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“CS5 is Evolving”: New Adobe “Sneak Peek” Preview Videos Out

[UPDATE (Oct. 12th) – See also the new sneak videos out for Photoshop Image Deblurring and InDesign Liquid Layout from Adobe MAX 2011…]

See the new Adobe Technology Sneaks video page

Similar to how they did before the launch of CS5, Adobe has been quietly slipping out a bevy of “sneaks” (now numbering 16 videos) for new features that may be in a forthcoming release of the Creative Suite…

“Check out what new technologies, features and innovations the Adobe product teams are working on behind the scenes. Stay tuned to get an early glimpse of what could be next from Adobe.”

The products covered include: InDesign, Dreamweaver, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Audition, Adobe Story, Media Encoder, Flex, Flash Pro, Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst.

CS5 Evolves - 4/11

Given the recent news of a “mid-cycle release to CS5” (e.g., CS5.5), and a forecast for when CS6 could be out, one question might be in which future version might we see these new capabilities?

Well, Adobe tips their hand once again – because at the end of a couple of these videos they flash the graphic, “CS5 is Evolving: April 11th, 2011″……
Which says to us, you might expect some of these features soon, in fact you might expect more about them next week!

The company has scheduled a special session with Creative Suite Evangelists on Monday, and is tweeting: “CS5 is getting even better. Stay tuned to on 4/11, and join this Q&A

Join us on Facebook for a live Q&A with Creative Suite Evangelists Terry White (Design), Greg Rewis (Web), Paul Trani (Flash Platform) and Jason Levine (Digital Video & Audio) from 9am – 10am PDT on Monday, April 11. They will be answering all your Creative Suite questions, so start thinking about what you’ve been dying to ask.

So here are some of the significant new preview demos… For the complete set, please see the Adobe Technology Sneaks 2011 page.

[UPDATE (April 11th) – Right on schedule, Adobe CS5.5 is out!]

Sneak-Preview of New Motion Stabilizer for After Effects

Watch Steve Forde, Adobe’s Product Manager for Adobe After Effects, demonstrate the Warp Stabilizer, a new way to transform shaky hand-held footage in After Effects.

Sneak Peek: New Overlay Creator Panel in InDesign

Colin Fleming, Adobe Solutions Engineer, shows how easy it is to create interactivity from InDesign for documents destined for tablet devices via Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

Sneak-Preview of Adobe Audition

Watch Colin Smith, Adobe’s Senior Solutions Engineer for video products, share the future of Audio in Adobe’s Creative Suite software.

For the rest of the sneak peeks and for the other products, currently 16 in total, see the Adobe Technology Sneaks 2011 page

And stay tuned.

[UPDATE (May 3rd) – CS5.5 is now available and shipping, including free trial downloads.]

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  1. Nick
  2. Adobe CEO, Shantanu Narayen talked about CS5.5 coming out shortly, during Adobe’s earning call recently. He mentioned that Adobe’s clients were asking for more updates to their products between their 18-month cycle of major releases for Creative Suite, especially with everything changing so quickly in the web and world of devices. So it’s not CS6 but CS5.5 that is coming out, and I’m guessing CS6 will be out at the end of the year.

    • Thanks very much for your comments Matt. Good points, in fact we covered that conference call pretty extensively in two previous articles here about CS5.5 and a future CS6

      From what Narayen said, we definitely shouldn’t expect CS6 to be out this year (see more in that story). And on CS5.5, we think you’re right given that Adobe is dropping some big hints about “CS5 evolving” on 4/11 and scheduling some special sessions for next week.

      Should be interesting, thanks again for your input!

  3. nocturnal YL

    Nice to see the changes in each of these program. I’d have hoped to see all 15 programs (+Media Encoder) receiving changes though.

    Flash: The ability to resize contents in Flash came 15 years too late. Better than never, I suppose. Asset sharing is much needed too. Now where’s the physics engine for pre-rendering animation in Flash (that was once shown before CS5 but didn’t make it to the final release, remember)?

    Audition: Does this mean Audition will come back to Creative Suite? And it looks like exporting is required in Audition. I think they need roundtripping between Premiere Pro and Audition / Soundbooth?

    InDesign: Interactivity is not anything new; but interactivity for devices is. It’s getting ready for Digital Publishing Suite, which is somehow expected.

    It’s too early to announce features in 2012 programs now. My bet is that either these will be in a dot release, or CS6 will come out earlier than that.

    • Terrific comments and great to see you again YL… That’s a good question about Audition – it does look like Adobe is tightly integrating it with the suite, which is good no matter what.

      The new Warp Stabilizer in After Effects is a stunner – and you have to check out this separate research demo video of the technology… It makes any old Flip video look like it was professionally shot with a Steadicam or dolly! A very slick feature that will make a big difference in results, along the lines of a content-aware fill.

  4. Maria

    I hope to see some new features in illustrator and adobe photoshop, not just indesign and flash!

  5. I hope Adobe focuses on Audition being able to do great music production like 3.0 used to be able to .. Please bring back all features like .. re-wire , direct-x effects .. Midi , group clips , automatic cross fades , freeze , metronome just to name the basic few .. Smart tool would be nice to bring back .. Making everything a click away in all versions previous to CS5.. Right or left click on any track to get where you need to go was nice and time saving >. Its what made CEP so known back in the 90s.. You didnt have to fumble around in menus .. Also saving in mutiple formats was nice for backing up ..

    Also if you guys were to implement beat detective and elastic audio .. THEN Pro Tools would have nothing on Adobe .. I know them both .. And Audition 3.0 is so close to having everything Pro Tools has .. I love editing on 3.0 over ANYTHING .. It’s so logical .. Waves dont get lost if covered by another like in Pro Tools .. Plus there are fewer steps to everything .. so it saves major time .. Please keep making Audition for the music crowd as well ..


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