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Adobe Makes $10 Photoshop + Lightroom Photog. Plan Permanent

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Adobe Gives Ongoing Discount for Photoshop + Lightroom CC Plan


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101 thoughts on “Adobe Makes $10 Photoshop + Lightroom Photog. Plan Permanent”

  1. Just bought creative cloud photoshop and Lightroom. Already have receipt. Having trouble finding it. When I use my sign in stuff, it says I can’t access it – help

  2. Sorry, been out of town . When I go into my photoshop it tells me to sign in for my trial .. Now it says my membership has expired and I will have to redo it. I have had a photo session for over a week and cannot work on it. If we cannot get this fixed just give me a refund. I realize its a lot of confusion but I just need this taken care of. I appreciate your help.

    • Hello again Cathy – it sounds like your free trial ran out so the solution now would be to (re)license the the Creative Cloud product… Just follow these steps:

      1. Launch one of your Creative Cloud applications.

      2. On the Creative Cloud application trial screen that you’re seeing, click License This Software.

      3. Then sign in with the Adobe ID and password associated with your Creative Cloud membership.

      That should take care of it for you, and get the software fully running again – but if not then just contact Adobe directly (the live online chat is fast), and they should be able to help you further:

    • Greetings Rebekah. Per Adobe’s official system requirements, Photoshop CC 2014 isn’t supported on Vista (nor Windows XP), however the good news is that Photoshop CS6 will work on both older operating systems. In fact there’s someone by here the other day who was still running Photoshop CS6 on an old Windows XP netbook and it did decently.

      Importantly, note that all Creative Cloud members get the new CC releases plus the older CS6 versions together – both are included in the subscriptions – which, for Photoshop + Lightroom by itself is only $10 a month.

      So in other words, if you signed up for Creative Cloud or even just Photoshop CC, then you would also get a full Photoshop CS6 included for your download and use at no additional cost.

      Note the same is true for Lightroom. You can’t run the latest release Lightroom 5 on Vista, but the previous version LR 4.4 is included and available to CC and photography plan subscribers and will work on Windows Vista.

      The other possibility, of course, is to upgrade your operating system and/or computer – but even when this isn’t possible you still have a solution.

      Hope that helps!

  3. This offer is, unfortunately, only available for U.S. customers. For european, in my case german customers it is €12.29, which is about $15. Means, 50% more. Dammit, Adobe!

    • Actually, this offer is available worldwide – however as mentioned in the article, pricing varies internationally and is somewhat higher or lower in different cases.

      But much of the price difference that you found is actually due to opposite conventions of quoting local taxes, which go to the government and not Adobe.

      In the US, state/county/city sales taxes (of up to 10%) are always added after­wards at the end, and are never shown in the quoted price.

      By contrast, in Europe, very high VAT (more than 20%) is already included and built in to the price you see.

      So if you compare apples-to-apples on taxes, then the overseas prices for this (or any Adobe) offer are closer than they may first appear.

  4. @ProDesignTools

    I meant the $9.99 offer. Even with 20% local VAT you don’t get €12.29 (we have 19%). But you are right, I always forget the US tax that is added later, as stupid as the system is, since the tax can vary and you always need to calculate every price you see and you’ve also got to know the tax rate.

    An example: Apple. Apple products usually cost the same value in Euros as in Dollars, though when calculating dollars to euros and adding VAT, the price should be lower. Compared to Adobe, the subscription should then rather be €9.99 than €12.29, also because there is no import tax for software products and online services. So we Europeans are, once again, ripped off.

    • No, that’s not true actually – please see the Adobe CC FAQ:

      I live in Europe. Why is the value-added tax (VAT) that Adobe applies to my purchase different from my local tax rate?

      As a company incorporated in Ireland, Adobe is required to charge a consistent Irish VAT of 23% for sales on to all customers in Europe, regardless of which country they live in. Note that for Europe, prices on are currently displayed inclusive of VAT.

  5. Ok, starting from the $9.99 for the U.S., which is also without tax, we calculate the Euro price ~as €8.02 with today’s exchange rate, plus 23% VAT this would make ~€9.86, but Adobe charges €12.29. Still a rip-off for me.

    • Well as we mentioned in our first reply, the prices do vary internationally as with most companies (you noted Apple as an example). Adobe has previously offered an explanation as to why this is

      We also have tried to clarify about the VAT – and show how it does apply and is built into the quoted prices overseas, which usually accounts for most of the perceived differences.

      If you still think it’s a ripoff then that’s fine and you’re entitled to your opinion, but don’t forget that these best-in-class products previously cost over US$1,000 upfront just to get in the door, with no upgrades included!

      For instance, compare it to the cost of what you would have to pay to buy Photoshop CS6 Extended (from 2012) and Lightroom 5 (static copies) together.

