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  1. Christian


    I’m a new Admin for a couple of users of CCT. (We had perpetual licenses before, and yes, they should have kept them. We are on CS5.5 soo having perpetual licenses has SAVED us a lot of money)
    Anyhow, I was on the Adobe chat with a half-wit person. (some good, some bad)

    As an Admin, I want to have ALL files in one place to create packages including the Core files. How does this work with all the individual downloads that you have on your direct-download links?

    I do not want to download every time I need to create a new package (with new software).
    Also, how do I set the temp directory in Package Manager? Right now it filled up my C-drive…

    Further, how do I create Mac package on Windows? Why do I need 2 computers to deploy to my users?

    Anyone out there that has faced the same problem?


  2. #3 seems not to be entirely a myth. When I momentarily loose connectivity, as far as I can tell, I can’t use CC fonts. Everything reverts to the default font. This limits the ability to do creative work on an airplane.

  3. Frank Garapasi



    i dont know if i understood you. what i meant was updating the website and not software. For example l want to have a website of cars. If i want to add new cars and remove old cars on my website, can this be done online or one has to do it offline?


    • OK, it’s clearer what you’re asking now. Generally speaking, Adobe Muse (like Adobe Dreamweaver) is desktop software – it runs locally on your computer and is not a web application… So if you change your website design, then you need to sync/upload the changes online to make them live.

      This is is usually considered an advantage in that the program is fast, and you can make as many changes as you want and build & test websites in a staging environment on your system before pushing those updates to a live site.

      However, about two years ago Muse introduced an additional capability called In-Browser Editing… This online feature makes it possible to update your site’s content from within a web browser. Whether you need to make a change to your website on the go, or you want to allow clients and other site contributors the ability to easily edit their content, In-Browser editing can make the process go smoothly.

      For more details about this added feature, see this tutorial:

      How to Use Adobe Muse In-Browser Editing

      Does that help?

  4. Barry Harrison

    Please help me… (individual)

    I am a novice and have no idea what product to buy.

    Can you guys ask me some questions to help determine what product I need?

    • Sure Barry, what are you trying to do – what do you wish to accomplish (your goals) with your creative software?

      Are you interested in creating and editing photos/images, drawings, videos/films, animations, websites, documents – or what exactly?

      Do you have experience with any other software tools, or other Adobe products?

      The more you share about what you’d like to accomplish, the better we can help you figure it out.

  5. Natasha

    The CC is such a ripoff. As a student, you can get a perpetual license for CS6 for $200. How can you justify paying monthly for software? It makes me so angry, all I want is to add one program to what I already have. And then what happens if I stop paying? I lose the program altogether? What happens to the money I already gave?

    • Sorry Natasha, that is not true. Unless you’re talking about Flash or Dreamweaver just by itself, there is no CS6 package you can legally buy for $200… And trying to buy any of that illegally is a really bad idea – you are likely to be scammed.

      Time passes quickly and CS6 is already over three years old now – and well over 1,000 new features and improvements have been added to CC since then. Adobe will not be supporting CS6 forever.

      The new CC 2015 tools are sold via subscription only, which means the programs will no longer work after your subscription is over – but on the other hand, all ongoing upgrades are included, so you can always be running the latest release available for your applications.

      For students and teachers, Adobe offers a discount of up to 70% off the regular price for the Complete Creative Cloud, which ultimately gives you much more than a CS6 suite ever did.

  6. Frank Garapasi



    Thanks very much for your assistance. its very clear and i am so happy now. Your software is just super excellent. Kindly advise me of the latest 2015 ADOBE CREATIVE MUSE. i want to purchase a full package as soon as possible

    Frank Garapasi

    • Sure Frank, Adobe Muse CC 2015 is available as a Single-App Subscription for $14.99/month by itself, or you can get the Complete Creative Cloud which includes Muse plus many other applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, InDesign, etc., for $49.99/month.

      If you’re a student or teacher, then you are entitled to a 40-60% education discount on the Complete Creative Cloud, at just $19.99/month for the first year.

      In all cases with Muse and other CC tools, ongoing product upgrades are included in your subscription as soon as they are available – so you can always be running the latest-and-greatest version(s).

      To download the new programs you can use the CC 2015 direct links to install the free trial on your computer instantly, and see how well it works for you.

  7. Frank Garapasi


    Ok but don’t you guys have a once-off payment rather than paying a monthly subscriptions. i just want Adobe Muse 2015 whereby after purchasing i get my own serial code and start using it.



  8. Frank Garapasi

    Hie, this is too bad. i wish if you guys could give an option to buy.


  9. Frank Garapasi


    Ok it’s clear. Tell me are there any older versions of MUSE that i can purchase from you without having to pay a subscription fee? As of now i cant afford paying monthly subscription fees. maybe when my website grows then i can start paying subscription fees.


