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ProDesignTools Greatest Hits: Our Best Adobe Articles & Tips Ever

With one year wrapped up and a new one just beginning, it seemed a perfect time to put together a review of the best and most-shared posts published here since our site launched in 2009 (over 11 years ago now!), including some very popular free books.

These are the top posts that consistently have the highest readership on our site, month after month, covering all major Adobe software products…  They’re broken out by topic below in case you’ve missed any, or are new here – so bookmark, share, and enjoy!

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Adobe Photoshop

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What’s missing? Anything that you’d like us to cover? Any burning questions you’ve got on Adobe applications? Just let us know in the comments below and we’ll get you answers…

It’s been a great eleven years so far, and we’re looking forward to an even better 2021 – Happy New Year!

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289 thoughts on “ProDesignTools Greatest Hits: Our Best Adobe Articles & Tips Ever”

  1. Hello,

    can You please offer the latest Updates of the CC 2014 Apps, from 04.04.2018, on your download page, because the Updates via the Update function of the Creative Cloud Manager do not work / fail!

    After Effects
    Camera Raw

    because of Camera Raw Update 10.3!

    Best regards

  2. Access Denied
    You don’t have permission to access “…/AdobeProducts/FWKS/12/win32/Fireworks_12_LS16.exe?” on this server.
    Reference #18.853ad8a2.1531139261.1dceddc1


    Where is the link to make an account to log in?

  3. Hi, I purchased Photoshop CS5 Extended version 12.1 x32 from you in 2015. I downloaded it to my PC which has since been replaced after breaking. Now I need to download it to my new PC. How do I do that? Please help!!

    Best wishes
    Tracey Harvey

  4. We have loaded the Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Product on our standalone systems that don’t have any internet connection. We downloaded the Updates from your site here. but every time we try to run any of them, it seems to want to run an Online update. Is there any way to update the software without being online. These are for Government computers on a classified network, so having Internet is not a possibility. Please advise.

  5. I just bought a new Mac Mini. The only software I physically have anymore is the upgrade for CS5. I had upgraded from CS2 (which was purchased back in college) and I have no idea where those disc(s) are since it’s been over 10 years and countless moves ago. Is there any way I can install the CS5 upgrade without having a previous version of CS since this is on a new computer?

    Appreciate any help

    • Hello Jonathan,

      Unfortunately not. Any Adobe CS upgrade version also requires the serial number from the previous release that you’re upgrading from. Together the two form the complete upgrade picture.

      One idea: you could try checking your online Adobe account to see if your product serial numbers were captured or registered there. It may be worth a shot.

      However, if you just bought a new Mac, then you may be out of luck anyway… We’ve heard of plenty of difficulties trying to install & run old CS releases on modern operating systems, especially macOS. The newer OS versions of course didn’t exist eight years ago, and the old Creative Suite software was not written for them, nor is officially supported on them.

      Wish we had better news, but best of luck with it!

  6. I am an educator that teaches Art I and Art & Media communications courses. I want to become more proficient in Adobe to become a more effective educator for my students. In the past I have signed up for courses on the Adobe Exchange website but simply could not complete the courses because I do not have a copy at home; and can not afford the Master Suite on my work computer. I need assistance with Educator options to get the best bang for my buck. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Alief ISD Art Teacher

    • Greetings Meredith,

      Adobe offers an education discount that applies for both students and teachers… You can pick up an annual Creative Cloud subscription at 60% off the regular prices for your first year, and then 40% off after that, so long as you remain a teacher.

      See this post for more about Adobe’s student/teacher discount, and how you can get it.

      And you’re in luck, because right now there’s an even deeper reduction that Adobe is offering for Black Friday. For a limited time, the price cut is 70% off the standard pricing – just $16/month in the US for your first year:

      Adobe Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018 Deals, Offers & Specials

    • Hi PW, did you thoroughly read that article? It doesn’t say you can continue using all the major CC apps without a paid subscription…

      You can, however, get & use some of the Creative Cloud apps and services for free for life. But don’t take it away to mean that you can have the full Photoshop for free.

  7. I am already subscribed to Adobe’s Photography Plan as part of Adobe Creative Cloud, with an Adobe ID, and I am also using Bridge, XD, etc. and Portfolio. Do I still need to rejoin Adobe’s Creative Cloud to get access to the entire set of free features available from Adobe according to your article at: ?

    Does Portfolio use come along with the free use of creative cloud?

    • Welcome M.A.,

      Your CC Photography Plan would already include everything offered at the free level of Creative Cloud, plus more that you’re paying for.

      The free level does not include Adobe Portfolio. The Photography bundle that you currently have is the least-expensive plan that does include Portfolio.

      Hope that fully answers your question; if not, then just post back!

