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Free Adobe Premiere Elements 11 Tutorial: A Two-Hour Video Course

Watch Adobe Premiere Elements 11 Free Tutorials

We’ve previously featured 30 hours of free video tutorials for Adobe’s Creative Suite 6, as well as four hours for Lightroom 4 – so here are some terrific (and free) learning resources for the recently released Elements 11 product line

In the course given below, the experts share how to get started with Premiere Elements 11 for editing your videos, the essentials of the software, new features added in PRE 11, how to use important tools and functions, plus their best tips and techniques. In total, there is over 2 hours of free video training, spanning 21 separate chapters.

Most modern cameras now take both great photos and videos, so Premiere Elements is well-integrated with Photoshop Elements for your image editing – and since many people use the two tools together, you may also be interested in three hours of free tutorials for learning how to use Photoshop Elements 11.

Because Elements 11 has an all-new intuitive editing environment with a revamped Organizer plus other new features, the content here doesn’t carry well to older versions of Premiere Elements.  However, we do also have a page still available with several hours of free tutorials for PRE 10 & 9 and earlier.

If you need a copy of Premiere or Photoshop Elements 11 to get going right away, just download the free trials and they will work fully on your computer for one month, which should be plenty of time to get through the classes. Note at the bottom of this page, you’ll also find quick demonstrations of the two programs.

[ And after watching these, pop over and download almost 200 pages of free Elements 11 e-books for more on how to best use these new tools. ]

Learn Adobe Premiere Elements 11
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01What is Adobe Premiere Elements?5:22
02The new Adobe Premiere Elements 11 user interface3:43
03Simply share with Adobe Premiere Elements 116:26
04Time remapping with Adobe Premiere Elements 116:05
05Trimming clips with Adobe Premiere Elements 116:34
06Simple Fixes with Adobe Premiere Elements 114:51
07Quickly find your best clips8:12
08Instant Movie basics5:13
09New and cool in Adobe Premiere Elements 116:11
10Adding titles11:55
11Changing project presets5:22
12Arranging clips in a movie6:55
13Applying effects6:52
14Applying transitions5:58
15Adding and customizing an audio effect6:21
16Speed up or slow down video segments with Time Remapping6:15
17Overview of the Action Bar Toolkit4:33
18Creating disc menus7:24
19Audio mixing8:19
20The Tools panel4:51
21Importing videos and photos from a previous version3:17

This extensive series was produced by Adobe in partnership with top training sites and video2brain.

Bonus: Quick Demos of the Elements 11 Product Family

Do you have any questions about Premiere Elements 11?  Just ask them below and we’ll get you answers fast!

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  1. Susan

    I bought Elements 11 last year. My computer has crashed and I have a new computer with the Cloud offer for PS and LR.

    But I want to reload Elements 11 on the system too… I don’t need Elements 12 at this time.

    Hope you can help.

    Thank you ,

  2. Nina

    I’m new to this, but I was wondering how to use the backgrounds already on the program. I want to use them, and then add one of my pictures. Also, I have cd’s, with props and backgrounds, that I would like to use with the photos I have. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks.

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