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  1. Steve

    This is terrifically helpful, thanks – we are still getting a lot of this even within our Adobe user group.

  2. Excellent post. I see many of the same questions.

  3. Christopher

    Still don’t like the idea of renting the software I rely on for a freelance business. If I have a couple hard months and can’t afford it anymore… I’m screwed.

  4. Anonymous

    Victoria Bampton : Excellent post. I see many of the same questions.

    yes, me too

  5. Liz

    I love the cloud!! I was laid off from job in December and they took back my laptop so I no longer had Adobe Creative Suite. Now with the low monthly fee, I am able to have full access to so many wonderful Adobe products that I never had before. I am learning so many new things with Muse and the other software programs I never had access to.

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I have been a loyal customer for close to 20 years and this is the best of the best. Thank you!

  6. nick

    If I create work using the Creative Cloud services and apps, can that work be saved separately to my computer and not just on the cloud? I am a student, very interested in this project and want the ability to save my work to my hard drive also.


  7. thorn

    @ nick

    Nick, *everything* can be saved locally – there is NO difference in file-saving, vs buying the creative suite on DVD. The cloud storage is a bonus (like dropbox, for example) that allows creative sharing. You don’t have to install it, nor use it. If you want to keep all your files on your hard drive, you’re completely free to do so with no limitations.

  8. Thank you for the info, as I haven’t upgraded and stuck with the old CS5, now I can use the latest tools. Thank you.

  9. Vishal

    Is this service available in India? If yes, then, is the same price I have to pay per month or a much higher price?

    I want to be a Creative Cloud member, but have more questions about Credit Cards or monthly payments. How should I make the payment and what is the procedure of the payment for Indian customers?

  10. You neglected some non-myths:

    1. Creative Cloud license server has had regular hiccups preventing people from authorizing (or reauthorizing) applications. Just read the Adobe forums and you’ll see it’s a regular occurrence.

    2. If you ever stop paying for Creative Cloud, you will no longer have access to your software. It’s like leasing a car and once you are no longer paying the lease, your use ends.

    3. When Creative Cloud fails to reauthorize the software becomes a brick. It doesn’t revert to trial mode, there is no grace period. It just comes to a screeching halt.

    4. You have to “reauthorize” on every computer you use the software on. If you use it on your desktop and a month later jump on a plane with your laptop (which hasn’t been used). Your laptop software becomes a brick until you get reauthorized (won’t that be embarrassing when presenting to a customer). Reauthorization at minimum means start a least one component of Cloud Licensed software.

    5. Adobe clearly states that if you have an “old” version you have up to one year to use it. Not longer.

    6. It is bad budgeting to assume Adobe won’t raise their prices… And that they will stay in business perpetually.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Steven. Actually, almost all of those are either myths, truisms, avoidable, or no longer true… Here are the details:

      1. Adobe did have a glitch with some Creative Cloud applications not running or reverting to trial mode but this was recently fixed.  There are still small remnants of this out there for existing customers, as folks gradually get their machines updated with the newer Adobe software (AAM).

      2. That’s a truism. Billions of people around the world rent their home, lease their car, or have monthly services like Internet, phone, electricity, and so on. If you no longer pay for them, they will end – but that doesn’t make using them wrong, and for most of these people it’s the right way to go… especially if the pricing for what is received is attractive and/or affordable.

      3. In fact there is definitely a grace period. Normally everything happens transparently in the background, and that’s how things work smoothly for the vast majority of customers. But if you are not online for a while, then the software will notify you for a week before month-end that it would like to connect to the Internet to revalidate your membership. If it still can’t connect after day 30, then there is an additional 5-day grace period for doing that. And as mentioned in Myth #2 above, if you’ll be away or traveling for a longer period without web access then there are solutions in place for that – contact customer service and they will take care of it.

      4. See the previous item for how to avoid this, but that type of circumstance is probably something where Adobe could improve how the system works… Fortunately it is likely to be relatively rare.

      5. The information you quoted from Adobe’s Creative Cloud FAQ page is out-of-date and inaccurate – that “one year” limit on using previous versions is not true and will be amended. Seeing as this might be a sticking point, we directly asked top Adobe people about this personally – and in fact what’s described in Myth #10 above is how it will work (and you can read more details about the specifics here).

      6. We stick to our forecast of falling prices, which has proven out historically thus far… For example, Adobe has lately been offering the Cloud to students & teachers for US$19 a month instead of the original $29. And see this post (bottom part) if you’re worried about what would happen if Adobe stopped offering applications in the Creative Cloud.

      Bottom line – while there have been some growing pains, and while the Creative Cloud may not be for everyone (and that’s okay), on the whole the market is speaking and choosing to adopt it in droves (see statistics quoted above and not made up)… It’s also getting really impressive reviews from those people who are using it every day. Our goal here is just to try to help educate folks about what is true – and what is not true – about the Cloud option, and hopefully this helps.

  11. Roger

    The cloud is awesome. I could never afford the Master Suite but now I have the whole thing and more on my computer and can use any app I want to create whatever I want. I am paying $30 a month with the upgrader’s deal and okay I’ll pay closer to $50 (the regular price) next year but I am still way ahead.