  8. Bestätigung Ihrer Kündigung
    Ihre Kündigung wurde verarbeitet. Ihr Dienst endet am 28-November-2018 (PT).
    Danach wird Ihr Konto auf ein kostenloses Basisabonnement zurückgesetzt. Kostenlose Abonnements bieten einen eingeschränkten Zugriff auf Creative Cloud-Dienste und 2 GB Gratis-Online-Speicherplatz. (Möglicherweise müssen Sie Dateien löschen, damit das neue eingeschränkte Speicherkontingent ausreicht.)
    Bleiben Sie weiterhin zu Creative Cloud-Angeboten auf dem Laufenden. Für die Zukunft wünschen wir Ihnen viel Erfolg.
    Dieser Dienst wurde über [email protected] verrechnet.

    Die Kündigung wurde bestätigt.
    Am 25. Dezember 2018 erfolgte eine weitere Abbuchung von 24,34 Euro von meinem Konto.

    Bereits am 20. Dezember 2018 wurden 35.99 Euro für die CC Software abgebucht.
    Ich erwarte eine Rückerstattung 24,35 Euro auf mein Konto.
    Dieser Dienst wird mit 35.99 Euro über [email protected] abgerechnet.

    Mit internetten Grüßen
    Püringer Franz

  9. Is it possible to buy older versions of Adobe Acrobat outright rather than going through the Adobe download? I am retired and do free graphic design for several small 501c3 organizations and my local yacht club. I object to paying over $500.00 per year to do free work for groups that don’t have the budget to hire it, and I don’t have the money to donate that amount!


    • Hello Kathy,

      The only older and non-subscription version of Acrobat that Adobe still makes is Acrobat 2017, which has significant differences and fewer features than Acrobat DC 2019.

      Also, if you happen to need or use Adobe software for a non-profit or charitable organization, then you might want to look into TechSoup for discounts.

      Lastly, no version of Acrobat is ‘over $500.00 per year’… You can get a subscription to Acrobat DC for as little as US$12.99/month, with ongoing upgrades included. And with a subscription, if you no longer need the software or stop working with it on a regular basis, then you can let your plan run out and pay nothing thereafter.

      By contrast, the perpetual Acrobat 2017 version described above costs US$300-$450 upfront for a static copy.

      Hope that fully answers your questions; if not, then just post back!

    • Sorry Paula, we’ve never heard that before. Which book(s) in particular are you trying to download? There’s a different link given in the email for each of the free books.

  10. Can you adjust your website to stop sending hundreds of email notification every day, I unsubscribed and still I am getting bombarded with these notifications.

    I love your site, but this notification comes from nowhere, I did not even clicked on the box notify me. In fact, I have not used my web wiz emails for the last 3 years on your site.


    • Hello again Greg,

      When leaving a comment on our site, there is an optional checkbox to “Notify me of follow-up comments via email”

      Our records show you using your “webwiz” email seven times in comments on our site since last October 2018… (and thanks for reading & commenting!)

      Within every comment follow-up email that you receive, there is a link you can use to unsubscribe yourself for that post, if you wish.

      We don’t show any of your email addresses still active to receive any further comment notification emails, so it must be that you did unsubscribe yourself by clicking on those links.

      Apologies for the inconvenience, and thank you for writing.

  11. Good night. I live in Brazil and I have the need to use Adobe Illustrator but I do not have the financial condition to buy an annual subscription for the 2019 version. I would like to buy the 2015 version. I do not want anything cracked. I want the original and I want to pay for it. Can you help me buy the old version (2015) of Adobe Illustrator?

  12. i have to download adobe illustrator on this website & i have to install in my computer but this software is not installed, why? this is installed only for the free trial, seven days – but i want to permanently install it… please guide me on how to permanently install this software??

  13. HI There

    In 2017, I purchased Adobe Master Collection CS6 from you and want to download and install it again, but on a different machine. I currently have it on my laptop, but need installer/setup program (full program) to install on my main PC. Don’t want trial version or adobe cloud. I had FULL version with proper set up installation files.

    Please let me know how I can re-download. Thank you.

  14. Good Morning,

    Originally I set up my account with Adobe while living in Spain for 14 months; I’m a US citizen who returned to the US back in 2011, and have been unsuccessful in having my country of residence changed back to the US. Three phone calls to Adobe support receiving two unkept promises to change it, and the third telling me the only was was for me to close my account and change my business email. I also sent one letter and one fax, both of which were sent to Adobe corporate with no response. Why is this such a big deal? Creative Suite is about 20% more for European accounts due to the exchange rate in currency, plus they add VAT on top of that total. Thank you for your help and understanding on this and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Robert – CO

    • Greetings Robert,

      Sorry to hear of the issue. Only Adobe Customer Service can make those changes within their system for active subscriptions, but we’re going to reach out and see if we can get any additional help for you within the company…

      The reason it takes more work & validation to change countries is because pricing can very between regions, and otherwise everyone would want to sign up with the country which cost the least. In Europe as you noted, the subscriptions cost ~20% more (after the exchange rate) because a VAT of ~20% is included in the price, whereas all pricing in the U.S. is quoted without sales taxes (added later).

      Thanks for reaching out and hope this gets taken care of soon for you.

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