      So to be able to now have the latest desktop releases of both Photoshop CC plus Lightroom (and more) with ongoing upgrades included – for a small fraction of the retail price anywhere – is considered a terrific deal by many customers. This is a very popular program.

  6. @ProDesignTools
    I know. We purchased the CS6 Design Standard last year for ~€1500. This is OK, because we usually use a version for four years or longer. That’s why a CC subscription would be more expensive for us than buying a suite, no matter if we get a lot more tools with CC, which we may not need. Don’t see the word “rip-off” too negative. We seem to be used to be ripped off. If you compare Germany to Austria, where the people more or less have the same wages, we Germans always have to pay more for the same services (mobile phone tariffs) or products (cars). For example, german cars are nowhere as expensive as in Germany. Ridiculous, isn’t it?

    • LOL – yes, we’ve heard that actually, about the cars. If you have CS6 and want to ride it out for a few more years then that’s fine, just keep in mind that all technology marches on and no software or system is forever… Adobe has been clear that they will not update CS6 any further, not even for hardware or operating system compatibility – so that means that CS6 may not run and/or will not be supported on the next major releases from Microsoft/Windows or Apple/MacOS.

      You’re also losing some productivity (= time = money) from not running the latest and fastest version with the best and broadest capabilities.

      By contrast, of course, the newer CC release will always be updated for support of new platforms and hardware and continuously upgraded with new features and performance improvements, at no extra cost.

      So we come back to this: if you just need or want Photoshop and Lightroom (and no other major tools), then we honestly think this Photography Plan is a great offer at any price that we’ve discussed above.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  7. Your website states that the single-app membership for Photoshop includes 20gb storage and “as well as 20GB of online storage and the ability to sync and share your work on virtually any device, as well as a customized online portfolio with Behance ProSite”.

    But when I click on the Photoshop Plan (here on this page) it then states “The new one has 2 GB of Creative Cloud file storage rather than 20 GB – but instead you now get unlimited online photo storage in Lightroom Web. The new generally-available plan also does not include a Behance ProSite or access to Creative Cloud Market.”

    Please explain.
    Thank you, Doug

    • Sure Doug. Originally when Adobe offered the Photography Plan as a Black Friday Deal, it included everything it does now plus 20GB storage and Behance ProSite. When they made it a permanent deal for everyone (as described on this page), because of the low price they took out those two aspects of it (and changed it to 2GB of online storage). But on the flip side, they added Lightroom Mobile and Lightroom Web.

      Meanwhile, the Single-App Membership offering continues and allows you to choose any standalone tool (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, or any other major application) for US$19.99/month – and it does include the full 20GB online storage, plus the ProSite portfolio website, plus access to all the content in Creative Cloud Market (free use of thousands of high-quality creative assets).

      So basically you can get Photoshop any one of 3 different ways: Here with the Photography Plan (bundled with Lightroom), or with a single-tool subscription (bundled with other services), or with the complete Creative Cloud (bundled with everything, all the best tools Adobe makes).

      Hope that fully explains what you wanted to know, if not then just post back!

  8. I pay for Photoshop CC and Lightroom monthly.
    I have two questions:

    a. I haven’t been using LR and would now like to try, how do I get it on my Mac.

    b. I now have a mac pro book and would like to get both programs on this machine, how do I do this?

    I hope you can help me – I am not very technical!!


    • Hi Doreen, it’s pretty straightforward. If you want to download Lightroom (or any other CC app) onto your new machine, then you can use the Creative Cloud Desktop App to get it going (that’s the most common way), or alternatively you can use our Creative Cloud direct download links. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions for either route.

      Also, for learning how to best use the Adobe tools (you said you are getting started with LR), we can offer you a set of free books that you can download – they cover all apps and include titles for both Photoshop and Lightroom. Or if you prefer online video training, then check out Creative Cloud Learn.

      Hope that addresses your questions!

  9. I have the CS5.5 disc I bought right before CS6 came out. I did the upgrade and used it for several years. However, a licensing issue between the person who bought me the program and Adobe has cost me the CS6 upgrade. I was back to using only CS5.5. Then, it occurred to me that I could get the ‘Photography Plan’, Photoshop and Lightroom, and have the current features for Photoshop. I rarely use the Illustrator, InDesign, and Bridge that come with the CS5.5 disc, but, have them if I need them. I use Illustrator the most.

    What I want to know is, is there a way to remove just Photoshop from the CS5.5 ‘line-up’? It’s strictly for space on my hard drive. I know I should know this, but, I’ll be darned if I can figure it out! I would dearly appreciate any help on this.

    Thank you for your time and expertise in advance!

