

    Thank you!

    • Yes, Jason Levine is great – he is one of our favorite Adobe Evangelists! And he is a really nice guy in person too.

      Your best bet for seeing if the new CS6 version does exactly what you want is just to download and run the 30-day free trial alongside your older release and compare… There’s no obligation to buy anything but you can put the product through its paces and see how you go.

      The online CS6 documentation can be helpful as well.

  14. Marilyn

    Can not launch CS6 trial. Error message says the procedure entry point GetlogicalProcessorInformation could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll.


  15. Howard

    Purchased CS6. Installed successfully. But firewall will not let me access the sign in site. How can I activate?

  16. Dan

    Guess I waited too long – I bought CS 5.5 Master Suite as great pains to my wallet, partially because of the free upgrade to CS6. I called Adobe today to ask about the upgrade and was told there was a cut-off of September 1st. What the hell is that all about? What difference does it make if I upgrade today or 6 months ago? I’m definitely not paying the almost $600 to upgrade to CS6.

    • Welcome Dan, sorry to hear you missed that… The free CS6 upgrade grace period began almost one year ago, and last spring Adobe sent out multiple emails to those who qualified for the free upgrades by purchasing Creative Suite 5… Is there a reason you didn’t complete the offer at that time?

      Hopefully you received one of those emails, if not then you might mention that to Adobe Customer Service. As with all offers everywhere in the world, an expiration date was set so that they wouldn’t be obligated to provide the resources to fulfill those requests indefinitely.

  17. Tom

    I currently have Adobe’s CS5 Design Premium Suite, and interested in upgrading to CS6… either Design/Web Suite or Full Master Collection. Can you provide pricing costs for this upgrade please… cannot seem to find it on your website, or finding conflicting messages. Please advise. Thank you.


  18. Tom

    Thanks for the clarity. I need to do more research on the Creative Cloud, but can you tell me if it features full working versions of each software program? Is it a full version of Illustrator, or just bits and pieces enough to pass as Illustrator? My hesitation would be subscribing to Creative Cloud, but not having the functionality of a full version available.

    Thanks for your help.


  19. Karen


    Last year I bought Design Premium CS6 for Windows. I installed it on my laptop. Now I have a new laptop because the old one is causing trouble. How can I install the CS6 suite on my new computer?


  20. Lin


    I own Adobe Illustrator CS5. How do I go about purchasing the CS6 upgrade? I do not want to subscribe to Creative Cloud because for me it’s more expensive in the long run.


  21. Robert

    I have CS6 Design & Web Premium and the discs will not read in any DVD drive. Is there a URL that I can download the apps or is there any possible way that some one could send a new set of discs out to me?

  22. Anonymous

    stop wasting my time with bogus downloads

    • Well, happy to say that the authentic CS6 direct downloads here all work perfectly fine – and if you’d just taken a moment to read the important instructions in the post, you wouldn’t have wasted anyone’s time.

  23. Leanne

    Is there any chance that the upgrade from CS5 to CS6 could alter, even the slightest, the RGB/CMYK/hex codes on files originally saved in CS5 Photoshop and Illustrator and then reopened in CS6 Photoshop and Illustrator?

  24. rony009


    Can not launch CS6 trial. Error message says the procedure entry point GetlogicalProcessorInformation could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll.


    Hey I had the same issue with my computer (“Procedure entry point error”). I wasted my time on it for many days, but finally I got a solution from this link:

  25. Sean McMullen

    So, after installing Premiere Pro CC 2014 and finding no title templates, then learning that one has to install Premiere Pro CS6 to get the title templates, I re-installed Premiere Pro CS6. I also downloaded the Premiere Pro Extra Content.

    It appears Premiere Pro CS6 successfully installed, but when trying to install the Premiere Pro extra content, I get an error and tells me to install the Adobe Support Advisor. Then when trying to install the Adobe Support Advisor, it tells me it is discontinued.

    How do I get the Premiere Pro CS6 extra content successfully installed, so that I can copy and paste the title template files over to Premiere Pro CC 2014 so that I can use them?

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