    The reason is because if I ever managed to save enough for the Master Suite then it would take me years, and instead I can actually use all the tools now and earn more during those years. If you weigh the full product price against the cost of the cloud then it comes out to around 5 years equivalent. By then the regular product would be old and I would need or want to upgrade again anyway. But I don’t ever have to worry about paid upgrades or huge upfront costs again, I’ll always be current. Plus I have every app I ever wanted, and Adobe keeps adding more good stuff. Can’t wait till CS7 now. Love it!

  12. Marioh

    Creative Cloud is HARDLY updatable, the Adobe Aplication Manager keeps getting errors even if you update it. THAT’s NOT a MYTH.

  13. Marioh

    Yes, any time an update appears and I try to update, it gives me a message, the last time was “Error Code: U44M1I216” but each time it is different. I’ve updated Extension Manager, and AAM, and it’s the same issue, so the only way to “update” that’s working for me is: Execute the Adobe Cleaning Tool, erase all CS6, then reinstall the apps I need. Nothing to say about the time it takes to do that. =(

  14. Orrice Magee Jr.

    Does the Adobe Creative Cloud have a yearly/annual subscription?

  15. Praveen ks

    Is this available my country, India? If so, how do i get it.

  16. TCulley

    Can you save down files for printers? We use certain printers that don’t use the cloud and have version issues by not being able to save CS5 InDesign files down to CS3. Will this still be an issue in the cloud?

  17. If after 35 days you haven’t used any Adobe product on your laptop – even though you’ve been creating like mad on your desktop machine and you try to demonstrate something to a client from your laptop your “grace period” is gone and you look like an idiot to your client. A problem that would not occur if you have a perpetually licensed product. And the dead software problem will occur even though you paid for a one-year cloud license! Adobe doesn’t trust you, it would seem.

    Adobe has clearly said that firing up the software is not enough to provoke reauthorization. It doesn’t check every time so the failure period could be as short as 14 days since last use… just depends where the window happens to fall.

    By the way the “Fix” that solved some of the problems with spontaneously reverting to brick or trial mode required an Adobe Application Update manager… do some more digging and you’ll notice many people reported that the AAM update failed horribly for them. (Just look above from Marioh, for example.) Based on the Adobe history in this space, I think it’s only a matter of days or weeks before something equally horrible happens to the Adobe servers and authorization process as had occurred on a weekly basis just a few months ago.

    I’ll wager a large sum of cash that nobody has ever read the hundreds of pages of conditions under which the “Cloud” license is offered. When I counted there were at least 19 embedded “terms and conditions” underneath the master terms and conditions and each of them claims to supersede the master. Who knows what’s hiding in there.

    • Well you’d easily lose that bet Steven, as we’ve read all of the Terms of Use for all Adobe software over the years, because it’s our job. And the additional terms to which you refer are not “hundreds” of pages, they’re not even five or ten… and they have only to do with all Services that Adobe provides and not the standard Tools.

      Bottom line, there is nothing unusual or “hiding” in there – and this is just more FUD (fear-uncertainty-doubt) on your part. On the whole, the licensing agreement for the applications in the Creative Cloud is essentially the same as that of the Creative Suite for many years, with the exception that it is specified as being subscription-based rather than perpetual one-off copies.

  18. For people using two Adobe Products (e.g. Photoshop and Lightroom) here are the numbers:

    Purchase full Photoshop CS6 $700 and Lightroom 4 $150. = $850.
    One year of Cloud = $720 ($60/month) But that may not be right… Adobe pricing for cloud seems to be different everyday – it’s telling me the month to month plan is $75.

    So the first year Cloud is “cheaper” by $70 except that you don’t own anything.

    Next year: Upgrade to CS7 at $200, and LR 5 at $80. Cost of fully owned license in year two: $280. Total outlay for fully licensed software: $1130.
    Two Year Cloud Total: $1,440.

    So by buying Photoshop and Lightroom with annual upgrades I save $310 over two years. Assuming the current prices hold still farther out, I save $440 dollars every year in subsequent years even if I upgrade my permanent products every year. If I don’t upgrade at all in one year, I save $720. And I don’t have to worry about Cloud cost increases, lack of availability of the Cloud or my software going in brick mode because of a flaw in the Cloud software.

    The financials make much more sense for the big bundle of much more expensive products.

    • Steven, your numbers are wrong. The price of the Creative Cloud is normally US$50/month (annual) and $20/month (for students/teachers). For someone who owns any CS product (either individual or suite) going back to CS3, it’s even less – you automatically receive an upgrade price of $30 for the first year.

      So, it’s more favorable for the Cloud for a longer length of time, if you’re just looking at price alone. Of course, you’re getting a whole lot more with the Cloud, and can do many more creative things.

      But as we pointed out in our extensive CC vs. CS6 Comparison Guide, if you are strictly limiting yourself to just one or two tools then buying individual boxes will probably work out cheaper (and you can find the correct math there). Or, alternatively you can buy just a Single-App Subscription instead – for example, always getting the latest Photoshop for $20/month.