    • No, Adobe Muse was never available with a standalone perpetual license; from the time it was first released it has been subscription only.

      But if it had been available to purchase outright, it surely would have cost hundreds of dollars upfront – similar to Photoshop or InDesign, which used to cost $700 apiece.

      So most people actually say the opposite – that it is a lot easier to afford $15/month than to have to come up with many hundreds of dollars before you can even use it! (or thousands of dollars in the case of a suite)

  10. Frank Garapasi


    Ok and what about if i subscribe a monthly fee and my website is running and getting popular, then your software comes to a halt?. This means i will lose my website business right? This is a great concern as a business person. Why doesnt Adobe create a software as a win-win situation for them and its users. i strongly suggest that Adobe looks into this matter seriously. Paying $15 a month is a lot, we talking of $180 per year and this is only benefiting Adobe money wise.


    • Well we would say that if paying $15/month seems like a lot, then how could someone ever possibly manage to pay $700 upfront instead? One big point of the CC model is that it helps make the expensive products more affordable to get started for many customers.

      If you truly believe “this is only benefiting Adobe money-wise” and not benefiting you to use the product, then don’t! Obviously customers are paying to help support and further develop the software, which has really grown and taken off with all the great new features added in recent years.

      On your other question – there’s no reason to believe it would, but if the Muse software “came to a halt,” then you don’t lose your website. Your site continues operating independently with no interruption, even if you cancelled your Muse subscription. Your website runs online, as it is written in HTML/CSS and JavaScript that was generated and exported from Muse. If necessary, you could in theory edit that code by hand (or with another tool), though you couldn’t later reimport any manual changes back into Muse, except for updates made with the In-Browser Editing feature described earlier.

      Finally, if you’re thinking about continuity, Adobe has stated:

      In the event that Adobe decides to discontinue Adobe Muse CC, Adobe will make the most recent version of Adobe Muse CC available for download free of charge to active Adobe Muse CC customers for a period of no less than 90 days. Such downloads will not require a membership and will be licensed on an as-is, no-warranty basis, and no support or updates of any kind will be provided.

  11. Ivan

    Hi, I am student of Graphical University in Croatia (Zagreb), and how can I buy student version if my country is not supported? Thanks!

    • Hi Ivan, thanks for your question. It appears that Adobe is not yet offering Creative Cloud for Individuals in the country where you live… The list of where CC can be purchased is now up to 83 countries and always growing larger.

      However, if you happen to have a billing address and form of payment (including PayPal) that is based in any one of those other countries where Adobe offers their products online, then you should still be able to purchase CC direct – even if your home address is elsewhere…

      [Note that your Adobe ID needs to be associated with the same country as your credit card or billing address, so if it isn’t then you may have to create a new Adobe ID.]

      Finally, while not everyone has access yet, Adobe tells us they continue to work to expand the availability on an ongoing basis – so look for still more countries to be added going forward (and don’t forget that Creative Suite was never sold everywhere either).

  12. JP

    Hey, i’m a student currently studying online, but creative cloud hasn’t been available to my country.
    Is it still possible for me to order off Amazon and just enter the codes? I cannot afford to spend so much money on different kinds of software for school.

  13. JoAnna

    I subscribed to the creative cloud and am perfectly satisfied with my decision although it is a huge learning curve for me. When the version 6 came out I upgraded but it created a separate application. I’m not sure what to do with that. Thanks.

  14. LaraP

    Hi there,

    As a student, if I purchase the adobe suite with a student discount am I able to also use it for my job as well as for my academic work?

    Would be good to know before a decision is made, and of course I don’t want to be breaking any terms/laws.


  15. Wayne

    Hi, Our creative cloud license has expired and IT is taking their time renewing the licenses. How long will we be able to use the Adobe Applications before they are disabled?

  16. Martin Sher

    As an older user, I would like to see an exit strategy that allows continued use of the apps at a discounted rate. e.g., If you have owned adobe suites or cc for ~10 yrs and reach 65 -70 yrs old, you are entitled to a reduction in premium – which then reduces further every year or two. This would make signing on to the full cc membership less nerve-wracking for older members who worry about continuing payment after retirement, but would love to continue using the products.

    There are already discounts for students etc, so a similar plan for retirees should be considered.


    • Welcome Martin, thank you for sharing your thoughts. At this time, Adobe does not offer special pricing for seniors or retirees – most discounts are extended only to students and teachers (within six months).

      However, if you wanted to consider enrolling for a class at your local community college or similar institution, then you could well qualify to buy these products at the much lower education rates, which can be 60-70% off the regular prices.

      Sorry there isn’t a direct answer for you at the moment, but trying a solution like that could even pay for itself… Or if you just need Photoshop and Lightroom, you could go with the CC Photography Bundle, which has a standard price of just $9.99/month.

      Thanks again for asking and sharing your feedback!

