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What Are the Limitations of the Adobe Student & Teacher Versions?

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What’s the Difference Between Adobe Student Editions vs. Regular?


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804 thoughts on “What Are the Limitations of the Adobe Student & Teacher Versions?”

  1. Photoshop CS6 Extended, the student price is $349 in the above article. I wish to use on my windows laptop which has internet and windows desktop unit which is not connected to the web. I am a registered full-time university student.

    Where do I buy the licence (can not see where to purchase it), and how to I load to the desktop computer?


  2. How would upgrades work with the student version? Would my son still be able to receive upgrades at an additional discounted student rate? Thank you.

    • Hey Liza, let’s try to clarify that… Here’s the full answer to your question:

      With the Creative Cloud and other Adobe subscription software (including the CC 2017 tools), all ongoing product upgrades are always included in the price and customers never pay extra.

      With all other Adobe products that still offer traditional (perpetual) licensing as an option (Acrobat is one example), future upgrades are never included in the price and always cost extra… When upgrading these types of programs, you’ll get a discount off the full price of the new software – and the point in the article is saying that this discount will be the same whether you have a commercial or education version.

      So bottom line, if you have an Adobe education version then you’ll either: (a) receive upgrades free with all CC products and purchases, or (b) still receive the same upgrade pricing as anyone who has a standard commercial release. In a nutshell, upgrades don’t work any differently for the student/teacher editions than they do for the regular versions.

  3. Just wondering if there is a master collection edition anymore? If so, is there a student version of it?
    I do not want to purchase my usage monthly. I really don’t like that idea. I have enough monthly bills, thank you.
    What student programs can I get whereby they are paid for outright?

  4. So just to clarify – these student versions don’t expire when I graduate? I still have have the full version of Adobe when I graduate – it doesn’t suddenly say I need to buy the $500 + version upon graduation?
    I ran into this with Microsoft – I didn’t realize I purchased a 4-year university ‘subscription’ and now have to pony up and repurchase it, or buy the whole version.

    • Hello Lisa, which product are you talking about specifically? There are two possible answers, depending on which product and what type of licensing:

      All Adobe perpetual (“standalone”) Student/Teacher versions continue to work indefinitely, even after graduation.

      All Adobe subscription versions will continue to work after graduation – but as always, when it comes up for renewal, your Student/Teacher status needs to be reverified. This can be as simple as showing that you still have a “.edu” email address, for example. Or alternatively, you can send them simple documentation that demonstrates your education status – where anything from within the past 6 months is considered “current” by Adobe.

      For more details, see Adobe’s academic eligibility criteria here.

  5. I need the student’s version of Adobe Illustrator – I don’t see that mentioned in the list above; can you please let me know what product I am supposed to order.

    Thanks, Sara

    • Hi Sara, Adobe offers an individual version of Illustrator CC at full/regular price, but not a student-discounted version of any individual CC product…

      Adobe’s education-discounted price of up to 70% off only applies to the complete Creative Cloud (“All Apps”). You can see that plan or read more details about that here:

  6. Hi! So first of all, I’m a bit new with this Adobe Creative Cloud but I’m well experienced at using the previous programs (like CS6) from our school and I just purchased the All Apps – Special Offer Student/Teacher Plan (with the Mobile Apps as well) for my personal laptop.

    So here are the questions: 1.) since I purchased that plan to my own personal laptop, what’s the maximum amount of devices that you can access, install, and use those programs? or is it literally just one? Cuz I tried installing it for both of my personal and my school’s laptop, and it worked perfectly fine for some reason. 2.) I will only need to use those programs just until by the end of the year, so is this plan contracted to pay for 12 months straight? or can I cancel the subscription anytime and won’t get charged?

    Thanks! :)

    • Welcome Rapha, and congrats on your new software tools. Here are the answers to your questions:

      1) You can normally install and activate the software on up to two of your computers, either Windows or macOS (or both) – see:

      How Many Computers Can You Install or Run Adobe Software On?

      2) The Adobe CC Student/Teacher Editions are heavily-discounted, and in order to receive the low academic pricing, the plan runs for a year at a time. If you cancel before 12 months is up, then it’s possible you could be charged a fee for early termination of the agreement. The amount is typically 50% of the remaining contract.

      If you have any further questions, just post back.

  7. Hello, I was wondering if the student/teacher version edition of adobe acrobat professional allows you to extract and edit forms? I am new to this so trying to figure out how it all works. Thank you

  8. Do you have a discounted pricing program (or have you considered one) for those of us who are “disabled” and are limited, both in our ability to spend time using your product, or the money to subscribe to your products?

  9. I want to buy the Adobe CC Student edition for my daughter but she doesn’t have a credit card. Can she purchase the subscription with her Adobe ID and input my credit card information? Or I must create an Adobe ID and purchase it for her, because the credit card on her behalf is in my name?

  10. Hello! My husband is a professor and is interested in the complete CC subscription. Are you saying that it’s only discounted for teachers for the first year at $19.99 a month? Or will that price continue as long as he is a professor? Thank you!