      And all this is especially important to consider because based on historical patterns Adobe could be releasing a new version of Creative Suite soon, and nobody ever likes to purchase an older release just before it is replaced… With CC or standalone app subscriptions, all upgrades are immediately included.

  19. Buying an “annual subscription” doesn’t remove the once-a-month minimum license checking for cloud softrware. I.e. if you buy software and try to use it on a machine which has no internet access it will become useless after about 35 days even though it’s been licensed for a year.

    • Yes, Adobe is upfront that Internet access is required to revalidate your membership on a monthly basis, because that’s how billing happens regardless of membership term. But as outlined above in Myth #2, there are already simple solutions in place if you’re traveling or situationally don’t have online access for weeks. For the large majority of customers this is not an issue, but nevertheless we expect the company to improve options further as the year goes on.

  20. R.J.

    @ Christopher
    Exactly. Our family’s business bought CS3 Production back in Oct. ’07. Our needs simply don’t involve having the latest feature additions, just the current ones (it’s taken 5 years for CS3’s obsolescence to become an issue for us), making the Creative Cloud updates a minimally attractive benefit. Additionally, our margins are thin, so it’s safer for us to save up for a large purchase than to subscribe and be charged monthly. And in this economic climate, minimizing financial risk is kind of a big deal. We were about to upgrade to CS6 Master until today. Then I found out Adobe threw its CS3 & CS4 customers under the bus by dropping us from upgrade eligibility. I’m no longer (quite literally) shaking from anger, just seething.

    Factoring in the upgrade discount, Creative Cloud would cost us a total of $2760 over the next five years, or $46 monthly. Buying a perpetual CS6 Master license with the (now withdrawn) discount would have cost us only $24 per month. We could have afforded the latter, not the former.

    Adobe doesn’t have the power or the right to try and dictate my market or usage needs. I was about to give them $1400. Instead, they’ve forced me to give them nothing.

  21. Tom

    I’m seriously considering joining this thing. In fact I just went to sign up but a horrible thing happened: European users are screwed once again. The 49.99 US is billed 79.86 for EU customers, that’s almost double the price. Well, the cloudy feeling was good while it lasted :) Good luck to y’all being Creative with your wallet.

    • Welcome Tom, your EU number is not right – it’s €61,49 a month for an annual plan, not 79,86. What’s more, you’re comparing apples and oranges. Sales taxes in the U.S. are never included in the price, but can be up to 10% depending on the state… So the $49.99 for the U.S. is before taxes.

      On the other hand, sales taxes overseas like in Europe/UK are much higher and are almost always included in the prices you see quoted… The VAT/GST there can be pretty steep and it’s built in.

      Other specific reasons for price differentials between countries have been detailed by Adobe in the past… See this previous explanation if you’d like more information.

      It sounds like you might be a prior customer though, in which case you may be able to get the Creative Cloud for 40% off the regular price (worldwide).

      And if you’re a student or teacher then you’ll receive a discount of at least 60% off ($19.99, €16.25, £15.88, A$16.99) with Adobe’s current special offer.

  22. simon

    thanks for the myths post though i already knew most of them. i jumped into the creative cloud last month and so far it’s been the best thing i’ve done this year

    of course it’s still early in the year yet :) so i hope to make that best thing even better with this wealth of fab new creative tools

  23. Darryl

    You should point out that there is a 1-year minimum. It’s still a great deal, but those looking to subscribe for a month will have to pay more.

    • Greetings Darryl, actually that’s another myth! There is no one-year minimum… You can easily opt for a month-to-month plan instead. The cost is higher, but you have the freedom and flexibility to turn your usage and payments on and off as needed.

      It works the same for Adobe’s single-app memberships – where you can get just one current application via subscription if you need or want it.

      In both cases, Adobe offers both annual plans as well as by-the-month.

      The short-term options are particularly great solutions for contract or project work where you don’t need an application indefinitely, but just for a month or two.

  24. Joe-Dobe

    Like it or not, Cloud is the future of Adobe. They have made it clear that this is their new strategy and will continue to aggressively steer customers toward Creative Cloud. In the pricing breakdowns above, they are all assuming perpetual licenses continue at their previous rates. However, if you look at Adobe’s prices over the past couple releases, they are rising (STE licenses just had another increase last month).

    You can fight it all you want, but eventually you will go with cloud, or it will cost you more to stay old fashioned. Plus, price is not always the bottom line. You must factor in the services (storage, training, web hosting, etc) and the updated products included. If you don’t like keeping up with technology, then don’t. I challenge you to find better products without any glitches or issues.

    I’m one to fight the man wherever I see fit, but this is the nature of the beast. This is no different that the “gentle persuasions” that Apple & Microsoft have done since their creation.. Get on or get off, it’s your choice. Personally, I love what cloud provides me and will continue to vote for Team Adobe!

  25. Vishal

    @ ProDesignTools


    Today I logged-in in to the Adobe India website and the master page displays the Creative Cloud Service. Has Adobe started its service in India now or not?

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The 10 Most Common Myths About Adobe's Creative Cloud (CC)