  17. Roger Stokes

    I am retired. I have no commercial outlets or interests. However Adobe adds real value to those retired. We now have time to explore creative outlets that our working years never allowed.

    Finding the funds to pay for the monthly subscription is not easy. Having to pay the same as what some who earn a good income from is not really fair though I understand the difficulties that Adobe would face policing those who would say they are retired with no commercial activities would not be easy. I do not use the entire suite, mainly photoshop, lightroom, premiere, aftereffects and Indesign are my main avenues for creative outlet. Adobe by its own admission has created a good income stream to support what must be an expensive development team. However what about Adobe making a contribution to the life of retired seniors who wish to keep mind and creative efforts alive and at least some discount like you do to students?

    Enrolling in creative classes is not practical for those who have moved out of the commercial hubs of the main cities etc.

    Come On Adobe – show some social conscience.

    Roger Stokes

  18. Mozy3141

    Re: Myth #2 – I contacted customer support because I’ll be travelling in a remote are for 6 months and may not have internet. They’ve told me that I cannot use Adobe CC after 90 days and to buy a perpetual license

    • Hey Mozy, the myths are that you need to be continuously connected to the Internet in order for the CC programs to work, or that they run as web applications instead of desktop tools… Even years after Creative Cloud was first introduced, many people actually still believe those to be true.

  19. Cristina

    Are these month-to-month subscriptions? If after 3 months, I decide that it’s not working for me, will I be able to cancel?

  20. Michele

    My company currently has 4 computers using the full CC suite. We are looking to just continue to run the latest versions on just 2 machines since the other 2 computers aren’t used frequently anymore. Will the programs that are presently installed continue to work on the 2 machines that we don’t upgrade?

  21. David

    I’d like to try the new CC Photography but was curious on month-to-month versus paying up front. Many subscription based products generally provide a discount if paid up front (i.e. Widget Suite is $9.99/month or $99/year if you pay for a year or more in advance). Does Adobe do this from time to time? That would make it extremely compelling. :-)

  22. @ProDesignTools
    but there is no exit strategy. you could subscribe to the CC program for years, quit and nothing works, ever again. there is not way to maintain the last version, even if you’ve paid way more money than a standalone version would have cost (assuming that a standalone version of that particular app exists). this is the issue that many are objecting to. it’s like joining a criminal organization where the only way to quit is to die.

  23. thank you for making my point for me. I take it that “not quite” means “almost.” there is no way to end your subscription and keep a working copy of Lightroom. now, if Adobe offered an exit path where a user could pay the current upgrade price and exit with a working copy, that would most likely calm the fears of those reluctant to subscribe to the CC program. what I don’t get is this: we can convert a perpetual license into a subscription, but not the other way around.

    let’s say that Mr. Smith has a wedding photography business. he subscribes to the CC Photography plan for 10 years. he decides to sell his business and stops his subscription. Mr. Smith keeps one of his cameras and shoots for fun. he offers to shoot his nephew’s wedding as a wedding present. but, Mr. Smith forgot that his Lightroom no longer works. why can’t he retain a working copy after all that time? i’m not talking about receiving upgrades; I mean a working copy at the last version he subscribed to? it’s my belief (and all others who are suspicious about the CC program) that standalone versions of Lr will come to an end very soon. for me, and literally hundreds of thousands of users, the CC program offers absolutely nothing we need or want – however it does solve Adobe’s cash flow requirement.

    thanks for listening.

    • Did you read this discussion we just linked?

      And have you ever seen this from Adobe about Lightroom?

      What Happens to Lightroom CC After My Subscription Ends?

      Customer momentum towards CC is not slowing – in fact, quite the opposite – it continues to accelerate in a big way…

      You can get on the train, or stay behind. But we don’t sense any changes coming from Adobe on how it works. Overall market acceptance and customer adoption rates have not indicated this either.

      Certainly, Mr. Smith (or anyone) can easily start up their subscription again (even temporarily), just as easily as he left it. And, as pointed out in the options given in that linked discussion, everyone gets at least 30 days free usage of the latest CC tools every year, for eternity. Hopefully that should be enough to do his nephew’s wedding, for free.

      Nevertheless, most folks consider the low $9.99/mo. price of the Photoshop + Lightroom plan to be a steal, compared to the old pricing of over $1,100 for the latest releases of both of these best-of-breed professional creative tools.

  24. I can´t install AfterEffects, pls help!

  25. elaine griff

    Question: I upgraded to Windows 10 from 8.1 then added a Lenovo laptop with windows 10, then purchased adobe cc and lr and suddenly I have 3 major storage files, some pictures duplicates in 2-3 files, some only 1.

    I am working to get all into one file with Library as back up. What is best to use: This PC, user (me), or Libraries. I think some pics even ended up on the C drive. Before I load anything else into computer, can you advise me best file to use. Thank you

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