  10. I just purchased LR 5.5 from amazon for xmas. Would I still be eligible for the $9.99 PS and LR offer if I remove this from my computer?

    • Yes, definitely Robert! Or you could keep it on your computer for now if you like, and just install Photoshop CC from the Photography plan. You can use as much or as little of the bundle as you want.

      Either way, as an Adobe plan member you are entitled to ongoing future upgrades at no additional cost for both Photoshop and Lightroom (i.e., the Photoshop CC 2015 and Lightroom 6 versions as soon as they come out).

  11. @ProDesignTools

    As it turned out, when I went in to the Extension Manager, I believe it was, there were all my products with ‘install’ or ‘remove’ next to them. So, for the sake of space, I took CS5.5 off for the time being. I want my CS6 back! I like it so much better!

    Than you so very much, tho, for your response!


  12. Hi . I am in the UK and have just finished a 30-day trial of Photoshop CC and would like to purchase at the monthly rate of approx £8.57 , ( $9.99 ) , per month .

    But when I try to pay, I cannot get past the US address as it refuses to recognize my UK address .

    Please Advise


    • Hello David, generally we would recommend clearing the cache/cookies in your web browser, or trying a different browser to see if that helps.

      Also make sure you are selecting the right Adobe store for your geography (you can modify it at the bottom left of their page where it says, “Change region”).

      If that doesn’t help, then you might just contact Adobe directly (via live online chat is the fastest/easiest):

      Just let us know if you encounter any further problems!

  13. Hi, about 5 years ago I moved to Laos PDR in South East Asia and when I tried to purchase a photography package was told that it is not available to my country. I am a foreign advisor here and do loads of photography.

    How does this work, and why should it make any difference, presumably a dollar is a dollar and the internet is “world wide”

    I can just go out and get a previous version for next to nothing from the local computer store all cracked, but I really wanted to make it legal and have the regular updates.

    This is very disappointing and an unnecessary restriction .

    • Hey Ben, cracked Adobe software from no-name sources is no bargain – it is extremely dangerous and you should avoid it like the plague.

      Sorry if Adobe is not yet offering Creative Cloud in the country where you live… The list of where CC can be purchased is now 94 countries and always growing larger.

      However, if you have a billing address and form of payment (including PayPal) that is based in any one of those covered countries, then you should still be able to purchase CC direct – even if your home address is elsewhere…

      [Note that your Adobe ID needs to be associated with the same country as your credit card or billing address, so if it isn’t then you may have to create a new Adobe ID.]

      Finally, while not everyone has access yet, Adobe tells us they continue to work to expand the availability on an ongoing basis – so look for still more countries to be added going forward (and don’t forget that Creative Suite was never sold everywhere either).

  14. I have an existing creative cloud photography plan with lightroom 5, how do I upgrade this to Lightroom 6 and will it cost more?

  15. You mention:

    “And if you want to take it up a step further and get the full Creative Cloud including these and all the rest of the new CC 2015 tools, then existing CS customers can receive upgrade pricing for $29.99 a month.”

    So, what existing CS customer qualification is required for the $30 monthly price of a full CC2105 subscription? I have CS4 DW, only, and wonder whether that offers a basis as an “existing CS customer.”

    Although I am not a graphics but a web design shop, and a small one, at that, the full CC 2015 suite for $30 monthly is of definite interest.

    • Thanks for your comment and question BG, but our apologies – that was a special deal that Adobe ran until May of this year… It was a valid upgrade offer for existing CS customers that was available at the time that this article was originally written, but no longer. At this time, Adobe is not offering discounted pricing on CC for CS customers, sorry about that!

      Here are the current CC plans and pricing available:

      We will update the text above to reflect the change.

  16. I can download Adobe apps and updates through your ProDesignTools, but I do not see any such feature for the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App.

    Is there a path to find it in ProDesignTools? Is there a way to obtain the Creative Cloud Desktop App to an offline machine? I can take all the other apps to my offline machine.

    I can download the Creative Cloud Desktop App and install it on my laptop, so is there a way to download the app, stop it from installing and store it in a folder to transfer to another computer?

    I seek the .zip file.
    I wish to update my Creative Cloud desktop app to the latest version without driving my computer 30 kilometers to my internet connection.
    I ask in the Adobe Community forum but the art of alluding the question leads me here.

    Any answer is fine – and if you wish for me to tag you into my same question there (to educate them) I would like that also

  17. Hi,

    I have a monthly subscription to photography plan which I started last July. I have recently got a 1-year prepaid code from Amazon. What is the best way to use this 1-year code? Do I need to wait until July this year (once my 1 year monthly plan expires), cancel my monthly plan and then use the 1-year code? Do you know if the prepaid 1-year codes expire?

    Many thanks for your excellent website,



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