  11. Hi, I’m a teacher and I want to install Adobe Acrobat Pro on the computer that our PTA is purchasing for the school. While I will be the only person using it, the computer will belong to school and will be passed on to other teachers if I leave school for any reason. Will it be possible to continue having the Acrobat Pro even when all my personal information and sign-ins are deleted from the computer?

  12. Hi,
    Can you advise on how much the student CC will cost after the first year. For the second, third and fourth years, please.
    Thank you

  13. @Kevin
    There needs to be a way for not only people with disabilities whom have limited income, but college students who tend to work part-time or not at all to get access to the whole Adobe CC (Creative Cloud) Apps at affordable prices and/or free prices, with a valid .edu email while a person is going to college and need to use the Adobe CC Apps on his/her own computer/laptop to finish college assignments while he/she is not on campus and cannot afford to have access to Adobe CC Apps otherwise. Low-income people with disabilities should be charged less than the $19.99 price per month college students are charged to have access to use Adobe CC Apps. I know Adobe is a very rich company that can afford to let college students with a valid .edu email to use their whole Adobe CC Apps while they are in college working on their degree, whatever it is. Comcast and AT&T allow families/individuals who get SNAP (food stamps) to pay $10 per month for Internet access and I know Adobe can afford to allow families/individuals with limited incomes and get SNAP to pay $10 per month to have access to the complete Adobe CC Suite.

    • I agree… This subscription should be available for the $10/month or even free for Adults with disabilities & on a fixed income. The student version for $19/month should be available to all students in primary & middle schools too. It says it’s available for primary & middle schools, but apparently only for the teachers because most students 13+ are in 8th grade+.

      At least with the standalone version, someone could save up to eventually buy it, maybe even a used older version. But with this now being an ongoing indefinite subscription, you never stop paying for it if you need it all the time, so in the end the costs will be substantially more for many that use CC. With that being said, they could lower the subscription price overall. And as long as you don’t cancel & you’ve subscribed for 12 consecutive months, instead of having it go up after the first year, it should go down a little. And a little more each consecutive year. Of course at some point, you get to the lowest possible price point, like the $10/month and pay that indefinitely unless you cancel. Would need an option for a Pause for a short period though because life happens and unexpected things come up. Like a 1 month at a time pause option with 6 months consecutively being the max. But no limit on how many times you can pause in a lifetime. And if you cancel, it starts over, back to starting price.

    • Greetings Branclay, thanks for your interesting comment. Unfortunately there is no disabled/retiree price reduction or limited-income discount on Adobe software that we are aware of… However, you can give your feedback to the company directly with their Feature Request Submission and we would encourage you to do so.

      Adobe does offer discounts for those in non-profit or charitable organizations, if that helps. They partner with TechSoup to make their products available to the nonprofit community at greatly-reduced prices. They also just made Adobe Express premium completely free for all non-profits and charities worldwide.

      Regarding the overall pricing scheme you propose, it’s unlikely that Adobe is going back or changing the model. Creative Cloud was launched over eleven years ago – and the current offering still looks remarkably like it did back then at its introduction in November 2011. Marketplace adoption has steadily grown since then and the total number of paid subscribers is now over 30 million customers – far more users than Creative Suite ever had. So it’s fair to say that Creative Cloud has been a significant success and the company has not seen a need to change the model much.

      Regarding suspending a subscription – it is possible and can be unlimited, but only if you have the Monthly (month-to-month) plan. See this explainer for more details:

      Can You Pause or Suspend an Adobe Subscription? It Depends

  14. Can I transfer my Student versions of InDesign and Photoshop to my new laptop? I don’t need to keep them on the old one and I have the CDs and serial numbers, I just didn’t know if the student versions would let me re-register the serial number on a new computer even if I removed from the original one.

  15. Do you have video tutorials available for the cloud version, now that the other perpetual version was discontinued?

  16. So do you just need verification at the initial purchase? What if after a year, you are no longer a student – will you continue to get the student renewal pricing year after year?

    • Hi Ed, actually you do need to reconfirm academic status in order to receive Adobe’s education discount on an annual basis, at the time of renewal…

      So the question then becomes, what happens when you graduate or leave school?

      Well, Adobe says: “Documents dated within the last six months are considered current.”

      So if you have anything with a date or validity within the past 6 months that says you’re a student (e.g., your student ID, transcript, tuition bill, etc), then you should be able to get the education discount. Otherwise, you would no longer be eligible.

  17. I thought I purchased the perpetual Student teacher version – I can not find anything on the box that says it is only for 1 year, but after 1 year, it will not allow me to edit or even save as a pdf. any ideas why?

  18. I can’t save my project from InDesign or Illustrator on my computer, I can only save it on the cloud. Is this because I have a student account?

    • Hi Amelie,

      No, there’s no difference in the software itself with the student editions. It’s the exact same application as the regular versions.

      Try using the “File > Save As…” command, rather than just hitting Save, and see if that helps.

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